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Support your three Community Schools ARE YOU

Education Sport and Culture’s – 3 schools (11-16 years) WITH MORE SCHOOL
On January the 17th the States of Guernsey will be debating the future CLOSURES?
structure of Guernsey’s education system which came out of a decision
to move to all-ability schools. The Committee is of the opinion that this is
the right way forward for the students, parents and staff.
Three community schools including a rebuild of La Mare de Carteret.
Alternative Model’s – 1 school two sites (11-18 years) INFORMED?
An alternative model has appeared that suggests two 11-18 schools on
undefined sites would be a better option. Under their proposal there
would be, in effect, one school on two sites. For all intents and purposes
it would be two physical 11-18 schools catering for up to 1400 pupils.
The Alternative Model provides no costs, timelines or deliverable dates. CONSULTED?
It is a policy based decision that the States will have to make that will
direct the Committee for Education Sport and Culture to come back with
proposals at some time in the future

General concerns about Alternative Model WHAT IS YOUR

 Two-school has been through no public consultation process
 No information on which schools will close and when
 No information on which schools your children will attend in the
 No information on how much this will cost although it is BEAU SEJOUR JAN
acknowledged the Alternative Model will cost more in terms of 15TH @7.30PM
building costs
 No information on improved educational outcomes
 Proposes schools of between 1300 and 1400 pupils – far larger
than any seen in Guernsey before
To contact your Deputies to
 Will restrict viable curriculum, qualifications and choice in two
express a view on either
small sixth forms model please use the
 Does not deliver equality of opportunity or give equal importance following email address:
to academic and vocational pathways
This flyer was produced & paid for by
Deputy Neil Inder, a member of the
Committee for Education, Sport &
Education Sport and Culture’s – Recommendations – 3 Community Schools

 Provides certainty. You know which school your child will go to and when
 Has been through a period of public consultation
 Provides schools of a similar size to now (no change to Les Beaucamps and St Sampson’s High, rebuild
of La Mare de Carteret finally undertaken)
 New technical facilities/workshops for apprenticeships/work-related courses
 Refurbishment of Grammar School buildings to provide new, inclusive Sixth Form College offering all
full-time courses including A levels, International Baccalaureate and vocational, applied general and
 Delivers improved educational outcomes
 Delivers equality of opportunity at both secondary and post-16 level
 Fair, inclusive and deliverable
 Evidence-based
 Best value