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A Project Report


Market potential of Exterior Acrylic Paints in Pune and Pimpari-




Mr. Patil Nikhil Mukund

Mr. Umarani Rohan Digambar

Mr. Srivastava Nishant

Under the guidance of

Mr. R. Salunkhe

Submitted to

University of Pune
In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master in
Marketing Management (MMM)

Vishwakarma Institute of Management
Pune - 48
I wish to express my sincere appreciation and deep sense of gratitude to
respected Mr. Rajanikant Salunkhe for his help and guidance towards making this
project a success.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Dole my project guide
for his valuable guidance and suggestions during this project.
I owe my special thanks to the employees of ELANTAS Beck India Ltd. Pune
Mr. Vijit Gupte and Mrs. Seema Antarkar (Marketing Department) and Mr. Satish
Deshpande (Technical Department) for giving their support and suggestions during
the project. I would also like to thank Dr. Shard Joshi and my friends for their support
and motivation.
Patil Nikhil Mukund

Umarani Rohan Digambar

Srivastava Nishant
Certificate from VIM
Certificate from Company
List of Abbreviations
List of tables

1) Area covered

2) Key Personnel

3) Ingredients of Paints

4) Product available in shops

5) Product pack sizes

6) Average prices of products

7) Product in use

8) Sale of product in Pune

9) Demand hierarchy

10) Comparison chart

11) Suggested product

List of figures

1) Indian Paint Industry

2) Demand Hierarchy

3) Sale of product in Pune

List of technical terms - Glossary

Sr. No Title Page No.

1. Executive Summary

2. Company Profile

3. Objectives of the Study

4. Research Methodology

5. Data Analysis

6. Findings

7. Suggestions And

8. Limitations

9. Bibliography

10. Referencing Scheme

11. Appendices
Executive Summary

To determine market potential of Acrylic exterior paints.

Durations of Project:
1/06/2007 to 31/07/2007 (2 month)

Method of Data Collection:

 Primary Data collection – Questionnaire Method.

 Secondary data Collection – Yellow Page, Phone Call, Internet.

Scope of the project is to determine the market potential of exterior
acrylic paints and creating awareness of Beck India’s products.
1) Retailers 2) Painting Contractors 3) Architects

Area Covered:

Customer Retailers Painting Architects

Area Contractors

Pune City 16 47 56

Pimpri- 12 12 17

Total Market sale of exterior paints in pune (month): 4500 tonnes.

Main competitors:

1) Asian Paints 2) ICI Paints

3) Nerolac Paints. 4) Berger Paints.

5) Shalimar Paints.

Beck India’s products are known for quality. These products are in initial phase of
introduction. Customer gives good response for these products. These products should
be called as future products.
Company Profile

ELANTAS Beck India

Formerly known as Dr. Beck & Co. India Ltd., ELANTAS Beck India was
incorporated in 1956 to cater to the growing demand for wire enamels, varnishes and
resins, and the company today produces the widest range of electrical insulating
materials to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the most quality conscious customers
in electrical insulation systems, as well as construction chemicals.

ELANTAS Beck India is a Group Company of ALTANA AG, an international

Chemicals Group with sales of about EUR 985 million in the first three quarters of
2006 and approx. 13,500 employees all over the world. With a return on sales (EBT)
of around 22%, ALTANA is one of the most profitable and chemicals companies in
One of its operating companies ALTANA AG provides innovative, environmentally
sound solutions based on specialty products for the electrical industry, coating
manufacturers, coating and plastics processors and the electronics industry. The
business unit Electrical Insulation of ALTANA AG headquartered in Wesel, Germany
comprises 9 companies in 6 countries.
Mission Statement
• To maintain its market leadership in India in electrical insulation products and
its reputation for consistent quality and customer service.
• To become a leading participant in the growing market for construction
• To support business objectives with high technical standards with respect to
production processes, safety, health, environment and information technology.
• To achieve objectives through individuals and work groups who are well
qualified, trained and highly motivated to take up challenges and achieve
excellence in their pursuits.

