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Check Point CCSA 156-215.

80 CCSA Exam Practice

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Exam Code 156-215.80

Exam Name Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) R80
Related Certification Check Point Certified Security Administrator
Related Technology Security
Test Format MCQ
Questions Format PDF + Online Practice Test Format
Price (Bundle) $92

Check Point 156-215.80 CCSA Exam Topics

The curriculum for CCSA 156-215.80 CCSA will give you the knowledge and practice skills in Security Policies
and Procedures & IT Security & Infrastructure. In this exam, you are going to have detailed review of asset Sam
by via Security & Security.

How Pass4leads' 156-215.80 Practice Test Helps You?

Candidates have a chance to register themselves for the Check Point 156-215.80 CCSA exam that will
establish knowledge and skills to IT Security & Infrastructure, Security Policies and Procedures and Security
Risk Management. The intend of Check Point Security 156-215.80 Exam is to handle all things related to
Security and Security technologies.

Exam Name:156-215.80 - Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) R80

Related Certifications: The successful completion of this exam will give you a certified visa to may apply
for Check Point Certified Security Administrator Certification.

No. Of Questions: 40 questions to be entertained by candidate.

Time Required: 60 minutes exam, taken at any worldwide Pearson VUE testing center.

Exam Format: The exam is the usual 40 questions of multiple-choice format with a passing level of 70%.

Check Point Certified Security Administrator 156-215.80 Exam -

Career Goals
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Check Point 156-215.80 Exam Audience

The Check Point 156-215.80 Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) R80 Exam is designed for
candidates that have atleast 3 year's job experience in Security Administrator, Computer Network & Office
Administrator field. The candidates must be familiar or have knowledge IT Security & Infrastructure & Security
Risk Management.

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Version: 11.0
Question 1

Which of the following is NOT an integral part of VPN communicaton within a network?

A. VPNkey
B. VPN community
C. VPN trust enttes
D. VPN domain

Aoswern A

Question 2

Two administrators Dave and Jon both manage R80 Management as administrators for Alpha Corp. Jon
logged into the R80 Management and then shortly afer Dave logged in to the same server. They are
both in the Security Policies view. From the screenshots below, why does Dave not have the rule no.6 in
his SmartConsole view even though Jon has it his in his SmartConsole view?

A. Jon is currently editng rule no.6 but has Published part of his changes.
B. Dave is currently editng rule no.6 and has marked this rule for deleton.
C. Dave is currently editng rule no.6 and has deleted it from his Rule Base.
D. Jon is currently editng rule no.6 but has not yet Published his changes.

Aoswern D

When an administrator logs in to the Security Management Server through SmartConsole, a new editng
session starts. Thechanges that the administrator makes during the session are only available to that
administrator. Other administrators see a lock icon on object and rules that are being edited. To make
changes available to all administrators, and to unlock the objects andrules that are being edited, the
administrator must publish the session.
Question 3

Vanessa is frewall administrator in her company; her company is using Check Point frewalls on central
and remote locatons, which are managed centrally by R80 Security Management Server. One central
locaton has an installed R77.30 Gateway on Open server. Remote locaton is using Check Point UTM-1
570 series appliance with R71. Which encrypton is used in Secure Internal Communicaton (SIC)
between central management and frewall on each locaton?

A. On central frewall AES128 encrypton is used for SIC, on Remote frewall 3DES encrypton is used for
B. On both frewalls, the same encrypton is used for SIC. This is AES-GCM-256.
C. The Firewall Administrator can choose which encrypton suite will be used by SIC.
D. On central frewall AES256 encrypton is used for SIC, on Remote frewall AES128 encrypton is used
for SIC.

Aoswern A

Gateways above R71 use AES128 for SIC. If one of the gateways is R71 or below, the gateways use 3DES.

Question 4

Review the following screenshot and select the BEST answer.

A. DataCenter Layer is an inline layer in the Access Control Policy.
B. By default all layers are shared with all policies.
C. If a connecton is dropped in Network Layer, it will not be matched against the rules in Data Center
D. If a connecton isaccepted in Network-layer, it will not be matched against the rules in Data Center

Aoswern C

Question 5

Which of the following is NOT a SecureXL trafc fow?

A. Medium Path
B. Accelerated Path
C. Fast Path
D. Slow Path
Aoswern C

Question 6

Which of the following Automatcally Generated Rules NAT rules have the lowest implementaton

A. Machine Hide NAT

B. Address Range Hide NAT
C. Network Hide NAT
D. Machine Statc NAT

Aoswern B,C

SmartDashboard organizes the automatc NAT rules in thisordern

Question 7

Fill in the blanksn VPN gateways authentcate using ___________ and ___________ .

A. Passwords; tokens
B. Certfcates; pre-shared secrets
C. Certfcates; passwords
D. Tokens; pre-shared secrets

Aoswern B

VPN gateways authentcate using Digital Certfcates and Pre-shared secrets.

Question 8

In R80 spoofng is defned as a method ofn

A. Disguising an illegal IP address behind an authorized IP address through Port Address Translaton.
B. Hiding your frewall from unauthorized users.
C. Detectng people using false or wrong authentcaton logins
D. Making packets appear as if they come from an authorized IP address.

Aoswern D

IP spoofng replaces the untrusted source IP address with a fake, trusted one, to hijack connectons to
your network. Atackers use IP spoofng to send malware and bots to your protected network, to execute
DoS atacks, or to gain unauthorized access.

Question 9

Fill in the blankn The __________ is used to obtain identfcaton and security informaton about network

A. User Directory
B. User server
C. UserCheck
D. User index

Aoswern A

Question 10

Which Check Point feature enables applicaton scanning and the detecton?

A. Applicaton Dictonary
B. AppWiki
C. Applicaton Library
D. CPApp

Aoswern B

AppWiki Applicaton Classifcaton Library
AppWiki enables applicaton scanning and detecton of more than 5,000 distnct applicatons and over
300,000 Web 2.0 widgets including instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, VoIP, games
and more.

Question 11

DLP and Geo Policy are examples of what type of Policy?

A. Standard Policies
B. Shared Policies
C. Inspecton Policies
D. Unifed Policies

Aoswern B

The Shared policies are installed with the Access Control Policy.
Sofware Blade
Mobile Access
Launch Mobile Access policy in a SmartConsole. Confgure how your remote users access internal
resources, such as their email accounts, when they are mobile.
Launch Data Loss Preventon policy in a SmartConsole. Confgure advanced toolsto automatcally identfy
data that must not go outside the network, to block the leak, and to educate users.
Geo Policy
Create a policy for trafc to or from specifc geographical or politcal locatons.
HTTPS Policy
The HTTPS Policy allows the Security Gateway to inspect HTTPS trafc to prevent security risks related to
the SSL protocol. To launch the HTTPS Policy, click Manage & Setngs s Blades s HTTPS
Inspecton s Confgure in SmartDashboard

Question 12

Fill in the blankn A _________ VPN deployment is used to provide remote users with secure access to
internal corporate resources by authentcatng the user through an internet browser.

A. Clientless remote access

B. Clientless direct access
C. Client-based remoteaccess
D. Direct access

Aoswern A

Clientless - Users connect through a web browser and use HTTPS connectons. Clientless solutons
usually supply access to web-based corporate resources.