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The audio engineering industry is very competitive. It demands the highest levels of professionalism
and dedication and in return offers fabulous rewards and great fulfilment to those who succeed in
it. Our objective at ALCHEMEA is to enable you to share in those rewards.

Our full time courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge, experience and confidence
to compete in this industry to the best of your ability. We aim to produce not graduate students,
but industry professionals. We are also proud to be the South of England’s only Digidesign Pro
School and an Apple Authorised Training Centre. It is these manufacturer accreditations that
provide employers with the guarantee that you are able to manipulate industry standard tools like
Pro Tools and Logic Pro quickly and accurately.

There are a number of points that distinguish ALCHEMEA from other colleges and courses
you may be considering:

State of the art equipment: ALCHEMEA has excellent studio facilities and equipment that
is regularly updated:

• 5.1 Cinema Dubbing Theatre based around Digidesign’s flagship ICON D-Control work
• Euphonix CS3000 control room: Pro Tools HD3 Accel, great outboard & Otari MTR90 2”
tape machine
• SSL G-series control room, analogue outboard & Otari MTR90 2” tape machine
• Electronic Music Production Room: Virus, Nord, NI Komplete, Waves diamond bundle +
much more!
• Apple Training Room. Every student uses their own Imac G5, Digidesign M-box and Radium
• Mac G5 and PC workstations loaded with all the latest music production software.
• 3 fully routable live recording areas including vocal booth

Practical learning time: There is no substitute for experience. Diploma students at

ALCHEMEA have on average at least 30 hours of individual practical time every week, and the
studios are open and supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. None of our competitors give you
this much studio time to practise techniques, master equipment, and build up confidence and

Quality of education: We limit the size of our classes to ten, allowing personal attention for
each student. Theory is taught to enhance understanding of equipment operation and audio
techniques and to enable you to understand new technology as it appears.

Equipment included: Every Diploma student receives a 2GHz Apple MacBook and a Pro Tools
Mbox Mini as part of their Diploma course. Studio Assistant Certificate students receive just the
Pro Tools Mbox Mini.

Educational discounts on equipment: As a student at Alchemea you are able to benefit from
the fantastic deals we receive on hardware and software from the leading music tech
manufacturers. 40% on Pro Tools LE products and over 60% on Logic Pro. Discounts are also
available when buying Cubase, Reason and many other products.

ALCHEMEA achieves results. 85% of diploma graduates find employment within 6 months.
We are confident that no other audio engineering college offers courses of this quality. Come and
visit us, talk to our students and see for yourself. We strongly recommend you visit
ALCHEMEA before applying for a course here: our courses are very intensive and may not
appeal to everyone. However, if you enjoy hard work in a creative and demanding environment and
genuinely intend to achieve success in this industry, then ALCHEMEA will be the right choice
for you.
Course Aim

This 8-week course gives an introduction to the fundamental principles of sound recording to enable a student to assist in a
commercial recording studio. The SAC is part one of the Diploma. SAC students are eligible to carry on with the remaining 28
weeks of the Alchemea Diploma.

Practical Time

Each student is guaranteed over 180 hours of individual practical time. This is time to re-enforce knowledge gained, complete
practical assignments and undertake own projects. Our studios and workstations, which are equipped to professional standards, are
open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Theory Lectures

Class sizes are kept to ten or smaller to ensure maximum individual attention from the tutors. There is a theory lecture each
weekday lasting 2 ½ hours including a break of 20 minutes.

Pro Tools 101 & 110 training

These Digidesign supported courses cover everything you need to know about the basic operation of Pro Tools.

Other information

The tuition fee includes a Digidesign Mbox Mini (Pro Tools) audio interface, all course notes, media pack and Digidesign 101 & 110
courseware. See price sheet. The 8-week SAC course make up part 1 of the Alchemea Diploma course.

Course dates (Full time)

Course code Dates

2009.1 SAC 05 Jan 2009 to 2 Mar 2009
2009.2 SAC 30 Mar 2009 to 25 May 2009
2009.3 SAC 06 July 2009 to 31 Aug 2009


To apply, complete and return the application form together with your registration fee of £400 to:
The Registrar, ALCHEMEA, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London. N1 8QG

The balance of course fees are due one month before the course start date. For information regarding financial assistance to support
your learning, please visit or contact 0800 100 900. Refer to Alchemea’s Registration Agreement for
information regarding fees, deferrals and refunds. We will let you know within one week if your application has been successful.

Contacting us

To talk about this course or to book a personal tour of ALCHEMEA call us on +44 (0) 20 7359 3986 and ask
for the Registrar Tony Garston.

or you can write to:

ALCHEMEA, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London. N1 8QG

or you can e-mail Tony:

For information about the other courses we offer please visit our website:

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SYLLABUS – Studio Assistant Course
Some of the topics covered on the ALCHEMEA Studio Assistant Course (included in the Diploma Course).


What is Sound? Subtractive Synthesis
Pitch and Volume, Graphs, Fourier, Fundamentals and Harmonics, Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes, LFOs, FX
dBs Recording and Shaping your own Samples, Editing, MIDI mapping
Signal to Noise Ratio, Dynamic Range, use of VU or Peak metering of samples
Frequency Response FM Synthesis
In human beings and equipment Principles, Operators
Electronics Introduction to Additive Synthesis, WaveTable
Electricity, Components, Circuits, Ohms Law, Impedance, Synthesis, Granular Synthesis
Amplifiers, Basic Maintenance, Soldering Techniques
Electromagnetism, Induction STEREO SOUND
Signal Flow Human Perception, Localisation
Patchbays, Balanced & Unbalanced Interconnections, Mixing Phantom Images
Consoles Layout and Design, Block & Circuit Diagrams
2 Speaker Stereo
The Studio
Control Room, Live Room, Operating Levels
Sample Rate, Nyquist theorem, Bit Depth, Anti-Aliasing Filters,
Basic Principles Interpolation
Passive & Active Mixers, Split & Inline Designs, Buses
Auxilliaries as Effects Buses, Insert Sends and Returns Dither


