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In seer Engg. It solution I had working as network analysts and I had solved many issues by
guiding my junior so the network can be utilized in good manner. Working as network analyst
many issue has been arise and solved that are related to networking.

In the office the whole network system has been defected that represents no connectivity in the
systems to the server. To resolve this problem various steps that have been carried out that has
been explained below.

 Physical connectivity

This is the very first step that has been carried out for resolving the issue of networking. The
physical connectivity of the all the systems to the switches and routes have been verified. The
status must be up and green. If any system has low status then make sure that connectivity of
the system has been made.

 Ping Response

After processing of physical connectivity verification the second step that has been carried
out that is ping process. Ping from all the computers has been done to the server and ping
response has been stored. TTL and number of bytes that has been transmitted has been note

 IP Address

IP configuration has been done using TCP/IP setting. The issues that have been due to IP
confliction has been resolved through providing IP configuration to all the computers so that
all the systems that are connected to the server does not conflict due to same IP address.

 Network Issue

After IP configuration the issue has been verified that it is both local area networking and
that is related to wireless network. On the basis of network issue the settings to router have
been made that is related to ISP provider.
After this process the systems and routers have been restarted so that all the settings can be
configured and accessible. After successful restarting of the system the network setting has
been checked and that has been resolved. If the system is not responding after these steps
then contact ISP.