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Standard Operating Procedure

Item Name: Chain of Custody for FSC & SFI Issued by: S.Gehl
certified product
Item Number: 4.15 Issue Date: 3/8/2010
Approval: Revision Date: 9/5/12

1.0 Purpose
1.1 This document provides guidelines and structure to Dura-Fibre’s SFI certification/chain of custody
process and FSC program.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This document applies to all sections and or activities required for SFI/FSC certification.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 Dura-Fibre applies the physical separation method for SFI / Percentage system for FSC as all
certified forest content can be identified throughout the procurement, manufacture, and selling
process using the following and as detailed in the document: g:\2009 policies and
procedures\raw material flow chart.doc.
3.1.1 Unique RM grade ID
3.1.2 FG Item ID
3.1.3 Product Code ID / Commodity Code ID
3.1.4 DF Production Order #
3.1.5 FSC Product Group List – Crystal report

FSC Material
Category of
Product FSC Product Control Finished Participating
Description Type Material Input Categories System Product Sites

FSC Recycled, un-

P3.4 certified minor Dura-Fibre
RTA Back Paperboard component ( deco Percentage FSC mix, Menasha
Panels Laminates material ) system 100% WI

3.2 All procured raw material used in the production of the HWFC/FSC product is identified and
verified by the one or more of the following:
3.2.1 Approved SFI/FSC supplier file in QA office
3.2.2 Dura-Fibre grade/material ID
3.2.3 Supplier roll labels
3.2.4 Receiving paperwork – Packing List/Bill of Lading which includes date of
delivery, quantity of delivery, supplier identification, and identification of
material On FSC material the product claim and COC #is listed on FSC
product raw material receiving documentation .
3.2.5 Invoices for raw material will be kept on file for not less than 5 years and
indicate the availability of category of origin information upon request for the
HWFC supply and product claim and COC # will be listed on FSC product raw
material invoices.
3.2.6 Supplier Validation via will take place during the annual

3.3 Dura-Fibre will provide a copy of the SFI certificate, the chain of custody number, and the
category of origin at the point of sale upon request by interested parties. In addition, each
shipment will include a packing list / bill of lading containing Dura-Fibre identification
(unless a blind shipment is requested by customer), quantity of shipment, and date of
3.4 Dura-Fibre will include the FSC claim on all shipping and invoicing documents.

4.0 Management Responsibilities and Authorities for Chain of Custody

4.1 Management commitment letter on file in GM office is available to all personnel, suppliers,
customers, and other interested parties upon request and will be posted in the employee lunch
room and shipping department.
4.2 COC Coordinator has overall responsibility and authority for the chain of custody.
4.3 Chain of Custody audits will be performed annually by Quality team, reviewed by the General
Manager, and findings kept on file in GM office for not less than five years.
4.4 Personnel performing work affecting chain of custody are identified as follows:
4.4.1 Customer Service Representatives – Responsible for tracking HWFC-FG/WIP
inventory levels and entering replenishment orders as needed. Responsible for
entering production order based on customer need for FSC certified product.
4.4.2 Accounting Technician – Responsible for maintaining shipping documents and
invoices both into and out of DF for HWFC / FSC product line.
4.4.3 Roll Grab – Material handler for RM, responsible for pulling HWFC / FSC
material and staging at machine center as well as labeling finished product
4.4.4 Roll Grab Utility – Responsible for unloading and labeling incoming RM in
accordance with purchase orders.
4.4.5 Quality Team - Responsible for reviewing internal audit and maintaining record
of findings, corrective, preventive action information.
4.4.6 Purchasing Agent – Responsible for generating and communicating purchase
orders for HWFC / FSC raw material, calling out specific grade information
(which contains origin identification).
4.4.7 Shipping Clerk – Responsible for generating shipping documents and insuring
proper material is loaded on outbound trucks.
4.5 Complaints:
4.5.1 Customer complaints involving the product that would affect compliance with
the requirements for FSC certification are to be formally documented with
respect to these complaints and actions taken. These records will be available
upon request.
4.6 Training:
4.6.1 Employees are trained once at point of hire and anytime their job duties change
only as both the SFI and FSC processes are a part of their regular job duties.
4.6.2 Training of union employees (4.4.3 and 4.4.4 above ) is governed by the union
contract located in Human Resources and can be supplied upon request.
4.6.3 All non-union employees are provided training based on individual job
descriptions which are located in Human Resources and can be supplied upon

4.7 Labeling:
4.7.1 Dura-Fibre plans to use the SFI label on off-product marketing collaterals such
as sell sheets and mailings. We plan to comply with the rules and regulations of
logo usage and placement. Dura-Fibre does not plan to use on-product SFI
4.7.2 Dura-Fibre will gain approval from SCS should any on product labeling be
desired and will list the FSC claim on all shipping and invoicing documents for
FSC certified product.
5.0 Records (Kept for no less than five years ) – All record storage not identified above will be kept
electronically in the SFI/FSC folder on the network drive or as hard copies in the Quality office.
5.1 Approved SFI/FSC supplier list
5.2 Electronic purchase orders
5.3 Electronic item identification record – raw material
5.4 Electronic finished goods specification
5.5 Shipping / Receiving paperwork – packing list / BOL
5.6 Supplier invoices
5.7 Audit Checklist
5.8 Internal Complaint for corrective and preventive measures
5.9 Roll stock consumption / FORTE tracking report forms
5.10 Production Order
5.11 Quality Data – Red Hawk
5.12 Employee Training Records
5.13 Logo Approval
5.14 Customer Invoices

6.0 References
6.1 Raw Material flow chart
6.2 Union Contract
6.3 Job Descriptions
6.4 Product Identification and Traceability 4.8

Summary of Changes:
Revision Number Summary
February 23, 2009 Initial issue
March 8, 2010 Added additional comments for FSC certification effort
March 15, 2011 Upon annual review of this procedure the following updates were made- 4.2 changed
overall responsibility and authority for the chain of custody to COC coordinator, 5.0 hard
copies of records are kept in the Quality office, 6.4 added SOP # 4.8 deleted “2009” TL
Oct 14, 2011 Revision to 3.1 in that Dura-Fibre has changed to the Percentage system for FSC chain of
custody certification.
March 30, 2012 The section 4.5 has been added to this procedure as mentioned in the 2011 audit in order to
include the requirements for FSC related complaints to be documented.
April 4, 2012 As a result of the 2012 SCS surveillance audit a change to the FSC product type was made to
state “P3.4 Paperboard Laminates, and per an update to the Standard wording to FSC
Material category of Finished product will need to state “mix” not “mixed”