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Microsoft Excel – Keyboard Shortcuts

For Mac

Excel’s keyboard shortcuts
Learn some of the most useful keyboard combinations in Excel,
and navigate through your worksheets with ease

Basic shortcuts

Copy a cell Command & C Paste a Command & V

Hold Press copied cell Hold Press

Cut a cell Command & X Undo Command & Z

Hold Press Hold Press

Command & Option & V Shift & Arrow
Paste current cell
Special Press Press Press selection by Hold Press
Extend the
selection to Command & Shift & Arrow Switch the Command & Tab
the last non- window
Hold Hold Press Press Press
blank cell

Move through Option & Left Arrow Move through

Option & Right Arrow
sheets sheets
Hold Press (upwards) Hold Press

Select an area of cells

Extend the Shift & Arrow Shift & Spacebar

selection by Select a
one cell Hold Press row Hold Press

Extend the
selection to Command & Shift & Arrow Select a Command & Spacebar
the last non- column
blank cell Hold Hold Press Hold Press

Extend the
Command & A
selection Shift & PgUp Select the
upwards (one entire sheet Hold Press
Hold Press
Extend the
selection Shift & PgDn Command & Shift & *
Select visible
downwards Hold Press
cells only Hold Hold Press
(one screen)
Extend the
Shift & Home Command & Shift & O
selection to Select cells
the beginning Hold Press with comments Hold Hold Press
of the row

Data entry

F2 Obtain the same Command & D

Edit cell cell as above
Press Hold Press
(fill down)

Obtain the same & R

Repeat F4 Command
cell as the one
last operation Press to the left Hold Press
(fill right)
Delete text in
Repeat Command Shift Y Control & Del
the formula bar
last operation Hold & Hold & Press (until the end of Hold Press
(Redo) the line)

Start a new Control Option Return Shift & F2

Create/Edit a
Line in the Hold & Hold & Press comment Hold Press
same cell

Logical operators and Grouping of sheets

Logical operators

= > <
Equal to Greater than Less than

<> >= <=

Different than Greater or equal Smaller or equal

Grouping of sheets
You can group worksheets, if you would like to edit multiple worksheets at the same time. When two or more sheets are
grouped, every action that is carried on one of them is carried out at the other as well

Shift & Left-click on a sheet

Once you have grouped the sheets, the title
Hold Press Hold the Shift button and click on the sheets of the workbook would indicate that you are
that you would like to be grouped operating in “Group” mode

In order to exit Group mode, you need to go to a sheet which was not included in the
Grouping. The “[Group]” sign at the top of the workbook will immediately disappear

Please, use this functionality very carefully! It is possible to forget that you are still operating under
! !
“Group” mode. Be careful not to do that.