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Intended Learning Outcomes
At the end of an hour and a half period, the students are expected to :
a. sum up the points to consider in writing reports
b. explain the strategies in writing a good report
c. differentiate the types of report writers
Be good report writers!
A report is an objective statement of the findings of the
investigation. This is an official record of the information
that is relevant to an investigation. Therefore, a good report
plays an important role to the success of any investigation. But
the fact remains that there are many reports that are
haphazardly written and they result in jeopardizing the whole
investigation process. There is a great demand for every report
writer to fully develop his writing skills so that the best
written outputs will be achieved.
Points to consider in writing reports
1. Using the best language
One that can be easily understood by the target readers,
must be concise, clear, organized, thorough, accurate and
2. Avoiding the errors of form
Report writers are expected to be well versed in grammar
and all its governing rules to avoid the errors in
spelling, typographical forms, number and report format.
3. Avoiding errors of substance
The substance is the most important aspect in writing. This
has something to do with the exact content of the report
with the completeness of the 5W’s and 1H. The accurate
content of the report is seriously considered because it
can seriously affect the lives of people like a criminal
being set free or an innocent person being convicted.
Include essential facts, must cover obvious leads and must
conduct adequate interviews
Strategies in Writing Good Report
1. Check and re-check first whether notes on gathered facts
are already complete and organized.
2. If notes on gathered facts are insufficient, go back into
the process of gathering more facts related to the
3. Make an outline of the report basing from the completely
gathered facts
4. Use the chronological order of writing in presenting facts
and ideas in the written report
5. The outline of the report should basically answer the
complete 5W’s and 1H
6. Prepare a report that could either be simple, brief or in
memorandum form, depending on the required format.
Type of Report Writers
1. Those who write without thinking
Those who do not bother to gather facts and information to
support the writer report. They are those who are not keen
in observing and gathering facts to supplement the written
output. They are not conscious of their grammar and do not
intend to correct the wrong grammar. They are lazy and
careless in gathering specific information.
2. Those who write and think at the same time
These are the writers who gather information and facts and
put them into writing. In addition, they review and verify
their works but they are in a hurry to write therefore the
gathered information are not properly documented. They are
conscious of the grammaticality of their written output and
submit their reports with average accuracy.
3. Those who think first and write afterwards
Those who gather specific data, facts and evidence
carefully before they write and they are very keen in
observing and gathering information to back up their
report. They are very conscious of their grammar and go on
correcting themselves to improve their written output.
Because they are diligent in collecting facts, their
reports are accurate, complete and fair, concise and
specific. These writers are concerned about the
consciousness of their report with the purpose in mind that
their reader will be able to understand everything they
have presented. Lastly these are the writers who present
reports that are free from biases, prejudices and
subjectivity and errors in any form and thus they submit
reports with 100% accuracy.
Exercise 1
Directions: Explain the following in your own words. ( 2 to
3 sentences only )

1. What do you mean by using the best language?

2. Why should our reports be free from errors?

3. How do we make the substance of the report?

4. Describe a report writer who writes without thinking.

5. Describe a report writer who writes and thinks at the

same time.

6. Describe a report writer who thinks and writes


7. What are the strategies in writing a good report?