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0 Marketing Plan

8.1 Product & Service

Akucetak Sdn Bhd offer a high quality t-shirt with an excellent work of design. Using a
sublimation process, where using heat to transfer (embed) ink into a fabric surface such as a
shirt. The advantages of sublimation process the ink is not coating the fabric’s surface, but rather,
is embedded in the fabric and this can produce the graphic images’ at a higher resolution.

Akucetak will offer custom sublimation mainly on T-shirts, but will have other shirt
styles available. Customers can choose from traditional cotton-blend shirts or all natural
fiber cotton shirts. Customers can then choose from pre-existing graphics or custom artwork. The
pre-existing graphics are chosen from an extensive catalog.

Akucetak will also offer custom artwork or graphic options for sublimation. The
customer may bring in a graphic or may use our designer expertise to realize their vision. The
designer can take a customer's pencil drawing or even articulated thoughts and turn them into a
new design. Akucetak will offer a range of different shirt options. As indicated by the name,
there will be an emphasis on T-shirts. Short sleeves, long sleeves, organic fabrics, and a variety
of polo, rugby and other styles will also be offered. Akucetak also provide another service like
printing banner, poster and button batch.

8.2 Target Market

Akucetak. Sdn Bhd target markets are student UTM, School and company around Johor

8.3 Market Size

From the research made by company, it is found nowadays each program need a t-shirt to
promote the event. Each company will have at least one formal or informal uniform that as a
represent each company. The total company and school in Johor Bahru are about more than 300
and this number will expand by year.

The following is the market size in this area for a year:

300 company x RM 600 x 12 month = RM 2160000

8.4 Competitor’s Analysis

Company names Strength Weakness

Syarikat Pencetakan  Well establish  Old equipment

Nasional  Unlimited funds  Only open service
 Under government for government
Percetakan Ekonomi  Good facilities  Inconsistent product
 Excellent human  Limited fund
public relation (PR)
U-Factory Printing  Good management  Limited fund
 Good network  Limited equipment
 Inconsistent product

8.5 Market Share

Market share = yearly sales____

Total competition sales

Market share before entrance of Akucetak sdn bhd

No. competitors Yearly sales(RM) % Loss in market

share %
1 Syarikat 9720000 45 -
2 Economic Print & 7560000 35 -
3 I-printing solution 4320000 20 -
Total 21600000 100

Market share after entrance of akucetak sdn bhd

No. Competitors Yearly % Loss in market

sales(RM) share %
1 Syarikat 7992000 37 8
2 Economic Print 64800000 30 5
& Design
3 I-printing 3672000 17 3
4 Akucetak Sdn 3456000 16 -
Total 21600000 100

8.6 Sales Forecast

Month Total project Year (RM)

First quarter 15 370 285.72
Second quarter 25 617 142.86
Third quarter 40 987 428.57
Fourth quarter 60 1 481 142.86
Total 140 3 456 000

8.7 Marketing Strategy

Market strategy Method Objective

Product / service T-shirt printing Our high quality t-shirt are
Advertising printed on the latest in
Designing technologically advanced in
house printers. Four color
banners and large format
screen printing are no problem
for us
Promotion Advertising Enjoy a high quality high
Ceremony resolution. Our large format
Introductory Price screen printing will print your
design on a durable high-grade
PVC material, producing a
tantalizing vinyl banner sure
to grab everyone’s attention
Distribution/ place Around UTM Around UTM and company’s
Johor Bahru operation location is near to
the population areas and also
pubic residents.
price Based on quantity and type of Reduced our overhead to
design eliminate the middle man and
a costly sales force by selling
direct to you through the
internet direct, passing the
savings onto you.

8.8 Marketing Budget

Item Fixed assets expenses Monthly expenses Other expenses

Vehicle - RM500
Promotion - RM1000
Business card - RM100
Pamphlets - RM100
Catalogues - RM100
Traveling expenses - RM500
Kiosk rental - RM300
Total RM2600
9.0 Operation Plan

9.1 Process Flow Chart

Design and printing flowchart diagram



Choose services

Design for customer Own design




9.2 Production Schedule

Capacity of hours of services for a month

Services Hours of Costumers quantities

services demand
Daily Weekly Monthly
Design 9 hours 4 24 104
Printing 30 minutes 10 60 260
Based on services capacities, we will provide our services from 9.00 am until 6.00pm Monday to
Saturday. We are closed for weekends.

9.3 Manpower Requirement

Position Job status Remuneration EPF (12%) Socso (2%) Total

per month
Designer (2 permanent RM2250 RM245 RM48 RM2543 x 2
person) = RM5086
Labour (3 Contract RM900 RM110 RM18 RM1028 x 3
person) =3084

9.4 Machine and Equipments

Machine/equipment Quantity Suppliers Price (RM) Monthly Fixed (RM)

Table 2 200 - 400
Chair 4 50 - 200
Computer 2 3500 - 7000
Printing 1 5000 - 5000
Paper 100 bundle 8.50 850 -
Ink 40 250 10000 -
Cabinet 2 150 - 300
Fabric 1500 7.00 10500
Totals 21350 12900
9.5 Operational layout plan


Design room work

Printing place

9.6 Operation Overhead

Cost (RM)/ month

Rent RM350
Electricity RM500
Telephone / internet /fax RM800
Water RM50

9.7 Operation Budget

Direct material costs RM

Paper 850
Ink 10000
Fabric 10500
Total 21350
Direct Labour Cost RM
Workers salaries 8170

Overheads costs RM
Rent 350
Utilities 1350
Total 2970