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Nobles and notables in the Flanaess.

(This is from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer

(LGG), set in CY 591 – 13 years before this IR. So, some of the people may be dead or
in new areas. Serpenteye, at your discretion, these persons could be dead or moved to
different factions. I have tried to not where there is a new IR person in charge, whether a
PC or mentioned in a post. Unfortunately, there is little on character motivation for the
LGG people. People can modify who is in charge where, but this may still be useful.
Maybe this should be posted publicly because there are a few suggested ties between
players. There are suggested ties between Eluvan and Thomas Hobbes over resistance to
Iuz and between Thomas Hobbes and Nac Mac Feegle on Sunndi.)


Marchland of the Adri Forest

Prince Molil, (LN male human Ftr9), House Naelax
Principality of Ahlissa
Prince Reydrich (NE male human Wiz20) House Naelax
Marchold of Chathold
Marquis Karn Serrand (LG male human Clr13 of Rao)
Marchland of the Grandwood Forest
Princess Bersheba (CE female human Rog9), House Darmen
Principality of Innspa
Princess Kasarin (NE female human Wiz10), House Garasteth
Principality of Jalpa
Prince Farland (LE male human Ftr 12), House Darmen
Principality of Kalstrand
The Overking
Marchland of Medegia
Prince Gartrel (LE male humn Ftr 10), House Darmen
Principality of Naerie
Prince Barzhaan (LN male human Ftr 11), House Haxx
Principality of Nulbish
Prince Harnnad (NE male human Ftr 11), House Darmen
Marchland of Rauxes
Baron Oswalden (NG male human Wiz 15), House Cranden
Principality of Rel Deven
Prince Carwend (N male human Wiz 14), House Cranden
Principality of Torrich
Prince Dilweg (LE male human Wiz 16), House Darmen

Bandit Kingdoms
Abbarra: administrated from Hallorn. Kor (NE male human, Rog 12) leads assassins and
other “terrorists” against Iuz as they resist Iuz’s rule.
Artonsomay: Mostly uninhabited and in ruins, but governed from Stoink. Duke Gellor
(N male human Ftr12), former ruler of the land, may still be there, waiting for help from
Grand Theocracy of Dimre: Technically independent but has signed a non-agression and
alliance pact with Iuz. This land is reviled in the Pale for its heretical cult of Pholtus. The
cult preaches that to understand the glory of light, one must first walk hand in hand with
darkness. No ruler listed. (Possible leader, created by me: Archcleric Covil Feydun, LG
(LN), male human, Clr 12 of Pholtus)
Fellands: Ruled by Xavendra (CE female human Clr 13 of Iuz). It is rumored she may
rebel, though loyal to Iuz.
Mighty Freehold: Near the Fellreev Forest, it is ruled by Null (CE male human Wiz19) of
Iuz’s Greater Boneheart.
Defenders of Greenkeep: In the Fellreecv forest. Ruled by a bandit/elf alliance resisting
Grand Clans of Grosskopf: Part of Iuz’s empire, no ruler listed
Kingdom of Johrase: Ruled bys loyo Iuz
Stronghold of the Midlands: Ruled by Graf Demmel Tadurinal (CE male human Clr 8 of
Principality of Redhand: A renegade Shield lander Prince: Zeech (LE male human Ftr
8/Clr 4 of Hextor), rules this land. He is allied to Iuz but rumored to be ready for
Great Lands of Reyhu: Some resistance by former bandit lords, often based in Urnst.
Largely unpopulated.
Men of the Rift: This territory is divided and there is resistance in Rift Canyon from Plar
of the Rift Durand Grossman (NE male human Rog11). Iuz has forces here led by
Cranzer (NE male human Wiz 15)
Free City of Rookrosost: Ruled by Lord Marshall Arus Mortoth (CE maale half-fiend Ftr
15/Assn 4).
Free City State of Stoink: Surrendered to Iuz, but still rulled by Boss Renfus the Mottled
(M male human Rog12). They conduct raids into the Count of Urnst
Earldom of the Tangles: Ruled by the insane Earl Aundurach (CE male human cClr 13 of
Iuz). He carries a magical scepter crafted from the bones of Reynard, the lands rebellious
bandit chief killed in 589. Interestingly enough, a band of humans and half elves have
acted since 585 CY as a force of resistance with the assistance of clerics of Trithereon
based in Furyondy.
Unified Bands of the Warfields: Mostly in ruins, but ruled from the town of Hallorn.
The former bandit lord, Guardian General Hok (CN male human Ftr 14) has not been
heard from in years.
The Barony of Wormhall: Home of the town of Hallorn, its real attraction is Woermhall.
Reportedly the three lords of Wormhall seem to be allied to Iuz. No one knows who they
are, but they ar bewlieved to be fiends or undead. The structure known as the Wormhall
has tenebrous worms crawling on it.

