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Project : Jetpur- Somanth Tollways Limited

Client : National Highways Authority of India

IE : Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd.
PMC : Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.
EPC Contractor : Backbone Enterprises Limited
Piling Contractor :



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Pankaj K.
EPC Nayak EPC Sujit Prakash PMC










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This method statement describes the procedure to be followed for installation of Bored cast in situ piles
for construction of Jetpur- Somanth Tollways Limited


a. Piling Works:
 Installation of 1200 mm Dia bored cast-in-situ piles as per drawings.


During piling operation, access to the area will be strictly controlled by safety personals and limited to
Labour, plant & equipment, (except authorised supply vehicles, e.g. Concrete mixer trucks, etc).
Uninterrupted access will be provided to the Engineer and Client’s representative.
Sequence of pile installation shall be based on site condition and movement of plant & equipment. Piling rigs
will be used to install bored cast in situ piles. Procedure for construction of bored piles with temporary casing
consists of the following steps,

1) Setting up at the pile location

2) Installation of temporary casing
3) Drilling of the pile bore
4) Reinforcement cages installation
5) Tremie Lowering
6) Concreting
7) Removal of temporary casing
8) Backfilling of empty bore from concrete top level to piling platform level.

Setting Up at Pile Location

Pile locations will be set out using pre-determined pile co-ordinate system, as per approved construction
drawing. Each pile location will be marked not more than 1 hour before commencement of piling operation.

Installation of Temporary Casing

Temporary casing shall be attached to the piling rig casing collar and driven at the pile location to a depth as
required. Now the verticality of the casing will be checked using a sprit level. Any correction required will be
done adjusting piling rig mast and casing is further driven up to the hard strata.

The piles shall be installed to the tolerance given in table as per specification

Characteristic Allowable limit

Position 75mm in any direction at the pile head
verticality 1 in 75 deviation

Drilling of Pile Bore

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Before start of boring, casing top level shall be checked and recorded. Depth of boring with reference to the
founding level shall be set in the piling rig monitor. Pile shall be drilled by pile drilling rig and excavated soil
will be discharged temporarily in the nearby location. Later it will be removed from site.
On reaching founding level, depth of borehole will be measured by taking sounding. Measurement for pile
length will be got certified from the Engineer.
Reinforcement Cage Installation
After completion boring & inspection of depth, pile will be cleaned by cleaning bucket and pre-fabricated
cage (checked and certified by Engineer’s representative) will be lifted using a service crane and lowered in
borehole in single piece or in two pieces by in situ lapping. If cage needs to be over lapped, the spacing of
spiral in lapping zone will be minimized by 50% of its original spacing and lap shall be welded alternative
bars. spacer rigs shall be provided at the spacing of 3m c-c in order to avoid collapse or sliding from its
original position and to maintain uniform size throughout the cage length. Finally cage shall be firmly
supported to the casing top in order to maintain proper level
Tremie lowering
8’’ or 10’’ Tremie will be lowered in to the pile bore keeping 200 mm clearance from bottom of borehole &
supported against guide casing through tremie fork. Immediately after completion of tremie lowering a funnel
of required capacity will be fitted to the tremie. Then, a snap-out plug (MS circular plate) will be placed in the
funnel opening with a wire rope connected with plate. The other end of the wire rope will be connected to
funnel top edge. In case of direct pumping by boom placer, 6’’ flexible hose of the pump will be directly
connected to the 6’’ tremie and concrete will be pumped continuously.
Concrete will be poured using tremie and funnel or directly pumped using mobile concrete pump. Concrete
transported through transit mixers from ready mix plant and directly poured into concrete funnel. After the
funnel is filled full with concrete, the plug will be removed and pouring of concrete from the transit mixer will
be continues simultaneously. Pouring of concrete will be continued till the concrete is flowing freely. If
resistance to concrete flow is observed, funnel will be removed followed by few piece of tremie and then
funnel will be re-fitted & concrete pouring will be resumed.
Care shall be taken to ensure, that at any point of time, tremie is embedded in the fresh concrete a minimum
of 1.5 m. Concreting must be completed in a continuous operation.
pumped un till we ensure that the perfect quality of concrete observed at top of the piles .

