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SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 - SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

Thousands Crowd District to ‘Reclaim the Dream’ WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservative activists rallied Aug.
28 in the nation’s capital on the anniversary and at the same
site of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a
Dream’’ speech. Civil rights leaders countered the event and
held a 3-mile plus march from Dunbar High School to the site
of the planned King Memorial near the Tidal Basin.
Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington’s delegate to
Congress, said she remembers being at King’s March on
Washington, which she said prompted change and ended
segregation in public places. “Glenn Beck’s march will change
nothing. But you can’t blame Glenn Beck for his March-on-
Washington envy,” she said.
The Rev. Al Sharpton, leading the civil rights march and
rally, spoke to the assembled. “The folks who used to criticize
us for marching are trying to have a march themselves,’’ he
said. “We come because the dream has not been achieved.
We’ve made a lot of progress. But we still have a long way to
He said he wasn’t seeking a confrontation with those at the
Beck rally. During the march his group briefly encountered
participants from a rally on the National Mall. “We wouldn’t
disgrace today by allowing you to provoke us,’’ he said.
Marchers encountered the other crowds near the Washington
Monument. Men in tri-cornered hats and people wearing tea
party T-shirts looked on as marchers chanted “Reclaim the
dream’’ and “MLK, MLK.’’ Some marchers chanted “don’t
drink the tea’’ to people leaving Beck’s rally.
In addition to Sharpton and Congresswoman Norton,
speakers at the event included Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner,
Wade Henderson, District councilman and candidate for mayor
Vincent Gray, Mayor Adrian Fenty, NAACP President Ben
Jealous, National Urban League CEO and President Marc
Morial, Tom Joyner, the Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy and others.

Photo by JD Howard
Thousands gathered at Dunbar High School and marched to the site of the planned Martin Luther King Jr. National
Memorial on Aug. 28, in commemoration of the 47th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the first march More photos on A6 and A7
on Washington.

Independent Voters Not Allowed Resident Brings

to Swap Affiliations Energy Kitchen
By Dorothy Rowley
AFRO Staff Writer
A decision handed down
by the District of Columbia’s
Board of Elections and Ethics
Alysoun McLaughlin told the
AFRO the board’s decision
hinged on the fact that prior
Fare to District
(BOEE) stands in the way of to this year, voter rolls closed By Dorothy Rowley
more than 70,000 registered 30 days before the elections. AFRO Staff Writer
independent voters switching She said that no one who
affiliations in order to vote was not already on the rolls Like many people who live life on the
as Democrats in the Sept. 14 was able to register as new, fast track – working long hours and grabbing
primary. or to change their party quick meals here and there—Karen Woolard
As a result, the board’s registration. Finley had come to know that lifestyle quite
Hear the AFRO on The Daily mandate has put a damper “We did allow voters well. “I’ve always been health conscious,
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Mayor Adrian Fenty’s to change their address on but when you have a fast-paced life and
campaign efforts, which had Election Day, but we did not you’re moving back and forth as we all do,
INSERTS hoped to win over the extra allow them to change their it’s hard to be healthy and on the go at the
• Home Depot votes in his hotly contested voter registration or register
• WSPN same time,” Finley said of the lifestyle she
bid for re-election. for the first time,” said once shared with her husband while living in
BOEE spokeswoman Continued on A3 a New York City apartment.
“I was searching out something
[different to eat] and I found an Energy
Your History • Your Community • Your News

Kitchen near our apartment and I just fell in

love with it,” she continued. “All their menu
items are 500 calories or less. There are even
three items that are under 300 calories.”
Founded in 2004, Energy Kitchen – a
Manhattan-based fast-casual chain with Photo courtesy of Energy Kitchen
a health-centric menu – is backed by Karen Finley expects to open her first
Vitaminwater co-founder Mike Repole. restaurant in downtown D.C., then Chevy
Since March, business has skyrocketed Chase, Md., and Georgetown.
and franchises have grown from six
locations to 10 throughout New York City. By the end of the year she expects to
Plans call for additions in South Florida, open her first restaurant in downtown D.C.,
Boston and New Jersey, and over the next and her later plans call for opening another
decade, founder Anthony Leone wants to in Chevy Chase as well as a Centric Kitchen
Photo by Dorothy Rowley have established about 1,000 restaurants in Georgetown.
nationwide. The Richmond, Va., native said the meals
“Last minute or not, I should be able to change Finley, 58, who now lives in D.C., loved will continue to be served up fast-food style
the way I want to vote. Otherwise, it’s like [the the restaurant’s fare so much when she was with a focus on health and nutrition.
in New York, that she eventually worked out “Everything’s steamed, baked, grilled or
government] telling me what to do.” an agreement with Leone to set up her own broiled, and it’s all whole grain,” Finley said.
19 franchises in the D.C. area. Continued on A3
–Cuteva Chambers

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D.C.’s ‘Bush v. Gore’ Redux A9
National Bar Bowie Bulldogs On
Army Bids Association Names Fall in Season the Q.T.
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A2 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010

AFRO National Briefs

“godfather of Hispanic National Bar Association.

Courtesy Photo/Darryle A. Carter

Civil Rights,” Obledo Additionally, Obledo served
worked to bring justice to as national president of the
Hispanic Civil Rights former California Secretary the Latin community. In League of United Latin
Pioneer Dies at 78 of Health and Welfare, died of addition to co-founding the American Citizens. “With
Dr. Mario G. Obledo, a heart attack at his home in Mexican American Legal Mario’s passing, we have
founder and president of Sacramento, Calif., on Aug. Defense and Educational lost a pioneer, a visionary,
the National Coalition of 18. He was 78. Fund (MALDEF), he also a pathfinder,” Antonia
Hispanic Organizations and Often deemed the co-founded the Hispanic Hernandez, former MALDEF
president and current
president of the California
Community Foundation,
said in a statement. “Mario Demetrius D. Shelton (center) being sworn in as the
G. Obledo touched the lives 68th President of the National Bar Association, with
of countless individuals, my Shelton’s mother Virginia Gulley Shelton (left) and
own life included…MALDEF Judge Horace Wheatley (right).
and the community has lost a
gentle giant.” (NBA) at the organization’s the association as special
While serving as a past annual convention Aug. 12. In advisor to the president, board
chairman of the National his inaugural address, Shelton member-at-large, member
Rainbow Coalition, he aspired stated that one of his goals was of the executive committee,
to politically unite the nation’s to “expand the pipeline into regional (IX) director,
ethnic, racial and religious the legal field” for minorities. sergeant at arms and chair
groups. However, his primary “We will build up the pool of of the government lawyers
accomplishment was bringing leaders, future Supreme Court division. In 2005-2006, he
thousands of Hispanics into nominees and future members also served as vice president
state government during of the NBA who will help us of the California State Bar
his tenure as Secretary of to maintain our rightful place Association.
Health and Welfare under the as the conscious of the nation,”
leadership of California Gov. he said. Former FAMU Band
Jerry Brown. Since 1998, Shelton has Director Dies at 91
served on the NBA’s board of William P. Foster, the
National Bar Association directors. Prior to becoming former Florida A&M
Names New President president, he served as vice University (FAMU) band
Demetrius D. Shelton president of the NBA over leader dubbed the “Dean of
was named 68th president of regions and affiliates. He America’s Band Directors,”
the National Bar Association has also previously served died Aug. 28 at 91. Foster
was noted for creating the
FAMU Marching “100” and
developing the “high step”
performance style now used
at high schools and colleges
across the nation.
James H. Ammons, the
school’s president, called
Foster a “visionary leader”
and lauded his unconventional
performance techniques.
“We are deeply saddened by
the loss of Dr. Foster,” said
Ammons in a press statement.
“…He built America’s
greatest band by departing
from the standard routines
and maneuvers to showcase
band pageantry. I can attest to
the fact that what he created
was magical. It was the
marching band, at an Orange
Blossom Classic in Miami,
that sparked my interest in
attending FAMU. The band
was dynamic, larger than life
and something that I wanted
to have access to even though
I was not a musician.”
Your History • Your Community • Your News Foster, who was also
The Afro-American Newspapers called “The Law” and “The
Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters Maestro,” served as the band’s
2519 N. Charles Street director from 1946 to 1998.
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602 His funeral is scheduled
410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297 for Sept. 4 at 11 a.m. on FAMU’s campus. In lieu of
flowers, his family requests
Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892 that donations are made to the
Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II “William P. and Mary Ann
Foster Endowed Scholarship
Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr. Fund” at FAMU in support of
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222
FAMU band scholarships.
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales Black Advocacy Group:
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289 ‘Turn Off FOX’, the
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246 community activist group
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235 that successfully urged
Advertising Account Executive dozens of advertisers to pull
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274 away from Glenn Beck’s
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242 FOX news show, recently
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265 announced a new initiative
directed at discouraging
Community & Public Relations Manager
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243
public establishments across
the country from airing FNC.
The campaign, dubbed “Turn
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu
off Fox,” attempts to expose
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277 what the group’s leaders
Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119 call, “divisive rhetoric and
E-mail: dishonest smear campaigns”
while reducing the number of
Global Markets
TVs broadcasting the network
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220
in public venues like airports
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager and gyms.
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116 began a
Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager phone and online campaign to
Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266 its more than 600,000 members
Production Department - 410-554-8288 asking businesses and other
public establishments not to be
a “conduit for the race-baiting
Washington Office and distortions put forth by
1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723 Fox News Channel.” “The case
202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297 against Fox News Channel is
General Manager easy to make - no legitimate
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116 news organization consistently
Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
wages smear campaigns based
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions: on lies and race-baiting,”
410-554-8234 said James Rucker, executive
Customer director of,
Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226 in a press release.
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282
November 1, 2008 - Nov

Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body

A3 of September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American
By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi-

