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Baquiran, Jemarie

Luyun, Elijah

Padilla, Mary Grace

----- --, 2017


Today, there are a lot of food service establishments that offer variant types of
services to provide food and drinks to people on their desired place. They provide food
and drinks to one’s particular event. Events like weddings, birthdays, company outings,
Christmas parties, and the likes. This kind of service, particularly catering service, is very
popular nowadays. Thus, calling varied styles of food service because buffet, blue plate,
and other group of styles in food services can be used in doing a catering function.

Catering is preparing and serving of food with fee, and obviously it will cost more
because this service will bring the restaurant to you. It is a great opportunity for a food
service establishment to have this function because they will not be limited to serving
clients that go to their restaurant, which means that they will have a more diverse set of

II. Background of the Study

PATIO ORIETA CATERING SERVICES CO. (known as Cafe Villa house of Grills & Coffee
Corporation then) traces its beginnings in the late 1970s which started from the
vision of a simple, hardworking couple who were passionate lovers of food, Mr. Carlos &
Mrs. Orieta Villanueva started rationing cooked food for the canteens of some of the
reputable universities in the country. Evolving into a corporation in 1983, the company
has successfully captured its own niche in the restaurant and catering industry, serving
government and private employees, students, businessmen and middle-income class

For over three decades, Patio Orieta has served several establishments in the metro,
both in private and government. From Nayong Pilipino (1983 - 2001), International
Cargo Terminal (1985 - 1992), Philippine Army Clubhouse (2003 - 2009), D.M. Consunji,
Inc. canteen (2005 - 2007), Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (2007 - 2011), San
Sebastian College Recoletos (2007 - 2014), Pancake House Group of Companies (2009 -
2015) and Directories Philippines Corp. (2013-2016).

To date, Patio Orieta is operating a restaurant and coffee shop at Royal Palm
Residences (since April 2014) owned by DMCI located in Taguig City, to which we cater
to their homeowners and guests. On a regular basis, Patio Orieta cater to ABS-CBN,
FILINVEST LAND, INC., D.M. CONSUNJI, INC. and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

The main headquarters of Patio Orieta Catering Services Co. is located in AFPOVAI,
Taguig City. It is a lot owned by the daughter of Mrs. Orieta Villanueva, Ms. Erlinda
Villanueva, who is also the inheritor of the company. The lot acts as a warehouse to
store goods used for the cooking of food, as a parking space for the company vehicles,
and also as a boarding house for majority of the regular employees. Regular employees
are distributed to different tasks for the regular routine. If there is no cater for the day,
the usual daily business is the operating of the restaurant in Royal Palm Residences,
which involves employees who cook, drivers to take and pick up employees to and from
the restaurant, employees who operate the restaurant, and employees to help with the
operations in the headquarters (cleaning, maintenance etc.). When there are catering
events for the day, the company has back up on the call employees. The number of back
up employees needed are dependent on the number of people to cater within the day.

III. Conceptual Framework


knowledge about Catering FEEDBACK FOR PATIO


IV. Statement of the Problem

The research aims to gauge the effectiveness of Patio Orieta Catering Services Co. to
their servicing companies. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:

1. How did the customers know about Patio Orieta Catering Services Co.?
2. Is Patio Orieta Catering Services Co. there first choice for their caterer?
3. What made them choose Patio Orieta Catering Services Co.?
4. How was the overall service based on the surveys?
5. What needs to be improved on the service of Patio Orieta Catering Services Co.?
6. Will they hire Patio Orieta Catering Services Co. again? Would the customers
refer the company to others?

V. Null Hypothesis
VI. Scope and Limitations
VII. Significance of the Study