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White Walls Rider 2017

This rider is meant to ensure the best possible conditions for a ​White Walls​ concert. Any alterations must be negotiated with and
agreed upon by the band’s representative before being made.

Please read this document through. Please print out a few copies of the ​Tech​ part and make sure to pass it on to the sound
engineer/stage manager/crew. For any questions, please contact us in advance.


Mihnea Ioan Grecu
Mobile:​ +40 722 545 258
E-mail:​ ​

Band Contact
Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu
Mobile:​ +40 744 247 880
E-mail:​ ​

Sound Engineer
Alexandru Zglimbea
Mobile:​ +40 740 317 420
E-mail: ​


!!! Our travelling party is usually 6 people, but it can be up to 9 people !!!
Contact us in advance for details on your specific show!

● Band: Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu, Alexandru Dascălu, Theodor Scrioșteanu, Eugen Brudaru

● Sound Engineer: Alexandru Zglimbea
● Tech/driver: -

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017


Hotel/Hostels​: The usual travelling party needs accommodation for ​6 people​ ​(​contact us for the
crew list for your specific show!!!​)​, distributed in ​3 twin rooms​ or whatever combination suits you
best. In each room there should be WC/shower. In at least one room there should be an Internet
connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet/Cable). We’d love for breakfast to be included, as well!

Private​: Should fulfill all above requirements. The promoter provides clean and comfortable
accommodation including a clean shower and towels for ​6 people​.

It would be great if you could help us out by having a couple of strong people available to help us load in
all the equipment at arrival and load out after the show/curfew.

Please supply a parking space for our van next to the club. This parking space must be available from
arrival until departure, after show and load out. Please arrange for all necessary permits for parking and
driving if necessary.


The band and the band’s booking agent must be allowed to have a guest list of ​10 persons​ in total, and a
minimum of ​1 (one)​ place on the accredited photographer list for the event needs to be reserved for us!

Please provide us with a suitable place with lights and tables for our merchandise, where we can sell our
stuff. Unless negotiated prior, ​no commission​ from the sales will be paid to the promoter or any third


These have a separate section just to stress their importance: when we’re on tour we don’t have many
opportunities to wash the towels that we brought from home, so we would ​LOVE IT​ if you could provide
us with ​at least ​4 large towels​ for use before/during/after the show! Also, please provide us with a
minimum of​ 8 x 0.5l bottles of FLAT water​ on stage and several others (among other refreshments
- fruit juices, coffee, rum&cola, German beers, Belgian beers, Czech beers, local beers, beers etc.) in the
dressing room!

The promoter will supply one clean, heated, private and comfortable dressing room/backstage area
suitable for a total of at least ​6 people​ for the use of the band crew. We’d appreciate 2 x 220 V power
outlets, one fridge (or plenty of ice), a mirror and a trash can. Running water will be appreciated and so
will toilet and shower facilities. If this is not possible in the dressing room it should be accessible and

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017
available somewhere in proximity to the dressing room. The dressing rooms must be guarded by the
promoter’s crew from artist’s arrival to the artist’s departure.

In case the Hospitality Rider is modified or cannot be fulfilled, please contact us for approval.

Thank you!

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017

1. ​White Walls consists of the following live members:

● Theo Scrioșteanu - drums
● Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu - bass guitar (​VEGETARIAN, FISH​)
● Alexandru-Eduard Dascălu - guitar (​VEGAN​)
● Eugen Brudaru - vocals
● Alexandru Zglimbea - sound engineer
● George Blasianu - tech/driver (​VEGETARIAN, FISH​)

2. ​As far as food goes, we’re honestly not that picky, except for insisting on you ​respecting our
vegetarian​/​vegan​ dudes! If all you offer them is hot dogs, we can guarantee we’ll all be in a
foul mood.

VERY IMPORTANT - ​Alex, the guitar player, is VEGAN, and Serban, the bass player, and
George, the tech/driver, are pescatarians (vegetarians that eat fish) ​- PLEASE PROVIDE

Again, because this is important to us:

3 x omnivores

You can take us to a decent restaurant or provide us with a nice homemade meal/catering that
includes vegetarian/vegan and/or fish options (​PLEASE respect our non-meat-eating
buddies​) or buy-out for ​6 people​. In case of buy-out, please provide us with a minimum of € ​
12​ per person in local currency to be handed to the band at least 4 hours before stage time. If
there is going to be buy-out we would love for you to provide us with directions and maps to
restaurants where the entourage can find good vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

3.​ Keep the food fresh and healthy! We love fruit, salads, vegetables, juices, fresh cheese, yogurt.
We also love spicy food and we appreciate ethnic cuisine. Surprise us!

4. On stage​, please provide us with ​AT LEAST 3​ (three) 0,5 l bottles of ​FLAT​ mineral water
each​. Can’t stress this enough, no sparkling water, please! There will be no burping during our
show! Off-stage, we enjoy natural fruit juices, milk (not at the same time!), soy milk etc.

5. ​After shows, we like to indulge in mild drinking, and we especially LOVE great beers! Belgian,

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017
German, Czech, you bring’em on!

6. ​If THC/CBD is legal/tolerated where the gig is taking place, please come say “hi!” to our
sound engineer and bass player. If it’s not, please come say “hi!” to our sound engineer and bass
player :)

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017


White Walls ​usually ​prefer bringing their ​full ​backline to the show, ​if discussed in
advance !!!