Bissel: Ruled by Larrangin, Margrave of Bissel (LG, male human, Ftr 9/Clr2 of

Blackmoor: Archbaron Bestmor of Blackmoor (NE male human Frt 1.Wiz 4) rules from
Dantredun. However, an orc in service to the Egg of Coot ( a mysterious being who
seems to create automata in the land.) The fabled City of the Gods is in the area, which
seems to be a source of strange technology.

Teuod Fent (N, male human Wiz 2 (illusionist) has been acting against Iuz here. Iuz
seems to avoid Blackmoor, possibly because of some power in ancient standing stones
and hills.

Bone March: The former Lord, Clement, the Marquis of Bone March (LN male human
Ftr 9P is presumed to be dead.)

Bright Lands: Ruled by Rary (NE male human Wiz 20+)

Celene: Queen Yolande (CG female elf, Wiz 13/Ftr 2) has traditionally been an
isolationist, but seems to have changed of late.
Melf, Prince Brightflame of Celene (NG, male elf, Wiz 14/Ftr 4) leads the Knights of
Luna. He encourages more involvement in the world.
Dyvers: The LGG lists the mayor as Larissa Hunter (NG female human, Ftr 12)

Ekbir: Ruled by Caliph Xargun (NG male human Clr 16 of Al’Akbar). In the LGG, he
seeks unity with his fellow Baklunish.

Frost Barbarians: Led by King Hudgred Ralffson of the Frutzii (CN male human Bbn
13). This kingdom was allied with the Archbarony of Ratik, but received the agents of
the Scarlet Sign with respect

Furyondy: Led by King Belvor IV (LG male human Pal 16 of Heironeous) is a staunch
foe of Iuz. His son, Thrommel III disappeared many years ago.

County of Crystalreach
Count Artur Jakartai (LG male human Pal 17 of Heironeous)
Fairwain Province
Ruled by King Belvor
Gold County
Countess Kyaren Rhavelle (N female human Wiz4 (illusionist)
Narony of Kalinstreen
Baroness Jelleneth Kalinstren (CG femal human Ftr9)
Barony of Littleberg
Baron Jemain (LG male human Ftr11)
Duchy of the Reach
Duke Bennal Tyneman (CN male human Rog 12)
Viscounty of the March
Viscount Luther Derwent (N male human Ftr 4)
Barony of Willip
Baron Xanthan Butrain (LN male human Ftr 8)
Geoff: Formerly ruled by the exiled Owen I, Grand Duke of Geoff (LG male human Wiz
15 (illusionist)/Ftr 5).

Gran March: Magnus Vrianian, Commandant of the Gran March (LG male human Wiz9
(evoker)/Clr 3 of Heironeous)

Greyhawk: Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal (LN male human Rog 12)

High Folk: The Worth Sir, Tavin Ersteader, Mayor of Highfolk Town (NG male human
Wiz 11) and His Most Excelent Highness (Kashafen Tamarel Flameflower, Lord of the
High Elves of Vesve (CG male elf Wiz 14/Ftr 4). They are aided by Philidor the Blue
(NG male human? Wiz 20+). As I recall, Philidor’s skin is blue and he appeared in the
Flanaess sometime between 581 and 591 CY.

