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Page Composer (EOPC) Composition Mover v3.

0 – Preliminary User Documentation

Date: 06-May-16
Author: Melina Van Winkle
Purpose: This document describes the tasks required to move EOPC compositions between database instances.

Product: EC Page Composer (EOPC)

Prerequisite: Source and target environments must be 921 DEP templates 12-Apr-16 or newer.

Step Activity Description

1 Create EOPC Composition Navigation: Classic Menu > Enterprise Components > Page Composer Administrator > Move
Mover Definition in PIA Data
2 Add Enter any Mover ID

3 Select APPROVALS Page

Composer Definition

4 Select Field Name =

5 Click the prompt on the
Field Value field to select
the Field Value for your
approval process ID.

Select your approval process ID.


7 Use Datamover and signon

to your source

RECOMMEND: If you haven’t already done so, edit your peopletools profile to set your data and
log directories for data mover.
Signon to your source environment:

8 In Datamover, open file Open file EOPCCompositionMover_v3_exp.dms

9 Update Log, Output, and

Update the log file to be your log file name.

Update the output file to be your data file name.
Change the EOPCMIG_DEFN_ID in the first where clause to the ID of the Mover Definition you
created in PIA. In this example – “MVW001” (see “Add” in step 2).
10 RUN Run the script.
11 LOGOUT of Datamover LOGOUT of Datamover.
12 Logon to your target
environment in Datamover

CAUTION: Verify that you are in your target environment!

13 In Datamover, open file Open EOPCCompositionMover_v3_imp.dms
14 Set the log and data files

Update the name of the log file.

Update the name of the dat file to the name of the file you exported in step 9.
15 RUN Run the script.
16 Copy your application If needed, be sure to copy your application project that contains:
project  Button/link/tap-item app classes
 Field Event app classes
 Application source records (if new to target) – build views.
17 Run Fluid Approvals Fluid Approvals will show your updated Page Composer compositions.