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Methodology: Analysis of Media Coverage
& Influence on Public Opinion

▪ Face to face discussions with Doctors, Patients (strata-wise), Medical

representative, Hospitals (elicit data on insurance coverage of patients
undergoing cardiology treatments) on the cardiac stents pricing cap
▪ Mass media & Medical journals articles content analysis (qualitative
and quantitative) on stents price cap issue and its probable impact on
other medical devices (orthopedics if next under the scanner).
▪ Interactions with media houses (news channels, newspapers and
online writers) to evaluate the influence of the pricing cap on the
cardiac stents on public opinion.
▪ Social media analysis through Google Analytics and sources such as
Communication Strategy

Communicate the value proposition of J&J’s products to patients and

doctors and educate them about the superiority of the products when
compared to its competitors in changed environment . Prepare different
PR excerpts for different stakeholders according to their needs and
through suitable mediums. The focus of this excerpt shall be:
▪ Doctors - Medical Journals & Emails on the quality of products.
▪ Hospitals - Emails and Face-to-face direct representation (and
centralized training of those representatives selected from selected
Distributors) and assurance of supply, Revised margins if any.
▪ Patients – Better information & assurance on quality/ guarantee.
▪ Regulators – Timely and effective flow of communication with the
regulators to bolster transparency avoiding regulations that hampers
quality and innovation.
Analysis & Discussions

Industry/External Analysis-
▪ Analyze the joint replacement market for composition, size and
structure. Also collect some info on 3-D based customized joint
replacements and cosmetic jaw / nose restructuring, and collate some
numbers from Indian medical association and other published sources
etc. Interactions with orthopaedics and hospitals to collect information.
Internal Analysis-
▪ Connect fortnightly with J&J mentor, marketing and R&D teams to
know their views on the products suggested by us. Analyze the
current distribution channels and respective margins of different
stakeholders . Establish channels of communication with suggested
distributors of competitor products to do a comparative study.
Alternate sources of Revenue/Profit drivers

▪ Product: Ideate innovative product propositions, analyze current

unmet needs of these products with help from J&J representatives.
Focus on 3-D customized implants, cosmetic procedures like
Rhinoplasty (Nose job) and jaw correction.
▪ Pricing: Analyze the product constraints of J&J , supply chain,
distributor margins and analyze opportunities of capturing value/profit
through optimum pricing and margin allocations.
▪ Distribution/procurement: Discuss different opportunities of
delivering value through supply chain optimization, getting it made
through local contractors instead of imports to circumvent Import duties
(Analyze the regulation regarding the same). Manufacture products
through job-work by third parties to reduce fixed costs.
Alternate sources of Revenue/Profit drivers

▪ Promotion: Analyze current promotion & PR spend with J&J team and
explore ways of maximizing outreach while minimizing costs. Focus on
social media for new cosmetic procedures.
▪ Organizing Industry Seminars: Conduct paid seminars for medical
students in India on latest developments in orthopedics sciences &
innovations in collaboration with medical colleges. Create a demand
through social media for the same. Other sources such as holding
sessions in old-age homes and sports centers where the probability of
orthopedic equipment is higher could be explored.
▪ Monetization model: Devise a monetization model for the products
including the details for the investments needed and the revenues that
are targeted.
Profiles of Participants (Team Coalesce)

Abishek Bohra Mitali Sarin

Years of Experience:4 Years of Experience: 4.5
Specialization: Marketing Specialization: Design
Education: Bachelors of Education: Bachelors of
Business Studies Design, Masters of Art

Shashi Poddar Vipul Nagpal

Years of Experience:3.5 Years of Experience: 4
Specialization: Finance Specialization:Consulting
Education: Chartered Education: Economics
Accountant, CS Honors