Ice Barbarians: Lolgoff Bearhear, King of the Cruski, Fasstal of all the Suelii (CN male
human Bbn 15) In the LGG, he is suspicious of the Scarlet Brotherhood – who murdered
his uncle.

Irongate: His Resolute Honor Cobb Darg , Lord High Mayor of Irongate (apparently
human, no other information available). The government is lawful neutral.

Empire of Iuz: Delaquenn: this territory in the western horned land is ruled by
Maskaleyne (CE male vampire W12) a formen noble of House Naelax in Aerdi

Dorakas: Iuz’s capitol. The city is overcast in black clouds in a four mile radius.
Shieldlands: Iuz’s portion is ruled by Vayne (CE male human Wiz 17)
Grossfort: This is on the barrens, and is rulled by the archmage Jumper (CE male human
Wiz 19)
Molag: Former capitol of the Horned Lands: It is ruled by Iuz’s high Priesteess Althea
(CE female human Clr20 of Iuz)
Resistance in tis area and the Fellreev Forest is led by former bandit lord Shannar
Hendricks (CN male human Ftr 15), elves and Flan foresters, independent orc bands and
a rogue liech Dahlvier (NE male human (undead) Wiz 18)who rules part of the Molag

Barony of Axewood
Baron Anladon of Neheli (LG male half-elf Ftr8/Wiz 2)
County of Cryllor
Count Ignas Manz (LN male human Ftr 16)
Duch of Dorlin
Duke Cedrian III of Neheli (CN male human Wiz7/Ftr 2)
County of Flen
Countess Allita Elgarin (N female human Clr 5 of Xerbo)
Union of the Good Hills First Speaker Blaif Rinnar (NG male gnome Ftr 6/Rog 2)
Duch y of gradsul
Duke Luschan VII of Rhola (LN male human Wiz9/Ftr 2)
Barony of Grayhill
Baron Markos Skotti (NG male human Ftr 7)
March of Middlemead
Margrave Kharn (LN male human Ftr 3)
Royal Capitol and District of Niole Dra
Lord Mayor Pugnace Dillip (LN male human Ari6)
County of Nimlee
Countess Lissen Rheyd (NG female human Clr 8 of Lydia/Ftr 2)
Viscounty of Salinmoor
Viscount Cronin Secunforth (LN male human Ftr4)

Nadaid, Beygraf of Ket, (LN male human Ftr 10/Wiz 5 (diviner))

Lendore Isles:
High Priest Anfaren Silverbrow (CG male elf Clr 20 of Sehanine)

Lordship of the Isles

Oruince Frolmar Ingerskatti of Duxchan (N male human Ftr 12)

North Kingdom: Overking Grenell of House Naelax (LE male human Clr 19 of Hextor) .
The besieged city of Rinloru has thousands of undead controlled by a mad undead priest
of Nerull called Delgath the Undying (NE male hanimus CLr 17 of Nerull.)

Almorian Protectorate:
Governor Younard (LG male human Ftr 13)

County of Brackenmoor:
Count Romdnen Beremen (N male human Clr 5 of Zilchus)
Viscounty of the Eventide:
Viscount Edward Ventrose (CN male human Rog 11/Ftr 3)
Duchy of Flinthill:
Duke Grevin Damar (LG male human Ftr 5)
Ewarldom of Gamboge
Earl Larapel Klendern (NG male human Rog2)
Justcrown Province
King Seth Rhynnon
Duchy of Korenflass:
Duke Regurd Korenflass (N male human Ftr 8)
County of Mowbrenn:
Count Cunal Huldane (NG male human Rgr9)
Duchy of Orberend
Duke Arnon Orberend (LG male human Pal 10 of Pelor)
Duchy of Womtham
Duke Finelann Boomgren (LN male human Ftr3)
March of Woodverge
Sir Weynoud Aspranth (LG male human Clr7 of Heironeous)
Barony of Woodwych
Baroness Verin Talnith (N female human Rgr 4)

