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1. Tay Jit Ying 0319002

2. Tang Wei Xin 0322731
3. Tang Ze Zheng 0318967
4. Toh Kean Hou 0319575
0314228 Tutor: Mr. Emmanuel O Canlas
5. Ng Ee Shiung

Project Management [ARC 3612] 1

1.0 Project Background
2.0 Company Background
2.1 Organization Chart
2.2 Team Member Background
3.0 Project Management
3.1 Success Factors
3.2 Work Breakdown Structure
3.3 Scope of Project Manager
3.4 Work Scope
3.5 Pert Chart
3.6 Gantt Chart
4.0 Design Concept
4.1 Design Statement
4.3 Case Study
4.3 Conceptual Diagram
4.4 SWOT Analysis
4.5 Design Development

Project Management [ARC 3612] 2

5.0 Drawings & Renderings
5.1 Spatial Organization
5.2 Architectural Rendering
5.3 Digital Visualization
6.0 Landscape Design
6.1 Site Issues
6.2 Hardscape and softscape Analysis
6.3 Proposed Layout
7.0 Structural Design
7.1 Construction Site of Project
7.2 Foundation
7.3 Structure
7.4 Doors & Windows Installation
7.5 Roof
7.6 Metal Staircase
7.7 Welding Services
7.8 Shipping Containers

Project Management [ARC 3612] 3

8.0 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
8.1 Photovoltaic System
8.2 Water Fountain
8.3 Lighting Fixtures
8.4 Mechanical Ventilation System
8.5 Drainage System
8.6 Fire Protection System
9.0 Costing
10.0 Appendix

Project Management [ARC 3612] 4

1.0 Project Background
Project Brief
To build a lightweight structure Recreational Station that will house students’ recreational activities
both indoors and outdoors at the parking lot just across the sport complex. In order to cater for the
architectural workshop that will be held at the university by August 2018, the project needs to be
completed by then.

Taylor’s University SDN.BHD.
Mr. Emmanuel as client representative

Rm1,500,000.00 (not inclusive of professional fees)


1. Usage of 600 m2 are with landscaping

2. House recreation area and cafeteria

3. Manage project based on project manager’s planning

Design Considerations:

1. Implementation of lightweight material to allow fast construction

2. Contemporary design with implementation of reusable energy

3. Encourage interaction among students with proper design

Project Management [ARC 3612] 5

2.0 Company Background

TNT Development Sdn. Bhd.

Lot 5987, 5th Miles, Selangor D.E.
Malaysia., Jln Teratai, Selangor,
T: +12123370770
F: +12123370771

Build better communities while preserving the

Recognised throughout Malaysia as the leading property developer, TNT environment.
Sdn. Bhd. brings a 20-year history and a proven track record of developing
and completing prime residential and commercial projects strategically
across Malaysia's property hotspots. This currently includes 46 projects
across greater Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru (Iskandar Provide our CUSTOMERS with timely delivery
Malaysia), Penang (North Corridor Economic Region), and Kota Kinabalu, of quality properties.

What sets Mah Sing apart from other developers is its product offerings and
the ability to cater to the diverse buyers and market segments. Unlike many
other firms who only execute, the Group strongly believes in the co-
existence and harmony of their buyers' needs, the environment around the
property, and the community surrounding it. One of the Group's strong
commitments can be seen in their charity arm, the Mah Sing Foundation - to
Project Management [ARC 3612] 6
aid and benefit the less privileged.T Development Sdn. Bhd.
2.1 Organization Chart

Taylor’s University SDN.BHD.
Mr. Emmanuel as client representative




Project Management [ARC 3612] 7

Taylor’s Regulation
University Authorities


Lead Contractor,
Consultant Specialist
and other Standing Supervision Contractors
Consultants and Supplies

Contractual relationship
Functional relationship

Project Management [ARC 3612] 8

2.2 Team Member Background
Skilled in streamlining operations and following schedules. Expertise in
coordinating diverse teams and resources to complete goals &
objectives. Organized and detail-oriented with proactive and hard-
working nature.

Education Professional Experience

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in RT Architects Group (2006-2015)
Architecture (2000-2003) at Yale
University TNT Sdn Bhd (2015 – present)
Manager Architect
Bachelor of Arts, Project
Tay Jit Ying Management at University of

Ar. Tang as the principle architect has been practicing consistently to

deliver his passions towards contextual and local architecture and
contributes himself to generate the development of Malaysia
architecture. Best practice examples of his works in Malaysia ranging
from restoration and adaptive reuse architecture.

Education Professional Experience

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Registered architect in board of architects
Architect Architecture (1983-1985) at Taylor’s Malaysia (LAM-1993)
Tang Wei Xin RT Architects Group (1989-2015)
Masters in Architecture and Heritage TNT Sdn Bhd (2015 – present)
Conservation (1986-1988) at RMIT Architect

Project Management [ARC 3612] 9

Mechanical and electrical engineer with more than 10 years of working
experience. Specialized in preliminary investigation, feasibilities study to
design and supervision of construction. Aim to serve client with value
added service through cost effective design while taken consideration of
client’s needs.

