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School Panghulo National High School (Senior High School) Grade Level Senior High School - Grade 11

Teacher Loida B. Sacueza Learning Area ICT - Programming

Teaching Dates June 13-16, 2017 Quarter First
Time MT (1:30-5:00 pm), W (12:30-2:30),TH (4-6)F (3-7pm) LC Code TLE_ICTP.NET11PRW-Ic-10

Content Standard The learners demonstrate an understanding of the principles and concepts in solving problems in the workplace, including
the application of problem-solving techniques, and in resolving the root cause of problems
Performance Standard The learners independently solve problems in the workplace, including the application of problem- solving techniques
based on TESDA Training Regulations
A. Lesson Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies
B. Learners’ Materials/Resources 1. Programming Vol. 1, Innovative Training Works, Inc. pp.45-53
2. Information Technology Passport Exam Book,pp 17-35,91-101
4. TESDA Training Regulations
5. TESDA Module of Instructions
6. Laptop computer
7. Projector
8. PowerPoint presentation
C. Learning Objectives LO 1.Identify the problem
1.1 Identify variances from normal operating parameters and product quality
1.2 Define extent, cause, and nature are of the problem through observation, investigation, and analytical techniques
1.3 State and specify problems clearly
LO 2. Determine fundamental causes of the problem
2.1 Identify possible causes based on experience and the use of problem-solving tools/ analytical techniques
2.2 Develop possible cause statements based on findings
2.3 Identify fundamental causes per results of investigation conducted

D. Learning Strategies/Activities Class Discussion

Group Activity
E. Assessment Plan Pre-test/Post-test

No. of learners within mastery level: _______

No. of learners below mastery level: _______

F. Remediation/ Reinforcement Activity

Prepared by: LOIDA B. SACUEZA Checked by: LOLITA L. ACUÑA

Teacher Principal