Church Released from Debt Stemming from Scam AFRO Staff Writer

Jennifer Hudson and other

relatives positively identified
connection with the murder of
Hudson’s mother and brother.
The white, 1994 Chevrolet
Suburban with Illinois license
cious vehicle. The man noticed
the vehicle while walking his
dog. According to the Chicago
Tribune, the boy had been shot
By Jamaal Abdul-Alim African-American D.C. churches Memorial Christian Methodist complicit in amultiple
scheme.times Through in the back seat advertising that would cover the
Special to the AFRO being released from debts through Episcopal, 1423 C. St., N.E.; Miles the alleged scheme, TVBO, Urban
of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- cost, TVBO and Urban Interfaith
a settlement reached between Memorial Colored Methodist Interfaith Networktered to Hudson’s murderedNetwork convinced church leaders
and Balboa, as
In a Sunday sermon dealing the District of Columbia and the Episcopal Church, 501 N. St., N.W.; well as three leasing brother,companies
was towed with theto sign leases for the kiosks,
with how God can set things aright, Irvine, Calif.-based Balboa Capital and The Way of the Cross Church “deceptively marketed”
boy’s body computer
inside and is being according to the Attorney General.
the pastor at Rock Creek Baptist Corporation. of Christ. equipment leases to dozens
processed of
by evidence But after the sponsorships failed to
Church had a practical example at The development was In the case of Rock Creek predominantlycians African-American
and workers. The body take shape, many of the churches
the ready: He told parishioners the welcome news to the Rock Creek Baptist Church and Lane Memorial churches in D.C., according
was later removed to the
and taken were
to being hounded by the leasing
church had been released from all congregants who pool their Christian Methodist Episcopal Attorney General’sthe Cook office.
County Medical companies for tens of thousands of
debts stemming from an alleged resources to take care of more Church, Balboa is being ordered Efforts to reach
Examiner’sofficials at
office. dollars.
scheme officials say was meant to pressing needs, such as school to pay the churches $2,000 each in Balboa, TVBO and HudsonUrban andInterfaith
other family “These leases were the product
trick the church and several others supplies as the 2010-2011 school restitution, court records show. Network weremembers not successful.
arrived at the Medical of deceptive marketing practices
throughout D.C. into paying for year kicks into gear. Though the District of Columbia Examiner’s
According to the District’s office mid-after- and should not be enforced against
noon and to identify Julian King, Jennnifer Hudson’s ne
overpriced informational kiosks. “We want to thank God that we Attorney General’s Office had complaint, TVBO Urban the body. the churches,” Attorney General
“We were relieved,” the Rev. were released from everything,” accused Balboa and local vendors Given the choice between
Interfaith Network promised to give Peter Nickles look- said.
ing directly at the body or A spokesman for the office the mu
Jeffrey L. Mitchell Sr. told his Rev. Mitchell said. Television Broadcast Online the churches some The told
the is continuing
newspaper that toHudson jail for
viewing it on a wall-mounted
congregants this past Sunday at the The settlement blocks Balboa (TVBO) and Urban Interfaith free “informational kiosks” to prosecute its action against the
church, located at 4201 N. Eighth from collecting tens of thousands Network of “tricking” the churches Courtesy publicize
Photoschurch and community remaining defendants, including
St., N.W. “They stopped all actions in lease payments from Rock CreekHudson
was killed, as
into paying
and her
well as
for mom,
overpriced Darnell Donerson events, “She held hands with her family. It was obviously a
whoas well as job listings and Chesapeake Industrial Leasing
on payments.” Baptist Church and four other kiosks, the her brother,
settlement Jason.
states that coupons for local businesses. based in Baltimore, and United
Rock Creek Baptist Church churches: House of Help/City of Balboa denies the allegations By telling video
the churches that
screen, the family chose Leasing“remained
Associatesstrongof America
for her fami- being c
is one of five predominantly Hope, 2322 16th St., S.E.;theLane and
body of her 7-year-old maintains that it was not
plate X584859 was found on sponsors had already agreed to
the latter. According to the based in Wisconsin.
ly” and was clearly its leader. murder
nephew Monday, just hours Chicago’s West Side after Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, “She held hands with her fami- ing. Co
ly,” the spokesman said. “It that he
Independent Voters after his body was found in a police received a 7 a.m. call that’s him.”
was obviously a very emotional charges

ACORN Fights Back

moment.” convict
Continued from A1
The boy – the son of Julia sion of
McLaughlin. to affirm that right to exercise Hudson, Jennifer’s sister – had He was
“When the City was in fact the it. been missing since Friday, 2006 a
Council passed case –that [the Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’ “If I want when a relative found Julian’s
grandmother, Darnell
for the
car hija
the Omnibus Fenty campaign to change my
By Alan King and Dallas Cowboys players No wonder Obama’s campaign is Donerson, 57, and his uncle, The
Election Reform assessment] mind,toI think I him from the
AFRO Staff Writer Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, trying distance Jason Hudson, 29, shot to death through
[Act of 2009]the was not our among the names submitted to shouldsaying,
group, be able “Barack Obama in his grandmother’s home in which
end of last year, interpretation of
Presidential candidate John election officials. to do that,”
Never Organized with ACORN.” the 7000 block of South Yale
they elected to the law.” attack on ACORN –
McCain’s Hurd said those workers, who But Cambrel
Obama’s said.ties to ACORN run Avenue.
create a system According
Associated Community were doing those things without “That should
long and deep. He be taught classes An Amber Alert – a desig-
for voters to to a recent for Reform Now –
Organization ACORN’s knowledge or permis- for about anything
ACORN. They even endorsed nation for high-risk missing
register for the Gallup
confirmsPoll, the success of the sion, were fired. -- even
him if I was
for President. children – was issued Friday
first time at the about one in the head of the
organization, “The evidence that has sur- Republican
But now ACORN and is in trouble. after Julian was discovered
polls on Election five
says. faced so far shows they faked decided
Reporter:at theThere are at least missing after the murders.
Day,” she registered
“This is voters
testimony to the work forms to get paid for work they lastinvestigations
11 minute I across the Police arrested William
continued, “but is undecided
we’ve done and success we’ve didn’t do, not to stuff ballot wantedinvolving
country to vote thousands of Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
they explicitly Photos by Dorothy Rowley or prefers
had,” Maude a Hurd, president of boxes.” ACORN, she said, is the as a Democrat.
potentially fraudulent If ACORN father and estranged husband
decided to ACORN, said
candidate from in an interview victim of fraud, not the perpetra- forms. I haven’t signed of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
retain the fact
“I believe it’s a ploy to persuade or con outside with the the AFRO.two
“If I want to change tor of it. my mind, I think I Announcer: Massive voter
anything, I “It can be a tough
apartmentif you’re
“When this attack started, we Hurd said the only things fraud. And the Obama campaign hours after the murders.
that previously some voters into coming over to the major parties. should be able to do shouldn’t be held
had just announced that we had bogus are that.”
the charges them- paid more than $800,000 not tosure
an — so peoplemother,
Balfour’s shouldMichele,
stick tohas
registered voters The selves. And factcheck. org as committed.”
ACORN front for get out the vote told reporters that her son had
registered 1.3 million new vot-
‘ party affiliation Democratic side just to get the votes...” nationwide ers,” she said.poll
– Anthony Cambrel efforts. Said their initial choice
is locked in.” which queried
“That’s just to say agrees.
Chambers: “Lastto issue risky nothingin to these
do withmatters.”
the slayings.
The Omnibus
– Dontike Miller, 26 that
6,000 respondents
scared It concluded, “Neither Pressuring banks Balfour remains a suspect in Jason
– Marvin Little
because of ACORN’s success.” on aACORN monthlynor basis, also revealed
its employees have minute
loans. or not, I voter fraud.
Election Reform thatMcCain,
since March, an average
who is running for of 92 percent of Democrats
been found guilty of, or even and should be able to
Barack Obama. Bad judgment.
of 2009 (OERA) became law this past February, and during a 94 percent
president onoftheRepublicans
Republican tick- have said theywith,
charged would vote fraudulent
casting for their change
Blind the way
ambition. Too risky for
markup session the previous fall, At-large Councilman David party’s
et, lashed candidate
out at ACORN if the election
in the were held today.
votes.” I want to vote. Otherwise, it’s like [the government] telling me
Catania moved two amendments related to party affiliations. finalMeanwhile,
debate against Washingtonians
Barack haveThe been mixedcame
problem in theirabout pri- what to do.”
Catania was not immediately available for comment, but assessments
Obama, contending of the the matter.
group “is marily because of the way Thomas
Since Jenkins,
McCain’s 66, shared sentiments with Marvin Little. SQUARE
according to the rule-making petition in which Fenty’s concerns on the “I believe
verge ofit’s maybea ploy to persuade
perpetrat- or conoperates.
ACORN some votersRatherintothan “I think87the
ACORN’s board’s
offices havedecision
been was a good one because it was
were attached, an amendment was moved that would have coming
ing one of over
the to the Democratic
greatest frauds in side relyjust to get the votes,”
on volunteers, said
it pays peo- a last-ditchwith
bombarded act threats
of desperation
and by Fenty’s people who tried to
allowed voters to change their party affiliation during a 30-day Dontike
voter history Miller, “And if that’s ple,,
in this the many
case, of them
then thatpoor or unem- racist
voter pull amail.
deed in his favor,” said Jenkins, 66. “Fenty was upset
period. Secondly, Catania offered an amendment that would maybe destroying the fabric of ployed, to sign
would not have been totally committed to their belief in the first because up new voters. The day heafter the presidential
appointed Togo West [to BOEE] thinking he would
democracy.” The idea was to help both those debate, vandals broke into the
have allowed unaffiliated voters to participate in any political place.” Miller added that voters should be required to vote the go along with it, but things backfired.”, a non-partisan being registered and those doing organization’s Boston and Seattle
party’s primary election with the group’s consent. party they signed on for, and remain committed until after the Little, 74, said while he partially agrees with BOEE, people
Web site, found those claims to the registration. offices and stole computers.
McLaughlin further stated that the Council had opted to elections.
be “exaggerated,” with “no evi- Maud explained, “We have a should still go early
After a Cleveland and vote. Otherwise, “It can be aBREAD
representative tough
maintain the closed primary system in the District and because Others like Anthony
dence of any such democracy- Cambrel, 54, and Cuteva Chambers, decision if
zero tolerance policy for deliber- appeared on TV, an e-mail was you’re not sure — so people should stick to their
such was the language used in the Omnibus format. Voters 45, reasoned
destroying fraud.” that if voters have a change of mind, they have
ate falsification of registration.” the initial choice in these
sent to the local office saying she matters.”
could not change their party affiliations at the last minute in Hurd believes the McCain Most news account neglect to “is going to have her life ended.”
order to vote for a candidate aligned with another party. charges were politically motivat- point out that ACORN is A worker in Providence, R.I.,
In its petition, Fenty’s campaign sought BOEE’s ed. required by law to turn in all reg- received a threatening call say- LEFT
clarification on new legislation that allows voters to register on She said, “Because it’s low- istration forms. And they also fail ing, “We know you get off work
the day of the primary and that nothing in the city’s election and moderate-income people, to note that it was the organiza- at 9” and uttered racial epithets.
statutes prohibits independent voters from registering with a and people of color, I believe the tion, in many instances, that first A caller to one office left a
party during the aforementioned 30-day period. McCain campaign thinks those brought the phony registrations message on the answering
But following a hearing, the petition was denied. voters are going to vote to the attention of authorities. machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
“There was a petition that was delivered to our office to Democratic, which is not neces- The McCain camp apparently calling to let you know that
change that interpretation,” McLaughlin said, “but we didn’t sarily true.” isn’t interested in those fine Barack Obama needs to get
ACORN is no stranger to points, preferring to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted)
do so. It was repealed and another vote was held by the board
controversy. ing ads that seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
For 38 years, the non-partisan to ACORN, thereby undercutting (expletive deleted). You guys are
Energy Kitchen Fare organization has fought for social his political support.
and economic justice for low- McCain: I’m John McCain
fraudulent, and you need to go to
hell. All the niggers on oak trees.
Continued from A1 and moderate-income and I approve this message. They’re gonna get all hung hon-
Americans. With 400,000 mem- Announcer: Who is Barack eys, they’re going to get assassi-
“We really need this [kind of restaurant ber families organized into more Obama? A man with “a political nated, they’re gonna get killed.”
than 1,200 neighborhood chap- baptism performed at warp Another message said, “You
fare], especially among the African- ters in 110 cities nationwide, speed.” Vast ambition. After col- liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive
ACORN has over the years seen lege, he moved to Chicago. deleted). Welfare bums. You
American community...” its share of criticism while advo- Became a community organizer. guys just (expletive deleted)
cating for affordable housing, There, Obama met Madeleine come to our country, consume
“Nothing is fried and everything’s made to order right on the living wages, healthcare for the Talbot, part of the Chicago every natural resource there is,
spot,” she continued. “There is meat, but it’s chicken, bison and underserved— and while organ- branch of ACORN. He was so and make a lot of babies. That’s
ostrich – things that are low in fat.” izing voter registration drives. impressive that he was asked to all you guys do. And then suck
According to the research organization, Franchise Mall, But none has been as withering train the ACORN staff. up the welfare and expect every-
in addition to a $30,000 franchise fee, it typically costs about and baseless as this one. What did ACORN in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
$750,000 to launch such business ventures. With the presidential election engage in? Bullying banks. bills for your kids. I jus’ say let
less than two weeks away, Intimidation tactics. Disruption your kids die. That’s the best Befo
While Finley declined to go into specifics over set-up costs,
ACORN’s detractors allege the of business. ACORN forced move. Just let your children die.
she said however, that she has had great support from Leone. Fun learning opp
organization has engaged in mas- banks to issue risky home loans. Forget about paying for hospital
Finley also said that as a result of her restaurants, over the next bills for them. I’m not gonna do
counting and identif
sive voter registration fraud after The same types of loans that
three years she expects to have created 40 to 45 new jobs in the reported discovery of bogus caused the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I
and help them en
the District. names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
founded Grow Up Grea
“We really need this [kind of restaurant fare], especially con Éxito, a 10-yea
Hurd thinks the hate calls will
among the African-American community,” said Finley, which children for school an
cease soon.
has long been susceptible to greater incidences of life- “Happy, Healthy, Re
“In two weeks, I think these
threatening conditions that include obesity and high blood attacks will be over. But I think it with all kinds of simp
learn. Together, we
pressure. will be harder for us to get our
“The obesity epidemic in our country has hit our community Identification Statements name back on good graces
especially hard,” Finley said. “I’ve looked at statistics which Baltimore Afro-American — (USPS 040-800) is published weekly by The Afro-American because they really trashed us in
state that 71 percent of men and 79 percent of women are over Newspapers, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602. Subscription Rate: the last few weeks.” To find out more
Baltimore - 1 Year - $30.00 (Price includes tax.) Checks for subscriptions should be made But ACORN will not be
weight or obese in our community and I think we just need to payable to: The Afro-American Newspaper Company, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD
focus on the harm that brings.” 21218-4602. Periodicals postage paid at Baltimore, MD. deterred.
“We’ve been fighting for a
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long time, for over 30 years, for
exciting time for us as we build momentum and take big steps
N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602.
the rights of low- and moderate-
towards our national expansion goal.” The Washington Afro-American & Washington Tribune — (0276-6523) is published
income people all across the
He added that as more consumers begin to realize that fast
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20002-4723. Subscription Rate: Washington - 1 Year - $30.00. Periodical Postage paid country,” Hurd said. “We’re
food doesn’t have to be fat food, his franchises look forward at Washington, D.C.
going to continue to fight for
to providing them with healthy and delicious alternatives to POSTMASTER: Send addresses changes to: The Washington Afro-American economic justice in our commu-
& Washington Tribune, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602.
nities.” TM /©2008 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved. ©2
A6 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010 September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American A5