Education Professional Experience

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering The 3M Company, USA (2008-2009)
M&E Engineer (2000-2003) at Standford University
Mah Sing Group (2013-2015)
Tang Ze Zheng Master in Mechanical Engineering at TNT Sdn Bhd (2015 – present)
Massachusetts Institute of M&E Engineer
Technology (MIT)

Civil Engineer with 4 years experience with special focus on structural

design with rich knowledge, work ethnic and skills.

Education Professional Experience

Bachelor of Science, Civil Weidlinger Associates, Inc (2007-2012)
Engineering (2000-2003) at
University of Delaware Tah Yun Group (2012-2015)
TNT Sdn Bhd (2016 – present)
C&S Engineer Master of science: Civil Engineering
M&E Engineer
(2004-2006) at Columbia University,
Ng Ee Shiung NY

Project Management [ARC 3612] 10

Quantity Surveyor with 12 years old extensive post contract quantity
surveying experience in construction, industrial and interior projects in
UAE and India.

Education Professional Experience

Bsc Quantity Surveying: Birmingham Amey, PLC (2004-2006)
City University (1997-1999) at
Quantity Birmingham JPA (2007-2015)
Surveyor TNT Sdn Bhd (2015 – present)
Master: Heriot Watt University
Toh Kean Hou M&E Engineer
(1999-2003) at Dubai

Project Management [ARC 3612] 11

• Activity and Resource Planning
• Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
• Analysing and Managing Project Risk
• Monitoring Progress

Project Management [ARC 3612] 12

3.1 Success Factors
To ensure that the project is successful, the project must:
1. Be built within the budget of 1.5m with reasonable costing
2. Be completed before August 2018 with client satisfaction.
3. Complete a recreational station that could cater for the need of
the user.

1. Careful planning to attain lowest cost.
2. Clear communication within consultants
especially QS.
COST 3. Architecture that is sustainable and requires
low maintenance
Budget 1.5m
To ensure the project is on schedule:
1. Regular monitoring and on-site
inspection is crucial.
2. Clear communication between
consultants and contractors.
3. Follow the Gantt chart at all time
QUALITY to ensure smooth completion.

SCOPE TIME 1. Managing risk properly.
Recreational Station One Year Duration 2. Quality Control.
3. On-site safety & precaution.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 13

Our Project Management understand solutions encompass all phases of the
project and are well prepared with professions that has the quality below to
ensure and increase the rate of success in this project.

Strong Leadership
Clear Communication
Especially Project
Among Project Members
Manager To Lead
The Team

Understand & Success Skill & Experience

Manage Risk -Advice Client
In The Industry Factors -Instruct Contractors

Commitment & Responsibility

Project Management [ARC 3612] 14

3.2 Work Breakdown Structure

Schematic Design Design Development Contract Drawings

 Client Briefing  After DO Approval  Architect- more detail drawings
 Design Requirement  Finalized Design & Drawings including material weightage
 Site Survey  Constructional Research & Planning  Engineers to produce more detail
 Concept & Programming  Earthwork Submission drawings
 Schematic Drawings  Earthwork Approval  QS to produce BQ based on the
 Schematic Structural Planning  Finalized Landscape drawings
 Schematic M&E Layout  Revised Costing  QS send invitation to contractors for
 Material Proposal  BP & Bomba Submission to Authority tender
 Master Planning Approval from Approval  Tender opening meeting to select
Authority best contractor
 Preliminary Costing  Sign Pam Contract 2006 or Pam-
sub Contract 2006
 Schematic Gantt Chart

Completion Contract Administration

 Testing & Commission - Water &  Project Manager to advise client on the
Electricity amount of workers needed
 CPC (Certificate of Practical Completion)  Consultants to use their expertise to
 Authority Inspection ensure contractor are running the project
 CCC (Certificate of Completion & based on the schedule -Gantt Chart
Compliance)  Interval on-site inspection
 Handing over to client

Project Management [ARC 3612] 15

3.3 Scope of Project Manager

Inception Stage
 Develop Project Brief

Schematic Design Stage

 Manage the development
of schematic design
from approved concept
design by client

 Advice on cost to
project schedule impact

 Advise client on
contracting strategy

Construction Stage
 Manage Contractors’
Pre-opening Stage
works on Site  Building Commissioning
 Planning & Scheduling  Obtain Building
 Monitoring Construction Certificate of
Progress Completion and

Project Management [ARC 3612] 16

3.4 Work Scope

General Framework

a) Analytical Study b) Site Preparation c) Foundation d) Structural

Cost Management  Layout  Piling  Structural
 Machinery  Site Clearing  Slab System
 Labour  Excavation  Beam
 Relocation of
Surveying Services
 Site Analysis
 Soil Inspection

e) Architectural f) Mechanical & g) Landscape h) Site Clearance &

Finishes Electrical  Tree Planting Handing Over
 Floor External  Water Fountain
 Roof  Drainage
 Internal Internal
 External  Wiring
 Lighting
 Mechanical
 Fire Protection
 Solar Panel

Project Management [ARC 3612] 17

3.5 Pert Chart

Project Management [ARC 3612] 18

3.6 Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart pdf (print in A3)

Project Management [ARC 3612] 19


Project Management [ARC 3612] 20

4.1 Design Statement
To propose a new recreational area that manages and facilitates future outdoor activities for staff and students.
To act as a common bond within the campus community.
To promote the social and cultural activities that further vibrant the site.

