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. FOREVER YOUNG Words by Musia by MARIAN 60LD. FRANK MERTENS and BERNHARD LLOYD bn a Ge am aH Let’sdanceinstyle,—lei’s dance.for a while Heaven can walt_we're on- ly waleh-ingthe skies. Dre He cae et — hoping for the best but ex-pecting the worst Are you goingto drop the bombor not?__ Let_us die young_or let_uslive for-ev - er wedon’thavethe pow. er but we ne-versay ne~ © Wo by So ude Gt Ca Muradeg KE, a, 1 ahs ecu Goran, Asta 6 Soasiond sine by Kote Wek Mave Sn, inden a sit-ting in a sand-pit, life is a short tip zl Can you i- ma - ginewhenthisrace is won? ag Ea ‘The music's for the sad men as Tumourgold-en fe - ces in- to the sun prais-ing our lead - ers, we'reget-ting in tune the music’s played by the ee + ver young,— T want to be for-e 6 m2 ¢ o F rast 7 El Do you really want to live for-e - ver, fore - ver ande- ver Fore - veryoung, want tobe & é PS : cy 5 i 4 ey A Bp @ + yer young Doyoureal-ly wanttolive for - « fore - ver young. Someare like wa - ter, someare like the heat. & pu peg] Someare a me - 1o-dyandsomearethebeat____ Sooner or la - ter, they all will begone- u ‘Why don’t they stay young? It's sohard toget old__— without a cause. De fd I don'twanttope - rsh like a fading horse— ‘Youth’slike dia- monds in the sun ‘And diamonds are for-e - ver__ Soma-ny ad-ven - turescould-n'thap-pen today ce ea aa Soma - ny songs we for-got to play So ma-ny dreams.swing-ingout of the blue 38 D&. al Coda Amn i. copa ® F Caus4 Ss iE we'lllet them come trve. se T want to be JF for-e - — ver_young pm Doyoureally want tolive for-e - yer. young. Repeat to Fade An Hl