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BARINFO BAR Information Generation

BARIOR BAR Inward/Outward Register

BARPTS Bank Advances Reports

BAYCBMNU BankAway! Menu ForCorporate Banking

BBTD Batch/Block Tickets Display

BCCALC Batch Charges Calculation

BCREPORT Bankers Cheque Recon Report

BCSI Bills/Chqs Covering Schedule – Inter Br

BCSO Bills/Chqs Covering Schedule – Inter Bk

BDISCREP Bills Discrepancy Report

BDR Review Of Pending And Dishonored Bills

BDTR Bills Due Today But Unpaid

BEHI Bills Events History Inquiry

BGCLOSE Guarantee Close

BGLIMIT Limit/Guarantee wise Utilization Report

BGJQM Background Job Queue Maintenance

BGM Budget Maintenance

BGMARGIN BG Margin Printing


BGSTMNT Statement of Guarantee

BGUPL Guarantees Upload

BI Bills Inquiry

BIACCR Interest Accrual For Bills

BIAIL Acceptance Intimation to Lodging Branch

BIBOOK Interest Booking For Bills

BICN Interest Calculation – Non Bill by Bill

BICR Bills Interest Collected Report

BICS Bills Collection Schedule

BIDUMP Inland Bills Dump

BIID Bill Intimation to Drawee

BIIDU Bill Intimation to Drawee (Usance Bill)

BINAL Non Payment Advice to Lodging Branch

BINRD Non Payment Reminder To Drawee

BINTPRG Interest Purge For Bills

BINTRPT Interest Report For Bills

BIPAD Payment Advice to Drawee

BIRAL Realization Advice to Lodging Branches

BIRCL Bills Return Covering Letter

BIRPC Realization ProceedsCovering Letter

BJE Batch Job Executioner


BJSTI BJS Table Inquiry

BJSTM Table Maintenance

BKTI Bank Table Inquiry

BKTM Bank Table Maintenance

BLRTI Bills Register Type Inquiry

BLRTM Bills Register Type Maintenance

BM Bills Maintenance

BMCM Bills Message Code Maintenance

BMUPL Bills Upload


BOTC Back Office Transactions Creation

BP Bills Printing
BPMI Bills Parameter Master Inquiry

BPMM Bills Parameter Master Maintenance

BR Balancing Report

BRACS Account Selection -BancsRemote

BRBPR Balancing Report – Bills Purchased

BRCHQUPL Cheque Book DetailsUpload

BRCLUPLD Clearing Transaction Upload Maintenance

BRCR Balancing Report – Collection

BRCUS Customer Selection – BancsRemote

BRDCMAPI Inquiry On Branch toData Center Mapping

BRDDISS BancsRemote Upload of Issued DDs

BRDNLD BancsRemote Download of Tables

Batch Review Of Pegged A/Cs and RPC


BROWSE Browsing of IBR file received

BRRBPR Bills Register Report – Bills Purchased

BRRCR Bills Register Report – Collection

BRSM BRS Table Maintenance

BRTI Branch Table Inquiry

BRTM Branch Table Maintenance

BRTTUM Transfer Transaction Upload Maintenance

BRTTUMP Transfer Trans Upload Maint.(Posting)

BRUPLOAD Customer / Account Master Upload

BRUPLTAM Term Deposits Master Upload

BRV Bills Reversal

BSR1 BSR1 Basic Statistical Return- PART I/II

BSR2B BSR2 Basic Statistical Return-2 PART B

BSR2C BSR2 Basic Statistical Return-2 PART C

BSR3 BSR3 Adv against selected securities

BSTM Branch Sds Maintenance

BTM Back Dated Transaction

BTP Batch Transactions Posting

BUIRPT BORPI Upload Inquiry Report