USER GROUPS: Students/ Teachers/ Uni Staff/ Visitors

This design aims to reduce the energy consumption of the building, to promote a liveable yet energy saving
structure. We implement the active and passive design strategies to the design as it allows users within the building
to enjoy the natural resources provided by the environment and strives the cost efficiency by reducing the huge
amount of maintaining and operating cost.

To realize the objective of the client to the extent, the Recreational District will also serve as a public realm, which
provides a pleasing environment for leisure activities and resting, enlighten the character of the site, and enhances
the chances of social activities within the site.

To control and refine the negative impacts by the large parking, our intention is to create an oasis on the site with
serious desert effect. Greeneries are selected as the key element, to soften the hard bare land, and reduce the
heat during the hot sun. They are also used as boundaries which forms a pleasant view that fits in the surrounding,
and functions as the redirection of the circulation.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 21

4.2 Case Study

Project: Vissershok Container Classroom

Architect: Tsai Design Studio

Project Management [ARC 3612] 22

Project Management [ARC 3612] 23

4.3 Conceptual Diagram


The pedestrians are mostly from The ground of the site is Trees and shrubs are placed
The adjacent road is a two-way
the Syopz mall, followed by averagely higher than the path with limited width that does strategically around the
people from DK Senza. Two neighbouring parking, while boundaries, securing the site
not allow an ideal drop off point
ways entrance is designed to lower than the condominium, DK while shaping the landscape into
to be located. Thus we proposed
connect the pedestrian flow, and Senza. Landscape is thus a drop off point facing to the a user friendly environment. The
welcome the people to visit our designed as part of the barrier, green belt serves as the key
existing parking which results in
building. In consequence to this protecting the site while factor that welcomes the people
an unobstructed traffic flow to
strategy, the containers are maintaining visual access to the to visit the district, providing its
the site.
positioned to ease the flow and structure. nature of welcoming and leisure.
create both visual and physical
permeability to the site.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 24



Adjacent to the main circulation Dark during night time results in A potential breakout space that Close to the waste water pool
of Taylor’s University, providing absence of sense of secure. connects both human flow from which results in unpleasant
it higher chances of exposure to Syopz mall and DK Senza. smell.
the people.

Nice vista to the site. Untreated ground with poor Neighbouring to parking area. Big portion of bare land stores
condition. and reflects the heat under the
hot sun.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 25

4.5 Design Development

Connecting the flow with two Elevate up the solid for visual Orientation responds to sun and
entrances permeability wind

Non-place to be designed as Refining the orientation to Fencing and shrubs are Greeneries and water feature
public realm frame possible views positioned to secure site are used to enlighten the space

Project Management [ARC 3612] 26

5.1 Spatial Organization
- Game hub
(Table Tennis, Darts, Board
Games, Traditional Games)
- Café (20 pax)
- Office (2 pax)
- Washroom (2 Units/MF)
- Outdoor lounge
- Amphitheatre

Project Management [ARC 3612] 27

5.2 Architectural Renderings

Project Management [ARC 3612] 28

Project Management [ARC 3612] 29
Project Management [ARC 3612] 30
5.3 Digital Visualisation-(Interior View)

Project Management [ARC 3612] 31

5.3 Digital Visualisation (Exterior View)

Project Management [ARC 3612] 32

Project Management [ARC 3612] 33

Project Management [ARC 3612] 34

7.1 Construction Site of Project
Site problems

The base of the project site is prone

to puddles forming, muddy soil, and
full of uneven sizes of gravel. The
main challenge is to ensure the
building is safe from the dangers of
the soil. Problems such as corrosion
and rust may occur on the containers.
While the soft soil may render the
structure unstable.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 35

7.2 Foundation
Concrete Piers
Concrete piers are a type of shallow foundation utilizing concrete cubes which have reinforced steel bars within. Six concrete piers
are laid for each container with each corner having one and 2 in the middle. In the tropical climate of Malaysia, the concrete piers
setup is advantageous because as it raises the container, it allows for ventilation underneath as well as preventing condensation
The concrete piers setup is most suitable for the location of this project because the container does not rest on top the soil, which is
gravel and sand. The soil being unstable would require heavy foundation work for conventional buildings however the cost-efficient
concrete piers setup is suitable.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 36

The installation of concrete piers These are standard concrete pier blocks used as foundation for container builds
requires digging a hole for cement to
hold the concrete piers to increase

Simple build, very few parts and planning needed
Cost-efficient for container builds
Suitable for the soil type of location
Raises the container which allows for ventilation and prevents
condensation forming underneath container

6 blocks per shipping container = 6 blocks x 4 shipping containers =

20 total blocks

Project Management [ARC 3612] 37

The concrete piers are laid out evenly to support the structure.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 38