Jian Destron, Sezek of Free Onnwal (LN male human Ftr 8) and Rakevhell Chert ,
Comander of the free Onwall Army of Rebellion (N male human Rog18) versus Exalthed
Sister Kuranyie (LE female human Mnk 1o)

Theocrate Ogon Tillit (LN male human Clr16 of Pholtus)

Plains of the Paynims

Only the Mahdi of the Steppes and the Amir of Kanak are mentioned, but no stats are

Perrenland: Karenin, Voorman of all Perrenland (LN male human Ftr 14)


Turrosh Mak (NE male half-orc Ftr 6)

Ratik: Archbaroness Evaleigh (CG female human Rog 9/Wiz3)

Rel Astra:
Drax the Indestructible (LE male animus Wiz 11/Ftr 3)
Free City of Ountsy
Princess Emamara of House Garasterth (NE female human Ftr 10)
Svenser, CourtMage of Ountsy (N Wiz 16)
Free City of Roland
Admiral Lef Quaanser (LN male huan Ftr 11)
Master Ramshalak (NE female human Clr 12 of Pyremius)
Lady Barvern (LE female human Ftr 13)
Master Vornekern (N male human Rog 13)
Magus Isrilhan of House Garasteth (LN male human Wiz 14)

Rovers of the Barren (Arapahhi in its native Flan tongue)

Durishi Great Hound (CN male human Ftr 9)

Scarlet BrootherhoodL

Only a title is known: His Peeless Serenity, the Father of Obedience

Sea Barons: High Admiral Basmajian Arras (LE male human Ftr 13)

Sea Princes:
Brother Hammandaturian, Shepherd of the Sea Princes (LE male human Mnk 12)

Shieldlands: Countess Katarina of Walworth (LG female human Pal 15 of Heironeous)

Snow Barbarians:
King Ingemar Hartensen of the Schnai (CN male human Bbn 16)

Resbin Dren Emondav, Marchioness of Sterich (LN female human Src 13)

Rhelt Sevvord I , Master of Shonehold (CE male human Ftr 20+) was a foe of Iuz.

Overking Hazendel I
CG male elf (Wiz 8/Clr 4 of Trihereon/Ftr 1)

Duke Ehyeh II of Tenh (NG male human Rgr 12)

Tiger Nomads
Ilkan Gajtak of the Chakyik Hordes (CE male human Ftr 19/Wiz2 (Illusionist))

Pasha Muammar Qharan (LN male human Ftr14)

County of Ulek
Count Palatine Lewenn of Ulek (N male human Drd 13 of Berei)

Duchy of Ulek
Duke Grenowin of Ulek (NG male elf Wiz 11/Ftr 2)

Principality of Ulek:
Prince Olinstaad Corond (LG male dwarf Rog 12/Ftr 3)

Orakhan Khazuron of Ull (CN male half-ogre Ftr 16).

County of Urnst
Countess Belissica of Urnst (CG female human Wiz 14 of Urnst)

Duchy of Urnst
Duke Karil Lorinar (CG male human Rgr 13)

Valley of the Mage

Aran Krimeeah (N? male human? Wiz 20 +)

Canon Hazen (LG male human, Clr 20+ of Rao)

In the LGG, his daughter Jolene was trying to weaken the influence of the Church

Viscount Langard of Vebobonc (CG male half-elf Rog 4)
Bishop Haufren (LN male human Clr 14 of St. Cuthbert)

Wolf Nomads
The Fearless Wolf Leadr, Tarknan of the Wegwiur, Bargru (CN male human Frt 14/Wiz 2

Spokesman for the Yoromanry League Marius Lingon (NG male human Rgr 10)


Sultan Murad of Zeif (LN male human Ftr 15)

Former Pasha of Tusmit Jadhem(LN male human Ftr 15)

Natural features

Iron Hills: This dwarven hill kingdom is a member of the Iron League, lead by King
Holgi Hirsute (LG, male hill dwarf, Ftr 15)