Understanding Computers Basics on notation
PCs, Macs, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, ROM, Hard Disks, Staff, Pitch and Timing, Rests, Tempo, Time Signature, Bars &
Formatting, USB & FireWire Devices, Loading Programs, Multi Beats
Tasking Scales
Major, Minor
Sound Cards and MIDI Interfaces
MIDI Concepts Chords
Channels, Polyphony, Multi Timbral Modules, MIDI Messages, Triads, Arpeggios
Structure of Messages Arrangement
The Sound Module
Hardware and Virtual
Sequencers & Other Software
Pro-Tools, Cubase, Kontakt
File Management
Navigating File Structures, Saving Data
Pro-Tools LE 101 & 110 (see separate insert)
Understanding CDs and DVDs
Data CDs, Audio CDs, Red Book, Orange Book, CD-ROM, CD-

Principles of Operation
Dynamic, Condenser, Valve etc.
Polar & Frequency Responses
Pressure, Velocity, Charts
Phantom, Valve, other
Course Aim

This is our premier course that has proven to be very successful in preparing our students for the world of commercial sound
engineering. To date over 85% of our Diploma graduates have begun their careers in the professional audio engineering industry.
The Studio Assistant Certificate makes up the first 8-weeks (part 1) of the Diploma.

Practical Time

Each student is guaranteed over one thousand hours of individual practical time. This is time to re-enforce knowledge gained,
complete practical assignments and undertake own projects. Our studios and workstations, which are equipped to professional
standards, are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Theory Lectures

Class sizes are kept to ten or smaller to ensure maximum individual attention from the tutors. There is a theory lecture each
weekday lasting 2½ hours (approx) including a break of 20 minutes.

Pro Tools & Logic Certification

These Digidesign supported courses cover everything you need to know about the basic operation of Pro Tools. If you achieve over
90% in the 101 exam you will have the option to take the 200 series certified courses. If you pass the 210 exam you will become a
certified Pro Tools Operator. See the Pro Tools course schedule for more information. As an “Apple Authorised Training Centre”
Alchemea also incorporate the Logic 101 course and exam into the Diploma. If students pass their Level 1 Logic Pro certification
exam they will become an “Apple Certified Pro”.

Other information

The tuition fee includes an Apple MacBook, Digidesign Mbox Mini (Pro Tools) audio interface, all course notes, magnetic media pack.
& courseware for the Logic 101, Digidesign 101 & 110.

Course dates (Full time)

Course code Dates

2009.1 FD 05 Jan 2009 to 28 Sept 2009
2009.2 FD 30 Mar 2009 to 14 Dec 2009
2009.3 FD 06 July 2009 to 29 Mar 2010


To apply, complete and return the application form together with your registration fee of £500 to:
The Registrar, ALCHEMEA, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London. N1 8QG

The balance of course fees are due one month before the course start date. For information regarding financial assistance to support
your learning, please visit or contact 0800 100 900. Refer to Alchemea’s Registration Agreement for
information regarding fees, deferrals and refunds. We will let you know within one week if your application has been successful.

Contacting us

To talk about this course or to book a personal tour of ALCHEMEA call us on +44 (0)20 7359 3986 and ask
for the Registrar Tony Garston.

or you can write to:

ALCHEMEA, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London. N1 8QG

or you can e-mail Tony:

For information about the other courses we offer please visit our website:

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SYLLABUS – Diploma Course
Some of the topics covered on the ALCHEMEA Diploma Course (remember the SAC makes up part 1 of the Diploma)


Acoustics EQ
Sound Proofing, Acoustic Design, Monitoring Types including Filters, Bandwidth, Q, Slope, Phase, Masking,
Tonal Balance
Tape Machines, Bias Dynamics
Compressors, Gates, Controls, Pumping, Limiting, Multi-Band,
Multi-Track Recording
Concept, Analogue and Digital Recorders, Overdubbing, Session Uses of Side-Chains
Procedures Reverberation
Analogue Techniques, Digital, Controls, Convolution
MIXING CONSOLES Types, Principles, Controls
Tracking Analysing Commercial CDs
Groups & Monitors, Auxilliaries for Headphone Mixes
Subgrouping & Bouncing
Auxilliaries as Effects Buses, Automation, Insert Sends and Techniques
Returns EQ, Compression, Song Play Order, Crossfades
The SSL G Series & Automation v4 Software File Conversion
Features and Operation, SuperCue Sample Rate Conversion, Dither, Stereo Interleaving
The Euphonix CS3000 Vinyl and CD specifics
Assignable Concept, Multiple Ins & Outs per channel, TT007
Machine Control and Synchroniser,
ES108A Automatable Dynamics, the Cube for multiple stem STEREO & SURROUND SOUND
mixing, HyperSurround, Snapshots
Human Perception, Localisation
Command 8 control surface IAD, ITD, HRTF, Haas Effect, Phantom Images
Control Surface, working in an all Digital environment
Width Enhancement
Extending the MS decode facilities, Shuffling
MUSIC TECHNOLOGY Binaural, Periphonic Sound, 3D Sound
Optimising Computers for Audio use Simulation
Sequencers & Other Software Surround Sound Formats
Pro-Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, Reaktor, Quadraphonic, LCRS, Pro-Logic, 5.1, 7.1
AutoTune, Software Synthesizers and Samplers Understanding Matrix or Discrete
File Management Recording and Mixing in Surround
Partitioning Drives, External Media Management
Pro-Tools LE vs TDM, using Logic with a TDM
Editing Dither & Noise Shaping
Remixing Techniques Master Clocks and Jitter
Common Clock Principle, Word Clock, Video Sync, Genlock,
External Synchronisation
MICROPHONES Data Reduction
mp3, AAC, AC3, Real Audio, Quicktime…
Techniques and Operation
Placement, Choice of Mic, Stereo and Surround Techniques File Conversion
Sample rate conversion, over sampling
Error Correction
Software Synths and Samplers
Making your own synth using Reaktor
Techniques Basic Concepts
Making your own sounds, which synthesis type should I use? Frame Rates, SMPTE / EBU / Drop Frame, Message Structure, Bi-
Phase Modulation
Timecode Types
Extracting Word Clock from Timecode
MMC & MIDI Clock