7.3 Structure

Containers are self-bearing and are meant to handle Malaysian weather exposes the containers to corrosion and
heavy loads by themselves. Assembly of the overall rust daily, so to ensure the longevity of the containers,
structure can be carried out by simply welding the protective coating is needed to ensure the structure is safe and
containers together after installing it into the sound. The use of metal frames to hold containers together
foundation. The base of the container is welded with and load-bearing for multiple floors.
reinforced steel bars before laid into concrete base for

Project Management [ARC 3612] 39

Metal columns are placed on the plan to evenly support the structure; the columns reach towards the
first floor evenly from the ground floor. The load distributes down to the concrete piers.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 40

7.4 Doors & Windows Installations

After the openings for doors and windows are cut, the openings are framed with a steel section. This
ensures a clean finish as well safety measures.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 41

The exterior wall section details

Visual detail of the wall section

Container Wall Installations

The container walls are first covered with
plywood before insulative coating is sprayed
on both sides of container walls then another
layer of plywood wall covers it. Metal hat
channels for wiring are run along the walls and
vertical seams are secured. Metal studs and
drywall are used for interior partition walls.
Once insulated, the existing container walls The interior wall section details
are faced in drywall for finishing.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 42

7.5 Container Roof Reinforcement

Container Roof Reinforcement

The roof of container house must be weather
resistant and for the case of the ground floor
container, it must withstand the load of the first
floor. Due to the lack of proper columns in a
shipping container, it is required to manually
install it to strengthen the structure.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 43

7.6 Metal Staircase Installation 7.7 Welding Service

Welding services for cutting and joining

The staircase for the structure is very simple to shipping containers together. It is an
install by assembling the staircase beforehand experienced welding company in the field of all
according to the measurements before types of metal welding. The Malaysian
installing it onto the container houses. Welding company is an OHSAS 18001:2007 certified
it in place serves as the first layer of stability company focused on health and safety. They
before joining it in place with stable joints. The also supply to international engineering
staircase would be built with independent companies.
columns to support itself and users.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 44

7.8 Shipping Containers
Below are the standard sizes of the 4 shipping containers

Shipping Container 12m

Specs Standard
Max Gross Weight 32,500 kg
Tare Weight 3,680 kg
External Length 12192 mm
General Construction: Corrosion resistant Corten® steel construction. Internal Length 12032 mm
Four high strength corner posts fitted with corner castings top and bottom,
External Width 2438 mm
with interconnecting rails of high tensile steel, with corrugated steel side
panels, roof panel and front wall. Two pressed steel doors at rear of Internal Width 2352 mm
container, opening 270 degrees, with four hot dip galvanized locking bars, External Height 2592 mm
and fitted with watertight rubber seals
Internal Height 2392 mm
Testing: All containers are checked on the production line for dimensions,
Door Opening Width 2340 mm
door operation, quality of construction and water tightness.
Door Opening Height 2280 mm
Floors: Hardwood plywood or bamboo (or optionally 4.5mm steel checker
plate). Cubic Capacity 67.7 cu/m

Lock Box: An optional lock box can be fitted to the doors.

Load Securing 12m Standard: Each internal corner post is fitted with
three lashing bars. Forty lashing rings are fitted, ten on each bottom and
top rails.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 45


Project Management [ARC 3612] 46

8.1 Photovoltaic System

Malaysia is a tropical climate country. Solar energy harvesting become an advantage to the projects.
Photovoltaic system, also known as PV system or solar power system is power system using photovoltaic to generates and supply
solar power. The system converts sun radiation into usable electricity to power up the lighting fixtures and electronics in the
building. PV system usually consists of solar panels to absorb and convert the sunlight, a solar inverter to change electric current
from DC to AC and several mounting and cabling to set up the work system.
Photovoltaic system offers range from small, rooftop- mounted or building- integrated system to large utility- scale power stations.
Photovoltaic system is possible to apply into our project due to the price are rapidly declined in recent years with the exponential
growth of photovoltaic usage.
The Photovoltaic System applied in the project are grid connected system. Grid connected system is connected to a larger
independent grid and send energy directly into the grid. This energy may be shared by a residential or commercial building before
or after the revenue measurement point.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 47

8.1.1Advantages of Photovoltaic System
. Provide clean and green energy to the building. The process of generating electricity with the system do not produce harmful
greenhouse gas emission as Photovoltaic System is an environmental friendly system
. Operating and maintenance of Photovoltaic System are low compared to most of other systems
. Solar energy is renewable and free
. The process of generating electricity of Photovoltaic System is totally silent, which is suitable for activity based building
. Photovoltaic System is easy to install

8.1.2 Disadvantages of Photovoltaic System

. Solar energy has intermittency problem at night as well as the site weather might be cloudy or raining
. Efficiency level of solar panels are low compared to other renewable energy system
. Photovoltaic System are fragile and can be damaged easily by bad weather

