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Innovation Summit

Designing Innovation

Adrian Caroen, CEO, ​Seymourpowell

9 Guidelines from Product Designer Perspective

1. Embrace Change
○ continue to move forward
○ anything is possible
2. Uncover the Truth
○ simple things are there
○ get people’s attention
○ make a behaviour that already exists ​simpler​ | difference
3. Watch for emergent (unexpected) behaviour
○ Fairphone
4. Think Big​ & Think Small
○ innovation is rarely a big idea,
○ series of small ideas brought together in a ​different way
○ change the ways!
5. Ask ​why not​!
○ Morph - seating concept
○ get far in the future so ​you can see it
6. Know your brand
○ what are the attributes
○ accumulation of expectations
○ patterns: attributes of the brand
○ do something that’s ​relevant​ for the brand
7. Create magical experiences that people ​love
○ tiny ideas with bigg effect
○ Ford Kuga commercial
○ Seymourpowell VR Model Sketch in 3D
Rise of the Robots

Daren Pickering, Innovation Architect, ​Worldpay

● First Date with Robot Pepper

● Pizza Hut Shoes
○ brings pizza directly to your location
● Artificial Intelligence
○ perform tasks that require human intelligence
○ for Wikipedia edits, Risk/Search Engines, Voice Recognition, Smart Advertising
(recommendation system)
● Alan Turing
○ Turing Test​: people aren’t able to distinguish machine vs another human
○ Eliza Chat Bot, 1960s

● Robots in Fiction
○ slaves, companions, or pets?
○ movie​: ​A.I. Artificial Intelligence​ (2011)
○ robot for autistic kids: ​Kasper
Rejuvenation biotechnology: why age may soon no longer mean aging

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, ​SENS Research Foundation

Metabolism →
​ Damage →
​ Pathology

(life-long) (late-life)
● emulate long-lived species
● geriatrics​: health of elderly people
● targeting metabolism is tricky and didn’t work
● simulate famine, change genese
● biogerontology & maintenance

● Cell 153: 1194 (2014)​ ​ →​ popular paper

● keep people healthy -> longevity is an extra

● Ted Talk

Discover the first 3D printed Humanoid Robot

Gael Langevin, CEO, ​InMoov

● open-source 3D printed life sized robot

● hands used in numerous countries
● every part is downloadable and has tutorials
● kinect to ​see
● 72 countries & 85 universities
● MyRobotLab​ - software and sensors
Co-Creating the Future

David Passiak, Futurist & Innovation Management Specialist, ​Cocreatefuture

● published a popular book: Empower - ​available to download

● BirchBox
● Prince EA​, Futurologist - Inspiring commercial - ​Everybody dies, not everybody lives
● I’m making something that is not the cheapest, but it’s worth it. I’m making something unique
and remarkable - ​Seth Godin