Tape alignment PA Systems
Test Tapes, Flux level, Overbias, Demagnetising Heads Signal Flow, Multi-Cores, Stage Boxes, Front of House,
Crossovers, Graphic EQs and Feedback
Studer and Otari machines
Analogue Noise Reduction Front of House and Monitors separation, Ringing
dbx, Dolby A / B / SR
Microphones, Effects, Processors, Leads and Connectors
Ear training
Intervals, Tonality, Harmonies
Major, Minor, Modes, Extensions
Triads, Sevenths, Ninths, Elevenths, suspended Fourths,
How to use Scales & Chords, Improvisation, Creativity, Tips &
Cheats, Transposition, "Music by numbers"
Analysis of Music
Making MIDI "Real", Using Samples
Rhythm & Percussion
Kit mapping, keyboard playing technique


Sound to Picture
Concept, Many Jobs
Sound Design
Manipulation of Audio, Synthesis, Analysing the "Sound Design"
aspects in Commercial Productions
Using Digidesign DV Toolkit & VocAlign
Mixing for Film / TV
Surround Sound considerations
Authoring your finished movie to a DVD Video
File Interchange
Avid Media Station
Basic Video editing, exporting movies to different formats
An introduction to Final Cut Pro
DVD Studio Pro, Compressor


Who Does What?
The role of Producers, Engineers, Assistants, Session Musicians,
Studio Managers, A&R People, Record Company Executives...
Session Procedure, Making Tea and Coffee (!), Recall Sheets,
Track Sheets, DAT machine Operation including IDs
Music Business & Law
Managers, Points, Contracts, Royalties

Career Opportunities
Freelance, In-House, difference with Studio work
Logic 101: “ An Introduction to Logic Express 8 and Logic Pro 8”

Course Description

This course is integrated into the Alchemea Diploma and introduces students to the
primary features and basic user interface of Logic Pro. Students learn how to
generate a customized audio and midi configuration that will seamlessly integrate
with their own personal production studio. Students also create their own song
using Logic Pro’s comprehensive array of software instruments, Apple Loops and
DSP effects. In-depth lessons will cover MIDI and audio recording, streamlined
editing and arrangement techniques, user defined key commands, automation,
scoring to picture and surround mixing. This course uses the Apple Pro Training
Series book (and DVD) “ Logic Pro 8 and Logic Express 8,” by David Nahmani.


One of the main aims of this course is to prepare students for Apple’s Certified Pro
examinations. These industry-recognised qualifications are a useful addition to your
CV demonstrating that you are a confident and knowledgeable Logic Pro 8 user. At
Alchemea we include one attempt at the Level 1 Logic Pro Certification Exam as
part of this course.

One attempt at this exam is included in the cost of the Alchemea Diploma course.
The pass mark is 80% and if you pass you become an "Apple Certified Pro" (Level 1).
You also get a nice certificate from Apple!

Once you have passed you Level 1 exam you can then progress to take Apple’s 3-
day “Logic 301 course (Logic 8 Beyond The Basics).” While this module is not
included in the Diploma, students can take it as a weekend course and also benefit
from a 30% discount on the normal short course price.

Logic Pro Level One certification also counts towards the new Logic Studio Master
Pro certification. Master certification recognizes a user’s skills with the entire Logic
Studio product suite. Since workflow is such a significant component, users need
certification in at least two of the applications to earn Master Certification.

If you prefer to learn on your own or believe you already have the necessary skill-set
in your chosen application you may attempt the Level 1 exam at Alchemea for £75.
To register for the exam only, which can only be taken on-site at an Apple Certified
Training Centre please contact Alchemea’s College Manager Jim Bryden. You are
required to have an Apple Tech ID number before registering for any Apple exam.
You can apply for a Tech ID by following the instructions at

Alchemea students also have access to the “Alchemea Apple Store” and enjoy
Massive Savings on Apple products. The good news is that you can buy Logic Studio
for £119 (rrp £319) : : +44 (0) 20 7359 3986

Course outline: Day 1 of 3

Lesson 1: Making Music with Logic

Making Music with Logic Launching Logic, Exploring the interface, Navigating the
Song, Zooming, Previewing and using Loops, Building an arrangement, Mixing, and
Exporting the mix

Lesson 2: Recording Audio

Recording Audio Digital Audio Recording Settings, Recording a Single Instrument,

Recording Additional Takes, Recording Takes in Cycle Mode, Recording Multiple
Tracks, Recording Additional Takes on Multiple Tracks, Punching in and out (Auto
and On the Fly), Adjusting Recording settings and Adjusting Metronome Settings

Lesson 3: Editing Audio

Editing Audio Deleting Unused Audio Files, Importing Audio Files with the Browser,
Comping Takes, Flatten Take Folder, Using Fades and Crossfades, Resizing an Audio
Region, Moving an Edit Point, Cleaning a Noisy take, and Using the Sample Editor

Lesson 4: Recording MIDI

Recording MIDI Using Software Instruments, Quantizing a Recording, Using External

MIDI Hardware, Merging New Recordings, Recording Additional Takes, Layering
Instruments, and Splitting a Keyboard to Control Two Instruments

Lesson 5: Editing & Programming MIDI

Editing and Programming MIDI Importing MIDI Files, Editing in the Piano Roll Editor,
Editing in the Score Editor, Editing in the Hyper Editor, Editing MIDI Continuous
Controller Events, and Cleaning a MIDI Recording