Quality Policy
• We are committed to continually improve our products and services to meet
our customers' requirements, and conform to applicable regulatory standards.

Quality Objectives
• Retain market leadership in Electrical Insulation business by consistently
offering high quality products
• Share information on developments in the international Market with our
customers to enhance their global competitiveness
• Continuously enhance customer satisfaction by improving Logistic support
and technical services
• Utilise group R & D and external know-how for enhancement of product and
process technology
• Improve and continuously upgrade production processes.
Environmental Policy
ELANTAS Beck India, manufacturer of Electrical Insulation and Construction
Chemicals, is wholly committed to environmental protection at Pimpri & Ankleshwar
works and Beck House at Pune.
The company seeks to achieve this commitment through environmental consciousness
and setting objectives & targets based on the following practices:

• Safety in production, handling, use & disposal of its products

• Prevention of environmental and health hazards
• Informing the employees, users and society at large about environmental
protection and product safety
• Imparting environment related training to its employees.

ELANTAS Beck India accords the same importance to Environmental Protection as it

gives to Quality Systems.

Environmental Objectives
• Reduce waste
• Reduce resources depletion
• Establish significant presence in high value Coatings & Sealants business
• Minimise environmental pollution & health hazard
• Design and develop products & processes for minimal environmental impact
• Minimise environmental impact of raw material sourcing
• Promote environmental, health & safety awareness among the employees,
contractors, users and transporters
• Conform to applicable laws and Government regulations

Key Personnel

Name Designation Email Addresses

Manu Tandon Managing Director

Prashant Deshpande Director - Marketing

Sharad Shetye Director -

Rajeev Bhide Director - Finance &
Corporate Affairs
Dr. Vinayak Bhanu Manager - R&D

Kedar Gokhale Sales Manager

R. S. Salunkhe Business Manager -

Construction Chemicals

It is often believed that the success of an organization is measured by its
achievements. ELANTAS Beck has crossed many milestones in its journey on the
path of excellence. ELANTAS Beck is the first Indian manufacturer of insulation and
resin products to receive the approbation of product certifications from the
Underwriters Laboratory, USA. The company has also been awarded both the EN ISO
9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification and EN ISO 14001
Environment Management System Certification given by the globally respected
agency that's TUV of Germany.
Marketing Network

Marketing & Export Head Office:

Beck House,
Damle Path,
Pune – 411004
Phone: +91 (020) 30210600
Fax: +91 (020) 30210634

Technical services:
147, Bombay-Pune Road,
Pimpri, Pune - 411018
Phone: +91 (020) 30610600
Fax: +91 (020) 30610601

Regional Offices

Northern Region: New Delhi

Regional Sales Manager
403, World Trade Centre,
Babar Road,
New Delhi - 110001
Phone: +91 (11) 23411664, 23412940
Fax: +91 (11) 23413408

Eastern Region: Kolkata

Regional Sales Manager
Unit 708, 7th Floor
Om Tower, 32, J. L. Nehru Road
Kolkata - 700079
Phone: +91 (33) 22271841
Fax: +91 (33) 22271843
Western Region: Pune & Mumbai (contact head office)
Regional Sales Manager
Beck House,
Damle Path,
Pune - 411004
Phone: +91 (020) 30210600
Fax: +91 (020) 30210740
Email: (Electrical Insulation)
Email: (Construction Chemicals)

Southern Region: Bangalore

Regional Sales Manager
1176, 12th
H.A.L. II stage,
Bangalore - 560008
Phone: +91 (80) 25281649, 25283093
Fax: +91 (80) 25280831
Paint -- the group of emulsions generally consisting of pigments suspended in a liquid
medium for use as decorative or protective coatings -- made its earliest appearance
about 30,000 years ago. Cave dwellers used crude paints to leave behind the graphic
representations of their lives that even today decorate the walls of their ancient rock
dwellings. The paint and coatings industry, however, had to wait for the Industrial
Revolution before it became a recognized element of the American national economy.
The first recorded paint mill in America was reportedly established in Boston in 1700
by Thomas Child. A century and a half later, in 1867, D.R. Averill of Ohio patented
the first prepared or "ready mixed" paints in the United States.

