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Subject English Language

Class 3 Bakawali

Focus Reading

Theme World of Knowledge

Topic The Holidays

Learning Standards 2.2.2

Learning Objectives By end of the lesson , pupils should be able to : -

Educational Multiple Intelligences, Social – Constructivism


Teaching Aids Word Maze, Reading Chant

Lexical items Trekking , boating , building sand castle , cycling , fishing , hiking ,

jogging , looking around , taking photograph , having picnic

,snorkelling , strolling , swimming

Assessment B1DL2 E1,B2 DT1 E1


RELTnote© ELTC 2013

Activity 1 : Q&A (Word Maze)

1. Teacher starts the lesson by asking questions on holiday spots they know.

“ What are the holiday destination you know?”

2. Pupils answer teacher’s questions orally.

3. Pupils answer the questions and teacher replies and gives answers too.

1. Then, teacher asks pupils to sit in group of four.

“ Find four friends and sit into groups”

2. Teacher distributes worksheets _____ ( word maze)

3. Teacher distributes the worksheets to each group.

4. Teacher models the game:

a. In group, find for the words based on the pictures given. “Find the word hiking.”

b. When you have spotted a word, colour each the word. “Colour the word ‘hiking’”

c. The group who completes the task first is the winner. “If you have finished, say “Hooray!”

Activity 2 : (Reading Chant and Clapping Hands)

1. Teacher recites a chant while doing some clapping hands movements. Refer to ______ (Chant


2. Teacher demonstrates the action with a pupil. Clap according to the tune. “Follow me”

Activity 3 : (Guess the Destinations)

Part 1:

1. Teacher distributes a place card to each group. One group will get a place card only, e.g. Mount


RELTnote© ELTC 2013

2. The teacher shows a picture of an activity, eg. ‘trekking’.

3. “Where can you do ‘trekking’? (Pupils might answer Mount Kinabalu).

4. “Which group has Mount Kinabalu card. Show the card”

5. Teacher repeats step 1-4 for other activity cards.

Part 2:

6. The teacher asks, “Do you remember the clapping?”

7. “If I show Mount Kinabalu, you clap using the Mount Kinabalu chant”

8. “Are you ready?”

9. “One, two, three!” (Teacher shows activity card and wait for pupils to chant. Repeat this step for all

the activity cards”

10. The reason why we have this activity is for pupils to practice reading the chant.

RELTnote© ELTC 2013