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Sectional Matrix System

MATRIX SYSTEM The Triodent V3 Rings are constructed from Nickel Titanium with glass fibre reinforced plastic tines
for optimal separation force on the teeth to produce consistently tight contacts. They are designed
for a wide range of cases where teeth are aligned or little tooth structure remains and available in
Producing high quality Class II restorations both molar (green) and premolar (yellow) to ensure high quality, anatomically accurate restorations
The Triodent V3 system is an integrated and innovative sectional matrix system, with every time.
Nickel Titanium rings, anatomically shaped matrix bands and adaptive, self-guiding
wedges that provide predictable tight contacts and restorations that accurately replicate Nickel Titanium
the natural tooth anatomy. For optimal spring strength and
The design of the V3 system delivers great results with wide cavities and missing cusps tooth separation force

and means there is minimal finishing of the restoration.

Components within the Triodent Sectional Matrix System include:

V3 Rings Matrix Bands Wedges Instruments

V-shaped Tines Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Tines

Ensures there is no
Adapted to match the buccal and lingual surfaces of the
competition with the wedge
posterior teeth, while their broad design prevents the ring
in the embrasure
collapsing into wide cavities and allows for restoration of
a tooth with a missing cusp

Why choose a Sectional Matrix System over a Tofflemire Band?

Circumferential Band (Tofflemire)

Large food trap below
x The Triodent Instruments are designed to work precisely with the components of the Triodent V3
Fails to restore proximal anatomy
x Sectional Matrix System for accurate and easy placement and removal throughout the restoration.
Thin contact at the marginal ridge
x They have been designed to speed up the workflow between the Clinician and Assistant as the
Increased likelihood of fracture, occlusal interference,
recurrent caries and periodontal disease components can be pre-loaded before use.

Sectional Matrix System Restoration

ü User-friendly system Pin Tweezers
ü Natural contours Gold tip for pin location to
passively hold wedge and
ü Tight, anatomically correct contact points at the height Locking function and angled
matrices in place
of the contour grip arms hold the V3 Ring
securely for placement, both
mesially and distally
The Triodent™ Matrix Bands are anatomically shaped with a tab to support simple insertion and The highly anatomical shape of the Triodent Wedges provides an excellent contour and seal of the
removal with Triodent Pin-Tweezers. They are designed to support a wide range of clinical cases, gingival margin. Ease of placement and removal are assisted by the Triodent Pin Tweezers which
with a sub-gingival apron visible in the larger sizes for deep preparations. The pronounced grip the hole in the end and minimise the risk of dropping the wedge. The V-shaped concavity in the
marginal ridge on the occlusal margin provides great anatomy to produce completely natural wedge protects the papilla and also allows stacking in situations where tightening of the matrix may
looking Class II composite restorations that require minimal finishing, reducing time and stress for be required.
the Clinician and improving overall patient satisfaction.

Tab Matrices Wave-Wedges

The tab on all Triodent Matrix bands can Fine wave shaped wings compress
be bent 90˚ for contra-angle placement on entry and flare upon exit for
easy placement and excellent seal
at the gingival margin

V3 Tab Matrices AdaptiVe Wedges

The pronounced marginal Transparent cure through material with
ridge on the occlusal margin a sectioned design compresses and
and s-shaped vertical contour expands independently, allowing for more
provides great anatomy interproximal anatomical variations

The removable metal guard protects the
neighbouring tooth and gingival tissue during
interproximal preparation

SuperCurve Matrices
Extra horizontal curvature versus the V3 Tab Matrices for
greater stability during placement, while the non-stick
colour coding system ensures easy identification across
the range

ClearMetal™ Matrices Why use WedgeGuard™?

Hundreds of resin-filled cure-through micro- • Saves the Clinician time during interproximal preparation
windows allow curing of the restoration laterally
• Protects the neighbouring teeth
and interproximally, as well as occlusally, while the
transparent non-stick coating assists easy removal • Protects the gingival tissue, to minimise the potential of bleeding
• Protective guard detaches when the preparation is complete, leaving
wedge in place and ready to receive the matrix band to finish the restoration
During cavity preparation, a Triodent™ WedgeGuard can be slid interproximally until seated to protect the adjacent teeth These photos illustrate the separation force of the V3 Universal Ring. The V3 Ring will separate the teeth between
from any inadvertent damage. The metal blade protects the adjacent teeth, while the plastic Wave-Wedge™ helps prevent 60 and 80 microns to allow plenty of room for placement of Triodent matrices. Separation time varies depending on
laceration of the interdental papilla. Once preparation is completed, the guard is removed with a pair of Triodent Pin-Tweezers. the response of the periodontal ligaments, but should be no more than a couple of minutes.