Project Management [ARC 3612] 48

8.1.3 Component
. PV modules – convert sunlight into DC power
. Inverter – convert DC power to AC power for building appliances, synchronizing with
utility power when electrical grid is distributing electricity
. Battery – Store excess energy and supply it when there is demand
. Utility Meter – utility power is automatically distributed at night or during day when
demand exceeded the power production
. Charge Controller – prevent battery overcharging and prolongs the battery life span in
the system
8.1.4 Supplier and Sizes

Project Management [ARC 3612] 49

A subsidiary of Atlantic Blue Sdn Bhd, Leading name in
turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
solutions that specialises in large scale solar farming in
Malaysia. The company achieved 15% market share in
Malaysia, recording more than 40MW projects throughout

Project Management [ARC 3612] 50

8.2 Water Fountain
The site is hot during the day, according to architect, the water pond and fountain
at the foyer are aimed to provide aesthetics value to the building and cooling
effects during the day.
Water fountain is a piece of architecture that jets the water into the air for
decorative and dramatic effects. The water fountain is featured at the pond in the
entrance of the building as a decoration and welcoming art work to the visitors.

8.2.1 Advantages of water fountain

. Give cooling effect to the outdoor area
. The pump is easy to install and
. Provide natural water dripping sound
to the outdoor area
. Prevent mosquito breeding in the pond

Project Management [ARC 3612] 51

8.2.2 Disadvantages of water fountain
. The pump system is susceptible to leaks and punctures
. Require additional cost for digging and maintenance of the water feature
. Require additional cost to keep the water clean as the algae will grow

8.2.3 Component
. External Pump – Pump the water by displacement. The gear in pump rotate and separate the intake side of the pump, creating a
void and suction which filled by water. The water is carried by gears to discharge side of the pump
. Fountain Filter – filtering the water to protect the pump from dirt, fur, drool and debris which will cause the clogging in the pipes
and gears
. Jet Nozzle – the part which spray the water exits and is shaped to achieve particular aesthetic effect
. Auto-Fill Valve – maintain the water level in the pond to ensure the fountain nozzle function correctly

8.2.4 Supplier

Founded in 2010 by Mr Wong. The company was built based on the working experience of Mr Wong and is now well-known as a
fountain specialisation company. The company provide professional advice for fountain customisation according the client’s

Project Management [ARC 3612] 52

8.3 Lighting Fixtures

1. Philip LED wall light . 4.5 W (each)

2. TL-D Standard Colour . 36 W
. LED Linear Fluorescent
. Fluorescent tube
. Wall light
. Mounted fluorescent fitting
. Warm white
. Cool daylight
. Dimmable
. Life span 13,000 hours
. Life span 30,000 hours
Space: Office, corridors
Space: Toilet
Quantity: 6
Quantity: 4

3. LED T8 tube light 1200mm 4. Hex 780x Solar Wall Light .6W
. 18 W . LED
. LED . Wall Light
. Ceiling Mounted Light . Lifespan 50,000 hours
. Life span 50,000 hours . Warm white
. Cool white . Dimmable
. Dimmable Space: outdoor lounge
Space: Game Hub, Quantity: 11
Cafeteria, Lounge 8.4 Switches
Quantity: 18 Mikro one-way switch
Quantity: 4

Project Management [ARC 3612] 53

5. Micro One Way Switch 6. Micro Two Way Switch

Micro Two Way Switch

Quantity: 4

Quantity: 4

7. LAP 13A 2G SP
Switched with USB port

Quantity: 10

Project Management [ARC 3612] 54

Lighting pdf (print in A3)

Project Management [ARC 3612] 55

8.4 Mechanical Ventilation System
Split Unit Air Conditioner
The weather of the site is mostly hot and humid. The air movement, temperature, humidity and air purity should carefully design to
achieve thermal comfort. Following the design proposal, split-unit air conditioners are chosen as the mechanical ventilation system
for the building.
In Split Unit Air Conditioning System, the unit is separated into two parts. Indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit which provides
the treated air are installed inside the room. The outdoor unit are installed outside the buildings to draw the outdoor air and
condense it into treated air. As the indoor unit is separate, it allows the manufacturer to make more powerful AC. As the outdoor
unit is placed outside the buildings, the noise produced during the operation will not affect the interior rooms. Present day, the split
unit air conditioners can be used to cool more than one space with only one outdoor units.
Wall mounted air conditioner are chosen for lounge and office due to the space are small and easy to cool down. Ceiling cassette
air conditioner are chosen for larger spaces like game hubs and cafeteria for greater efficiency and flexibility to the design.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 56

Ventilation pdf (print in A3)

Project Management [ARC 3612] 57

8.5 Drainage System
Drainage System Component
Aluminium is chosen as the main material for the drainage system components. The maintenance cost for pipes will decrease due
to aluminium is resistance towards corrosion and it is durable and sustainable. The lifespan of aluminium could reach up to at least
50 years. Besides, aluminium is light in weight and easy to install and repair.