In the mid-1880s, paint factories began springing up in population and industrial

centers across the nation. Mechanization was making the manufacturing process
accessible to a larger and less specialized group of entrepreneurs. The weight of
prepared paint makes it expensive to transport, so a decentralized structure of small
manufacturers in discrete markets dominated the industry until the mid-1900s.

That structure still continues to some extent today with the significant industry
segment of small- to medium-sized paint manufacturers who serve limited regional

Industry consensus standards limiting the use of lead pigments date back to the 1950s.
Common house paints, contrary to some consumers' beliefs, contained little, if any,
lead since then. Household paints have not included any lead since its use was banned
by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1978.

Contemporary paints and coatings consist of countless compounds uniquely

formulated to fulfill the varied requirements of hundreds of thousands of applications.
"Paint" ranges from the broad group of environmentally-sound latex paints that many
consumers use to decorate and protect their homes and the translucent coatings that
line the interior of food containers, to the chemically-complex, multi-component
finishes that automobile manufacturers apply on the assembly line.
Introduction to Paint:

“Paint is a combination of different chemicals while spread on surface which gives uniform
films, Clear or opaque which decorates and protects the surface”

Intergradient of Paint:

Gives Paint film its color and filling properties.

Pigments Undisclosed by water or solvent. Powder forms added in
paints for specific color & also for specific nature.
Its main part & act as a glove to paint. Binds and wets
Resin pigment giving paint its adhesion, gloss, hardness and
Paints durability.
Dissolves resin, mixes pigment and resin to form liquid
Improves paint and paint film properties added in small
Additive quantities foe specific future. (e.g. anti fungal)

Thinner Improves and assists paint application

Body Improves films build and abrasion workability. The

Pigment main pigment are primers and undercoats

Pigments Rust Used mainly in premier to improve anti corrosion

Inhibitive properties.
Color Gives color and hiding power

Inorganic Metal Oxides, Usually dull color (e.g. titanium

Color Pigment dioxide and oxide red pigment
Pigments Organics Mainly bright in color but poor in hiding (e.g.
Pigment pthalocyanine blue and quinacridone red)
Types of paints:

1) Interior Paints.

2) Exterior Paints

Exterior Paints:

Types of exterior paints:

• Latex paint is durable, dries fast and easy to cleanup. As it is mildew proof it
can be applied over damp exterior as well. It has to be applied without using a
thinner as it is. Do not spread too thin while applying.

• Acrylic paint is a type of latex paint. This paint is thinned with water and can
be applied on any kind of surface including primer-applied metal. This too
dries rapidly

• Alkyd paint is a synthetic paint that has to be diluted with solvent. This paint
is a little like oil based paints but dries quickly. Can be used over old oil based
paint or alkyd based paint as it covers and hides perfectly.

• Oil paint takes a long time to dry up and it quite messy. But is extremely
durable. As it takes a long time to dry, using it for exteriors can be a problem
due to insects and rain

• Primers are used to seal fresh wood and metal. Use only one coat of primer.
The same applies for finish use only one coat. Primer cannot be used as finish
and vice versa. Applying primer is easier than applying finish, but as the
surface is fresh a lot of paint is required.

• Stains can be solvent thinned or water thinned and produce a transparent,

semitransparent or solid finish for original wood siding and trim. Some stains
have preservatives and other give wood an antique finish.
History and Need of Acrylic Paints:

In the 1940's after the 2nd world war, the paint manufacturing industry moved
away from the old tried and true methods of making linseed oil paint and began
heavily promoting chemical, petroleum and solvent based paints. With the
awareness of the danger of petroleum products in the environment, we are
entering a new period for the painting industry.
A major difference in modern paints is the change in binder from the used of
natural boiled linseed oil to alkyd oil which is generally derived from soybean and
safflower oil. Use of synthetic resins, such as acrylics and epoxies, has become
prevalent in paint manufacture in the last 30 years of so. Acrylic resin emulsions
in latex paints, with water thinners, have also become common.


