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MAGAJI, Zakari To determine the t-test, The study’s Accounting using Effect of Measures the All the 451
Buba and mean difference in Analysis of participants gender as a variable Mathematics and proficiency in participants that
UMAR, Ramatu the performance variance and were 451 of interest, is found English Language Mathematics and made up the sample
Talatu (2015) scores of male and Pearson Business to be significant. The Proficiency on the mean for the study were
A research on female students Product Education findings revealed Academic performance scores subjected to pre-
“Effect of who possess the Moment students drawn that credit pass in Performance of of Business test, post-test to
Mathematics required entry Correlation; from 6 Mathematics and Business Education students assess Students’
and English grades (proficiency quasi- universities in English had Education in Financial mean performance
Language in Mathematics experimental northern states significant effect on Students in Accounting. scores in the
Proficiency on and English) in pre-test post- of Nigeria. This Academic Financial Financial Accounting
Academic Financial test design sample size achievement of Accounting test. This was
Performance of Accounting. concurs with students in Financial preceded by 14 days
Business Boyd (2006) Accounting as far as of lecture on
Education To determine the that a gender consideration relevant topic to the
Students in mean difference population of is concerned. This research exercise.
Financial between the 1200 subjects finding of the study
Accounting”. performance should also revealed that
scores of students’ have a sample there was a
with proficiency in of 451. This significant difference
Mathematics and sample of between the mean
English language in students was performance
Financial randomly scores of students
Accounting and chosen using who were good in
those without. stratified Mathematics and
random English language and
To investigate the technique. those who were
extent to which deficient in
entry grades (credit Mathematics and
pass in English language. A
Mathematics and clear positive
English language) association was
influence the found between
performance proficiency in
scores of Business Mathematics and
Education students English language and
in Financial mean performance
Accounting. score of students in
Financial Accounting.
Onuoha Ijeoma To find out if Random A sample of 40 It was revealed that Correlation Measures A test for
Perpetua (2014) students that sampling students were was a positive Study between mathematical Mathematics which
Correlation possess little or no technique; selected relationship between Performances in aptitude had 0.83 reliability
Study between background Correlation randomly from the test Mathematics and and a test for
Performances knowledge in coefficient each year in performances in Accounting Accounting which
in Mathematics mathematics can Accountancy Mathematics and Subjects among had 0.93 reliability
and Accounting comfortably pursue Department of Accounts. The Undergraduates were constructed
Subjects among a degree course in the University of relationship was not Students in the and administered.
Undergraduates Accountancy. Nigeria Nsukka statistically Nigerian Tertiary Each test was scored
Students in the (10 students significant although Institutions out of a maximum of
Nigerian from year one, it showed some 20 marks.
Tertiary year two, year relatively linear
Institutions. three and final relationship between
year). the two variables;
still the relationship
was not statistically
significant. It
therefore could be
inferred that
students can enroll
for Accounting
without necessarily
being so outstanding
in Mathematics.
Gist, Willie E; To determine Reliability Students Based on this The influence of Correlation of A survey and a math
Goedde, whether the four coefficient; enrolled for the empirical analysis, it mathematical mathematical skills pretest were
Harold; Ward, factors (selected multiple first time in appears that general skills and other on the administered to
Bart H (1996) for study made a regression Accounting academic aptitude as factors on performance of students during the
The influence of difference in the Principles I at an measured by SAT minority student accountancy first week of class.
mathematical performance of historically Black score and college performance in students in
skills and other Black students. university on GPA, and principles of accounting
factors on the East Coast. performance in accounting
minority calculus contribute
student significantly to
performance in explaining successful
principles of performance of
accounting minority (Black)
students in