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1. Community development is both a process and product.

Discuss exhaustively the

salient features and strategies as a process and product for successful
development program. Give example to justify your answer.

In order to have a successful development program, the people living in the
community plays vital roles in achieving such. It does not lie only on the officials
who govern within a particular territory. As a process, community development
starts within the smallest unit of our nation- that is the family. Families must have
good values and law abiding member in order that even the smallest and
simplest rules and regulations up to the most complex ones are being followed
and regulated. While it is true that officials execute laws or rules for the
community, they must also set good examples to their constituents so that
everybody adheres to the set of laws intended for the development of the
community. To sum it up, everyone is obliged to abide and follow rules and
regulations of the community and everyone must work hand in hand to attain
progress and development. Hence, as a result of the process is the achievement
of the ends which is the development we aim for.

2. Discuss exhaustively the strategies of community organizing and its application

to community development considering the negative values, attitudes and
perception of the people towards development.

The thought of new steps in achieving something that is part of our daily lives
and the aspect of our daily living that we do the simple and traditional way bring
forth doubts and questions to the hearts of people who are uncertain on the
would be result of such changes. Different points of views arise when a new idea
of plans on progress are being implemented, perceptions varies from the elders
who are traditionalist by nature and the youth who are liberated by expressions.
The formulation of the strategies on community organizing is not an easy one, it
takes times taking into consideration everyone that will play an immense part on
its applications. It would be an effort to find individuals who shares the same
goals and objectives for the progress of the community, nonetheless, it is difficult
to find persons who have the compassion to help their

3. Explain the relationship of economic development, community development and

economic growth. Are they related to each other? Explain.
4. Phil. Agenda 21 is a global agenda for sustainability development. Explain the
principles and concepts and the parameters for sustainable development. Cite
some of the example to supplement your answer.
5. If you are the Regional Director for environment and development in the region,
how would you implement sustainable development considering the majority of
the populace in the community are environmentally resource dependents?
Explain and formulate your strategies, techniques and to supplementation for
successful development program.
6. Do you think environment education is necessary in community development?
7. What do you think are the reasons why some development programs are failure
despite of the excellent plans and strategies being implemented by the
concerned agencies? Explain and cite example.