Primary Objective:

1) To Determine Market Potential of Exterior Paints in Pune

and Pimpri – Chinchwad.

2) To analyzing the buying motive of consumer for Exterior Paints.

3) To study the awareness of Beck India’s exterior paints.

Secondary Objective:

1) To Determine Market Potential of Exterior Acrylic Paints in

Pune and Pimpri – Chinchwad.

2) To give suggestion and recommendation for making a suitable and a

Sound strategy in future.

3) To promote Beck India’s products.

Research Methodology:

1) Research Framework:

In this project I had to survey the various areas in pune and pimpari-chichwad which
were given to me by the company. As I had to survey primarily to find out who would
be my potential customers, the competitors presence and the other factors that would
facilitate the company to take decision for expansion among pune and pimpari-
For these objectives the research methodology that I followed was:
1. Defining the objective
2. Develop the research plan
3. Collect the information
4. Analysing and interpretation of the data
5. Conclusion

2) Research Plan:

• Time Span – 1st June to 31st July

• Total 8 week working.

• Actual field working – To meet retailers, contractors, architects directly.

• Data collection time – 6 weeks.

• Analysis of the data - 1 week.

• Final Preparation of project – 1 week.

3) Scope of the study:

Scope of the project is to determine the market potential of exterior

acrylic paints and creating awareness of Beck India’s products

4) Sources of Data Collection:

 Primary Data collection – Questionnaire Method

 Secondary data Collection – Yellow Page, Phone Call, Internet

5) Sample Size:
1) Retailers.

2) Painting Contractors.

3) Architects.

From Pune and Pimpari-Chichwad.

6) Sampling Techniques:

Questionnaire Method.

Questions are Open ended and Close ended.

Product Profile:

Beck Coat EXShield –

-- Protection against UV & rain water.

-- Excellent weather resistance.

-- Breathable coating.

-- Forms a protective cover over the hairline cracks.

-- Withstands extreme climatic conditions:

Hot, humid and freezing cold.

-- Assurance of good looks, quality finish designed for a

Wide range of exterior surfaces.

-- Resistance to peeling, blistering, fading, chalking.

Beck Coat EXGuard –

- Excellent Weather resistance.

- Breathibility.

- Durability.

- Elastomeric film.

- Excellent anchoring.

- High quality exterior finish.

- 300% Elongation
Competitors Analysis:

1) Asian Paints:

a) Ace Exterior Emulsion:

Ace Exterior Emulsion is a water-based exterior wall finish suitable for dry to
moderately humid climatic conditions. It offers excellent resistance to chalking,
cracking and weathering in comparison to Cement Paint. Ace gives cleaner shades
which do not fade and last longer. Ace offers good anti-algal performance in dry to
moderately humid climatic conditions.

b) Apex:
Apex Weatherproof Exterior Emulsion is a water-based 100% acrylic, exterior
wall finish. A high performance, long-lasting exterior paint specially formulated to
withstand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity and heat, Apex
provides excellent resistance against the growth of algae and fungi on the walls. It
offers excellent protection against alkali and UV degradation too.

c) Apex Ultima:
It incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide long-lasting
exterior performance even in the most extreme tropical conditions of india. Its unique
advanced anti algal chemistry ensures that exterior walls are provided with power-
packed resistance against algae and fungi growth. It has very good dirt pick up
resistance and dirt cleaning properties.
2) Nerolac Paints:

a) Nerolac suruksha:

Product Description:
Nerolac Suraksha Advanced Plastic Exterior Paint is an economical water
thinnable coating, specially designed for application on exterior walls in dry or
moderatey humid climatic conditions. It has good Washability, Anti-Algal & Anti
Fungal properties.

Performance Features & Benefits:

• Economical water thinnable coating

• Better outdoor durability
• Smooth and pleasing finish with Sheen
• Performance much superior to cement paint
• No need of curing.

