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ee ) . There Aint No Sweet Man pe The Salt OF My Tears | | by Fred Fisher a ) : en" The Sensational Ballad Song Hit HERE AM I— Broken Hearted PER ibe or Laer rons i i 2 fen & © pf fe Copyright 1927 by De Sylva, Brown and Henderson Ine. Gus Kahn’s Sensational Song Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter (CROSS MY FLOOR) nied AD FEB Words and Music by GUS KAHN af Ba-by fect go pit-ter pat-ter ‘erossmy floor, ‘Tell me folks, what elso could CHORUS r pee a By Ba-by fin-gers go a - muss-ing throghmy Copyright 1927 by De Sylva, Brown and Henderson Inc. Sou 9 ae There Aint No Sweet Man 3 Thats Worth The Salt Of My Tears ‘Tune Ukulele AD HB By FRED FISHER Moderato Put Capo on 4st Fret ye Piano ———— 4 z Voice : i Shak- in? like the leaf on a tree— I shall laugh withtears in_ my eye id — That's com - ing The day that ff ft & FH Shak-in’ like the leaf dn & treo BecauseTim com. in’ loose fram my man; Sweet-ly I. shall kiss him good-bye ————Helllnev-er know whatideep in my heart Joseph M. Weiss Copyright 1927by De Sylva, Brown and Henderson, Inc. De Sylva,Browa and Henderson Building,745 Seventh Ave,.New York International Copyright Secured — Madesn U.S.A. Al. Rights Reserved 4 ay Chorus Tn like @ weep -ing wil - low, Weep-ing on my pil- low, For years and z Se years,Thereainit no sweet man—— thatworththe salt of my tears —————————_ Downand downhedraggedme, Like & fiend he nagged me, i i ff pri) #f For years and —~ ‘yearsiThere aiitno sweet man — That'sworththeseltofmy tears | te There Aint No ete. # fi may be bue— fg Still Tin through; HA Ra-ther than— a Af aR fH gal T must tell— kim‘good bye.” =< Hh A BYok-enheart-ed sis-ters, Aggfa-vat-in’ Mis-ters, Lend me your earsiThereaisit no sweet man— There Aint No ete. Another De Swoa Brown HENperson ING Song’ Nt Among My Souvenirs wont oe Mosie ty AR LES ORATIO NICHOLLS one om ae BO Thee ing La te A a Ceti ae— A phe gh be feo COPIES ON SALE WHEREVER MUSIC IS SOLD ‘This Number can also be had for your Phonograph and Player Piana IN