AFRO’s Primary Endorsements for Washington, D.C.

By AFRO Staff being results-oriented and effecting a quick- limited resources on important social safety neighborhood. And more recently, the gay
pace manner in accomplishing his agenda, net priorities and core city services.” community pioneer successfully co-sponsored
On Aug. 30, Washington voters began to we had reservations about his ability to In stressing his goals for decreasing the legislation to recognize gay marriage in the
cast their votes in the primary election. This communicate with and ensure inclusiveness of current 10 percent jobless rate, Gray referred nation’s capital.
is the first time the District has allowed early the African-American community. For instance, to enforcement of a new law that mandates 51 None of Graham’s three opponents come
voting and along with that, initiated a variety while Fenty implemented school reform in percent of new jobs created in the city must to the table with the experience, the tenacity
of other enhancements and changes. This a system that is predominantly Black, the go to residents. So far, “It has been poorly for upholding the rights and expectations of
election cycle is definitely full of firsts for the community had little input in this process. enforced,” Gray said. “We let people come residents and the track record for providing
District. Through his own admission, Fenty has been from everywhere to work in the District, and solutions to issues that directly impact
This is not, however, the first time the aloof to the African-American community and our own people end up being out of work.” constituents.
AFRO has made endorsements. he apologized, promising to do better. Even The AFRO encourages voters to follow The AFRO asks your support in keeping
During each election season, the AFRO so, Blacks have felt somewhat neglected under its lead by embracing Gray in the Sept. 14 Graham where he’s needed most − in Ward 1,
reaches out to the candidates in the races his watch and the mayor’s lack of response to Democratic primary. at the Council table − where he continues to
of most interest to the African-American their needs has left much to be desired. make a difference.
community and those that most impact their The AFRO was genuinely impressed with Jim Graham
lives. We start by sending a questionnaire and candidate Leo Alexander, who possesses Ward 1 City Council Eleanor Holmes-Norton
then, based on the answers and any additional plenty of passion and polish for the city’s Jim Graham’s delivery of services to U.S. Congress
issues or controversy surrounding the various premiere leadership position. He’s committed residents has been unwavering since he was Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton,
races, bring candidates from select races, to eradicating joblessness, improving first elected to the City Council in 1998. He one of the most powerful women in the
that completed the questionnaire, in for an schools, improving economic development has gone on to win elections in 2002 and 2006, District of Columbia, gets the AFRO’s
interview with the publisher, Jake Oliver, and and supporting small business, which with an overwhelming majority of votes in endorsement based on her solid record of
members of the editorial department. he lists among a slew of other concerns. both the Democratic primaries and general going to bat for residents.
Our endorsements are made based on this Unfortunately, Alexander lacks the political elections. Now in her 10th term, Norton has
information. experience we believe necessary now for the As the AFRO did in 2006, it is again consistently broken barriers in the delivery
This exercise is usually daunting for us, job of mayor. endorsing Graham based on his ability to get of services that have included large-scale
and this year was no exception. Without fail, Gray entered the race late (March 2010) with things done. He is smart, hard-working and economic development initiatives as well as
we enjoy meeting the candidates, find them the caveat that he knows how to get things done dedicated to the issues he cares about – those the creation of some 14,000 jobs aligned with
interesting and informative, and leave each in D.C. Gray’s not only adept at organizing, of his constituents. D.C. Homeland Security Compound being
meeting liking something about each one. With he’s been a visible force dealing head-on with He has been an excellent chairman of the built in the city’s Anacostia community.
that in mind, please know that we endorse the issues that overwhelmingly impact the public’s Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Always a strong voice for the community,
candidates we believe will do the job, to the well-being. His success in winning approval of Affairs and has always tried to make the she was instrumental in securing a unique
best of their ability and for the good of their reform legislation giving the mayor control over agencies under his jurisdiction responsive to $5,000 tax credit that has helped boost
constituency. the troubled school system and how he held the the needs of residents. homeownership and stabilized the District’s
We then wait to watch what you, the voters, chancellor to task surrounding the abrupt firing Graham served as the chairman of the population.
decide on Election Day. of hundreds of teachers are some examples of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Norton, who does not have a voice on the
The following are the AFRO’s his oversight ability. Authority’s board of directors until earlier this House floor, continues her fight to bring voting
endorsements for the 2010 Primary election in The Ward 7 resident has promised to ensure year. Having been a voting member of the rights to the District, which, in effect, will
the District of Columbia. transparency and inclusiveness in the office board since 1999, the no-nonsense councilman enable the city to obtain its long sought-after
of the mayor and – armed with a three-prong pushed to keep Metro fares down so those voice in Congress.
Vincent Gray approach for efficiency − will immediately most in need of the city’s bus and rail services More recently, the venerable
Mayor, District of Columbia tackle unemployment while fostering a could afford them. congresswoman garnered a big break through
Vincent Gray, acknowledged for his strategy for increased economic development He fought for and brought affordable relocating prisoners to D.C. rather than far
character, integrity and leadership on the City opportunities. housing to his Adams Morgan community, away from home.
Council, comes to the table with diplomacy He responded on a recent AFRO- where the cost of living is among the highest And, even during Congress’ summer break
and a knack for being in tune with the needs candidates’ questionnaire that he has in the city. In one instance, residents of an in August, she kept busy with tasks such as
of District residents. A member of the Council demonstrated a thoughtful, mature and fiscally apartment complex were able to purchase the making appearances with cabinet members and
since 2005, Gray who hails from “east of responsible approach to offset the city’s budget building they’d long called home. speaking at the National Night Out anti-crime
the river,” is touting the slogan, “One City − woes. “I realize the many difficult choices Graham continues work to bridge the initiative.
Leadership We Need,” in his bid for mayor families have been forced to make during ward’s racial inequities – including his She is a tireless advocate for the residents
against incumbent Adrian Fenty. this recession,” he wrote, “and I treat the longstanding fight to help small businesses of Washington, D. C. and we are proud to
While the AFRO gives credit to Fenty for taxpayers’ money with respect by focusing flourish in his mostly Black and Latino support her bid for re-election.