Recommended Usage:

Nerolac Suraksha Advanced Plastic Exterior Paint is specially designed for

application on exterior walls of houses and architectural buildings situated in dry or
moderately humid climatic conditions.

b) Excel:

Product Description:
Nerolac Impressions Excel Total All in One Acrylic Exterior Emulsion is high
performance premium water based, long lasting exterior paint, with UPF (Ultimate
Paint Formula). It is formulated to suit the extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall,
humidity and heat. The product is based on 100% Acrylic resin and hence it forms a
tough and flexible protective film, with an excellent bonding to the substrate, which
prevents peeling off or cracking for years together. It contains special type of
emulsion which gives Excellent Dirt-pickup Resistance and Excellent Sheen. 1`All In
One Acrylic Exterior Emulsion contains a unique combination of surface protectants,
which are released slowly over a long period of time. This actively helps not only to
prevent the fungal and algae growth, but also, ensures constant surface activity against
these irritants for a long period. It also offers a 7 year warranty*
Performance Features & Benefits:

• Excellent Dirt Pick up Resistance

• Excellent resistance to fungal and algae growth
• 7 year warranty*
• Excellent out-door durability
• Very good colour retention
• Smooth & High Sheen finish
• Easy to apply and maintain
• Superior washability & scrub resistance
• Very wide range of beautiful colours
• Very good coverage thus good value for money.

Recommended Usage:

Recommended for exterior and interior of houses, architectural and commercial

buildings, where high standard of surface protection is expected.

c) Everlast:

Product Description:
Nerolac Everlast with pliolite is a specially designed solvent based exterior coating
having superior properties with respect to protection of masonry surfaces from
aggressive environmental conditions. It is formulated by using ideal combination of
true pigments and special type of extenders, dispersed in a balanced combination
of different grades of Styrene Acrylate Resins and plasticized with ultra violet
stabilized grade of plasticizer.

Performance Features & Benefits:

• Excellent durability
• Excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces
• Very good alkali resistance
• Unique breathable film properties
• Self cleaning characterstics
• Very good resistance to mould growth
• Can be applied on freshly constructed masonry surfaces.

For painting of the exterior surfaces of houses, architectural buildings, bridges, etc.
where masonary surface needs to be protected from adverse climatic conditions.
3) Berger Paints:

In Decorative Paints, Berger has paints and paint systems for every application -
interior, exterior, every surface, concrete, plaster, metal and wood - as well as special
applications like water storage, etc.

Berger acrylic brands like Luxol Silk and Rangoli for interiors, and Weathercoat
for exteriors are quality leaders in technology and represent decor statements that
redefined the premium category. Luxol Hi-Gloss is the national hallmark for
excellence in paint enamel.

In addition to these premium trendsetters, Berger offers paint users other

attractive options across the price spectrum in every category - thus enabling buyers
to make the choices most appropriate to their budget, always with the Berger
assurance of the best quality for the price.

BERGER PAINTS is the culmination of over seven-decade process of evolution and

growth that began in 1923. Its growth has been closely linked with the business and
industrial development of modern India.

BERGER'S performance is anchored today in a wide variety of Decorative and

Industrial paints which continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive
Indian paint market. Being an ISO 9001 company its quality products have attained
instant recognition, worldwide, and continues to meet quality requirements that are
demanded today even in the domestic market.

The Country's third largest paint manufacturer, with its Headquarters in Calcutta,
BERGER controls a distribution network comprising of 66 stock points and
approximately 10,000 dealers, spread across the country.
4) Shalimar Paints:

a) Shalimar Xtra:
Shalimar Xtra is a premium exterior finish formulated with 100% pure
acrylic emulsion. Its tough & durable film effectively withstands extreme
tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity, heat & cold, ensuring extra
protection for exterior masonry, brickwork, rendering & concrete. Its state-of-
the-art co-polymer system is specially formulated with light-fast pigments and
highly effective fungicides to keep exterior walls looking their best year after

Area Of Application:
Exterior masonry, Brickwork, Rendering & Concrete.
Analysis of visit to Retailers:

Product Available in Shop –

Product Type Manufacturers Brand

Acrylic Paint Asian Paint Ace, Apex, Ultima

Acrylic Paint Nerolac Paint Suraksha, Excel, Everlast

Acrylic Paint ICI Weathershield, Wmax

Acrylic Paint Berger Weathercoat

Acrylic Paint Shalimar Xtra

Pack Sizes available in shop:

Company Name Pack Sizes

Asian paints 1,4,10,20 ( in liters)

ICI Paints 1,4,10,20 ( in liters)

Nerolac paints 1,4,10,20 ( in liters)

Berger paints 1,4,10,20 ( in liters)

Shalimar paints 1,4,10,20 ( in liters)

Beck India paints 1,20 ( in kgs)

Average Price of Products:

(20 liters) (Depend on shade & channel):

Company Name Price (Approx.)

