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Name: Abdiasis Abdullahi jama

Date of birth: 11-Sep-1989

Nationality: Somali


Address: Bosaso – Somalia


Phone: +252906790027

Skype: abdiasis.jama2


 Highly qualified telecommunication engineer with experience in telecom industry,

wireless communication, microwave and satellite transmission systems, networking and
project management
 Worked on microwave, Satellite network planning, design, installation, deployment, and
 Satellite link installation and commissioning both in C-band and KA-band
 Satellite link maintenance and troubleshooting
 Radio network design in VHF, UHF, and microwave bands
 IP/TDM/SDH transmission system design and implementation
 System management, upgrade and provisioning
 Cisco networking
 Telecommunication projects planning, supervision, and execution


To become a competent wireless engineer, data analyst, project manager, and ICT administrator
who will be working with integrity and enthusiasm. I have great passionate in working on a
career that is both challenging and rewarding. I would also like engaging effective teamwork and
delivering maximum work performance under all levels of constraints


2009 – 2014 Kampala International BSC in Telecommunication

University – Uganda engineering


Golis Telecom Somalia 2015 - Microwave and VSAT engineer

Key responsibilities

 Set up design and layout of backbone and access transmission network

 Visit site and collect survey data for microwave and satellite link installation
 Using Path loss 5, design microwave link.
o Locate site coordinates with GPS and import to Pathloss software
o Generate path profile using SRTM elevation databases
o Consideration of radio propagation impairments, multipath fading, k-values,
Fresnel zones, clearance criteria, and calculate antenna heights
o Link budget transmission analysis. EIRP, antenna gain, antenna diameter, radio
equipment transmit power and sensitivity, free space pathloss, and determining
receive power levels and fade margin.
o Radio link configuration. Protection configurations. Hot stanby, space diversity,
and co-channel frequency reuse.
 ITU-R recommendation F series for fixed wireless services for frequency planning.
 Perform interference analysis using spectrum analyzer.
 Perform frequency and capacity planning for microwave radio relay links.
 Communicate with engineering staff for upgrading, network expansion and system layout
 Support field technicians. Prepare diagrams and configuration scripts for implementation
 Install and configure Aviat Eclipse microwave systems, CTR 8500/8300
o IDU installation
o IDU configuration
o Proper coordination with team on tower for ODU installation and antenna
o Develop installation verification check list.
o L2 carrier Ethernet, VPLS, VPWS, L3 MPLS VPN, IEEE 802.1ag / ITU-T.1731,
QOS, L1LA, IPv4 routing.
 Design and configure TDM, Ethernet, and STM microwave links
o E1 circuits
o Synchronization
o Carrier Ethernet
o Data connectivity fault management
 Satellite earth station monitoring and troubleshooting
o RF line up test
o RFU saturation test
o IF cable short circuit and continuity test
o BER test
o Voice loopback test
o Polarization Isolation test
o Antenna peak alignment
o Carrier C/N measurement
 Newtech (EL470, MDM6000) and Comtech EF Data (600L, 625, 760) satellite modem
installation, configuration, troubleshooting and upgrading
 Setup end to end Satellite voice and internet service, advice on most reliable network
switches and routers, vendor selection and equipment specification, and communicating
to stakeholders, field technicians and service providers.
o Agilis 40W, 60W, and 100W BUC
o Terrasat IBUC full c band
o Norsat C band LNB
o RG-6, RG-59, N type and SMA connectors
o WR 137 (c band), WR 75 (ka band)
o Anasat transceiver, SSPA, Codan up/down IF converters.


 Extensive experience in satellite field tools such as spectrum analyzer, compass, and
o Use Multimeter to verify power levels, continuity, and shorted cables
o Use analyzer to monitor carrier power levels, potential interference sources,
antenna alignment tuning with Satellite beacons, and measure system noise.
o Use compass for Satellite lookup angles during installation.
 Excellent PDH/SDH/IP microwave implementation in Aviat Eclipse and CTR products
 Expertise in supporting telecommunication server, hardware and software applications
 Cisco CCNA/CCNP switching, routing and security. LAN/WAN, VLAN, NAT, RIP,
EIGRP, OSPF, STP, Access lists, subnetting, BGP, VPN, DSL, WIFI and so on
 Proven problem solving and troubleshooting skills such as problem analysis, performing
measurements, finding faults, narrowing the problem, resolving and escalation and
 Project management in Microsoft project professional. WBS, task/resource assignment,
Gant chart, cost analysis and estimation, baseline, milestone, schedule tracking, resource
leveling, reporting, and executing
 Statistical Data analysis in SPSS

Published articles on LinkedIn

1. Ways of increasing wireless network capacity and mitigate outages

2. Short notes on Somalia Telecom regulation

 Excellent written and verbal communication skills

 Excellent analytical skills
 Leadership and teamwork skills
 Ability to meet deadlines
 Ability to work under pressure


Research. Reading and writing.


Mr. Abdelbaset Ali Nur Mr. AbdulHafid Yassin Hussein

CNS technical officer at ICAO - FISS Head Of Vector Control Program, WHO
Mobile : +(252)907791945 Mobile : +(252) 907791325
Email : Email :

Mr. Mohamed Abshir Jama Sherrif Baheeg

Head of Transmission department – Golis Vice president services delivery and operations
Mobile : +(252) 907792228 middle east and Africa - O3B
+971 50 66 76 491