“The first responsibility of

government is to ensure
the well-being and safety of
the people it serves.”

Vince Gray believes every D.C. resident, East and West of the river, deserves to feel safe. Too
many of our children and too many families in our community are being victimized in D.C., and the
quality of public services varies by ward and neighborhood, even by street.
As Mayor, Vince Gray will work to:
4 Create partnerships between law enforcement, the communities they serve, and the Mayor’s office
4 Engage every community in policing and public safety, creating a strong relationship between people and their officers
4 Restore coordination and accountability by reestablishing the position of Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice to
coordinate all the federal and city agencies that patrol our neighborhoods
4 Work to identify at-risk youth at the community level, and coordinate between officers and social services so that they don’t
fall through the cracks
4 Invest in our first responders—police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical staff—who put their lives on the line for us
every day
4 Recruit more police officers and firefighters from inside the district and keep our streets safe by having more police officers on
foot and bike patrols in our neighborhoods

Vote Integrity, Character and Leadership.

On September 14th vote Vince Gray for Mayor.
For more information, or to volunteer, Call (202)291-2692.

Early voting began on August 30th, visit for voting locations and hours.
Paid for by Gray for Mayor,1004 6th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Betty Brown, Treasurer. A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance.
A4 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010 September 4, 2010 - September 4, 2010, The Afro-American A7

Local Woman Spices Up District with Flavorful Hot Sauces
By Stephen D. Riley ready to drop the experimenting and move on with her
AFRO Staff Writer life. But with a renewed bill of health, Bruce encouraged
his wife to give it one more try and D.C.’s Diva of Hot
Standing just a half inch over 5 feet, Monica Sauce has been watering mouths and gaining recognition
Sanowar isn’t a very imposing figure. An olive- ever since. Her sauces received rave reviews this past
skinned woman with a motherly smile and calming March by the now-defunct Chile Pepper Magazine and she
voice, Sanowar gives off the guise of an innocent plans on pushing her DC Redbone sauce into iconic status
bystander incapable of harming a fly. But behind in the District. “I want it to be the No. 1 hot sauce in this
the profession of an everyday legal secretary is a city,” Sanowar said. “My goal here is to get into the
burning pyromaniac ready to explode. However, bigger stores.”
“D.C.’s Diva of Hot Sauce,” as she likes to be In the mean time, Sanowar will attend the Adams
called, doesn’t start fires with matches and Morgan Day Festival again this year on Sept. 12 with
gasoline − habanero and naga jolokia peppers a Caribbean-style platter. As a testament to her “inner
are her preferred weapons. pyromaniac,” Sanowar said, “I want people to thank
Since 2009, Sanowar has been creeping up me for burning them.”
the ranks of the condiment chain. Equipped
with three patented hot sauces − DC Redbone For more information on Sanowar or to place
Hot Sauce, CocoLoco Mango Hot Sauce an order for her branded hot sauces, visit www.
and Shak Shak Gourmet Jerk Sauce− the
Courtesy Photos
Washington, D.C., native’s spicy concoctions
DC Redbone Hot Sauce is one of the award-winning
were a crowd favorite at last year’s Adams
flavorful creations of Monica Sanowar, otherwise known
Morgan Day Festival. Sanowar then set the
as “D.C.’s Diva of Hot Sauce.”
Big Apple ablaze, where her DC Redbone sauce
finished third in the habanero category at the annual
Hot Pepper Awards. The Shak Shak Gourmet sauce
took home first place in the specialty sauce category.
Judges were impressed with the tasteful balance of
Sanowar’s sauces. “Not too much and not too little,” as she
would say. Sanowar’s heritage, a mixture of Native American,
African and European cultures, doesn’t allow her to cater to
one specific demographic, so she bases her sauces on how
well they can attract a volume audience. Her blended hot
sauces are designed to be impactful, but scaled back delicately

“Her blended hot sauces are designed to

be impactful, but scaled back delicately
enough so the flavor can be appreciated.”

enough so the flavor can be appreciated.

“Where I come from with my sauces I’ll burn you but I
won’t kill you; there’s a difference,” Sanowar said. “When
you put a little something on your food you want something
to enhance it but you also want to be able to taste the food.
My thing is flavor.”
Ironically, Sanowar’s “thing” for flavor was discovered by
accident during a trip to Trinidad and Tobago nearly 30 years
ago. A regular fan of Tabasco sauce, she sampled a friend’s
pepper sauce and was unprepared for the severe flavor. “[The
sauce] tried to kill me, but I loved it,” Sanowar recalled. It
was also on that trip that she discovered her husband Bruce,
a native of the Caribbean, whose love for hot sauce knows no
boundaries. Together, the couple created Sun Pony, the name
brand under which her sauces are now marketed at over 60
independent local grocers. “My banker helped
After her husband fell ill a few years ago, Sanowar was
me plan for 23
new employees.
And one new

You don’t draw a line between

BUSINESS your business and personal life.
Neither do we.
george washington university CLASS BANKING
lisner auditorium Your business deserves undivided attention.
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60th Anniversary Concert the other things that can keep you up at night.
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AMERICA’S INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL AMBASSADORS Service Understanding Passion Partnership Solutions

Lt. Col. A. Phillip Waite, Commander and Conductor SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. ©2010 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and Live Solid. Bank Solid. are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

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A8 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010

Community Calendar
Sept. 2 action in their communities. 10 Thomas Circle, N.W. D.C., The Smithsonian to the people of 18th century 1001 F St., N.W. D.C.,
‘Empower’ Happy Hour For more information: 202- 1 p.m. Join in the 27th annual Anacostia Community Sierra Leone. For more Various times, event runs
Tabaq Bistro, 1336 U St., 709-9392. African dance and drum Museum, 1901 Fort Place, information: 202-633-4820. Aug. 29-Sept. 6 in honor
N.W. D.C., 5-8 p.m. Join festival. $15-$220. For more S.E. D.C., 10:30 a.m. View a of what would have been
Empower Magazine as they Sept. 3-5 information: film that bridges hundreds of Sept. 6 Michael Jackson’s 52nd
host their monthly happy Kankouran: African Dance, years and thousands of miles King of Pop Discount at birthday. The museum offers
hour to discuss social issues Drum Conference Sept. 4 between the Gullah people Madame Tussauds D.C. a 52 percent admission
and challenge readers to take Washington Plaza Hotel, ‘The Language You Cry In’ of present-day Georgia back Madame Tussauds D.C., discount to anyone who
mentions “MJ-52” at the
admissions counter. Visitors
will also interact and take
photos with Jackson’s wax
image. For more information:


McCoart Government
Building, 1 County Complex
Court, Woodbridge, Va., 4
p.m. The Washington Metro
EXTRA 1O% OFF ALL SALE & CLEARANCE Investment Club is having an
SUIT SEPARATES & SPORTCOATS FOR HIM open house meeting. The club
AND SELECT HOME ITEMS. is comprised of a small group
Excludes: specials, super buys, furniture, mattresses, floor coverings, rugs, of novice investors interested
previous purchases, special orders, selected licensed depts., special purchases,
jewelry trunk shows, cosmetics/fragrances, electrics/electronics, gift cards,
in learning about current, services. Cannot be combined with any savings pass/coupon, extra trends in investing. For more
discount or credit offer except opening a new Macy’s account. EXTRA SAVINGS %
APPLIED TO REDUCED PRICES. information: 703-801-1465.

Sept. 7
VALID NOW–9/6/2010 PC Basics
D.C. Public Library,
Martin Luther King Jr.
Branch, 901 G St. N.W.
D.C., 12:30 p.m., Learn the
basics of personal computing
from creating files, using the
Internet and more. For more
information: 202-727-0321.

Sept. 9
NBMBAA-DC 2010 Pre-
Conference Career Expo
Embassy Suites, D.C.
Convention Center, 900
10th St., N.W. D.C., 6-9
p.m. At this event, sharpen
your networking skills and
come meet with companies
who are actively recruiting
professionals in the D.C.
area in preparation for
the 32nd National Black
MBA Association Annual
Conference. $10. For more
information: www.dcbmbaa.

Sept. 11
National Prayer Garden
Official Launch, 9-11
Camelot by Martins,
13905 Central Ave., Upper
Marlboro, Md., 2-6 p.m. The
National Prayer Garden that
will span over 340 acres in
Maryland will pay tribute


to the victims of the Sept.
11 terror attacks. $50. For
more information: www.

NCNW Black Family

Reunion Celebration 2010

25% TO 6O% OFF STOREWIDE Washington National

Mall. 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Join
the National Council of
Negro Women for the 25th
Anniversary Black Family


Reunion Celebration
featuring live music,
delicious food and more. For
Bible Way Temple Radio
Choir 70th Anniversary
Bible Way Temple, 1100
New Jersey Ave., N.W. D.C.,
3:30-5:30 p.m. Join Bible
Way Temple as they celebrate
70 consecutive years on the
air. For more information:

Adams Morgan Day

Festival 2010
Eighteenth Street
between Florida Avenue
and Columbia Road, N.W.
D.C., 12-7 p.m. Come join
the longest continuous
neighborhood festival in
D.C. This nationally known
regional event showcases
Experience Macy’s any way you like!
the international and cultural
Open a Macy’s Account for extra 20% savings the first 2 days with
Follow us on twitter Become our fan on facebook Download our free iPhone App from iTunes more rewards to come. Exclusions and limitations apply; see below. diversity and creativity of
LABOR DAY SALE PRICES IN EFFECT THROUGH 9/6/10. For store locations & hours, log on to Adams Morgan. For more
Macy’s credit card is available subject to credit approval; new account savings valid the day your account is opened and the next day; excludes services, select licensed departments, gift cards, restaurants, gourmet food and wine. information: 202-232-1960.
On furniture, mattresses and rugs/floor coverings, the new account savings is limited to $100; application must qualify for immediate approval to receive extra savings; employees not eligible.