Course outline: Day 2 of 3

Lesson 6: Programming Drums

Programming Drums Programming a Drum Beat, Editing Velocity and Accents,

Humanizing a Pattern and Creating a Snare Roll

Lesson 7: Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching

Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching Adjusting a Song’s Tempo to a Loop,

Adjusting a Loop’s Tempo to a Song, Tempo Changes and Curves, Time-stretching
Audio, Time-stretching MIDI, Using Apple Loops, Creating Blue and Green Apple
Loops, Adding Apple Loops to a Lop Browser and Using the Follow Tempo Function : : +44 (0) 20 7359 3986

Lesson 8: Arranging the song

Arranging the Song Using the Grid, Inserting Time Signature Changes, Using the
Catch Function, Using the Skip Cycle Mode, Cutting Regions, Repeating Sections,
and Using Aliases to Build an Arrangement

Lesson 9: Mixing

Mixing Preparing for Mixing, Using the Mixer, Individual Channel Strips for Ultrabeat,
Using the Library, Using Plug-ins, Using Buses, Reading the Meters, Exporting your
Mix, Burning a CD and Exporting Individual Tracks

Course Outline: Day 3 of 3

Lesson 10: Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces

Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces Region- vs. Track-based
Automation, Writing and Editing Offline Automation, Recording Online Automation,
and Using External Controllers

Lesson 11: Scoring Movies

Scoring Movies Basic Settings, Importing a Movie File, Detecting Scene Cuts,
Manipulating the Grid, and Exporting your Movie Soundtrack

Lesson 12: Troubleshooting Logic

Troubleshooting Logic Getting Sound Out and In, Getting MIDI Out and In,
Recovering Deleted Audio or MIDI Regions, Reading the System Performance Meter,
Basic Computer Maintenance Steps, and Adding Third Party Plug-ins

Level 1 Certification Exam

Time will be made available at the end of day 3 for students to sit their online Logic
Level 1 exam. The pass mark is 80%. It is possible for students to arrange their exam
for a later date if extra preparation time is required. This must however be taken at
an Apple Authorised Training Centre.

Exam Review, Evaluations and Wrap Up

Time will be allocated for student’s to complete an online course feedback form.
This feedback is important so we can monitor and maintain a high standard of
training at Alchemea. Student’s identity will remain anonymous. : : +44 (0) 20 7359 3986

Alchemea in partnership with Digidesign

Alchemea are proud to work in partnership with Digidesign to deliver their excellent
Pro Tools training curriculum. Alchemea is Europe's foremost Digidesign Pro School
and offer up to “Expert Level” training for both music and post production.

Recent clients include the BBC, C4, ITV Anglia, BSkyB, Air Studios (and many more).
We have also provided training for teachers from all over the world.

Our instructors are Pro Tools experts as well as being very experienced in their
respective fields. Not only do students learn how to use Pro Tools in depth but our
instructors will also frame the training within the context of the industry.

Alchemea’s facilities are also second to none and include numerous TDM systems,
work surfaces, Avid video equipment and an ICON based 5.1 cinema dubbing

Alchemea offers the following Digidesign Modules:

• 101 “Introduction to Pro Tools”

• 110 “Essentials of Pro Tools”
• 201 “Pro Tools Production Essentials”
• 210M “Music Production Techniques”
• 210P “Post Production Techniques”
• 310M “Expert Music Production Techniques”
• 310P “Expert Post Production Techniques”
• 310i “Advanced ICON Mixing Techniques”

We include the 101 and 110 modules with the Alchemea Diploma course. For an
additional cost, students also have the option to integrate the 201 and 210
(Operator Certification). Check out our price sheet for all the available options.