2. Traditional Square Aluminium Downpipe 1. Traditional Square Aluminium


. 72mm X 72mm
. Lifespan of 50 years
. 65% lighter than cast iron
. High corrosion resistance

Project Management [ARC 3612] 58

3. Traditional Moulded Ogee Gutter 4. Aluminium Gutter Guard

8.6.2 Supplier

. 150mm X 100mm
. Lifespan up to 50 years and Marley Alutec is part of Aliaxis, a multi-
more national group of companies. Present in over
40 countries, the group is known for its market
. Interchangeable with cast iron leading plumbing and drainage systems.
. High corrosion resistance Dedicated to quality and innovation, Marley
Alutec offers solutions in three distinct
. Flow rate up to 5.5 litre per areas: rainwater systems, fascia and soffit,
second and roof and shower outlets. Made from
marine grade aluminium, Alutec’s products
offer the very best in terms of durability,
lasting 50 years or more. Thanks to the latest
fade resistant paint technology, the period is
virtually maintenance free.
Project Management [ARC 3612] 59
8.6 Active Fire Protection
Active fire protection system is a group of systems that require some amount of action or motion in order to work efficiently in the
event of a fire. Actions may be manually operated, like a fire extinguisher or automatic, like a sprinkler, but either way they require
some amount of action. These systems play an important role in protecting property and lives of the tenants.

Break Glass Emergency Light Exit Sign Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Fire Alarm Smoke Detector

Project Management [ARC 3612] 60

Fire fight pdf (print in A3)

Project Management [ARC 3612] 61


Project Management [ARC 3612] 62

The site is initially a vacant area and the authorities have facilitated it as parking lots to feed
students’ demands. It is defined by the fencing which separated the site from the major road. The
adjacent parking together with our site are facing the issue of desert effect due to the large portion
of bare land exposed under the sun. However, the adjacent parking serves as the bridge that
connect the flow of pedestrians from Sypoz mall to our site.

View in to the site from inner parking.

South view from the site to DK Senza.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 63


Project Management [ARC 3612] 64

The site is surrounded by medium to small sized tree and bushes. They are not providing sufficient shading
for the site during day time especially under the hot sun. Our proposal is to preserve the existing
topography and enhance the liveability of the site by adding more greeneries to the landscape, to refine
the walkability of our site.

Project Management [ARC 3612] 65

The initial idea of the landscape design is to enhance the colour scheme of the
whole parking, creating a joyful and colourful ambience for the district. In
correspond to the concept of Recreational District, which is integrating the
greeneries with the bare land, the outer layer is themed with the medium height
trees while the internal layer is featured with delightful plants. Trees are proposed
along the road, buffering the site from the noise while the bushes fill the gap to
form a natural boundary to the district, allowing a certain degree of security.

The source of noise Proposed additional landscape

Project Management [ARC 3612] 66


Yellow Flamboyant Cyathula Prostata

Height: 15m-25m Height: 30cm-50cm
Usage: Shading tree Usage: Buffering bushes

Timber Platform
Materials: high quality pvc + rice husk. Outdoor Garden Benches

Project Management [ARC 3612] 67


Asplenium Nidus Yellow Daisies

Height: 30cm-50cm Height: 30cm-50cm
Usage: Buffering bushes Usage: Buffering bushes

White Pebble Stone Paving Mild Steel Fencing

Size: Irregular

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• Preliminary Costing
• Material Cost Breakdown
• Detailed Construction Cost
• Overall Net Profit
• Minimise Cost of Project
• Enhance Value for Money

Project Management [ARC 3612] 69

9.1 Property Detail

Open car park beside the tennis court
at Jalan Taylor’s, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Taylor’s University’s car park
Open carpark

Project Management [ARC 3612] 70

9.2 Container Supplier & Details

Type: 40 ft High Cube Container Type: 20 ft High Cube Container

Supplier: Tyre weight, kg: 3750 Tyre weight, kg: 2170
KGW Logistic (M) Sdn. Bhd. Payload, kg: 26,610 Payload, kg: 28,310
Location: External Dimension, mm: External Dimension, mm:
D11-10-1, Block D11, Dana 1 L: 12192, W: 2438, H: 2896 L: 6050, W: 2438, H: 2896
Commercial Centre,
Internal Dimension, mm: Internal Dimension, mm:
Jalan PJU 1A/46, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia L: 12025, W: 2348, H: 2690 L: 5900, W: 2348, H: 2690
Price: RM25,000 Price: RM 12,500

Project Management [ARC 3612] 71

Cost breakdown

9.3 Preliminary Cost

Item Description Unit QTY RATE (RM) AMOUNT (RM)


1 Cabin 10' x 20' no. 2 15,000.00 30,000.00


2 Connection fee sum 5 2,000.00 10,000.00

3 Power consumption for worker quarter month / worker 30 6.00 180.00

4 Power consumption for mobile crane (5 tonnes) day/crane 20 350.00 7,000.00

5 TNB rate per Kw/h 10 0.51 5.10

6 Small tools month 8 200.00 1,600.00


7 Connection fee sum 5 2,000.00 10,000.00

8 Water tank and piping no. of tank 2 500.00 1,000.00

9 Water construction for site accommodation month / worker 30 1.50 75.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 72

