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Painting Assignments Instructor: Dawn Jacobson

January 29: Welcome to class, review of syllabus, assignments and pass out sketchbooks.
January 30 & 31: Sketchbook Design/ Select a famous painter you admire and decorate your cover with
versions of their art. Due Feb 1st .
February 1: Color Lecture & Notes- pass out all color studies worksheets
February 2- Feb 15: Color Theory Studies
This is a problem solving unit exploring the properties and interaction of different color theories. A
series of sequential worksheet exercises will be painted with tempera paint then cut out glued into the
sketchbook and then labeled. Most of these studies will be started with the instructor using the
document camera as students paint along. All are worksheets include directions and vocabulary, must
be neatly painted then cut out and glue down in the sketchbook. Copies of worksheets will be posted in
google classroom. Below is the order of the assignments that go into your sketchbook. All worksheets
must be done by Feb 15. Cutting out and assembling February 16 . Deadline February 15
1. Basic Color Wheel & Achromatic 7 step scale (1 day)
2. Tints & shades 7 step scale with Secondary colors (1 day)
3. Tints & shades 7 step scale with Tertiary colors (2 days)
4. Tones 7 step scale with Secondary colors (1 day)
5. Tones 7 step scale with Tertiary colors (2 days)
6. Visual Temperature scale with warm and cool colors ( 1 day)
7. Three Analogous Color charts ( 1 day)
8. Three Complementary color Intensity scales to learn to make neutrals (1 day)
a. red/green
b. blue/orange
c. yellow/violet
9. Four Triadic Color Schemes ( 2 day)
a. blue/red/yellow
b. violet/orange/green
c. blue-violet/red-orange/ yellow-green
d. red-violet/orange/yellow-green
10. Split Complementary color charts ( 1 day)
11. Rectangle (tetradic) color scheme (1 days)
12. Square color scheme (1 day)
February 16-19 Winter Break
February 20: Color Quiz on that & color studies due
February 21-28: Project One Abstract Color Values Painting
Tempera paint on 12x12 bristol board. Paper will be divided in 4 equal sections. Student will draw a
abstract design and repeat it in each square. Each will have a different color theory. The first one will be
a 7 value Achromatic, then students will select a analogous color scheme for the next square. The values
of the analogous must match the achromatic. After that, students will select one of the complementary
color schemes also matching values in the achromatic painting. They choose either any groups of colors
from the triadic, split complementary, rectangle or square colors schemes for the last box. Students
must their color notebook as a guide throughout this painting. The purpose of the assignment is to learn
how to match values that they see in color and recognize the different color relationships. Deadline
February 28
March 1: Painting “Isms” presentation -Abstract Color Values due
March 2 Watercolor Presentation & Introduction to project (complementary or split complementary) Look
for landscape ideas over the weekend
March 5-6: Experimental Techniques Demonstration & sketchbook studies and landscape ideas
March 7 “Isms” Quiz & Sketching landscape on final paper
March 8 Demonstration on using a limited color palette (complementary or split complementary) landscape
March 9-16 Studio days to paint
March 19-20 Deadline for landscape with a formal Critique of Landscape
March 21 Famous Artists Presentation
March 22 -23 Tribute Bob Ross “Happy Trees” Landscape Painting on canvas paper with acrylic
March 26 Gouache Presentation & John James Audubon birds project introduction
March 27 Researching birds & sketches
March 28 Gouache Demonstration & study in sketchbook
March 29 Famous Artists Quiz & Drawing final bird on bristol board
March 30-April 8 Spring Break
April 9 -18 Studio Days to paint Gouache bird project Deadline April 19
April 19-20 Formal Critique of gouache bird painting
April 23 Acrylic Paint Presentation - introduction to project self portrait mash up
April 24 Pop Art Presentation - Acrylic painting demonstration
April 25-26 Sketching out ideas on to canvas panel
April 27- May 10 Studio Days to paint Pop Art self portrait mash up due May 11.
May 4 Quiz Three Watercolor & Gouache
May 11 Critique on Acrylic Painting
May 14-15 Oil Painting Presentation & Demonstration
May 16-18 Oil Paint Color Studies on Canvas Paper
May 21-22 Stretching a canvas stretching
May 25 Quiz Five: Acrylic & Oil Painting
May 23 June 8 Studio Days to work on oil painting
May 28-29 Senior Digital Portfolios
June 1st Seniors last day
June 11-14 Digital Portfolios Exam week