6080050A.indd 1 8/23/10 4:27:53 PM

September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American A9

District’s ‘Bush v. Gore’ Redux
Adrienne T. Could the Democratic the polling precincts under
primary in two weeks turn out new council rules. There are
Washington to be “Bush v. Gore in D.C.?” also bound to be long lines
Maybe no hanging chads as unaware voters will be
or midnight Supreme Court session, but with an unprecedented forced to fill out paperwork
number of “disputed” provisional or “special ballots” predicted to apply for or update their
to be cast, D.C. Board of Elections officials will be hard registration.
pressed to declare a definitive winner in the hotly contested Those who thought this
mayoral race for the Democratic primary after the polls close would be the best year to
on Sept. 14. implement the omnibus voting
The anticipated final vote count may not be known for at rights measures are probably
least a week, or even longer if the ballots wind up before the rethinking these massive
two-member elections board or the D.C. Court of Appeals, changes now that the race has
predict some D.C. watchers. tightened and the electorate is
Janene D. Jackson, senior vice president of government more energized.
relations and public policy for the DC Chamber of Commerce, Early voting, same day
predicts “it could be Bush versus Gore in D.C.” Unless, she registration, new voting
adds, “there is an overwhelming margin” for the victor. machines and a host of other
Already the board has set aside three days beginning the new regulations will only
Tuesday after the primary to conduct a “special ballot” review. add to the confusion bound
Already each campaign has hired a fleet of lawyers. Already to occur given that the board
scores of voters have been purged from the registration rolls. of elections purged the voter
Already not a pretty picture. rolls only 60 days before the
In the District with the overwhelming majority of registered primary.
voters being Democrats, the September primary is tantamount With too little notice
to a November general election. too late, some observers immediately if you want to vote in the D.C. Democratic
This year’s combative campaign between incumbent D.C. and citizens are complaining the board “has not engaged in a primary. That word comes not only from those concerned
Mayor Adrian Fenty and D.C. Council Chairman Vince Gray proactive campaign” to inform voters of the changes, while the about voting rights in the District but from the D.C. Board of
is a tortoise-hare race that no one dared predict a year ago, more suspect are throwing around more sinister accusations of Elections and Ethics itself.
with the incumbent lagging behind in the latest polling data voter intimidation and tampering. Just days before early voting was set to begin on Aug. 30,
despite having amassed a hefty war chest and garnered biased Jackson painted a scenario in which a voter may show the agency sent out a 10-point media advisory urging voters to
mainstream media backing. up to vote, not be properly registered and not have proper check their new voter registration cards, sent out only a week
Losing ground may be why Fenty shamelessly tried to cull identification and not be allowed to vote or may have to vote a prior. If you haven’t received it go to
a cadre of newcomers by petitioning the board of elections special ballot. She noted that just prior to the 2000 presidential Take two forms of identification and a utility bill as proof
to allow independents to cast ballots in the D.C. Democratic campaign, Florida purged its voter registration rolls which of residence with you to the polls even if you think you are
primary for the first time. His 11th-hour request was properly disproportionately disenfranchised African Americans. properly registered.
denied. Barbara B. Lang, president and CEO of the D.C. Chamber No one wants a “D.C. version of Bush v. Gore” replayed
Although District voters have the first-time opportunity to of Commerce, which has endorsed Mr. Gray, said “Regardless come Sept. 14.
begin early voting at One Judiciary Square a full two weeks of which candidate a voter may support, we want to see as
before the primary, election day is still shaping up to be mired many residents as possible participate in the electoral process.” Adrienne T. Washington is a D.C.-based political
in mass chaos with so many major changes taking place at Vote early, but check your voter registration card commentator and journalism professor.

Wyclef Jean’s Presidential Candidacy a Distraction

The on-again-off-again homeless, who lost everything, including their identification shelter, medicine, food, clean water, justice, inclusion, dignity
Ezili Danto presidential candidacy of cards, going to be able to vote on Nov. 28? and living-wage jobs.
music star Wyclef Jean is a Will the people outside of the capital and surrounding cities We need to ask whether these rushed elections, scheduled
distraction for Haiti. where the earthquake hit be able to vote? Or is the purpose of for Nov. 28, will bring relief if they further destabilize the
On Friday, Aug. 20, the Haiti Electoral Council ruled that these elections that primarily the wealthy, whose houses didn’t country by enraging the Haitian majority, which is likely to see
15 out of the 34 candidates had not met the legal requirements crumble in the earthquake and who all have their identification its voice stifled yet again.
to run for president of Haiti. Jean was one of the rejected cards, be the ones to vote? Exacerbating catastrophe to capitalize on catastrophe is a
candidates and he’s chosen to appeal the decision. If so, how could this be called a representative government? workable formula for key stakeholders in Haiti affairs, as these
That’s his right, but I wish the media would focus less on In every election since 2004, when President Bush ousted elections may provide fresh reasons to perpetuate the U.N./U.S.
this personality-driven story and more on the reality of what’s Haiti’s democratically elected leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide, presence in Haiti.
going on in Haiti right now. Haiti’s most popular political party, the Fanmi Lavalas, has Supposedly the Haitian government, which says it is
Almost eight months after the earthquake, the recovery been excluded from participation. bankrupt from the earthquake, has pledged $7 million of the
effort in Haiti is going almost nowhere. Again, how can any government, then, be called $29.6 million it will cost to run these elections. The rest of the
There are two million homeless earthquake victims still on representative? election monies will come from mostly foreigners. Will they
the streets of Port-au-Prince, the capital. Less than 5 percent Even if Wyclef Jean wins this appeal, how are his young use their clout to support a candidate that will put their interests
of the rubble has been removed from the streets to make room constituents, in the crumbled areas without IDs, voter above those of the Haitian people?
for permanent shelters. And roughly 20 percent of those living registrations and addresses, going to vote? Moreover, even Under the circumstances, there are more important things
in the 1,300 tent camps have, in the past month, been forcibly if the masses do vote, who will make sure their votes are not for Haitians to do than holding this election. The $29.6 million
evicted with nowhere to go. dumped into garbage bins, as happened in the 2006 presidential could be better used to employ Haitians to remove all the
There are almost no homes to live in, no jobs to be had. election? rubble and erect permanent housing.
This is a disgrace, considering all the donations, upward But Jean only puts on the dress of a populist to get votes and
of $1 billion, that came in to the nongovernmental institutions pander to a desperate population. As he’s said, “Don’t worry, Ezili Danto is an award-winning playwright, performance
after the earthquake. Much of this money is earning interest for I’m not a populist, I’m a capitalist.” poet and human rights attorney. She is the founder of the Haitian
charity executives; it is not reaching the earthquake victims. Haiti is a country that needs the government to lead, not the Lawyers Leadership Network. She can be reached at pmproj@
The upcoming election seems to have plenty of candidates private sector that’s failed for 200 years to do so. The Haitian This article was reprinted with permission of
but not much of an electorate. How are the two million government must ensure the human rights of the majority to “The Progressive” magazine,

Achieving a More Balanced and Effective National Drug Strategy

When President Obama national strategy. response to the drug threat.
released his five-year goals Clearly, there is no single answer to our drug crisis. Another significant factor in Baltimore’s progress is an
for reducing drug use Effective drug treatment, as well as equally effective prevention agency for which Director Kerlikowske’s Office can take much
and its consequences last and policing, must be essential components of our national of the credit. The Washington-Baltimore High Intensity Drug
May, he observed that “by strategy. Trafficking Area Program (HIDTA), and its director, Thomas
boosting community-based As Director Kerlikowske noted last week, what I call Carr, have long played a critical role in integrating our public
prevention, expanding the “Baltimore Drug Strategy” can be a model for President safety and public health responses to drug-related crime.
treatment, strengthening law Obama’s new national vision. Composed of top professionals and public servants from
enforcement, and working Here in Baltimore, where we have developed one of the throughout our region, our HIDTA teams have learned the
collaboratively with our most comprehensive drug treatment systems in the nation, we lesson that drug treatment is an essential element of public
global partners, we will understand that drug treatment works (a conclusion too often safety.
reduce drug use and the lost on some of my House colleagues). A recent analysis demonstrated that no more than 37 percent
great damage it causes in our The 2002 Steps to Success: Baltimore Drug and Alcohol of clients who successfully completed HIDTA-funded drug
communities.” Treatment Outcomes Study, conducted by respected research treatment programs were re-arrested during the following year.
Cong. Elijah E. I fully agree. scientists from Johns Hopkins and Morgan State University, The Baltimore Plan is smart and evidence-based, balanced
Cummings Last week, I joined confirmed this fact in 2002. and effective. As America moves toward a more comprehensive
President Obama’s Director One month after participants entered treatment, the use of national drug control strategy, the initiatives that we have
of the Office of National Drug cocaine, heroin and alcohol each fell by more than 60 percent – developed here offer the rest of the country important models
Control Policy, Gil Kerlikowske, for strategic conversations and the positive effects of treatment were still evident after one of success.
with drug treatment professionals here in Baltimore. year. Success will also require that America’s drug treatment
During those strategy sessions at Tuerk House, Dee’s Place, Heroin use dropped by 69 percent. Cocaine use dropped by programs continue to receive the funding that they need. Even
the Jericho Re-entry Program and the East Baltimore Drug Free 48 percent. Criminal activity declined by 64 percent. here in Baltimore, of the more than 60,000 of our neighbors
Community Coalition, Director Kerlikowske made it clear that Financially – and in the overall improvement of our public who needed treatment in 2009, only one-third were able to
he had come to Baltimore to learn. health and safety – studies like Steps to Success demonstrate receive that help.
“The programs we visited in Baltimore today reflect the that drug treatment provides a generous return on our We must do better than this. Although funding for drug
National Drug Control Strategy’s holistic approach to reducing investment of public funds. treatment must compete with other national priorities, we must
drug abuse and its consequences,” Gil Kerlikowske observed. That investment must be managed efficiently and find the way to provide effective treatment to all who are in
“The prevention, treatment, law enforcement and recovery effectively. need.
programs show our national strategy at work on the local The managerial foundation of our Baltimore Strategy is a Lives are in the balance – and we cannot afford to fail.
level.” quasi-public authority, Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems,
I was heartened by the Director’s visit. which oversees all of the publically funded drug treatment
One of my most important responsibilities is congressional programs in our city. Led by our new Baltimore City Health Congressman Elijah E. Cummings represents Maryland’s
oversight of our National Drug Control Policy. I long have Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, “BSAS” brings all of the Seventh Congressional District in the United States House of
championed the need for a more balanced and comprehensive major agencies in our city together in a shared leadership Representatives.
A10 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010

I was born in New Orleans. My family still lives here. We have

to restore the Gulf communities for the shrimpers, fishermen,
hotel and restaurant owners who live and work here.

Making This Right - Iris Cross, BP Community Outreach

Claims No oil has flowed into the Gulf for weeks. But we know this is just the
beginning of our work. BP has taken full responsibility for the cleanup
Cleanup in the Gulf and that includes keeping you informed.

Economic Investment Restoring Gulf Communities

Environmental We can’t undo this tragedy. But we can help people get back on their feet.
We have been working with impacted communities since day one.
Partnering with local governments and community organizations, my job is
Health and Safety to listen to people’s needs and frustrations and find ways to help. We have
Wildlife 19 community centers and teams in four states, listening and helping.

