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Sophos Cloud Security Provider

Accelerating Channel Success in the Cloud
Sophos Cloud Security Provider Program

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) allows customers to experiment with and evaluate products without
committing to a large purchase. It also offers the speed and convenience of being able to get software
applications up and running without jumping through the hurdles of a sales cycle or dealing with sales
people. The challenge in the IaaS business has been supporting a direct buying experience while
remaining “channel first.” However, Sophos has found the solution—the Sophos Cloud Security Provider
Program (CSP).

The CSP Program supports our customers’ desire to purchase directly from a cloud marketplace while
rewarding our partners for the work they do in helping to secure their customers.

More Revenue Lead Sharing

Maximize your revenue with rebates when your customers buy directly from Sophos will share qualified, cloud-specific, Marketplace-generated leads with you.
Marketplace. Benefits include: Lead types include:

ÌÌ Marketplace billings added to your annual revenue ÌÌ Prospects who have already tried out Sophos
solutions on AWS and Microsoft Azure
ÌÌ A pay out based on a percentage of all your Marketplace billings
ÌÌ Those which have already been qualified by Sophos’ sales team
ÌÌ Deal registration approval for a bring your own license (BYOL) purchase
ÌÌ Leads that are tailored to partner service offerings (such as
license sales only, architecture, and deployment)
Sophos Cloud Security Provider Program

Recognition Training and Support

Two different tiers, Professional and Expert, allow Sophos to reward partners with Your access to cloud-specific training and technical support will help you:
varying levels of investment in, and service offerings for, the cloud.
ÌÌ Increase your knowledge to help your customers on their cloud journey
Professional Partners are mainly focused on sales and will:
ÌÌ Gain access to cloud-specific support for trials and deployments
ÌÌ Advise end users based on their knowledge of common
security threats, technologies, and practices related to Tier SALES CONSULTANT CERTIFIED ENGINEER
securing cloud infrastructures, platforms, and services Professional ü
ÌÌ Obtain sales certifications Expert ü ü

ÌÌ Receive back-end rebates for Marketplace billings

If you’re looking to sell, architect, deploy, and manage Sophos products built for the
Expert Partners will:
cloud, join the CSP Program today.
ÌÌ Support end users (pre- and post-sale) as they deploy, run,
and manage applications in AWS and/or Azure

ÌÌ Obtain sales and technical certifications

ÌÌ Work with Sophos to publish case studies

ÌÌ Earn back-end rebates at a higher percentage for Marketplace billings

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