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Encounter #1 Used Summoning Circle

Along the side of the road, near the shore of the Nyr Dyv, a lightly smoking, barely warm patch of burned turf sends
little wisps of smoke into the air. The grass is burned with odd markings inside a burnt ring a large circular area.

(Spellcraft/ Know. Planes/ DC20) The markings are summoning runes for the Abyss

(Tracking Roll DC15 / Search 20) Along the shore in the sandy edge the marks of a boat, possibly a ship’s launch,
indent the beach just above the high tide mark.

(Tracking roll: DC13 firm ground, 12 small creatures, 24 hours ago)

Following the tracks into the tall grass leads to an encounter with 12 jovocs. The small demons will hide in the grass
near the party and attack each other to make use of their damaging aura. They will fight in pairs and flee if engaged
in melee using their telepathy to coordinate their movements and ambushes.

Jovoc (MM2 p58)

AC16 HP46 Hide skill+8 (spot 18 to see during combat) Speed 30’ (Spot DC13 if move more than 15’)

2 Claws +6 1d3+1, 1 Bite 1d4 Fort +7 Ref +6 Will +4 S12 D15 C16 I7 W10 Ch7

DR5/silver, Fast healing 5, SR13, Darkvision 60’, Telepathy 100’, Immune electricity and poison, Acid-Cold-Fire
resistence 20, Summon another Jovoc 25%

HP Track for Jovocs













Fallen Temple

In the distance from the main road, nearly concealed by the scrub grass and trees, a rundown structure bearing the
markings of Heironious stands over a gaping hole in the cliff side that rises to the south of the road to Nyrond. The
building shows signs of repair, but hasn’t aged well and is in need of maintenance. What repairs have been done
seem to have been done by amateur hands. The stone work is sound where original, but areas of piled together stone
and sloppy mortar work show where the original walls have been patched. The roof looks to have been burned away
at some point and rather haphazardly thatched over the supporting timbers. The doors face the road and are
inexpertly hung, but swing open as you approach. A lone woman dressed as a lay follower of Heironious appears in
the doorway. The religious garb does little to hide her figure and curling red hair. Her eyes are a vibrant green,
possibly glowing, with a hint of mischief or malice in them. Her smock is tied with a simple rope adorned with
prayer beads.

(Spot 20: Under the edge of her hood and bangs tiny horns can be seen barely poking through her hair. She does
not radiate evil)

“Welcome travelers. Welcome honored paladin and priestess. I am Illara, I tend this shrine, you are all welcome
within the walls.” She gestures inside the building.

(Spot 15: Her nails are functionable claws. She does not radiate evil)

The interior of the shrine is similar to the outside, but all the woodwork is highly polished and everything is well
cared for. Once inside, it is obvious that her eyes are indeed glowing.

(The interior, and walls, are covered by a consecrate/bless spell-tuned to Heironious)

“I am afraid I have little in the way of comforts to provide, but the roof and walls keep out most of the weather.”
Her robes hunch oddly and sometimes move under the fabric in back. (wings, she doesn’t conceal her true form,
considering deception to be a sin)

Illara’s story: Illara is a succubus sent to tempt the priests and paladins of this temple that stands guard over a
necropolis of Heironious. Her mission was to desecrate the temple, corrupt the priests, and raise the fallen as an
undead army. She did well, but fell to the final ward on the tomb of the high paladin, Colgan Kirkman, which hit
her with a reverse alignment effect. She has tended the temple since in an act of atonement. The bodies of the
priests she has buried in the necropolis, but something is now stirring the restless dead and they torment the nearby
village further along the valley to the south. Colgan Kirkman was a peasant born paladin that lived around -300 CY,
He was famous for his rise to the head of the church from humble beginnings and repelling a demonic incursion
nearly single handedly.

Illara, reformed Succubus (MM1 demon p41-44)

AC:20 HP46 Move 30’ fly50 Fort+6, Refl +6, Will +7

2 claws +7 1d3+1

DR20/+2 SR12 Tongues, Darkvision 60’, Telepathy 100’, Immune electricity and poison, Acid-Cold-Fire
resistence 20, Summon Balor 10%. Alternate Form (small to large humanoid), At Will: Charm monster,
Clairaudience/voyance, Darkness, Desecrate, Detect Good, Ethereal Jaunt (self+50 pounds), Suggestion, and
Teleport without Error (self +50pounds) 1/day: Unholy Blight

(leads into the Lost Temple – country sites book encounter)

Toll Bridge

The road continues on for miles, allowing you to make good time. The cliff continue to rise to the south though not
boxing the road in, just making the view in that direction rather stoney. Eventually the rising sound of falling water
reaches you and you come to an ancient stone bridge spanning a river fed by a waterfall to south, tumbling over the
cliffs and falling far below and then winding its way back toward the Nyr Dyv. The tight fitted stone arches
gracefully over the river, wide enough for 2 carts to pass each other easily and offering a stunning view of the
waterfall to the south, and the river valley to the north.

