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Adam Zalenski

Mr. Campbell

Religion II

15 December 2017

The Resilient and Audacious Life of Saint Sebastian

Born into the Roman aristocracy around 264 B.C.E., Sebastian accompanied the Roman

Imperial Army where he quickly progressed through the ranks, becoming an imperial guard and

advisor to the crude Diocletian. Here, Sebastian established his righteous motives and beliefs,

comforting and converting Roman prisoners to Christianity discreetly. This however, was an

extreme intolerance to Diocletian and most Roman officials, whom detest Christianity. Risking

his life for the sanctity of others, Saint Sebastian continued to inspire those who he encountered

up until his trial for disloyalty to the Roman Empire. Charged with treason, Sebastian was sent to

be viciously berated with arrows, facing an unbearable death. This punishment, however was not

the end of Saint Sebastian. Penetrated by numerous daggers, Sebastian miraculously survived

and was doctored and recovered under Irene of Rome, who later was martyred for her tenacity.

Recovering from his seemingly assured death, Saint Sebastian was steadfast in confronting the

unjust Diocletian and proclaiming his belief and love for Christianity. Deliberately encountering

Diocletian at a stairwell, Sebastian did just as he hoped; renouncing Diocletian and professing

his willingness to Christianity. This glorious satisfaction, however, came at a formerly know

cost. Saint Sebastian was brutally malled by Diocletian’s guards and this time, did not survive.

Despite the physicality of the situation favoring Diocletian, the death of Saint Sebastian

was a victory for the Christian Church. One of the most nefarious empires of the era, the Roman

Empire constantly and relentlessly threatened the life of Christianity. Witnessing this cruelty
first-hand, Saint Sebastian made the bold move to repudiate Roman superiority and support the

goal of Christianity, slowly reviving the Church. Facing countless obstacles along the way,

Sebastian successfully converted hundreds of prisoners, as well as many Roman citizens and

officials. Eventually being caught, he faced harsh punishment and for most people, pain that was

so severe it would paralyze them from ever recovering both physically and mentally. This

however, did not deter Sebastian from his mission. Overcome by the grace and love of God,

Sebastian was able to confront his enemy and proclaim his faith. This resilience was a

fundamental element of Saint Sebastian, who would stop at nothing to spread the word of God.

Although Diocletian defeats Saint Sebastian physically, Sebastian stands triumphant spiritually.

His devotion to God and faith proved much more effective than that of Diocletian, who only

belittled others for their faith. The daring life of Saint Sebastian holds as a symbol, both then and

now, for those who desire a saintly death and undertake adversity.

O, courageous and resilient Sebastian, give us the strength to overcome our hardship and

remain steadfast in our faith. You show us the way in your actions, waving the light for us when

we cannot see. Pray for us that we may be like you, that we find our impulse, and proclaim our

God. Provide us the fortitude you place on your enemies and to reject Satan and his deceiving

lies. May we someday achieve your glorious deeds and rest peacefully in heaven where you

resign with the Almighty God. Amen.

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