Dr. Graeme Milicich Dr. Simon McDonald

It is possible to place a V3 Ring over a rubber dam clamp, though the thickness and shape of some clamps may make

Wave-Wedges are most commonly stacked from opposite sides of the embrasure but they may be stacked from the same
it more difficult (a wingless clamp is often the best option). Two V3 Universal rings have been stacked in this MOD case - side, as in this periodontal case where a lot of height was needed to achieve a tight seal on the matrix at the gingival
the tilt of the spring makes stacking possible in most cases. margin.

Dr. Gregori Kurtzman


The side view shows how the V-shaped tines on the Triodent™ V3 Ring accommodate the wedge, allowing the tines to seat
firmly to maximise stability. The angle and subtly curved shape of the tines also ensures excellent adaptation of the matrix
against the tooth, especially on vertical margins, preventing flash.

Dr. Andreas Hugenberg Dr. Andreas Hugenberg

The Triodent V3 Ring can be used on a very wide box, even with a cusp missing, as long as there is still enough tooth
structure at or even below the gingival margin to support the tips of the tines. STARTER PACKS MATRIX BANDS
V3 Matrix Starter Pack 403301 V3 Tab-Matrix™ Bands
• 1 x V3 Ring Molar (Green) V3 Tab-Matrix 3.5mm 100 Pack 403387
• 1 x V3 Ring Pre Molar (Yellow) V3 Tab-Matrix 3.5mm 50 Pack 403388
• 1 x Forceps V3 Tab-Matrix 4.5mm 100 Pack 403375
• 2 x Pin Tweezers V3 Tab-Matrix 4.5mm 50 Pack 403372
• 75 x Wave-Wedges (25 of each size) V3 Tab-Matrix 5.5mm 100 Pack 403376
• 125 x V3 Tab Matrices (25 of each size) V3 Tab-Matrix 5.5mm 50 Pack 403373
V3 Tab-Matrix 6.5mm 100 Pack 403377
V3 SuperCurve Starter Pack 403316
V3 Tab-Matrix 6.5mm 50 Pack 403374
• 1 x V3 Ring Molar (Green)
V3 Tab-Matrix 7.5mm 100 Pack 403397
• 1 x V3 Ring Pre Molar (Yellow)
V3 Tab-Matrix 7.5mm 50 Pack 403398
• 1 x Forceps
• 2 x Pin Tweezers Tab-Matrix Bands
• 75 x Wave-Wedges (25 of each size) Tab-Matrix 4.5mm 100 Pack 402072
• 100 x SuperCurve Matrices (20 of each size) Tab-Matrix 5.5mm 100 Pack 402073
Tab-Matrix 6.5mm 100 Pack 402074
ClearMetal™ Matrix Bands
V3 Ring Molar (Green) 2 Pack 403342
SuperCurve Matrix Intro Pack 403402
V3 Ring Pre Molar (Yellow) 2 Pack 403343
SuperCurve Matrix 3.5mm 90 Pack 403403
V3 Ring Mixed 2 Pack 403341
SuperCurve Matrix 4.5mm 90 Pack 403404
Dr. Jason Smithson
INSTRUMENTS SuperCurve Matrix 5.5mm 90 Pack 403405
Forceps 1 Pack 402061 SuperCurve Matrix 6.5mm 90 Pack 403406
COMBINING AUTOMATRIX® BAND WITH TRIODENT™ SYSTEM Pin Tweezers 1 Pack 402075 SuperCurve Matrix 7.5mm 50 Pack 403412
When combining a circumferential band (such as AutoMatrix) with Triodent, the V3 Ring delivers the necessary separation
to establish a tight contact point, rather than forcing a wooden wedge into the embrasure. The Wave-Wedges simply pin ClearMetal™ Matrix Bands
back the gingival tissue and help shape the band for an accurate and natural looking outcome. ClearMetal Matrix 4.5mm 50 Pack 403328
Wave-Wedges ClearMetal Matrix 5.5mm 50 Pack 403329
Wave-Wedge™ Small (White) 100 Pack 402066 ClearMetal Matrix 6.5mm 50 Pack 403330
Wave-Wedge Medium (Pink) 100 Pack 402065
Wave-Wedge Large (Purple) 100 Pack 402064
AutoMatrix Intro Pack 663032
AdaptiVe Wedges
Band Refill Medium Thin 72 Pack 663001
AdaptiVe Wedge™ Small (Clear) 100 Pack 403324
Band Refill Narrow Regular 72 Pack 663002
AdaptiVe Wedge Medium (Pink) 100 Pack 403325
Band Refill Medium Regular 72 Pack 663003
AdaptiVe Wedge Large (Purple) 100 Pack 403326
Band Refill Wide Regular 72 Pack 663004
AdaptiVe Wedge Extra Large (Grey) 100 Pack 403327
AutoMatrix Automate Tightening Device 663100
WedgeGuards AutoMatrix Snipper 663006
WedgeGuard™ Intro Pack 403386
WedgeGuard Small (White) 50 Pack 403383
WedgeGuard Medium (Pink) 50 Pack 403384
WedgeGuard Large (Purple) 50 Pack 403385

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