Fire Giants: (2 using potions of invisibility)

As you begin to crest the bridge, a large head in a dark iron helm comes into view, moving further along the bridge
reveals that it is attached to the broad shouldered, barrel chest of a fire giant.

“This bridge belongs to (Fear-an-axe) now, all travelers pay a toll to cross it.” He rumbles in Giantish accented

The toll is 100 gold each, or an ox, cow, or other large food animal. A rough corral stands to the far side of the

On the giant’s hip hangs a large signal horn to signal Feranax the red dragon
Trader Johan’s Discount Wares

As you leave the Duchy of Urnst and the Celadon forest comes into view, Sir Immaman relaxes visibly. Up ahead
you see a largish rambling structure of wood and sod with a large fenced pasture behind it with a fair number of
horses. The sign on the building declares it to be “Trader Johan’s Market” in Common, Dwarven, and Sueloise. On
the eastern side of the building rest a collection of wagons and carts. Inside the building is piled floor to rafters with
boxes, barrels, crates and chests of all size and shape without mind to order or safety. Through a gap in the maze
from the door you see a smiling older man in homespun clothing and wide brimmed hat, “Welcome to Trader
Johan’s! I’m Johan, what can I do for you today?” He calls out as you finish entering the store.

“Trader Johan” is a transmuter that waylays small groups or lone travels and polymorphs them into horses, selling
their wagons and goods from his shop. At present there are 4 wagons, 3 carts, and 19 horses outside, and a collection
of all types of mundane goods in the shop.

Trader Joe (Hm Transmuter14)

AC HP Move:30’









Magic Items:

While the group is at the store, a raiding party of wood elves from the nearby Celadon forest attacks.

Elf raiders 1/PC riding giant owls(?)

The raiders will attempt to get in close before attacking with oil in an attempt to burn out any human structures
within sight of the Celadon forest.
Dragon Cave:

1: Roper Cave: 4 Ropers (MM1)

2: Fire Giant Cave (3? Fire Giants)

2a: Prisoner / Treasure cave. Closed off with rough bars and barricades.

3: ½ dragon Fire Giant (Dragon’s half brother) +3 Character level (Grag) Wizard Int 12 (potion maker)

4: Dragon’s cave: Adult Red Dragon

*a large crevasse separates this cave from the rest of the complex. Over 100 feet deep and 30 feet wide it is a simple
task for Feranax to fly over, but prevents most others from entering easily. A large (giant size/strength) iron bound
wooden slab rests against the wall for when Grag needs to come into the dragon’s lair.

*Feranax has covered the floor of his cave with barrels of oil that if he is reduced to 1/3 hit points he will ignite and
flee to another cave deeper in the mountains.
Stoink: Lord mayor "Boss" Renfus the Mottled, a fearless and grossly overweight autocrat.

Stoink sponsors brigand raids into northern Nyrond and the County of Urnst. The brigands also
raid the supply trains of Duke Ehyeh III as he tries to supply his forces engaged in an attempt to
recover his lost realm, the Duchy of Tenh.

Goods from the Great Kingdom to the distant Baklunish states of Tusmit and Ekbir can be found
here. Stoink boast a rope-walk, tanneries, armories and a brisk trade in spars, timber and slaves.

The most famous group of Heironean knights, however, are the Martyr Knights, who died to the last
defending a border city near the Amon dor Gulgul from a rampaging orc horde.

Saint Ferrante. Legendary prophet of Heironeous in ancient Kingdom of Thalland circa 300 years before
the founding of the Great Kingdom. (Bastion of Faith)

Saint Handraleo the Swift, a paladin of Heironeous. (Dragon #293) Among the women that have chosen
to serve the god Heironeous the name Handraleo is held in high regard. She won fame for entering the
order at a young age and her unwavering devotion to honor and justice. Best known quest: Waking of
the Storm. Mountain Shrine, 4 days of contests and horse races, winner declared Her Chosen and gifted
one of the saint’s relics for a year.