Restoring The Economy

BP is here in Gulf communities with shrimpers, fishermen, hotel and
restaurant owners, helping to make them whole.

More than 120,000 claim payments totaling over $375 million have
already gone to people affected by the spill. We have committed a
$20 billion independent fund to pay all legitimate claims, including lost
incomes until people impacted can go back to work. And none of this
will be paid by taxpayers.

BP has also given grants of $87 million to the states to help tourism
recover and bring people back to the Gulf beaches.

Restoring The Environment

We’re going to keep looking for oil and cleaning it up if we find it. Teams
will remain in place for as long as it takes to restore the Gulf Coast.

And we’ve dedicated $500 million to work with local and national scientific
experts on the impact of the spill and to restore environmental damage.

Thousands of BP employees have their roots in the Gulf. We support

over 10,000 jobs in the region and people here are our neighbors. We
know we haven’t always been perfect, but we will be here until the oil
is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal. We will do
For general information visit:
everything we can to make this right.
For help or information: (866) 448-5816
Facebook: BP America
Twitter: @BP_America
YouTube: BP

For claims information visit:

beyond petroleu
© 2010 BP, E&P

896872_BP_10_308H_Gen_V1.indd 1 8/20/10 5:02 PM

September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American B1

In honor of Brig. Gen. Belinda Pinckney’s 35-year military career, an Army retirement ceremony was held with pomp
and circumstance and the precision of a military drill team. The celebration took place at the Women In Military
Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery and was hosted by Gen. Anne Dunwoody,
commanding general of the U.S. Army Material Command.
The ceremony began with the official party’s arrival, followed by the singing of the national anthem
and invocation by the Rev. Linnie Darden. Country western singer Michael Peterson followed with
a special musical selection.
Gen. Dunwoody, who is the only 4-star female general in the Armed Forces, later made
remarks about Pinckney’s standout career
Gen. Dunwoody presents a certificate of in the military and stood by as the retiree
retirement to Brig. Gen. Pinckney. received the Meritorious Service Medal,
a certificate of appreciation from the
president, a flag from the U.S. Capitol
building and her official certificate
of retirement, effective Sept. 1.
The ceremony concluded with
the singing of the “Army Song,”
a benediction given by Lt. Col.
Darryl Darden and departure of
the official party.
Brig. Gen. Pinckney receives the official
U.S. flag flown over the Capitol building. Photos by Robert Roberts

Retired Command Sgt. Major Michele Jones (right), currently Department

of Defense White House liasion officer, and several of the invited guests

Gen. George Casey, Brig. Gen. Belinda

Pinckney and Gen. Anne Dunwoody

Rev. Linnie Darden, Col. Darden, Edgar Brookins, Lt. Col. Darryl Darden
and Quinnsander Pinckney
Maj. Pritchard-Allen sings a song
dedicated to Brig. Gen. Pinckney.

Brig. Gen. Pinckney gives gifts to her

mother, Lucille Walker Higdon, and other
family members.

Brig. Gen. Pinckney, Amarie Pinckney, Tia Johnson, Alvin

Phillips, Quinnsander Pinckney and Joe Howze at the
receiving line after the ceremony
Brig. Gen. Pinckney's family: Quinnsander Pinckney, Lucille
Walker Higdon, Amarie Pinckney, Jaylon Higdon, Brig. Gen.
Belinda Pinckney, Keison Humes, Shirley Higdon-Brown,
Latonya Higdon, Clifford Higdon and Carl Higdon

Country western singer Michael

Peterson sings "I Believe I Can Fly,"
Colonels Tia Johnson and Yvonne Tucker
dedicated to Brig. Gen. Pinckney (far
right). Gen. Anne Dunwoody sits to
Pinckney’s left. Gen. Dunwoody presents the retiree’s
spouse, Quinnsander Pinckney, a
certificate of appreciation.

Retired Brig. Gen. Velma

Richardson, Lillian Smith
and Rita Hummel sing the
national anthem. Gen. George Casey (left), U.S. Army chief of staff, and Maj.
Gen. Reuben Jones, commanding general, Family and Morale,
Welfare and Recreation Command

Guests enjoy refreshments in the reception area.

Gen. Anne Dunwoody,

commanding general of the
U.S. Army Material Command
and ceremony host, gives Guests applaud Maj. Pritchard-Allen as she sings “God Bless the U.S.A.”
B2 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010

labor day

0 2,500
Now through September 7, you get both



The 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year®

2010 FOCUS 2010 ESCAPE 2010 EDGE

Up to 35 miles of Available active park assist. Up to 25 miles
fun per gallon.2 Up to 28 miles per gallon.3 per gallon.4

2010 TAURUS 2010 F-150 2010 MUSTANG GT

America’s most innovative F-Series — the best-selling Up to 24 miles
full-size sedan.5 trucks for 33 straight years. per gallon.6

See your local Ford Dealer

now through September 7.

Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit limited-term financing. $2,500 cash back on 2010 Edge, Mustang GT and Taurus includes $1,000 Promotional Bonus

Cash + $500 Open Bonus Cash + $1,000 Ford Credit Bonus Cash, which requires Ford Credit financing. Cash back on 2010 Focus, Fusion, Escape and F-150
includes $1,000 Promotional Bonus Cash + $1,000 Ford Credit Bonus Cash. Excludes Focus S, Edge SE AWD, Taurus SE, Mustang Shelby GT500,™ F-150
Raptor and hybrid models. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 9/7/10. See dealer for residency restrictions, qualifications and complete details.
EPA-estimated 24 city/35 hwy/28 combined mpg, manual. 3EPA-estimated 21 city/28 hwy/23 combined mpg, I-4 automatic FWD. 4EPA-estimated 18 city/
Local Ford Dealer

25 hwy/20 combined mpg, FWD. 5Based on total number of first-in-class/class-exclusive features. Class is Full-Size Non-Luxury Sedans vs. 2010 competitors.
EPA-estimated 16 city/24 hwy/19 combined mpg, manual.

Baltimore Labor Day Sales event 10.75 x 19.5 BW 3 1 08/27/10

September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American B3

Comedian Michael Colyar Debuts Newest Effort: ‘Greatest Hits and the Great Unknowns’
Fresh off a visit to the District, comedian and actor Michael he won the $100,000 Grand Prize Comedy championship on
Colyar, recognized for his appearances on “BET Live from popular talent competition “Star Search.” He quickly donated
LA,” The Long Shot and Malice N’ Wonderland, recently $50,000 to homeless charities in the Los Angeles area.
debuted his comedic CD, Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits and The comedian said he hopes to give back to others with his
the Great Unknowns. The CD, which is available on iTunes newest project.
and retailers, features the longtime funny man’s brassy brand of “God has given me a great gift and it’s important for me to
humor as well as the musical efforts of hip hop’s underground give something back…I love music…I love Hip-Hop, and there
talents. are so many young artists who just need a chance,” said the
The release includes a sampling of underground hip hop performer in a statement. “That’s what I want to do, give them
stars including the DBoyz, C.B.Y.A., Dirty MJG and 8Ball. that chance.”
In addition, Colyar remembers late rapper MC Breed with a
special tribute selection and, in a new move, tackles rap with
“Who’s the King?” Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits and the Great Unknowns
Colyar first gained notoriety in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach, is available now. He also has several projects in the works,
where he entertained crowds for 9 years. But the entertainer and including “A Poetry Book for Adult Children” and “Where in
Michael Colyar Courtesy Photo motivational speaker’s breakout moment came in 1990 when the World is Michael Colyar?”

The ‘Takers’ Interview

On the Q.T. with T.I.

By Kam Williams about staying in school and seventh studio album, King appeared in the hit Universal
Special to the AFRO following their dreams, or Uncaged, is set to be released film American Gangster
moving tens of thousands at this fall. opposite Denzel Washington,
Tip “T.I.” Harris is one one of his concerts, audiences T.I.’s second professional and guest-starred on HBO’s
of his generation’s most are always engrossed by the love is acting in films, and in hit series “Entourage” in 2008.
captivating speakers and one words of the “King of the this arena he has taken major T.I. recently signed a three-
of the biggest hip-hop artists South.” In 2008, T.I. delivered steps forward in recent years. picture deal with Screen Gems
of all time. Whether they his most potent and important He made his motion picture that will have him both acting
see him conversing with a LP to date, Paper Trail, debut in 2006 in the Warner in and producing movies.
room full of young people and his highly-anticipated, Bros. film A.T.L. He also Music and movies are
just the leading edge of T.I.’s
entertainment conglomerate.

