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I just got a 3D Printer. What do I do first?

I’m ready to do more with my 3D printer

A quick-start guide based on the Monoprice Select Mini Additional early steps to take for people with a little experience

1. Buy tape and filament 7. Install a slicer to your computer

Sample filament won’t go far so you’ll want more. Cura is included with your SD card, but there are
Most users choose online retailers when shopping. other slicer programs available and some are free!
Repetier and Slic3r are also popular choices.
Also helpful is blue painter’s tape to replace the tan
tape that comes pre-installed. 3M 2090 for example. 8. Join a site like Thingiverse
Community-supported 3D model sites bring you lots
2. Read the manual of great new models to print, but you can also share
Seems obvious, but the manual really will answer your own designs, so be sure to join!
most questions. It’s not long, so read it before
reaching out for help. People are more likely to help
you if you do. 9. Tweak your settings Magic Numbers
Find a standardized file to print, such as “Benchy” the 0.0875
3. Level the bed tugboat. This will allow you to really dial in your
settings. For the MP Mini, try using the so-called 0.21875
This is huge! Most print problems are solved this way. Magic Numbers for your layer height. 0.2625
Gently move the print head and bed around to each 0.30625
of the corners and use the screws to get the bed
leveled out. You should be able to slide a piece of 10. Print some mods and upgrades
paper under the print head with only a little
resistance to tugging. Pro tip: warm up the nozzle You might have found a few add-ons that you’d like
and bed first. to have, and if you’re thinking ahead, you might even
print a couple of spare parts.

4. Print included files

This will make sure everything is working and is also 11. Design your own 3D model
a lot of fun to watch. There are several neat files on There are some great online tools, such as TinkerCAD,
the SD card already, but you can also add more later. Fusion360, and 123D. You might also consider
Blender and Sketchup.
5. Join a user group
If you didn’t do this already, what are you waiting for? 12. Change Filament
It might also be a good “step 1” To change filament, heat up the hotend and gently
pull out the filament. Insert new filament and run a
little through until the color changes to the new
6. Have fun!
filament’s color. *Store filament with desiccant!

Updated March 24, 2017 Guide created on behalf of MP Select Mini Owners Facebook Group. Designed by Steprock Media.