Arbinget Ivenay. A paladin of Heironeous, founder of the Order of the Chalice 1,223 years ago (Player's
Handbook II). Company of the Chalice: While they may have separate origins elsewhere, in Greyspace
this is the same thing as the Order of the Chalice (Player's Handbook II, Complete Warrior, etc.), a group
founded 1,223 years ago by the paladin of Heironeous, Arbinget Ivenay, back in the Oeridian homeland
west of the Flanaess. Instead of a Grand Knight, the Company of the Chalice in Greyspace is led by the
nine Masters of the Chalice, the Lightning Council, which rules the Company's affairs within the sphere.
Each Master of the Chalice maintains a separate keep. Karistyne in the Abbor-Alz Mountains may be a
LIghtning Councilor.

Deep within the perilous crags of the Abbor-Alz there lies a place of sanctuary and power. Built
by the dwur (dwarves) of Dumadan in the square-towered style beloved of the Oeridians, Castle
Karistyne is home to the renowned lady paladin of the same name and her loyal company of
retainers. This article can be used in association with the Blight on Bright Sands core adventure
arc to flesh out Karistyne and her stronghold.

Castle Karistyne dominates a fertile shelf-like plateau that juts out from the southern slopes of
the mountainous western Abbor-Alz. It consists of a tall central donjon surrounded by a high
curtain wall bolstered with five square towers. The donjon houses Karistyne and her retinue, as
well as the Great Hall, a chapel to Heironeous and a forge manned by a pair of gnomish
armourers. Atop the citadel, Karistyne keeps a pair of griffons, which she uses to survey the
surrounding hills and maintain communication with the garrison of Greyhawk Mountaineer
Militia at Storm Keep, many leagues to the west. Most of the garrison is housed in the outlying
towers. Grain cellars beneath the bailey and a deep well ensure that the castle is capable of
resisting a long siege. Thanks to the tilled fields on the surrounding plateau and trade with some
of the local hillman tribes, Castle Karistyne is largely self-sufficient.

Four score men and women make up Karistyne’s household. Over half of these are men-at-arms
that perform the daily duties of garrisoning the castle. Another score are specialists, including
among their number several expert trackers and scouts, griffon handlers, fletchers, a dwur
stonemason from Dumadan and a four-man ballista crew. Finally, there are the members of
Karistyne’s war company, who, though loyal companions of the lady paladin, are puissant and
powerful individuals in the own right. These are Karistyne’s seneschal, Aaron Marander (LG
human male Ftr13), Caralin Arvendis (CG half-olven male Ftr8/Clr9 – Labelas Enorath), Helana
Stanmaer (NG female human Clr12 – Fharlanghn), Shianne Stormhanded (CG female olve Wiz
(In) 15) – an Invoker whose temper is often as fiery as the spells she slings - and Gasharin
Helfloranis (CG male olve Ftr9), Shianne’s bodyguard and paramour.

Karistyne’s forces regularly patrol the hills within ten leagues of the castle on foot, and further
by air. Foot patrols usually number no less than a dozen footmen clad in chain and armed with
sword, axe and bow. Scouts wear leather or studded leather and carry spear and longbows and
usually range in pairs ahead of the main patrol. Patrols are often led by one of Karistyne’s
companions and have orders to engage the various hostile denizens of the hills, including, orcs,
giant-kin and more dangerous creatures, where possible. If overmatched, patrols withdraw and
send for aid from the castle. Karistyne frequently leads these sorties herself, if not occupied

Karistyne, female human Pal 15: CR 15; Medium humanoid (human); HD 15d10+15; hp 129;
Init +4 (+6) (+0 (+2) Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Spd 20 ft.; AC 20 (22) (flatfooted 20, touch
10 (12)); Base Atk +15/+10/+5; Grp +19/+14/+9; Atk +22 Melee (2d6+8/17-20, +2 holy
dragonbane greatsword; Full Atk +22/+17/+12 Melee (2d6+8/17-20, +2 holy dragonbane
greatsword; SA: Smite evil 4/day, turn undead 7/day; SQ: Aura of courage, aura of good, divine
grace, divine health, lay on hands, remove disease 4/week, special mount; AL: LG; SV: Fort
+14, Ref +9, Will +11; Str 18, Dex 10 (14), Con 12, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 19.

Skills and Feats: Concentration +6, Diplomacy +18, Heal +16, Knowledge (religion) +14, Ride
+14, Sense Motive +16, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (greatsword), Improved
Initiative, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (greatsword).

