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Jan. 4, 2018
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[J-Go_dX)-2-8 J = Julian Assange

Extraction of Julian Assange from London is a


This confirms QAnon post on Christmas Day

signaling the Operational Window for
Assange’s leaving London is Jan. 5-6, 2018.

dX = Assange is ready to drop the next cache of

documents believed to be about the “Deep
State” operations of the Obama administration
DOJ and FBI, as well as Clinton State

2-8 = First drop of documents will be in Vaults

2-8, probably with one vault released in each of
eight days in sequence.

Everything has meaning. This is a classic QAnon statement, repeated


That Assange will leave asylum at the

Ecuadorian Embassy in London means that
President Trump has cleared the path for
Assange to avoid detention by U.S.
international law enforcement authorities.

With the drop of “Deep State” documents,

Assange will complete the bargain by proving
Seth Rich was his source for the DNC and
Podesta email leaks, destroying the Deep State
“Russia collusion” narrative that is the basis
behind the creation of Robert Mueller as
Special Counsel.

Pardoning Assange has been recommended to

President Trump and is under consideration.

The significance of these events is that the

Trump counterattack against the Deep State and
its mainstream media collaborators has begun
in earnest.

Who is AMB Matlock? Jack F. Matlock Jr. was U.S. Ambassador to

Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“Matlock” was also QAnon’s password before

changing has access tripcodes over the
Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Clearly, QAnon identifies with Ambassador’s

Matlock’s career and his message.

A key premise of Ambassador Matlock’s career

was his insistence the U.S. must engage in
dialogue with international adversaries.

“As one who spent a 35-year diplomatic career

working to open up the Soviet Union and to
make communication between our diplomats
and ordinary citizens a normal practice, I find
the attitude of much of our political
establishment and of some of our once
respected media outlets quite
incomprehensible,” Matlock wrote. “Anyone
interested in improving relations with Russia
and avoiding another nuclear arms race—which
is a vital interest of the United States—should
discuss current issues with him [Ambassador
Kislyak] and members of his staff. To consider
him ‘toxic’ is ridiculous.”
Matlock’s career is proof there is no crime for
“colluding with Russia.” No one better than
Matlock points out the hypocrisy of Hillary
Clinton and the Democrats engaging in
“McCarthyism” red-baiting in their effort to
deny President Trump the right to rule.

YES QAnon affirms his agreement with Matlock that

the Donald Trump has acted fully within his
responsibilities as a candidate, as president-
elect, and as president in his dealings with

/[RR-out][P_pers] This is the only point made in bold. Hence it is

a key point in the communication.

RR = Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney


QAnon has signaled that President Trump has

decided to force Rosenstein out of the FBI.

That decision will be communicated by

[P_pers], code for a personal Presidential
communication, most likely one delivered in

As part of the counterattack, President Trump

has decided to reorganize the FBI and the DOJ.

In 2018, all Obama administration holdovers in

the FBI and DOJ will be targeted for

EO_CLASSIFIED_WH[ - On May 11, 2017, President Trump signed an

6713A] Executive Order entitled, “Presidential
Executive Order Strengthening the
Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and
Infrastructure.” This EO provides for an
overhaul of federal cyber-systems and
cybersecurity. Various provisions call for
“classified” implementation of the EO to create
a secure Internet-compatible cyber
communication system for the federal

The Philippines Republic Act. No. 6713 is

considered model legislation, enacted on Feb.
20, 2989, establishing a code of conduct and
ethical standards for public officers.

QAnon is signaling that President Trump has

decided the U.S. government cyber
infrastructure is vulnerable to hacks and leaks.

By citing the Philippines Republic Act. No.

6713, President Trump is signaling he has
decided to remove and/or prosecute Obama
administration holdovers, with emphasis on the
FBI and DOJ, who are Deep State operatives,
not true public servants.

Expect fireworks from the White House this

year going after leakers pursuing personal
objectives. Reference above the comments
regarding Rod Rosenstein.

SIG_con_MAR39sv3665BECD SIG_con = Special Interest Group conference

MAR = Mar-a-Lago

39 (by gematria) is C (3rd letter of alphabet) I

(9th letter of alphabet).

CI = Confidential Informant

sv = surveillance
3665 = year-round, including both leap years
(366 days in duration) and years like 2018 that
are not leap years (365 days).

BECD derives from a geometrical structure

made of three isosceles equilateral scalene
triangles sharing internal lines.

Electronic surveillance originating from point

“A” can gather data from all other points in the
network, “BECD.”

Utilizing information from a Confidential

Informant from within the U.S. government
intelligence apparatus (possibly QAnon),
President Trump has created a SIG Conference
expert group to make sure Mar-a-Lago is secure
from the type of electronic surveillance the
Obama administration conducted on Trump and
his top aides during and following the 2016
presidential campaign.

Ten days after the election, on Nov. 17, 2017,

National Security Agency Director Admiral
Mike Rogers traveled to Trump Tower without
authorization from Director of National
Intelligence James Clapper. Rogers shocks
President-elect Trump by telling him the FBI
and DOJ under false pretenses (using the
Fusion GPS dossier with Trump’s name
removed) to obtain FISA Court approval to
conduct electronic surveillance of Trump and
his top aides. Rogers tells Trump that all his
emails and phone calls in Trump Tower are
being recorded by the NSA. The next day,
Nov. 18, 2016, Trump moves his entire
transition team to Bedminister, New Jersey.

Trump realizes that every day he stays in D.C.,

he is likely under “Deep State” electronic
surveillance. Trump must maintain
Bedminister, N.J., and Mar-a-Lago in Florida
secure facilities where FBI and DOJ Deep State
operatives could never get FISA court
permission to conduct electronic surveillance.

The White House is not a secure facility. Quite

the contrary, the White House is particularly
vulnerable to leaks.

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