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Microsoft Open Value Subscription Licensing

Open Value Subscription (OVS) is a low cost easy way to license all the latest Microsoft software via
one simple three year rental agreement. OVS is specifically designed as the optimum licensing solution for
companies with 5 to 250 desktops. At the end of the three year agreement customers have the choice to either
extend the agreement, buy out the software or discontinue usage.

Why Choose Open Value Subscription?

1) Low Cost Option – As a rental agreement OVS is a cost effective licensing agreement for small and medium
sized companies.
2) Access to Latest Versions of Microsoft Products – OVS customers can automatically use the latest
software available from Microsoft, ensuring they get the benefits of the best Microsoft has to offer.
3) Pay According to Use – Customers only pay for software actually installed. Each year, customers can increase
and decrease the number of desktops as need be to support their business requirements and only pay annually for
the revised number of desktops.
4) Up-to Date Discount – Customers existing investment in Office is recognized by receiving up to a 50% discount
in year 1 of the agreement.
5) Simplified Licensing Management – One simple agreement can cover a customer’s entire organization, with
a simple on-line tool showing the exact licensing position. No more managing the complexity of different licensing
types on different pieces of paper. All a customer needs to do is check software deployment and make a payment
once a year.
6) Simplified Budgeting, Ordering and Price Protection – Customers receive a predictable invoice once a
year for all software covered under the agreement, streamlining budgeting and ordering. Where usage of covered
products increases, prices are fixed at the initial value for the 3 years.
7) Reduced Risks of License Non-compliance – Managing licensing can be complex, but a company covered
by an OVS agreement is considered compliant during the 3 years of the agreement, removing uncertainly and the
worry that accompanies it.
8) Employees can use Office at Home – employees can install and use Office on their home PCs free of
charge, helping productivity, tele-working and training.
9) Information Worker Solution Services – customers can get one and two day workshops delivered free of
charge by Microsoft designed to help them get practical, tailored information and blueprints to help them maximize
the benefits of desktop software.
10) Technical Support – customers can qualify for a TechNet Plus subscription, 24x7 Problem Resolution Phone
Support and Microsoft Professional Support Incidents.
11) Training Support – OVS Customers get free vouchers for classroom training from official Microsoft training
partners. Employees get access to on-line Microsoft learning courses.
12) Cold Backup Server Licenses – any server covered by OVS can have a complimentary “cold” back-up in
place for disaster recovery.
13) Possible Tax Benefits – Since OVS is a rental agreement it may be possible to treat the cost as an expense
rather than a capital expenditure. Customers must, naturally, seek their own tax advice.

In order to provide customers with choice and because of its legal nature licensing is complex. OVS is designed to simplify
licensing for small and medium size companies. In order to qualify for an OVS contract customers must cover at least one
of the following :- Windows Pro Upgrade, Office Professional, Office Small Business Edition, Windows Small Business
Server CAL or Core CAL.

Actual contract details and other information on OVS is available at :-
Additional information on Software Assurance benefits of OVS

Why Buy OEM?

OEM is a good way to buy software in certain instances since it:

1. Is the most cost effective way initially of buying software

2. The software is pre-installed making it easier for the customer to get up and running immediately

OEM however may not always be the right choice and it is important that you understand the limited rights that you get
under an OEM license as compared to a Volume License agreement.

What is Volume licensing?

You as a customer can enter a Volume Licensing Agreement when buying as little as five licenses for any product. This has
many advantages as opposed to buying OEM as explained below

Volume Licensing (VL) includes:

Open (MOLP), Open Value Subscription, Select and Enterprise Agreements
Benefits of Volume Licensing vs. OEM

1. Initial Purchase

a. OEM – Must be purchased only with a New device, and preinstalled on that device by the
software reseller.
b. Volume Licensing – Can be purchased separately – not necessarily for a new device

2. Payment Choice:

a. OEM – Must be paid for upfront

b. Volume Licensing – Have a choice of paying upfront or spreading the cost if preferred.

3. Installation

a. OEM – Must be pre-installed on each new device, can’t be installed over a network,
since it requires activation.
Furthermore there is no ability for OEM to use a corporate image of Office.
b. Volume Licensing – Does not require activation – can be installed over a network.
Corporate Image of Office allowable.

4. Transfer of licenses:

a. OEM – OEM licenses “live and die” on the device on which they are installed, so can
not be transferred to another device.
b. Volume Licensing – Transfer rights available between devices.
5. Downgrade rights

a. OEM – Downgrades generally not available (exceptions are Windows XP Pro,

Windows Server 2003, and Small Business Server 2003 Premium edition).
b. Volume Licensing – Downgrades are widely available for all products.

6. Easier Licensing Management

a. OEM – Difficult to keep track of purchases. No central source of OEM licenses

purchased. End user must keep Media, EULA, Certificate of Authenticity and invoice
for each copy of software purchased.
b. Volume Licensing –
1. Under Open Licensing a web site called “e-open” gives you full visibility of purchase
2. Under Open Value Subscription, Select and Enterprise Agreements – a web site
called “MVLS” gives you full visibility of purchase history.
7. Differences in Product
a) Office Professional via OEM is not the same product as Office Professional Enterprise
via Volume Licensing (Office Professional Enterprise includes Infopath).

Channel Incentive Promotion

Timing: Extended till the end of June 2006

Open to: Partner Sales Reps

 Earn €100 BB’ s for the first Open Value Subscription Agreement
 Earn €150 BB’s for the 2nd Open Value Subscription Agreement
 Earn €300 BB’s for the 3rd Open Value Subscription Agreement

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