Stand by Arrangements
In case any break down occurs by mobile boom placer/pump during the pile concrete, immediately funnel
with 8’’ 0r 10’’ tremie method will be followed in order to resume the concrete

Removal of Temporary Casing

After completion of concreting, the guide casing shall be removed using the rig casing adapter or by service
crane with Vibro Hammer. It shall be ensured that good concrete is maintained up to pile cut-off level after
withdrawal of the casing.

Backfilling of Empty bore

After removal of Guide casing, the pile location shall be barricaded till initial setting of the concrete. After 8
hours (initial setting of concrete), the empty bore above concrete top level shall be backfilled using soil
available at site or bored muck.


Piling Records (Ref Annexure – B)
Pile records entered by the foreman in the bored pile record sheet shall be checked by the site engineer
before final submittal to Engineer. The record shall include the following data:

1) Contract.

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2) Pile reference number (location).
3) Pile type.
4) Diameter of Pile.

5) Date and time of Boring.

6) Date and time of Concreting.
7) Piling Platform level.
8) Pile toe level.
9) Pile cut off level.
10) Length of Temporary casing.
11) Length and Details of reinforcement.
12) Concrete mix.
13) Volume of concrete supplied to pile.
14) All information regarding obstruction and delays.
15) Co-ordinates of each pile.
16) Details of tremie pipe used to place concrete.
17) Details of plant used to form the pile including plat reference number
18) Concrete records, slump, etc.
19) Ground water table.
Any unexpected drilling condition encountered will be noted briefly in the records, and brought to the
attention of the Engineer immediately.
 Piling Rig Planned . . 2 Nos.
 Crawler mounted crane (50/80 T capacity). . . 2 Nos.
 Tremie pipes sufficient numbers / length. . . 2 Set.
 Loader or similar for spoil removal . . . 1 Nos.


 08.00 to 8.00 hours or as per Engineer instruction


A. All operatives shall be trained and competent persons.
B. Tool box talk shall be conducted about the method statements before work commencing of work with
all operatives on site. standard working instruction shall be issued to different trade operatives and
followed by a site specific briefing, which shall be recorded on Tool Box talk sheet.
C. Safety harness shall be used by all people who are required to access/work at a level 2m or more
above G.L.
D. Access to the piling area shall strictly be controlled by banks man and limited to authorised persons
who must have attended piling induction talk.
E. The reversing movements of delivery trucks, concrete mixer trucks, etc. to be controlled by
F. All lifting operations shall be carried out with the help of trained banksman / riggers.
G. Pile drilling operation shall be conducted within the restricted area and the rig’s banksman shall
establish, maintain & control access to the working area.
H. The team for every rig comprises of rig operator plus banksman. When the pile drilling has been
completed, additional skilled labour will be engaged to support subsequent activities, e.g. placing
reinforcement, concreting, removal of temporary casing, etc.
I. Once the casing has been extracted after completed pile concreting, pile position will be backfilled
with suitable material
J. Whenever high level of noise is recorded, ear protectors will be provided to the persons those
working within the vicinity of the zone.
K. Identification Tag fixed to the cage shall be ensured before shifting it to the pile position. During
travelling of crane with cage, lifting height shall be reduced.
L. Cages shall be moved only under the supervision of qualified banksman / Rigger / signaller.

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M. Before placing of cage into the pile, it shall be ensured that the casing is 0.5 to 1.0 m above Piling
Platform Level.
N. Cage shall be raised / lowered only under the instruction of a qualified Banksman / Rigger / Signaller
when operative’s fingers are clear of the cage and casing.
 All lifting operations shall be carried out under the control of a competent person(s). All operators
will be having third party certification.

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