10 Water consumption for site use sum 3 500.00 1,500.00
Metal hoarding
11 m 100 90.00 9,000.00

12 Safety boot pair 30 150.00 4,500.00

13 Safety helmet pair 30 20.00 600.00


14 Fire extinguisher no. 5 200.00 1,000.00

TOTAL 75,460.10

Project Management [ARC 3612] 73

9.3 Architectural Cost

Item Description Unit Qty Rate (RM) Amount (RM)

D1: W:1800 x H:2100 (mm)double leaf glass
1 door no. 1 700.00 700.00
D2: W:1800 x H:2100 (mm) double leaf solid
2 wood door no. 4 2,000.00 8,000.00
D3: W:1200 x H:2100 (mm) single leaf solid
3 wood door no. 1 800.00 800.00
D4: W:1200 x H:2100 (mm) single leaf
4 waterproof no. 2 1,000.00 2,000.00
timber door
D5: W:900 x H:2100 (mm) single leaf
5 waterproof timber no. 2 750.00 1,500.00
D6: W:1200 x H:2100 (mm) aluminium sliding
6 door no. 1 600.00 600.00
W1: W:1600 x H:1600 (mm) fixed glass
7 window no. 9 450.00 4,050.00

8 Zincalum frame W:1000 x H:2000 (mm) m 100 13.50 1,350.00


9 T1: Office table no. 2 400.00 800.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 74

10 T2: Foldable table no. 2 100.00 200.00

11 T3: Small glass Coffee table no. 1 150.00 150.00

12 T4 : Tennis table + accessories no. 1 1,300.00 1,300.00


13 C1: Office chair no. 2 150.00 300.00

14 C2: 1 seated sofa no. 2 200.00 400.00

15 C3: Ikea foldable chair no. 4 80.00 320.00

16 C4: Outdoor Bench no. 2 450.00 900.00


17 S1: sofa set (2+3 sofa, coffee table) no. 1 900.00 900.00

18 S2: white steel table + 6 chairs no. 1 600.00 600.00

19 S3: café table set (square) + 2 chairs no. 2 350.00 700.00

20 S4: café table set (round) + 4 chairs no. 4 700.00 2,800.00


21 Electronic darts machine no. 2 16,000.00 32,000.00

22 Board games no. 7 100.00 700.00

23 Reception counter no. 2 5,000.00 10,000.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 75

24 Computer no. 3 3,000.00 9,000.00

25 Fixed wall shelves no. 10 80.00 800.00

26 Toilet bowl no 4 950.00 3,800.00

27 Counter top wash-basin no 4 400.00 1,600.00

28 Aspleniumnidus in hydro-green white no 4 149.90 599.60

Lappato porcelain 60x60 grey colour ceramic
26 floor tile m² 11.98 25.00 299.50
Solid Teak Parquet Wooden WPC
27 Flooring(indoor) m² 35.78 40.00 1,431.20

28 Waterproof non-slip spc vinyl flooring (indoor) m² 14.69 50.00 734.50

29 Outdoor wood vinyl flooring with DIBT(outdoor) m² 50 50.00 2,500.00

TOTAL 91,834.80

Project Management [ARC 3612] 76

9.4 Civil & Structural Cost
Item Description Unit Qty Rate (RM) Amount (RM)
Sub structure
m² 10
1 Machine excavation remove top soil 500.00 5,000.00
m3 100
2 Excavation and pavement of earth 100.00 10,000.00
m3 20
3 Concrete block with 6 reinforced bars 650.00 13,000.00
Reinforced concrete (grade 25) in substructure
m3 400
5 works 35.00 14,000.00
Roof reinforcement
kg 1500
6 Top rail reinforcement 2.40 3,600.00
m² 200
7 Side panel reinforcement 50.00 10,000.00
Wall insulation

8 Plywood 50.00 150.00 7,500.00

9 Insulate coating 50.00 100.00 5,000.00
Connection components
m 3000
10 Metal studs 1.50 4,500.00
m² 200
11 vertical seams 50.00 10,000.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 77

Super structure
kg 1500
12 Structural steel column 30.00 45,000.00
kg 2000
13 Structural hollow round steel beam 30.00 60,000.00
m² 24
14 Corrugated metal decking 160.00 3,840.00
Aluminium hollow section(solar panel
kg 28
15 mounting) 40.00 1,120.00
no. 5
16 Container 40ft 25,000.00 125,000.00
no. 1
Container 20ft 12,500.00 12,500.00
15 5
17 Skilled labour 110.00 8,250.00
Damp proof membrane
18 One layer of 0.25mm thick polythene sheet
m² 148.67
Damp proof membrane 3.50 520.45
Staircase and finishes
19 Steel staircase,1 flight, 1 landing, associated
no. 2
with necessary reinforcement and form work 9,000.00 18,000.00