If a Diploma student then wishes to study up Expert level (310) they can take these
additional modules as a short course after the Diploma program and receive a 30%
ALCHEMEA STUDIO FACILITIES (Open & supervised 24/7)
Studio One – EUPHONIX CS3000 system for Pro Tools with Media Station software. PAL Video ref
Euphonix CS3000 digitally controlled analogue mixing console with 32 generator.
Active DI Boxes / 24 Automatable Multi-Dynamics Units and the Cube for High quality HD plug in selection optimised for post production examples
surround mixing being Vocalign, Sonic No Noise and Virtual Katy 2.
Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 Accel with literally thousands of pounds worth Sound effects library with over 7,000 FX.
of high end plug-ins (inc Sonnox & McDSP) DVD Player for referencing purposes.
3 x Digidesign 96/IO converters and Sync I/O Cinema seating for ten people.
Otari MTR 90 MKII. 2" 24 track analogue multitrack
Apple Mac G5 & 23" active-matrix Liquid crystal Cinema Display Studio Five – SSL G-series
Emagic Logic Studio (Logic 8) Solid State Logic 4000 G series automated console (V G4.00)
Custom designed Dynaudio main speakers / Genelec 8040A & Yamaha Apple Mac Pro with Logic Studio
NS10M near-field monitors MOTU 2408 mk3 I/O
Thule and SMA Amplification Acoustic Energy AE22-04 & Yamaha NS10M near-field monitors
Lexicon 300 Digital effects processor TC Electronic M5000 Digital Mainframe FX processor
Lexicon PCM 80 Digital effects processor TC Electronic D2 24 bit Multitap Rythym Delay
Eventide H3000 D/SX Dynamic Ultra-Harmonizer TC Electronic M1XL 24 bit Multi FX
T C Electronics D - Two digital delay effects processor Lexicon LXP 15 Mk. II Digital reverb
Roland R880 dual digital reverb, with graphic remote Sony D7 Sound Processor
Vintage Roland SVC 350 Analogue vocoder Aphex 204 Aural Exiter
Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel digital effects processor TLAudio 5013mk2 Parametic EQ
Aphex Type C Aural exciter TLAudio Ivory 5021mk2 dual valve compressor
Francinstein stereo enhancement system TLAudio Classic PA1 Dual Mic Pre
Roland A880 MIDI Patchbay LA Audio Quad Gates
Tascam DA30 Mk II DAT machine Otari MTR 90 MKII. 2" 24 track analogue multitrack
Marantz CD5000 CD player Tascam DA30 Mk. II DAT, Sony cassette deck
Large, day-lit, air-conditioned room
Studio Two – SOUNDCRAFT 1624 2 x Pro Tools HD 2 Accel with
Soundcraft Series 1624 24x16x16x2 mixing console Digi Pre Amps, Sync 1/O & Midi I/O
Apple Mac G5 Digidesign D-Command control surface
Digidesign 002 & Pro Tools LE Digidesign (NEW) C|24 control surface
Dynaudio BM5 & Yamaha NS10M monitors - Quad / SMA amplification Sony DSR 1800P DVCAM VTR
Fostex D5 DAT machine Avid V10 & Avid Mojo AV Systems
CD player, Aiwa AD-F450 cassette deck Black & Burst Generator & VTR
Lexicon LXP 15 digital reverb Apple Mac G5
Alesis XT digital reverb Hewlett Packard Dual Proc PC optimised for Avid systems.
Bel BF-20 analogue flanger LG 42” LCD 1080p True High Definition monitor screen
Deltalab ADM 4096 digital delay line 2 x Dell 20” LCD Display & TFT Video Monitor.
Audio & Design F760RS two channel FET dynamic processors Mackie HR624 5.1 monitoring (with China Cones stands)
EXR aural exciter
2 x Behringer MDX2100 composer - compressor / limiter / gate Apple Training Room
Behringer XR2400 Autoquad - four channel expander / gate 10 x Intel 20” iMac computers running Logic Studio, Ableton Live, Reason,
Recycle & Final Cut Pro, 10 x Digidesign M Box & M Audio Radium 49
Studio Three – SOUNDCRAFT DC2000 Programming Room MIDI controller keyboards
Soundcraft DC2000 with FLYING FADERS Automation
Apple Mac G5 2.5Ghz (2 x 250 SATA) & 2 x 19” TFT screens Recording Areas
Digidesign 002 Rack with Pro Tools LE Room 1 - 225 sq.ft. Day-lit. (Daylit, Window to Studio1)
Alesis AI3 ADAT interface Room 2 - 150 sq.ft. Day-lit. (Daylit, Windows to Studios 1 & 3)
Genelec 8030A monitors & 7050A Sub Bass Room 3 - 70 sq.ft. (Vocal Room / Cinema Link)
Access Virus Classic, Nord Rack 2 Room 4 - 300 sq.ft. (Daylit, Window to Studio 5)
Roland XV5080 (SRX Keys), MOTU Mid Express XT USB (Mac)
M-Audio Radium 49 Controller Keyboard All live areas can be patched to any of the control rooms via a central
Pro Tools LE, Logic Studio, Cubase 4, Ablelton Live, Reason, Phat Factory, patching room.
NI Komplete, Waves Diamond Bundle, Spectrasonics Trilogy
Lexicon LXP 15 Mk. II Digital reverb Music Technology Workstations
Alesis Quadraverb GT Digital multi effects processor 4 x Apple Mac Pro’s
TWO x Behringer MDX2100 composer compressor / limiter / gate, 2x high spec PC workstations
Behringer Virtualizer Pro Effeccts Unit 6 x Digidesign M Box with Pro Tools LE
Alesis MEQ230 two channel graphic equaliser 6 x M Audio Radium 49 MIDI controller keyboards
Drawmer DS201 two channel filter gate Logic Studio, Cubase? NI Kontakt, Reason
Deltalab ADM 4096 digital delay line
Aphex Type B aural exciter Microphones
Over 60 microphones inc: Neumann (3 valve), Schoeps, Calrec, DPA,
Studio Four – ICON 5.1 Cinema Dubbing Theatre AKG, Shure, Beyerdynamic, Electrovoice, Sennheiser, Octava, Geffel, MBC,
Large, air-conditioned sound to picture Post Production Dubbing Theatre Sony, RCA, SE Gemini etc...
with extensive quadratic diffusion to simulate a standard motion picture
mixing environment. Additional Equipment
Stewart THX certified acoustically transparent Cinema Screen with Drum Kit, Congas, Guitar Amps, Fatar full size weighted MIDI keyboard,
projection system. Pop Shields, Mic Stands, Cables, DI Boxes, Beyer Dynamic DT100
Genelec 5.1 surround speaker system comprising of 5 Genelec 8040s and a headphones, Akai S3000XL, Yamaha DX7, EMU Proteus 1000
7070a sub bass management system.
Digidesign Icon Large Format Mixing Work surface featuring the following Student Studio Pack
components: Diploma student’s receive their own Apple MacBook, Digidesign M Box
16 Fader D Control with XMON and Surround Sound Panning option, Mini (Pro Tools LE), M Audio Keyrig 25 MIDI controller keyboard, Rode
AppleMAC DP G5 with Digidesign HD 3Accel, Sync I/O, 192 I/O, 96 I/O, M3 mic with stand, pop shield and XLR cable. SAC student’s receive their
Pre remote controlled preamps, Avid Mojo Video Capture & Playback own Apple MacBook, Digidesign M Box Mini (Pro Tools LE) + Blank Media
Any good Audio Engineering course will be hard work, costly and will take many months, or with many of
our competitors, years to complete.
The questions below are designed to help you compare Alchemea with other colleges and decide which
one is best for you.

How do our facilties compare?

Alchemea’s studios are equipped to the highest professional standards. From the latest Pro Tools control
surfaces to classic analogue consoles and outboard equipment, Alchemea will give you the tools to ensure
that you can acquire the skills and confidence to operate in a professional recording environment.

