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3Prep-The First Term-Unit 3

The Universe
It is wide and extended space that contains galaxies
Number of Galaxies in the Universe:
100,000 million
Milky Way:
A galaxy which contains millions of stars including
the sun and the solar system。
Name of Milky Way Galaxy:
It appears in the sky at night as a splashing milk or
spreading straw.
The Sun Rotation:
Big Bang:
Expansion of Universe:
The sun takes about 220 million years to complete
one rotation around the center of the galaxy.
Location of the Solar System:
The Solar System is located in one of the spiral arms
of the Milky Way on the edge of the galaxy.
Origin of Universe
A massive explosion resulted in all forms of matter,
energy , space and time。
A gaseous ball of high (P& T)pressure and
temperature in a small volume undergoes constant
(Big Bang Theory):
1- The Universe was very small and very hot.
2-Expansion and change processes started.
3- Expansion produced atomic particles (He & H)
4- The Atomic Particles merged together to produce
5- Continuous expansion of the universe make the
distances between galaxies become larger.
Theories about the evolution of the solar system: 4
Nebular Crossing Modern
Assumption: Star: Theory:
The Founder: The Founder: The Founder:
Laplace Chamberlain & Fred Hoyle
The solar The solar The solar
system system system
originated from originated from originated from
A Nebula The sun. One of the most
( A glowing Stars。
gaseous sphere
around itself)
Over the time, Another huge An explosion
The Nebula star approached occurred to
gradually loses the sun. The most
its heat. glowing star.
The Nebula The huge star Occurrence of a
contracted. attracted to the nuclear reaction
sun. (Due to star
The revolving A great Huge amount of
speed of the explosion gaseous
Nebula occurred in the materials were
increased. part of the sun produced
Facing the
crossing star.

Origin of A gaseous line The bombed

Centrifugal was formed gases were
Force. from the sun. cooled。
The Nebula lost The gaseous The rotation of
its sphere form line started to the produced
condense due to gases
the attraction around the
forces. sun。

The Nebula The gaseous

became inform line cooled
of a Flat forming the
Rotating Disk. planets.
Parts got The sun escaped
separated from From the
the Flat gravity of the
Rotating Disk. visiting star due
to the
Formation of
gaseous rings。
Rotation of the
gaseous rings。
The gaseous
rings formed
the planets 。
The flaming
mass formed
the sun.
Fred Hoyle Theory is the most correct theory to
explain the origin of the Solar System:
1- The explosion of stars is a common
phenomenon 。
2- Materials of the sun differ from that of the
planets 。
Things Function
Solar Telescope To study the sun。
Hubble Telescope Collecting photos for
Volcanoes and