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Certification Project

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DevOps Certification Training Project

Problem Statement:
A Bank is having a lot of issues in the management and operations of their customers’
bank accounts. The Bank finally decided to implement continuous deployment to
breakdown the barrier and automate everything. You are given the responsibility to
implement the solution.
Bank uses as the
Bank follows the following release cycle:

Code Unit Report

Build Deploy
Review Testing Generation

In your Certification Project, you are required to complete the following Build

Step 1: Build

1.1 On the Master Machine, clone the project from

git/DevOpsCertificationProjectFinal to your local repository.
1.2 Integrate Jenkins with GitHub in such a way that committing a change to the
repository, the build should be triggered automatically.

 Create a freestyle project and clone the project from the given link.
 Compile and Build the project

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DevOps Certification Training Project

Submit the screenshot of Jenkin’s console output

Step 2: Code Review

2.1 Create a Jenkins freestyle project to perform code review.

2.1.1 Publish the PMD analysis result and make sure to perform code review after
compiling the project.
2.2 Create a Pipeline View
2.2.1 Configure compilation as Initial job
2.2.2 Run the Pipeline

Submit the screenshot of the PMD Results

Step 3: Unit Test

The code of all the test cases are present inside test case folder of the GitHub project you
have cloned.

3.1 The triggered project should undergo unit tests.

3.2 Create a new freestyle Jenkins project to perform Unit Tests
3.3 Run the Pipeline.

Submit the screenshot of the Test Result file generated after running the

Step 4: Report

4.1 Generate Cobertura Code Coverage Report

4.1.1 Create a new freestyle Jenkins item to perform Cobertura Code Coverage
with the help of Cobertura plugin and make sure to perform the Code
Coverage review after completing Unit Test

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DevOps Certification Training Project

Submit the screenshot of Cobertura Test Report

Step 5: Deploy - Deploy on (master machine)

5.1 Create a Package and archive the artifacts

5.2 Archive the war file in the “target” folder

 Build it after the Cobertura report generation

5.3 Deploy the project by copying the artifacts from the Package

Submit the screenshots of the web browser of running

tomcat 8 servers by navigating to https://localhost:8080

Deploy on through Docker

5.4 On the Master Machine, make sure you have Docker plugin is installed in Jenkins
5.5 Configure Jenkins to connect to Docker container port of
5.6 Add Test 2 Machine on which Docker is running, in the Package configuration as
well as in the Deployment configuration
5.7 Run the Pipeline from machine

Submit the screenshot of the browser application running on Machine 2 and

the console output of Jenkins

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