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A: This broad squat tower serves as a turn around for wagons coming up the ramp to make deliveries to

the castle. The ramp is 30 feet long, 10 feet high and 10 feet wide, allowing one wagon at a time to use
the ramp. The Tower itself has arrow slits allowing archers inside to cover the ground floor of the castle.

B: Entrance Ramp: An arched bridge leads to the main door of the castle, slightly narrower than the
main ramp this ramp is at a steeper angle to make using siege equipment difficult. The heavy wooden
door is iron bound and currently closed and barred. Beyond the door, a series of arches separate the
walkway into 5 foot wide passages, guarded from overhead by murder holes. At the far end a portcullis
closes off the entrance from the courtyard.

C: Courtyard: A large expanse of dirt and gravel and sparse grasses. A handful of carts and piles of
barrels and other provisioning items and containers are piled here.

D: Main Guard Tower: 4 internal floors the ground floor has no windows but thick walls angled out to
allow dropped objects to splatter and spray across attackers. The next 3 floors are arrow slitted and
provisioned accordingly with arrows, oil, torches, and a catapult on the roof with a block and tackle for
bringing large stones and oil barrels for ammunition.

E: Jail tower. A simple narrow tower with a single cell at the top of the tight spiral staircase.

F: Secondary towers: each tower is similar to the main tower in design. The roof of each tower contains
a ballista and crates of large iron bolts for them.

G: entrance to the house: single iron door with a slit for a crossbow below a viewing window. The door
is locked and barred. Inside a short hall leads to a second iron door with arrow slits on either side
allowing crossfire from the safety of the guard room beyond.

H: Barracks

I: practice room and armory

Trophy Room: mounted heads, pennants, animal skins and other curiosities are displayed here.

Kitchen: large kitchen with two fireplaces large enough for a full deer or boar carcass to be roasted

Pantry: kept cold by magic, food stuffs stored here

Dining room: large table for 20 people with individual chairs. Candle sconces line the walls. Ceiling
mural of blue sky and clouds

Game room: various tables with simple games on them. 3 dragon ante, chess, checkers, etc.

Servants quarters: simple rough beds each with a small chest and a screen to allow some privacy when

Library: walls lined with bookshelves mostly filled with small carved statues and a few books the record
to finances and family records
Throne room: richly appointed room for a small crowd to gather or an intimidating sized room for a
more private meeting.

Large Tower:

1st floor bedroom suites

2nd floor master bedroom and bath

3rd floor observatory walkway and entrance

Chapel: formerly dedicated to Heironious as most chapels in Nyrond. Now covered in icons to Hextor
including a large engraved symbol of persuasion (Will DC25, or turn Lawful Evil for 1d20x10 minutes and
be affected as if by Charm toward the Priest of Hextor)

Priest of Hextor: “I figured that simpering fool couldn’t hold the throne.” *sigh* “It seems the king is
dead, long live the king, yes? He is who sent you I take it, well, best get on with it then, you’ve cleared
away the chanting morons outside so you can’t be all bad.”

HP:166 AC:25 Init:+4 speed 20’ Flail +13/+8/+3 (1d8+4) saves F14/R8/W19

Str:16 Dex:12 Con:16 Int:10 Wis:21 Cha:14

Feats: Improved Initiative, Combat Casting, Scribe Scroll, Craft Wand, 9,12,15

Full Plate +2, +1 large metal shield, Ring of protection +1, amulet of natural armor +1, gloves of dex +2,
Cloak of resistance +2, Wand of Searing Light (10th), Flail +1

Scrolls: Implosion, True Resurrection

Spells: 8th Unholy Aura, Power Word: Blind

7th: Blasphemy, Summon Monster VII (Hellcats 1d3), Disintegrate

6th: Word of Recall, Planar Ally, Blade Barrier