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NAME: _Lydia Spellman_

1. Description of Project: What will your project will look like? In no more than three
paragraphs, describe your project and its purpose.

I would like to do a job shadow for one of the set/ costume designers for the Civic theatre.
Ideally I would get to observe their design process, and because the civic theatre is a small company I
might be able to assist in set/ costume construction or possibly small elements of the design.

2. Prior Knowledge: List below previous knowledge acquired about the project, tasks
already completed, and materials or sources procured.

I’ve done set/ costume design/construction for high school productions before, and I
have emailed the director at the civic theatre, but he has not responded to my email yet. I’ve
also done a little bit of research out the history of the theatre and their 2017 season.

3. Proposed Mentor: Whom have you asked to be your mentor and why? Is this person
willing to sign the mentor contract and also provide proof of completion documentation to the
teacher at the end of the project?

I plan on my mentor being the person that I end up job shadowing because they will be able to
provide valuable insight, but I have not been able to contact them yet.

4. Task Analysis: After talking with your mentor, develop a timeline that lists all the tasks you
must complete in order to finalize your project by the due date. The timeline should include
anticipated completion dates for each task. If you are raising money for a charity, you must indicate
how you will handle the money you collect. For any fundraising at North, you must create an
account at the bookstore.


I anticipate conducting my job shadow during the civic theatre’s production of a WW2 radio
christmas or Carrie the musical. Which means most of my job shadowing would take place within the
space of a month or so. In either december or january.

5. Costs & Materials: After conferring with your mentor, you should research all materials and
costs needed to complete your project successfully.

I don’t anticipate any costs except possibly gas, but I have not been able to confer with my mentor

List the materials and costs for each item.

Where did you get your information regarding costs?

6. Stretch for learning: Make a claim about how this project is a stretch for your learning. Then,
support your claim with at least three reasons. Make sure your reasons are explained thoroughly.

This project is a stretch for my learning because while I’ve done sets for school productions I
have never done a show in a theatre with the technical capacity that the civic theatre has so this will be
like an entirely new experience for me, and I will have to relearn most of the things that I have learned
about set/ costume design. I have also never had to work with a large team of people when doing
designs. This will be a stretch for me because I’m a very introverted person and I think working on this
project might help me better communicate my ideas. Also If I end up doing costume design, my sewing
skills will most likely be stretched because while I can sew a few basic things I have no clue how to
do darts or ruching.