If not​, please provide us with the following or an equivalent:

● Drums:
○ 1 x 22” bass drum
○ 1 x 10” tom
○ 1 x 12” tom
○ 1 x 14” floor tom
○ 1 x 16” floor tom
○ 1 x Hi-Hat stand
○ 1 x Snare stand
○ 6 x Cymbal stands
○ 1 x Double Tom Stand
○ 1 x Drum “throne” (seat/chair/whatever)
○ IMPORTANT​: ​please make sure that all stands are in good operating condition, have
usable locking mechanisms and are stable!
○ IMPORTANT​: our drummer is quite OCD; please make sure that all stands that you provide us
with allow for fine adjustments:
■ Hi-Hat ~ 88 cm
■ Crash cymbals ~ 120 cm
■ Snare top head ~ 67 cm
■ Tom top head ~ 85 cm
■ Floor tom top head ~67 cm
■ Drum throne/seat ~ 52 cm
○ All drums/stands should be of at least decent quality; please ​NO​ ​Millenium/Peace/Doina etc.)
○ Usually we​ ​bring our own cymbals/snare/pedal.

● Bass:
○ 1 x bass amp head,​ minimum of 500W (preferably ​TC Electronic RH/Blacksmith​, if not -
all-tube or hybrid Ampeg, Ashdown, Laney etc.)
○ at least 1 x 4x10 bass cabinet​ (​TC Electronic​, Ampeg, Ashdown, Laney, etc.)
○ 2​ electrical outlets (​1​ in the back and ​1​ in the front of the stage, near the monitor)
○ Usually we bring our own bass fx pedalboard.

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017
● Guitar:
○ 1 x ENGL Invader 100W head or similar
○ 1 x Marshall 1960A Cabinet
○ 3​ electrical outlets (two in the back next to the half/full stack and one in the front, near the
○ Usually we bring our own guitar FX rack/Kemper Profiling Amp

● Voice:
○ 1 x Shure SM58 mic
○ 1 x straight mic stand (heavy round base preferred)
○ 1 x in-ear wireless monitoring system (​Sennheiser G3, Shure PSM 200+)

If we are ​NOT​ ​bringing our backline, or parts of it (​as discussed in advance​), we need about
the equivalent of what is listed above.


● At least decent quality digital console with ​at least 24 inputs​;

● Four (4) stage monitors (only 3 pictured in the stage plot!) with ​FOUR ​separate mixes, one for
each member of the band;
● Usually, we bring our own IEM systems for guitar/drums/bass/vocal monitoring, but we’d like
monitors too as a failsafe/spare/extra stage volume;
● Enough channels of gate, compression, reverb, delay as detailed in the input list.
● An in-house engineer accustomed to all the FOH gear should be on hand for the whole
soundcheck/concert to provide troubleshooting assistance with the PA system if necessary.


● One (1) vocal mic (Beta 58 etc.), on a ​straight stand​, preferably w/ a heavy round base
- even if we bring our own, please provide us with spares!
● 4 x ​9V batteries​ and 6 x ​LR6 AA​ batteries (Duracell or Ikea brand preferably)
● All mics on the input list​;
● A minimum of 5 at least decent quality DI boxes;
● Regulated grounded 220V power outlets spread evenly across the stage (at least ​two (2)
four-way power strips, ​two (2)​ for stage LEFT and ​two (2)​ for stage RIGHT);
● The ​risers ​specified in the stage plot are ​optional​, and very much dependent on the
size of the stage​; please contact us in advance for the specifics!
● If there is access to surge protectors/UPS systems at the venue, we would

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017
very much like to plug our backline and gear into those!

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017
ch description equipment insert

1 Kick Shure Beta 52 / AKG D112 / Sennheiser E 901 Gate/Comp

2 Snare 1 top Shure SM57 Gate/Comp

3 Snare 1 Shure SM57 / Beta 57 / Beta 58


4 Snare 2 Shure SM57

5 Hi-hat Shure / AKG / Audio Tehnica Condenser

6 Ride Shure / AKG / Audio Tehnica Condenser

7 Tom 1 Shure Beta 98 / Shure SM57 / Beyerdynamic Opus 88 / Sennheiser e 604 Gate/Comp

8 Tom 2 Shure Beta 98 / Shure SM57 / Beyerdynamic Opus 88 / Sennheiser e 604 Gate/Comp

9 Tom 3 Shure Beta 98 / Shure SM57 / Beyerdynamic Opus 88 / Sennheiser e 604 Gate/Comp

10 Floor tom 1 Shure Beta 98 / Shure SM57 / Beyerdynamic Opus 88 / Sennheiser e 604 Gate/Comp

11 Floor tom 2 Shure Beta 98 / Shure SM57 / Beyerdynamic Opus 88 / Sennheiser e 604 Gate/Comp

12 Laptop L D.I.

13 Laptop R D.I.

14 OH L Shure / AKG 414 / Audio Tehnica Condenser

15 OH R Shure / AKG 414 / Audio Tehnica Condenser

16 Bass D.I. *** backline head or pedalboard DI out, TBD at load-in ***

17 Bass mic Shure Beta 52 / Shure Beta 57 / AKG D 112

18 Guitar L Kemper Profiling Amp L

19 Guitar R Kemper Profiling Amp R

20 Vocals Main Shure SM58 Comp / Reverb / Tap


21 Vocals Bass Shure SM58 Gate/Comp

White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880
White Walls Rider 2017


White Walls
e-mail: ​
Mihnea +40722525458
Șerban +40744247880