Asian Paints (Ace) Rs. *2900 - 3200

(Apex) Rs. 3200 - 3500

(Ultima) Rs. 3700 - *4000

ICI (Weathershield) Rs. *3300 - 3600

(Weathershield Max) Rs. 3700 - *4100

Nerolac (Suraksha) Rs. 2700 - 3500

Berger paints (Weathercoat) Rs. 3500 - 3800

Shalimar paints (Xtra) Rs. 3000 - 3500

Beckcoat Exshield Rs. *2500 - 2600

Beckcoat Exshield Rs. 3400 - *3500

Note- * shows (Min to Max Rrise)

Distribution Channel (two level):



Distribution Channel (one level):



Analysis of Visited Contractors:

Products in Use –

Product Type Manufacturers Brand

Acrylic Paint Asian Paint Ace, Apex, Ultima

Acrylic Paint Nerolac Paint Suraksha, Excel, Everlast

Acrylic Paint ICI Weathershield, Wmax

Acrylic Paint Berger Weathercoat

Acrylic Paint Shalimar Xtra

Distribution Channel (zero level)


Indian Paint Industry:

# 1 Asian Paints (33%)

# 2 Goodlass Nerolac (18%)

# 3 Berger Paints (14%)

# 4 ICI India (11%)

# 5 Jenson and Nicholson (6%)

Organised sector by By market sector

Percent (%)




Asian Paints Nerolac Berger ICI Paints Jenson and
Paints Paints Companys Nicholson
Demand Hierarchy:

Product Type Manufacturers Brand No of plants in


Acrylic Paint Asian Paint Ace, Apex, Ultima 5

Acrylic Paint Nerolac Paint Suraksha, Excel, 5


Acrylic Paint ICI Weathershield, 5


Acrylic Paint Berger Weathercoat 3

Acrylic Paint Shalimar Xtra 3

Graphical Form of demand Hierarchy:

No of plant in India


Asian Nerolac Berger ICI Paints Jenson
Paints Paints Paints and
Company Nicholson
Sale of products in Pune (Monthly):

Company Name Sale (Approx.)

Asian Paints 1500 tonnes

ICI Paints 1000 tonnes

Nerolac Paints 700 tonnes

Berger Paints 300-400 tonnes

Cement paint & Local Companies 900-1000 tonnes

Graphical Form of Sale in Pune (Monthly):

Sale Of Paints in pune in Tonnes

Asian Paints

ICI Paints

Nerolac Paints

Berger Paints

Cement &
local Paint
Analysis of Visited Architects:

Suggested Products:

Product Type Manufacturers Brand

Acrylic Paint Asian Paint Ace, Apex, Ultima

Acrylic Paint Nerolac Paint Suraksha, Excel, Everlast

Acrylic Paint ICI Weathershield, Wmax

Acrylic Paint Berger Weathercoat

Acrylic Paint Shalimar Xtra

Comparison Chart (Technical):

Company Asian ICI Nerolac Berger Shalimar Beck

Feature India

UV Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Antifungal No No No No No Yes

Elongation ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 300%

Washability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hide Hairline No No No No No Yes


Coverage (20 1200- 1200- 1100– 1100– 1100– 1200 –

lit. in sq.ft.) 1400 1400 1300 1300 1300 1400

Declared Life 7 7 years 4 years 5 years 5 years 5 years

Expectance years

Price Range 2900- 3300- 2700- 3500- 3000- 2500-

(Rs.) 4000 4100 3500 3800 3500 3500


1. Our Product have good Antifungal (Biowash) Property.

2. Product gives 300% Elongation throughout decleared life expectancy.

3. Product have Low Density which can Eaisly Hide Hairline Cracks.

4. Total apply-supply cost of products goes Rs. 7 to 8 per sq. ft.

5. Cost is more Economical than other company’s product.

Suggestions from Retailers:

 Product should be in liters.