Reader’s Corner
By AFRO Staff At the Dark End of the sure way to battle and
He’s also expanding into
comedy tours, the nightclub
and restaurant scene, talent
management, and record
Street: Black Women, Rape, prevent illnesses, author producing. Plus, he has
Create Dangerously: and Resistance- A New Curtis Cost believes launched his own fashion line,
The Immigrant Artist at History of the Civil Rights otherwise. His 1992 release, Akoo.
Work Movement from Rosa Parks Vaccines are Dangerous: Here, he talks about his
In this personal, to the Rise of Black Power a Warning to the Black new movie, Takers, a crime
descriptive tome, Haitian- According to educator Community, challenged caper about a gang of bank Photo Courtesy
born writer Edwidge Danielle McGuire, famed the effectiveness of robbers who decide to pull T.I.
Danticat shares her thoughts civil rights activist Rosa vaccines and cited them as off one last heist before
on art, immigration contributors to death and a retiring. The film co-stars Zoe TI: I think the first step whatever the case may be.
and living in exile. The variety of illnesses. With the Saldana, Chris Brown, Idris in preparing for this or any I put a lot of myself in all
book, inspired by Albert recent release of Vaccines Elba, Paul Walker, Michael other role involves developing of my work. That passion
Camus’ lecture “Create Are Dangerous: a Warning Ealy and Hayden Christensen. a clear understanding of the carries over into each of my
Dangerously,” is part essay to the Global Community, (a script, and then mentally endeavors….
and part memoir. Danticat revised second edition of his KW: …What interested placing yourself in the
shares her own life story and first release), Cost expounds you in “Takers”? It seems scenarios of your character. KW: The music maven
the lives of other artists who on the topics discussed in like you had a hand in every Heather Covington question:
create various forms of art the original and provides aspect of this project, from KW: I see that people What are you listening to on
because of (or in spite of) up-to-date information on acting to the soundtrack to are already calling “Takers” your iPod?
the difficulties they faced in topics dealing with H1N1, executive producing . “T.I. 11” and “The T.I. Job,” TI: I listen to a lot of old
their homelands. autism and HIV/AIDS. TI: I was just producing, allusions to “Ocean’s 11” school R&B. I don’t get many
She introduces readers to “I wrote the second not executive producing. and” The Italian Job.” How opportunities to listen to
a cousin who died of AIDS, edition because there was a It was an outstanding do you feel about that? much else right now because
lot of additional information experience. I had a TI: I mean, man, I’m just we’re in the final stages of the
that people needed. For phenomenal time, and I’m pleased to be talked about in recording process.
example, I realize that very, very proud of the the same breath as the elite of
Parks has been completely one of the reasons people outcome. action films. You know what KW: When will the album
mischaracterized in I’m saying? The comparison be finished?
historical texts as a quiet, KW: How did you is an honor all in itself. TI: We’re taking the time
reserved southern woman. manage to assemble such an necessary to dedicate the
Her book, At the Dark End accomplished cast? There’s KW: … What message do necessary attention to the
of the Street, looks at Parks’ not only Oscar nominees Matt you want audiences to take marketing and promotion of
life of activism before her Dillon and Marianne-Jean away from this movie? the movie first. After that, we
legendary bus boycott on Baptiste, but Zoe Saldana, TI: That there is no good will completely submerge
Dec. 1, 1955, and argues Hayden Christensen, Idris without bad. That karma is ourselves into the completion
she was a fiery leader with a Elba, Chris Brown, Paul real. And that you can’t go of the album. …
passion for women’s rights. Walker and Jay Hernandez as through life doing only bad
McGuire also expounds well. and expect good to come of it. KW: The Laz Alonso
on the lives of seldom TI: I think that the script question: How can your fans
mentioned activists Recy did most of the work in KW: What type of help you?
Taylor and Joan Little while terms of attracting the talent, audience do you expect the TI: [Laughs] They’ve
a thriving Haitian radio discussing women’s rights, because it was so exciting movie to attract? already been helping me
journalist who is later killed interracial rape and sexual that everybody jumped at TI: A very diversified one throughout my career. Their
and the Haitian writers she violence. The book also the opportunity not only to over a broad spectrum. continued love and support is
first read as a child at the argues the Montgomery Bus work together but to be a part enough for me. The only other
Brooklyn Public Library. Boycott and several other blindly trust vaccines and of something we felt had so KW: Director/author thing outside of that is sharing
The celebrated author key moments in the Civil other medications is because much potential. Hisani Dubose says, “As soon their honest opinion of what
also parallels the natural Rights Movement were as they have religious faith in as a rap artist, sports figure could be done better. Keep it
disasters that have ravaged much about Black women the medical establishment KW: And how did working or actor becomes well known, real with me—that’s all.
Haiti and the United States, demanding their personal and doctors,” Cost told the with this ensemble turn out? everyone says they are a role
reminding readers the two dignity as they were about AFRO in an interview. “One TI: Man, it was an honor model for kids. How do you KW: What advice do you
seemingly disparate nations racial pride and equality. of the chapters of my book and a pleasure. feel about that?” have for anyone who wants to
are in fact, more alike than Final word: Unique is entitled, “Don’t Trust TI: I feel that we are all follow in your footsteps?
most believe. perspective on 1950s and Doctors” and I try to help KW: It even has a chase one another’s examples in TI: If you set out trying to
Edwidge’s earlier books ‘60s America with women’s people understand that we scene with Chris Brown life. And if my experiences, follow in my footsteps, you
include Krik? Krak! The rights at the forefront. to apply the same level of doing some parkour, that past and present, can help won’t achieve what I achieved
Farming of Bones, The Dew Available Sept. 7. For skepticism to doctors as we French, free-running form guide a young person in the without doing everything I did
Breaker and Brother, I’m more information visit do for anything else.” of movement popularized in right direction, then so be it. wrong, too. So, in order to do
Dying. Final word: Eye-opening “District B-13” and the first everything right and end up
Final word: An emotional examination of vaccines’ James Bond film with Daniel KW: The Nancy Lovell in a similar position without
look at Haiti’s creative Vaccines are pros and cons from an Craig. Question: Why do you love also making the mistakes I
community living abroad. Dangerous: A Warning to author passionate about the TI: Yeah, it definitely doing what you do? made, you have to aim higher.
Available Oct. 13. For the Global Community state of Black health. reads like a fast-paced, high- TI: I’m just a passionate You have to endeavor to be
more information visit press. While vaccines are Available now. For energy action flick. person by nature. So, I have better than me. On a daily generally hailed by doctors more information visit a lot of love for music, and a basis, I’m always pushing
and patients as being the KW: How did you prepare drive to succeed in general, and challenging myself to be
for your role? be it film, be it fashion, or better.
B4 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010

Students Return to Revamped
Pr. George’s Awarded Grant for Strides
in Behavioral Health Services
The Prince George’s This is the third grant the Community Health
Health Department has Prince George’s Health Resources Commission,

Eastern High School received a $300,000 grant to

promote an innovative
“re-entry” program that
Department has received
from the Maryland
Community Health
in a statement. “This grant
to Prince George’s County
will expand access to health
District Mayor Adrian will provide access to Resources Commission care and help drive down
Fenty, D.C. Schools behavioral health services (MCHRC). In 2008, the runaway health care costs
Chancellor Michelle Rhee, for previously incarcerated county received a grant to for all of us.”
Office of Public Education individuals as they transition expand access to dental care The MCHRC awarded 14
Facilities Modernization into the community. The and funds to aid women’s grants totaling $1.3 million
Executive Director Allen Lew three-year grant award health services in 2009. in state funds throughout the
and Ward 6 Councilmember will support a partnership “The Commission is state. The funds are designed
Tommy Wells joined alumni, between the Prince George’s dedicated to addressing to increase access to primary
students and members of the Health Department and the most pressing health care, reduce infant mortality
community on Aug. 25 for County Detention Center, care needs in Maryland,” and provide enhanced
the re-opening of Eastern and is projected to serve an said John A. Hurson, dental care in low-income
Senior High School, 1700 E. estimated 990 individuals. chairman, Maryland communities.
Capitol St., N.E.

Verizon Wireless Donates $5,000

The school has been
updated with the latest
educational technology as
well as additional academic
amenities, is now LEED
Courtesy Photo
City Council Chairman Vincent Gray, District Mayor Adrian
to Hospital’s Sexual Assault Program
certified and accommodates As part of its commitment including the “SAFE” cards and his leadership has helped
Fenty and Eastern High School students at a ribbon
1,100 students. Some of to domestic violence law enforcement officers give countless survivors to get the
cutting ceremony celebrating the school’s re-opening.
the key additions include prevention, Verizon Wireless to victims. help they need to rebuild their
state-of-the-art science and programs, the school now of Eastern is spectacular,” recently awarded a $5,000 “We couldn’t think of a lives.” 
technology labs, Internet and boasts brand new music and Mayor Fenty said in a press grant to the Prince George’s better way to honor Mr. Ivey Since the HopeLine
cyber cafés and a working choral lofts as well as a grand statement. “You can see Hospital Center Sexual and his outstanding work on program was launched in
ambulance in the health/ performance theatre and the care and attention to Assault program.  The grant behalf of domestic violence 2001, Verizon Wireless has
science practical lab for real spacious three story atriums detail that the architects and check was presented to Prince victims than to fund a program collected more than seven
world emergency medical that allow for alternate school builders took while restoring George’s County State’s that’s making a tremendous million phones and awarded
assistance training. and community meeting or the school. Allen Lew and his Attorney Glenn Ivey in honor difference in victims’ lives,” millions in cash grants to
Long known for its performance space. team have again masterfully of his longstanding leadership said Mike Maiorana, regional domestic violence agencies
stellar music and choral arts “The transformation rebuilt another gem.” against domestic violence as president, Verizon Wireless, and organizations across the
he prepares to leave public in a press release.  “Mr. Ivey country.
Pr. George’s Deltas Named ‘Chapter of the Year’ office.
Ivey’s office has a
has used the power of his
office as a megaphone to For more information, visit
The Prince George’s County Alumnae development by way of mentoring, tutoring, longstanding partnership with make others aware of the
Chapter (PGCAC) of Delta Sigma Theta sponsoring college tours, advancing reading the Prince George’s County scourge of domestic violence, hopeline.  
Sorority, captured the coveted 2010 – 2011 opportunities including book giveaways, and Hospital Center and has
Chapter of the Year Award for the Eastern developing mobile libraries internationally worked to provide training Verizon Wireless’
regional president
Region during the sorority’s 50th National in Papua, New Guinea.  The chapter donated and support services for
Mike Maiorana,
Convention held recently in New Orleans. $50,000 in scholarships to 17 college-bound victims, hospital staff, and right, presents a
Having received this prestigious and very and enrolled student residents this year. law enforcement.  The grant $5,000 HopeLine
competitive honor for the third time in the The public is invited to support the from Verizon Wireless, made grant to Prince
past five years, PGCAC has a solid reputation first official activity of the sorority year, possible by the company’s George’s County
for offering technical assistance to other the PGCAC Back to School Supplies HopeLine ® Phone recycling State’s Attorney
organizations and providing innovative Drive, by dropping off contributions, program, will support the Glenn Ivey to
programs and activities locally focused on 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., Sept. 11, at the Prince training of law enforcement support the Sexual

Courtesy Photo
preventing and reversing childhood obesity, George’s Community College, Queen Anne and medical staff and the Assault Center at
Prince George’s
replenishing local food pantries, stimulating Auditorium.  production of educational and
Hospital Center. 
financial literacy,  promoting youth For more information, visit victim resource materials,

Take Metrobus or Metrorail to...

Courtesy Photo


Richard Smallwood
Richard Smallwood presents a Tribute to Pastor Walter Hawkins


E E !

Plus more events to be announced!

For the latest information, call (202) 467-4600 or visit

Ballet Folklórico de la Multicultural Children’s Book Festival

Universidad Veracruzana Meet your favorite authors and illustrators, including Alma Flor Ada, Joseph Bruchac, R. Gregory Christie,
Shane Evans, Jacqueline Woodson, and Laurence Yep; listen to book readings;
and shop hundreds of titles with stories from around the world.

Ride Metro to Foggy Bottom-

GWU Station. Then take the
FREE shuttles running every
15 minutes beginning at 11 a.m.

