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Liber Vel Yoga Et Nosferatu (Yoga of the Undead)

Written by Mephistopheles
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 04:03 -

As the mind is prepared by ethics, cosmology, and rune lore, so the Will must be made aware of
all of its functions. The aim of this text is to prepare the necromancer for the more powerful
magicks that are kept herein. This goal is accomplished by revealing to the necromancer those
powers which are natural to him due to his vampyric (Draconian) heritage. Such knowledge will
alleviate over-reliance on magick.

The knowledge of these natural abilities may also shed light on the truth and falsehoods
contained in the legends regarding our race. These exercises are of no less importance than
any ritual contained in this article; without these workings, one is ill-prepared for what lies ahead
on the road of knowledge. While these powers are natural to each Draconian mystic, the
manner in which said powers manifest will be unique to each of us. This work may be used to
expand upon the energic work of other volumes, such as the Vampyre Codex.

The Sphere of Night is the first meditation and its goal is to bring online the full extent of the five
natural senses and the three preternatural senses. The sphere is formed by using the residual
vampyre essence (umbral) energy as if it were another layer of the natural aura. To perform this
meditation: first, calm the mind by focusing on one's personal seal; next focus the attention on
the umbral energy stored in the aura; form this energy into a sphere or ball which surrounds the
body. From the *kia point project lines of force, eight in all, and attach them to the sides of the
sphere. Each line of force represents one of the senses, the first five are the natural senses, the
remaining three belong to one's draconian heritage.
The three draconian or preternatural senses are: energy, spirit, and gnosis. The sense of
energy deals with the auric field of all living things and the energy of magick. The sense of spirit
deals with the spiritual identity of the subject as well as the subject's personal power; this sense
will also reveal on-human entities to the necromancer. The sense of gnosis deals with the
presence of divine forces and will reveal to the necromancer the presence of any forces of a
divine nature whether for or against him.

Once the Sphere of Night is formed, by focusing on one of the lines of force one can extend or
enhance any of the eight senses. The Sphere of Night is the etheric icon for one's draconian
heritage and plays a major role in the meditations and rituals to come. When not needed the
sphere should be held within the kia point; this will protect the necromancer against psychic
probes or spiritual attack. Before going any further one should develop an image of the **Heart
Beast within and what its particular characteristics are. This is done because one of the major
goals of this yoga is to manifest one's inner Heart Beast.

The second meditation, Calling Forth the Beast, accomplishes the above stated goal. This
meditation has two major elements, the first being the manipulation of the Sphere of Night and
the second focusing the mind on manifesting the desired attributes of the Heart Beast.
To conduct this meditation: first form the Sphere of Night directly around the kia point extending
its lines of force into the blood stream. One should then allow the energy of the sphere to
become a part of one's blood; one must then feel the appropriate changes in one's body. The
most common effects are the extreme enhancement of all eight senses, a dilation of the pupils
and a paleness of the skin. When in this state one is temporarily disjointed from the normal
spectrum of reality; because of this afterwards one must feed in order to reconstitute oneself in
physical reality.

Liber Vel Yoga Et Nosferatu (Yoga of the Undead)

Written by Mephistopheles
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 04:03 -

The Beast within should not carry any negative connotations, the beast I speak of is a part of
the necromancer just as logic and imagination are aspects of the mind. Psychically sensitive
people will "see" the Heart Beast for what he is unless steps are taken to avoid this.

The next meditation is called the Eyes of the Wyrm; this allows the necromancer to impress his
Will directly into the unconscious mind of another. This is done by channeling the energy of the
sphere not through the blood, but through one's eyes. The necromancer must have the
attention of the subject. The degree of success depends on two things, the will of the
necromancer and the will of the subject.
It is best for the necromancer to guide the thought processes of the subject rather than abruptly
creating a change, which goes completely contrary to the mind of the subject. Those of faith,
any faith, are resistant to this power while some are immune.

The fourth meditation is the Cloak of Shadows; this allows the necromancer to move unnoticed
through the world of mortals. To do this meditation one must have mastered Calling Forth the
To perform this meditation: have the Sphere of the Night surround the body and form it into a
silhouette of the body then retract the lines of force from the sphere into the kia point. The
retraction of these lines removes one psychically from the spectrum of reality most humans
perceive. The effect of this meditation is not invisibility per se, it is a clouding over of others'
knowledge of your existence. This meditation is best done in low light or in situations where
concentration is already lapsed.
Over time one can develop this ability to the extent that one becomes seemingly invisible. One
should never however, believe that one is completely beyond observation of physical senses.

The final meditation is called the Door of Shadows; this allows the necromancer to physically
step out of the sphere of matter into the sphere of the umbra (shadow). The meditation will allow
the necromancer to hunt as he needs to, because while one dwells in the umbra the mortal
portion of one's physical form remains in the sphere of matter.
To perform this meditation: call forth one's Inner Beast then, focus the eyes on the lines of force
which one knows as leading to the umbra. By Will, form out of these lines of force into a door
and Will the Beast to step through. To return to the physical realm, simply reverse the above

These meditations as a whole are meant to bring about a change, which is the equivalent to the
cabalistic initiation of 5 = 6.

*Kia: This is a unique chakra point for those of the Draconian (Vampyre) race. It is what links us
to the physical reality, known as the third dimension.
**Heart Beast: One's non-human and human self combined by Will. This is the liberation of
consciousness and is fueled by emotional intelligence rather than logic. The Heart Beast
signifies the de-civilized Self, full of irrational instincts. It represents the unconditioned Self