 Attractive Price

 Discount on bulk purchase.

 Product awareness.

 Take retailers meet.

 Suggest product to contractors.

 Appoint distributors & Stockiest.

Suggestions from Contractors:

• Product should be in liters.

• Credit period.

• Discount on bulk purchase.

• Advertisement.

• Packing size of products.

• “Deposit colour” on shade cards.

• Suggest product to architects & builders.

• Appoint distributors & retailers.

• Take Contractors & retailers meet.

• Sample requirement.
Suggestions from Architects:
• Product should be more awared.

• Want to see some practical applications.

• Product should be easily available.

• Product should be in liters.

• Product pack sizes should be more convenient.

• Need more advertising.

• Take Architects meet.


• Take contractors & Architects meet.

• Appoint distributors.

• Advertisement & Awareness required.

• “Deposit colour” on shade cards.

• Different Packing size of products.

• Dealers & contractor Price list is required.


• Products have good quality.

• It requires some attractive prices.

• It requires more awareness & advertising.

• It requires proper distribution channel.


1) Product is not awared.

2) No proper distribution channel for the products.

3) Shade cards are not attractive.

4) Credit period is not allowed

5) Promotional schemes are very less.

6) Product pack sizes are not convenient.


During the completion of the project I have taken the references from various sources.
They are mentioned below-

 Yellow pages of Indiacom.

 Marketing management by Dr. Rajan Saxena, Philip Kotler.

 Annual report of the company.

 Marketing Research by G. C. Beri.

Web sites referred

Questionnaire for Retailers:

Personal information:



Contact no.:

I. Do you have Exterior paints?

Ans. 1) Yes 2) No

II. Do you have Exterior Acrylic paints?

Ans. 1) Yes 2) No

III. How many brands of Exterior acrylic paints available in your shops?


IV. Which company’s Exterior paints have more demand in the market?


V. What are the prices of different Exterior acrylic paints?


VI. Which seasons have more demand of Exterior acrylic paints?

Ans. 1) Summer 2) Rainy 3) Winter

VII. Which distribution channel are you using?

Ans. 1) Two level 2) One level 3) Zero level

VIII. How much your sales of exterior acrylic paints in a month? (tonnes)


IX. How many shades of different Exterior acrylic paints are available in your

X. What is the mode of payments of other companies?

Ans. 1) Cash payment 2) Check payment

XI. How much credit period they are offering?

Ans. 1) 10 days 2) 15 days 3) 21 days 4) 30 days

XII. What are the pack sizes available of other companies products?


XIII. Give some suggestions about our products?

Questionnaire for Painting Contractors:

Personal information:



Contact no.:

1) Are you using Exterior acrylic paints?

Ans. 1) Yes 2) No

2) Which Exterior acrylic paints you are mostly using?


3) Which Exterior acrylic paints more demanded from customers?


4) Are you suggesting some products to the customers?


5) Which is your point of purchase for the products?

Ans. 1) Direct from company.

2) Direct from wholesaler.
3) From retailer.

6) Which seasons have more demand of Exterior acrylic paints?

Ans. 1) Summer 2) Rainy 3) Winter

7) How much you consume Exterior acrylic paints in a month? (tonnes)


8) How much credit period you required?

Ans. 1) 10 days 2) 15 days 3) 21 days 4) 30 days

9) Give some suggestions about our products?

Questionnaire for Architects:

Personal information:



Contact no.:

1. Which Exterior acrylic paints are you suggesting to the customers?


2. Which Exterior acrylic paints more demanded from customers?


3. Which seasons have more demand of Exterior acrylic paints?

Ans. 1) Summer 2) Rainy 3) Winter

4. Give some suggestions about our products?