We have 5 control rooms (including an SSL G-series, 5.1 Cinema Dubbing Theatre & Pro Tools HD
training suite.

Each control room is self-contained, soundproofed and air-conditioned with access to our 4 acoustically
treated live recording areas.

How many digital audio workstations?

As well as our studio and classroom computers we have 6 dedicated DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations):
4 x Apple Power Mac’s and 2 x High spec PC’s using Digidesign M-Box sound cards. All are loaded up with
all the latest sequencing software, virtual instruments and audio plug-ins. You can also patch in to any of the
live recording areas.

What about lectures and classroom facilities?

Alchemea has 2 classrooms both with workstation controlled projection systems. The primary setting for
Diploma & SAC lectures is our Apple Training Room. It is also used for the short evening and weekend
courses. Every effort has been made to create the optimum training environment. The room is air-
conditioned, lighting is controllable and the furniture has been custom designed for comfort. The room has
been acoustically treated and instructors use a wireless mic system to ensure that students can hear (and
that instructors don’t lose their voice!).
In the classroom students benefit from the use of their own Apple (Intel) iMac, Digidesign M Box and M-
Audio Radium 49 keyboard. The iMac’s are loaded with all the latest music production software and
instructors can take control of student’s workstations via Apple Desktop Pro.

Alchemea is committed to providing the highest standard of practical hands on audio training using the
latest technology.

Is my qualification industry recognised?

Alchemea has the enviable reputation of being one of the leading providers of audio education in the world.
Our standards are high. Our courses are vocational, practically orientated, intensive, and require real
commitment. Because of this employers recognise that our successful students not only have the practical
“real world” skills but have also acclimatised to the pressures of a demanding workplace.

Alchemea is the only Digidesign “Pro School” in the South of England. Diploma student’s have the option to
take Digidesign’ s Pro Tools Operator Certification Course (210). If you pass the online exam then you will
become a “Digidesign Certified Operator”. You will also be awarded a certificate from Digidesign and be
listed as an operator their website. This qualification is a guarantee to employers that you are competent
and confident on what is now the industry standard application for music and post-production.
Alchemea are also an Authorised Apple Training Centre and we integrate the Logic 101 course and
certification exam into the Diploma. We are also an Ableton Certified Training Centre!

How many students per course?

20 students per enrolment. There are 3 courses running at any given time (each course at a different stage).
So the maximum number of students at Alchemea at any time is 60. That’s it.

What is the maximum class size?

10. We do not believe that large class sizes allow for the necessary level of individual attention from our
tutors. We also appreciate that students learn at differing paces and want to ensure that no one falls
behind. For some practical lessons each class is split into even smaller class sizes.

How many hours of individual practical time will I get?

Here is the maths: 13 facilities, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, divided by 60 students = 30.8 hours per
student per week. In fact we GUARANTEE that by the end of your course you will have accumulated at
least 1080 hours of individual practical time. That’s an average of over 30 hours per week – guaranteed.
This is why we are renowned for providing more individual practical time in our studios and on our
workstations than any other college.

Whilst central to the Alchemea method that an individual learns best by "doing" rather than watching
someone else, assisting others is useful too and so encouraged. This time is in ADDITION to the 30 hours
per week we guarantee. Smaller classes have the chance to book even more practical time.

How do these hours compare to a full time University Course?

480 hours per year is the normal amount of lecture time AND "lab" work for what universities regard as
an intensely practical, as against the classical "reading" type degree. So the Alchemea Diploma Course gives
you more practical time than you would get in a 3-year degree course. Also at Alchemea this will be
individual time, whereas at a university this time will almost certainly be shared with other students.

Is the college really open 24/7?

Yes. Apart from a 2- week shut down period for maintenance / studio upgrades in June and over Christmas,
we never close! Our facilities are available to our students and fully supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. You are allocated (and can book extra) practical time day or night – whichever suits you.

Can I meet the students, both past and present?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so. We also invite ex-students to our open days so that you can chat
to them and find out what they are up to now. Beware of colleges who don’t let prospective students meet
current or past ones!

Will I get a job when I finish the course?

Well, nothing is guaranteed but our statistics speak for themselves: to date over 85% of our Diploma
graduates have begun their careers in their chosen field within 6 months of leaving Alchemea. Ask to see
the list of graduates or look at "Student Profiles" on the web site to see what some of
our ex-students are up to in the big bad world.
Does the college actively help its graduates get a job?

Yes. An industry professional with extensive experience as a studio manager provides training in CV
preparation, interview technique and job hunting. Recording studios, recognising the quality of Alchemea
graduates regularly contact us when looking for staff. I

Alchemea’s College Manager is also our dedicated key link between the studios and the students and is
there to help guide you into the workplace. If you work hard, achieve good result, have a positive attitude
and are a nice person we will forward you for interview.

I can see ALCHEMEA is well equipped, has a very high employment success rate and I probably will
have a great time, but isn't it far more expensive than a University course?

A 3 year University course will offer you far less individual hands on practical time and about the same
amount of lecture time as the Alchemea Diploma course, it will almost certainly be of a lower standard
too. This will cost a typical student £9,000 a year. In fairness, some university courses will allow you
enough free time to get a paid part-time job,. This may be very character building in some ways but
remember you will be 2 to 3 years older when trying to enter the job market. There is a chance you will
also be deeper in debt. 3 years after starting the Alchemea Diploma you could be fully trained, over 2 years
into your first job and clear of debt.