Spells Known: (3/2/1/1; base DC = 12 + spell level): 1 cure light wounds, divine favour,
resistance, virtue; 2 bull's strength, eagle's splendor, zone of truth; 3 remove curse; 4

Possessions: +2 holy dragonbane greatsword (Wyrmtide), +3 improved electricity resistance

half-plate, ring of freedom of movement, gloves of dexterity +4.
Appearance: Karistyne is a soft-spoken woman, who, thanks to an elixir of longevity, looks to be
in her late thirties, though chronologically she is 48. Her blonde hair comes from her mother, a
daughter of one of the Great Families of Hardby. From her father, a Nyrondese knight-errant, she
has inherited her olive complexion, her black-brown eyes, her prodigious build and her blade.
She is oft seen clad in her blue-tinted half-plate with her greatsword, Wyrmtide (Dragon’s Death
in Old Oeridian), strapped across her broad back. When not expecting battle, the lady of the
Abbor-Alz favours white robes emblazoned with her coat of arms: a golden sword, point down,
set between two silver lightning bolts on a blue and gold field). The lightning bolts symbolise
Karistyne’s devotion to Heironeous, the Archpaladin.

Character: As a servant of Heironeous, Karistyne views it as her sacred duty to take up arms to
drive evil from the Abbor-Alz and ensure the safety of the goodly folk of the hills. She is
renowned as a keen dragon hunter and is rumoured to have slain seven wyrms with the aid of her
companions. In the past, she took a keen interest in obscure Sueloise deities, particularly the cult
of a lesser-known snake goddess whose name has apparently been lost in the mists of time. Of
late, however, Karistyne has turned her attention towards the Bright Desert and the lengthening
shadow cast by Rary the Traitor.

Karistyne can sometimes come across as quite arrogant in this assertion and she brooks no
interference in achieving her goals. She detests the Free City of Greyhawk, seeing the Oligarchy
as weak and corrupt. She has particular disdain for Nerof Gasgol, the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk
City and refers to him as “the robber baron”. However, she has great respect for the Mountaineer
Militia of Greyhawk, though she now looks to make alliances with other powers to ensure that
the independence of her holdings from the Domain of Greyhawk. Karistyne has been seen
recently in Hardby, where she is thought to have met with, among others, the Justicar Deirdre
Longland. She is also rumoured to have contacts with the Archmage Tenser.

Karistyne is renowned for her tolerance and is a friend to most good-aligned faiths – a fact borne
out by her choice of companions. She believes herself to be bound by ancient codes of
hospitality. No-one in need is ever turned away from her castle gates, but if possible, she tries to
personally detect evil upon visiting guests during an audience. Any bearing the taint of evil are
either sent away or detained at the lady’s pleasure.

Aaron Marander, LG male human Ftr 13, Seneschal of Castle Karistyne:

Appearance: Aaron is in his early thirties, though the lines that years of sun, travel and many
hard battles have left make him look older. Of Oeridian blood and Nyrondese birth, he wears his
black hair and beard cropped short. Heavily built and standing nearly six and a half feet tall,
Aaron cuts and impressive figure, especially when clad in his enchanted full plate armour. A
devoted follower of Heironeous, he wields a great axe.

Character: Aaron is one of Karistyne’s oldest and most loyal followers. A supremely competent
seneschal, he is also an able battle leader, capable of inspiring loyalty and devotion in his men.
Aaron is a no-nonsense man, direct to the point of rudeness, for which he does not apologise.
Despite his appearance as a bruiser, Aaron is well-educated, but while he appreciates learning, he
values practical knowledge rather than arcane lore. Equally, he values practical thinkers, rather
than scholars, but prefers both to boors and fools. Better to think your way out of trouble, rather
than cut your way out is his motto – though he is well able to do either.

Helena Stanmaer, female human Clr 12 - Fharlanghn:

Appearance: Helena Stanmaer is a short, unassuming Oeridian woman with dark hair and a
weathered countenance. She favours green and grey clothing and a quarterstaff. Her face
expresses little emotion and to some she can seem like a gruff individual.

Character: Helena is taken with the wanderlust that grips so many of her faith. She uses
Karistyne’s castle as a base of operation for her exploration of the Abbor-Alz and the Bright
Desert. Helena and a small cadre of her brethren tend a small shrine within the castle’s
gatehouse. She believes Karistyne to be an unwitting servant of the Dweller on the Horizon.

Helena is fascinated by shimmering horizons of the Bright Desert, viewing its harsh treatment of
travellers as a challenge to explore its sands rather than a deterrent. She detests Rary the Traitor
due solely to the fact that his dervishes and norkers have made the desert even more inhospitable
than it once was.

Saint Kargoth. First of the Death Knights. (Dragon #79)