TOTAL 356,830.45

Project Management [ARC 3612] 78

9.5 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Cost
Item Description Unit Qty Rate (RM) Amount (RM)
Solar Power system
Solar panels (17v): W:1670 x H:1000 xT:32
no. 20
1 (mm) 2,000.00 40,000.00
Rain harvesting system
no. 2
2 Poly-Mart 100 gallon water tank 1,200.00 2,400.00
m 200
3 Rain water down pipe 10.00 2,000.00
m 100
4 Galvanish iron gutter 18.00 1,800.00
set 1
5 Gear water pump 11,000.00 11,000.00
set 1
6 Internal filter 5,000.00 5,000.00
set 1
7 Piping and mechanical components 6,500.00 6,500.00
Electrical supply system
no. 10
8 Multi Split Unit Air Conditioner 2,000.00 20,000.00
no. 10
9 Mitsubushi outdoor condenser unit 800.00 8,000.00
Plugging system
no. 5
10 1 gang 10 amp one way switch 25.00 125.00
no. 5
11 2 gang 10 amp one way switch 25.00 125.00
no. 5
12 3 gang 10 amp one way switch 25.00 125.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 79

no. 2
13 1 gang 13 amp switch socket outlet 30.00 60.00
no. 7
14 2gang 13 amp switch socket outlet 30.00 210.00
Light Fixture
no. 4
15 Philip LED wall light 30.00 120.00
no. 6
16 TL-D standard colour linear fluorescent 150.00 900.00
no. 18
17 LED T8 tube light 1200mm 40.00 720.00
no. 11
18 Hex 780x solar wall light 40.00 440.00
Drainage system
m 200
19 Traditional square aluminium down pipe 90.00 18,000.00
m 100
20 Traditional moulded ogee gutter 120.00 12,000.00
no. 30
21 Aluminium gutter guard 50.00 1,500.00
Water Fountain
no. 1
22 Air Blast Water Fountain 10,000.00 10,000.00
set 1
23 Piping and mechanical components 1,000.00 1,000.00
Fire Protection
no. 2
24 Break glass 51.00 102.00
no. 12
25 Emergency light 30.00 360.00
no. 5
Exit sign 40.00 200.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 80

no. 1
Fire extinguisher 150.00 1,150.00
no. 1
Dry powder fire extinguisher 180.00 180.00
no. 1
Fire alarm 100.00 100.00
no. 15
Smoke detector 15.00 225.00

TOTAL 144,342.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 81

9.5 Landscape Cost
Item Description Unit Qty Rate (RM) Amount (RM)

1 Oak engineered wooden flooring m² 90 90.92 8,182.80

2 White round pebble stone for flooring kg 2000 0.40 800.00

3 Metal fencing panels m² 103.45 65.00 6,724.25


4 Lawn grass m² 249 7.80 1,942.20

5 Yellow Flamboyant (trees) no. 8 250.00 2,000.00

6 Yellow daisies m 14.34 20.00 286.80

7 Aspleniumnidus in hydro-green white no. 4 149.90 599.60

TOTAL 20,535.65

Project Management [ARC 3612] 82

9.6 Labour Cost
Item Description Days Qty Rate (RM) Amount (RM)
Labour cost

1 Skilled labour 120 5 110.00 13,200.00

2 General labour 250 15 100.00 25,000.00


3 Concreter 90 3 100.00 27,000.00

4 Plasterer 90 2 100.00 18,000.00

5 Steel structure fabricator 90 5 100.00 45,000.00

6 Plumber 90 3 100.00 27,000.00

7 Electrician 90 5 100.00 45,000.00

8 Carpenter 40 5 100.00 20,000.00

TOTAL 220,200.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 83

9.7 Other Cost

Item Description Percentage Rate (RM) Amount (RM)

1 Authority cost 909,203.00 27,276.09
2 Goods and service tax 909,203.00 54,552.18
3 Material wastage 909,203.00 90,920.30

TOTAL` 172,748.57

Project Management [ARC 3612] 84

9.8 Construction Cost

Item Description Amount (RM)


1 Preliminary costs 75,460.10

2 Architectural costs 91,834.80

3 C&S costs 356,830.45

4 M&E costs 144,342.00

5 Landscape costs 20,535.65

6 Labour costs 220,200.00

TOTAL 909,203.00

Project Management [ARC 3612] 85

9.9 Consultation Fees

Item Description Percentage Total (RM) Amount (RM)

1 Architect 909,203.00 81,828.27
2 Civil & Structural Engineer 909,203.00 18,184.06
3 Mechanical & Electrical Engineer 909,203.00 18,184.06
4 Quantity Surveyor 909,203.00 9,092.03
5 Landscape Architect 909,203.00 9,092.03
6 Project Manager 909,203.00 18,184.06

TOTAL 154,564.51

Project Management [ARC 3612] 86

9.10 Total Project Cost

Item Description Amount (RM)

1 Construction 909,203.00

2 Other cost 172,748.57

TOTAL 1,081,951.57

Project Management [ARC 3612] 87

9.11 Construction Cost

Construction Cost

9% 10%





Architectural Civil & Structure Mechanical & Electrical Lanscape Labour Preliminary

Project Management [ARC 3612] 88

9.12 Total Project Cost

Total Project Cost









Consultaion Material goods and Perimirary Authority cost Labour Landscape M&E C&S Architectural
Fee wastage service tax cost

Project Management [ARC 3612] 89

Project Management [ARC 3612] 90