Our main goal at Alchemea is to give students the skills and confidence to carve a successful
career in the Pro Audio Industry. Please contact Tony Garston to find out more about how
Alchemea can help you into the industry.
Course Price Sheet ALCHEMEA
Studio Assistant Certificate (SAC) & Pro Tools 101 & 110 SAC £2,090 £400 8 weeks
Diploma & Pro Tools 101 & 110 FD £8,225 £500 36 weeks
Diploma + Pro Tools Music Operator Certificate (201 & 210M) FDPT (M) £9,205 £500 36 weeks
Diploma + Pro Tools Post Pro Operator Certificate (201 & 210P) FDPT (P) £9,655 £500 36 weeks
Diploma + Pro Tools Post & Music Operator Certificate (201,210M & 210P) FDPT (MP) £9,985 £500 36 weeks
SAC students receive a Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini and Pro Tools LE
Diploma students receive a MacBook, Mbox 2 Mini (Pro Tools LE), M-Audio Keyrig 25, Rode M3 mic + pop shield & XLR cable

Pro Tools 101 "Introduction to Pro Tools" PT101 £350 £100 Two days
Pro Tools 110 "Pro Tools Essentials" PT110 £600 £200 Three days
Pro Tools 201 "Pro Tools Production" PT201 £500 £200 Two days
Pro Tools 210M "Music Production Techniques" PT210M £800 £200 Three days
Pro Tools 210P "Post Production Techniques" PT210P £1,250 £400 Three days
Pro Tools 310M "Music Production Techniques" PT310M £950 £300 Three days
Pro Tools 310P "Post Production Techniques" PT310P £1,700 £400 Three days
Pro Tools 220 version update and re-examination course PT220 £500 £100 Two days
Pro Tools 310i "Advanced Icon Mixing Techniques" PT310i £1,500 £400 Three Days


Pro Tools 100 User Course (101 & 110) PT100U £850 £300 Five days
Pro Tools Certified Operator Music 1 (110, 201 & 210M) PTO1M £1,650 £400 Eight days
Pro Tools Certified Operator Music 2 (101, 110, 201 & 210M) PTO2M £2,000 £400 Ten days
Pro Tools Certified Operator Post 1 (110, 201 & 210P) PTO1P £2,100 £400 Eight days
Pro Tools Certified Operator Post 2 (101, 110, 201 & 210P) PTO2P £2,400 £400 Ten days
Pro Tools Certified Expert Music 1 (110, 201, 210M & 310M) PTE1M £2,450 £400 Eleven days
Pro Tools Certified Expert Music 2 (101, 110, 201, 210M & 310M) PTE2M £2,800 £500 Thirteen days
Pro Tools Certified Expert Post 1 (110, 201, 210P & 310P) PTE1P £3,600 £500 Eleven days
Pro Tools Certified Expert Post 2 (101, 110, 201, 210P & 310P) PTE2P £3,900 £500 Thirteen days
Pro Tools Certified Operator Music & Post 1 (110, 201, 210M & 210P) PTO1MP £2,750 £500 Eleven days
Pro Tools Certified Operator Music & Post 2 (101, 110, 201, 210M,210P) PTO2MP £3,050 £500 Thirteen days
Pro Tools Certified Expert Music & Post 1 (every module except 101) PTE1MP £4,900 £500 Seventeen Days
Pro Tools Expert Music & Post 2 (every module) PTE2MP £5,200 £500 Nineteen Days
* Pro Tools Expert Exam (on site) PTEE £200 n/a Half day on-site
Prices include 2 attempts at each online exam up to "Operator" level. Digidesign charge US$29 to re-take (subject to change)


Logic Pro 8 101: An Introduction to Logic Express 8 and Logic Pro 8 LG101 £490 £200 Three days
Logic Pro 8 301: Advanced Techniques in Logic Pro 8 LG301 £490 £200 Three days
STP 101: An introduction to Soundtrack Pro 2 STP101 £440 £200 Two days
FCP 101: An introduction to Final Cut Pro 6 FCP101 £640 £200 Three days
One attempt at the corresponding Apple Pro Certification Exam is included in the above prices

Ableton Live 5 "DJ & Production Essentials" AB1 £370 £100 16-24 hours

Reason "Production Essentials" RS1 £340 £100 Two days

Music Tech Crash Course MTCC £180 £100 One day
One Day Introduction To Video and Final Cut Studio VTCC £180 £100 One day
"HOTWIRED" Modern & Creative Music Composition* HOT £500 £200 Three days
Recording Techniques "Masterclass" RXT £400 £100 Two days
Mixing Techniques "Masterclass" MXT £400 £100 Two days
Mastering Audio MA £400 £100 Two days

Discounts - 7% on second course, 10% on third course, 12% on fourth course (A Pro Tools bundle counts as the first course)
Deposits (registration fee) is included in the total fee. Refer to 2.2 of Alchemea's registration agreement for refund information
VAT: All prices are VAT exempt for private individuals. Companies (including learning providers) must apply VAT

Rev 15/08/2008 For information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit or contact 0800 100 900
Please ensure that you have read and understood the registration agreement
before applying for a course of study at ALCHEMEA.








Please tell us about where you have studied or worked in the last five years.

Answering the following questions will help us to tailor our training to your requirements.





Which course are you applying for, and when would you like to start?
COURSE DATE(S) – please confirm availability with Tony
COURSE NAME COURSE CODE – refer to price sheet
Garston on 020 7359 3986 /

REGISTRATION FEE (please refer to price sheet) Cheque No: ……………………………………

I have enclosed the registration fee of £400 (SAC) / £500 (Diploma) (please circle)
If you would like to transfer the money by phone our bank details are available on request. Bank transfer date: …………………………….

I have read and understood the registration agreement and agree to be bound by it.
1. Definitions
1.1 The following words, as explained, are used in this registration agreement:
a. “Course” - means the series of classes and practical studio work in which the student is enrolled.
b. “Registration Fee” - means the sum of money paid by the student to reserve a place in one of ALCHEMEA’s courses.
c. “College” - means ALCHEMEA College of Audio Engineering and/or its appointed agents.
d. “Student” - means the signatory of these terms and conditions.
e. “Studio” - means the studios and workstations provided for students both in the college premises and outside.
2. Fees & Refunds
2.1 The student agrees to pay the full registration fee upon application and the tuition fee or first instalment at least one month before the date of commencement.
2.2 If the student does not pay the tuition fee or first instalment within one month of the commencement date, his or her place may be offered to another student.
2.3 The registration fee is not refundable. A student may change course dates or course type at no cost by giving us at least one calendar month’s notice prior to the
commencement of the course the student is booked on at the time. If notice of less than one calendar month is given, the registration fee will be forfeited. The
student may book onto another course but a new registration fee will be payable.
2.4 If a student’s loan is refused or a student visa is rejected, ALCHEMEA will refund any registration fee minus a £40 administration charge.
2.5 The Alchemea instalment plan is only available for students from European Union countries. Students who fail to keep up with repayments will be suspended from
the course. Alchemea reserves the right to take whatever action is necessary to recover the outstanding debt, including taking legal action and referring the
outstanding balance to a debt collection agency. Such actions will have a negative impact on the student's credit rating and will affect his/her ability to apply for
credit in the future

3. Content of Course
3.1 The Student understands that the College is entitled to change the content of the course in which the student is enrolled at any time, allowing for new topics to be
introduced and inappropriate topics to be deleted, without prior notice.

4. Studio use
4.1 The student is responsible for ensuring that none of the equipment is damaged or stolen as a direct or indirect result of a failure on his or her part to exercise
reasonable care in use of the equipment made available for their use.
4.2 If a student invites a guest or guests (e.g. musicians) into the ALCHEMEA studios, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the guest(s) observe these rules and
4.3 In the event that the equipment in the studio is not functioning during the student’s use of the studio, the student agrees to notify the supervisor immediately giving
full details of the fault.
4.4 In the event that the equipment in the studio(s) is damaged or stolen during the student’s use of the studio as a result of failure on his or her part to exercise
reasonable care in the studio(s), the student agrees to pay within twenty one (21) days all costs relevant to replacing, repairing or hiring replacements for such
4.5 The College reserves the right to cancel the student’s booked studio time. All attempts will be made to notify the student of such cancellation. Times lost due to such
cancellation will be re-booked in favour of the student.

5. Cancellation
5.1 If a student does not attend lectures for 3 whole weeks, the College will regard such a non-attendance as implied cancellation of the course; any fees not paid will
become immediately due. Exceptions may be made on humanitarian grounds.

6 Attendance
6.1 The student will not be allowed to attend lectures or studio time, if his or her fees are not paid in full or instalment payments are in arrears.
6.2 Students are expected to attend all theory lectures and all practical sessions whether within the college studios or in an external environment. Non-attendance does
not excuse the students from paying fees.
6.3 Failure to reach the high standard of work and commitment required can result in a formal warning given to the student, and if this poor performance persists, the
student’s course will be terminated, and no refund in part or whole of the fees will apply.
6.4 Special importance is given to practical time. Students will have to complete all exercises set in the curriculum, engineering sessions as outlined during the course.
Since the college is open 24 hours a day, it will be expected that students will be required to work through the night. When practical work requires students to
attend venues outside ALCHEMEA, it is the student’s responsibility to get to the venue on time.
6.5 If a student is found taking food or drink into a control room or recordings area, they will receive a verbal warning from a senior staff member. If this happens a
second time they will forfeit their next practical session in that facility.

7 Conduct
7.1 ALCHEMEA promotes equal opportunities. Abusive behaviour and / or discrimination based upon sex, age or ethnic origin will not be tolerated. ALCHEMEA employs a
disciplinary procedure and a possible outcome of a student’s hearing is expulsion.

7 Accreditation
7.1 Students are assessed throughout the course, on a competency basis. A report is drafted on each student, and that report is the basis of the SAC and / or the
diploma. The pass mark is 50% and to attain the “Diploma” a student must achieve 70%. Students must score 90% or over on their online Digidesign 210 exam to
become a “Digidesign Certified Operator”. If a student fails the 210 exam on a second attempt, Digidesign will charge a fee for re-examination. For up to date
information regarding this fee visit the training area of

Overseas Students ALCHEMEA is an International College, assisting both local and overseas applicants in achieving their goals. Providing the requirements are met,
ALCHEMEA will assist overseas students in obtaining a Student’s Visa where required. Please contact the college for further details.

Media Pack The course fees include storage media that should be sufficient to complete assignments set. If additional media is required permission must be gained to use
magnetic media not supplied by ALCHEMEA. Magnetic media can be purchased from the college, at reduced prices. SAC & Diploma students receive a Digidesign Mbox Mini
soundcard with Pro Tools LE software as part of the course. Diploma students also receive an Apple MacBook computer. The MacBook will only become the students property
once ALCHEMEA have received 35% of the total amount payable.

Class Sizes & Schedules As a rule, lecture class size will be restricted to ten students. For this reason we encourage students not to change classes during the course.
There may be occasions (for example seminars / workshops) when classes will be combined.

Outside Work When it is necessary for students to take equipment out of the premises, this should be pre-arranged, and equipment, signed for. It is advisable for students
to arrange insurance on equipment themselves, since they are personally liable for any damage or loss of the equipment. The proof of insurance might be requested prior to
lending of the equipment. This insurance can be arranged via the college. Equipment is only allowed out of the premises if it is being used as part of the course.

Equal Opportunities Policy ALCHEMEA admits students of any race, colour, national and ethnic origin. ALCHEMEA does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex,
sexual orientation, handicap or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and other college administered

Job Opportunities Students who receive their Diploma and display a good attitude during their studies will be put forward for job interviews as they arise. ALCHEMEA has
strong links with leading studios these employers recognise the quality of our graduates. ALCHEMEA is pro-active in assisting students with CV preparation and we have a
dedicated staff member who assists students to find employment.

Please ensure that you have read and understood this registration agreement before applying for a course of study at ALCHEMEA.

REV: 05/12/2007
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