Eugenia León
The Kennedy Center welcomes
Some events may require free tickets. patrons with disabilities.
September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American B5

More Sports on

First Black F-1 Racing Champion Ready for his Second Title
By Perry Green even wore black face paint and black wigs, according to The
AFRO Sports Editor Times in London. But he never let that discourage him, pulling
motivation from legendary social activists that he most admires.
Tiger Woods, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell or Doug “Outside of Formula One, my heroes are foremost my
Williams − those are just a few names most think of when father, then Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King,” Lewis
it comes to Black athletes who pioneered their way to said in an article. “Being black is not a
championship status. But an unfamiliar name should be added negative. It’s a positive, if anything, because I’m different. In
to that short, but prominent list. the future I can open doors to different cultures and that is what
Meet Lewis Hamilton, a 25-year-old British professional motor sport is trying to do anyway.”
race car driver who not only became the first Black driver to Hamilton believes he can accomplish that task by adding
win the Formula One World Championship in 2008, but also another championship to his resume. He recently chalked up
became the youngest to do so at age 23. his third win of the season (15th career win) after capturing the
Hamilton, who told The Associated Press that his father named Belgium Grand Prix championship. The win placed him at the
him after African-American track and field legend Carl Lewis, top of the leader board, three points ahead of Mark Webber,
represents various cultures. His father is Black, his mother is White who sits at No. 2 with only six races left on schedule.
British, and his grandparents are natives of Grenada. AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert He’s excited about the possibilities of claiming his second
But ever since his father, Anthony Hamilton, introduced McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain celebrates on championship at 25, but is still focused on not getting too ahead
radio –controlled car racing to him as a youth, Lewis has had the podium after winning the Belgium Formula One of himself.
dreams of representing his race as the first Black F-1 champ. Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium “We still have a long way to go and there are still many
“It will show that not only white people can do it,” Hamilton on Aug. 29. points to be grabbed by any of the drivers who are fighting for
said in an article in 2007. “But also Black the title,” Hamilton recently told the AP. “Clearly for me my
people, Indians, Japanese and Chinese can too. It will be good Elizabeth II with a MBE (Member of Order of the British closest rival in the championship is Mark in terms of points, but
to mean something.” Empire) award after becoming the first British F-1 driver to win I still think the championship is open.”
As a driver for McLaren racing team, Hamilton pulled off a championship since 1966. Editor’s note: Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One Racing
the historical feat in just his second year as an F-1 competitor. But the young elite driver hasn’t received all praise. During driver, not to be mistaken with the Indy Racing League most
Rising to fame in his country, Hamilton was honored by Queen some of his races, fans heckled Lewis with racial slurs and famous in the U.S.

Pro Sports Commentary

Going Deep: NFL Tinkering with 18 Games
By Stephen D. Riley game schedule, the question was officially plus games? You’re talking more concussions, When asked about the expansion in
AFRO Staff Writer posed: Should the NFL really expand from more knee shreds and more contract disputes. Atlanta last week, NFL Commissioner Roger
its already gruesome 16-game schedule? If owners think that guys are going to put Goodell told reporters, “We want to do it the
I should be happy right? My favorite sport My answer in two words: Uh, no! Out of all their lives on the line for an extra two games right way for everyone, including the players,
is only a handshake away from expanding its the professional sports in America, the NFL a season without added incentive, they’re the fans and the game in general. There’s a
regular season, so why am I donning the sad should be the last to even be considering kidding themselves. With labor talks in the tremendous amount of momentum for it. We
face? Sorry, it’s just hard for me to sign off on an expanded schedule; it shouldn’t even be works and players petitioning for more coin, think it’s the right step.”
bad ideas. worthy of discussion. the last way to soften up your workers is with Translation: “We want to make more
After NFL owners huddled at an Atlanta I love football just as much (maybe more) a work increase proposal. But that’s the route money and we’ll jeopardize our players’
hotel last week around the proposal of an 18- than the next fan, but do we really need two- the league is going. Continued on B6

Be There.

NEW ExhiBiT – NoW oPEN
“Covering Katrina” examines the devastating 2005 hurricane
and its aftermath through the eyes of the journalists who both
reported and lived the story. Dramatic artifacts, such as bicycles
and a boat used to travel through flooded streets, are displayed
along with professional and personal objects damaged by
the storm. iconic photographs, riveting news broadcasts and
newspaper front pages chronicle coverage of the hurricane as it
unfolded — and the destruction it left behind.

is Seniors Month
at the Newseum
During the month of September,
senior admission is just $9*
– 50% off general admission!
Plus these special benefits just
Looking for the perfect end for seniors:
to a summer of family fun? ▪ 15% discount in the Food Section
The Newseum has something for ▪ Free downloads at the “Be a TV
everyone – and this weekend is your Reporter” experience
last chance to bring the kids for free!*
▪ Free gallery talks and special tours
*Applies to kids 18 and under. Up to 10 kids free with each paid adult
admission. Ends Sept. 6, 2010. *Plus tax. Discount cannot be combined with other offers.

Be There. 555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20001 |

B6 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010

199 Carroll Crushes Colts as Randolph

Makes Debut
Club Price

73% Lean
Ground Beef Chub
Sold in a 3-lb. package, $5.97 ea.

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AFRO Staff Writer
Randolph downplayed the “I told the players, ‘You
5 Natalie Randolph has
arrived. The camera crews,
overwhelming focus in stride.
“The only reason
lost a football game. It’s only
the first game of the season,’”
the masses of reporters and everybody is so excited about Randolph said. “We need to
Club Price

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Salad Blends
5 to 12-oz. Selected varieties.
only female head coach of a other people,” Randolph told We got all the kinks out and
Club Price: $2.50 ea.
SAVE up to 99¢ ea.
boy’s varsity football team, reporters in her postgame we know what we have to do

Club Price
5 Randolph led her Coolidge
Colts in an attention-crazed
debut Friday night against the
press conference. “It’s always
been about football and not
the other stuff. Like I told
for next week. We’re young.
We’ve got to stick to the
fundamentals. We’re going
Lucerne® Creamery
Fresh or® Safeway Archbishop Carroll Lions that the kids, we played a football to work, we’re going to look
SELECT Ice Cream
1.5 to 1.75-qt. didn’t go quite as expected. game and we happened to at the tape, find out what we
Selected varieties.
Club Price $2.50 ea. Carroll used a three-score lose. We’ll move on.” missed, what we have to do,
second half to wrestle the Coolidge will move on and we’re going to do it.”
SAVE up to $2.98 on 2

show away and down the to a home game next Friday Randolph, 30, follows

100%S. B
Club Price
Colts 28-0, handing Randolph
the first professional loss of
against Friendly but the Colts
will have to shore up a few
Wanda Oates, who was hired
as the head coach of the
Little Debbie her brief career. things first, namely their Ballou Knights football team
Family Packs
With cameras flashing her run defense and offensive in 1985 only to be relieved

2 4 6 99 99 99 Selected sizes and varieties.

Club Price: $1.00 ea.
SAVE up to $5.90 on 10 every move, Randolph tried consistency. Led by freshman of her duties a day later after
her best to relax her players running back Jonathan several complaints from area
lb PACK lb PACK lb
Club Price
Ran cher’s
r’s Re se e®
Boneless Beef Top
Sirloin Steak
a che
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eser e®
c r’s Re
Beef T-Bone or
Porterhouse Steak
Club Price
cher’ss Re
Beef Tenderloin
err vee®
Sold Whole in the Bag.

Club Price
5 and focus them on the task
at hand. But amid a circus-
like atmosphere fueling the
Haden, brother of former
Friendly standout and current
Cleveland Browns rookie Joe
coaches. Randolph however,
is firmly entrenched in her
position and may signal the
background, Friday’s football Haden, the Lions scored three start of things to come for
SAVE upp to $5.80 lb. SAVE up to $8.50 lb.
SAVE up to $5.50
$ 5.50
50 lb.
b Or Beef Filet Mignon, $9.99 lb. Bush’s Best Grillin’
or Baked Beans
21 to 22-oz. Grillin’ game was anything but just rushing touchdowns behind other female coaches.
that. D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty Haden’s 94 rushing yards and “You always want to be a
or 28-oz. Baked.

Selected varieties.
Club Price: $1.67 ea.
SAVE up to 97¢ on 3 petitioned for votes near the two scores. Coolidge failed trendsetter, you always want
food line and the partisan to score despite seizing the to push the envelope,” Fenty
crowd nearly tripled the usual early momentum on a 35-yard told reporters. “She deserves
Club Price

Safeway Chicken

Club Price
5 400 to 500 bystanders that run by Keith Dickens on the this opportunity.’’

Safeway SELECT®
Orange Juice
Sports Commentary Bowie State Football
59-oz. Chilled.
Selected varieties.
Club Price: $2.50 ea. Continued from B5

Less than $1.

00 lb. health and our fans’ tolerance at any expense.”
Goodell’s plan is to drop two pre-season games and Blow Season
replace them with two regular season games to enhance
revenue and create more “meaningful” games. The problem
with that is NFL players already work year round as it is
and shortening the pre-season would actually lay more labor By Maurice Berry
down. Off-season and voluntary workouts would legitimately

3-lb. Red or Green

2 99
1 49
Capri Sun Drinks
Selected varieties.
Club Price: $1.67 ea.

Club Price
5 become mandatory and veterans and undrafted rookies trying
to make a roster would be operating with a smaller window.
Special to AFRO

The Bowie State Bulldogs

Additionally, the NFL would have to do something about
Seedless Grapes on the Vine
SAVE up to $4.00 ea. Club Price SAVE up to $1.50 lb. Club Price
kicked off its season this
player contracts and potentially shift to guaranteed deals. past weekend, unfortunately,
eli Yes, NFL fans would get more football, but at what price? in losing fashion. Despite
In the D
Signature Café®
Players already enter the post-season with their body parts
St. Louis Style
Smokehouse opportunities to win
Red Ribs hanging by a thread; two more games and owners will have to Saturday’s season opener, the
SAVE up to $3.00 ea.
wheel players onto the field in a stretcher. Super Bowl teams Bulldogs fell, 20-14, to Seton
could be looking at a possible 21- to 22-game season, making Hill.
the tasks of getting there and repeating tall orders. And just Bowie State had six red
6 Club Price
because the league shifts to 18 games does that automatically
mean that fans are going to be doling out the dollars just
zone possessions, with four
coming in the first 30 minutes
of the game. But as Bowie
It’s a down time financially for everyone, apparently, from State coach Damon Wilson
the milkman to the millionaires. But Goodell, please, the NFL suggested, you can’t win
is not broke, figuratively or literally. So, what exactly are you when you don’t convert on
trying to do here? red zone opportunities and
Bowie State didn’t.
“Simply put, they (Seton
Hill) made plays and we

4 99
Club Price
Snow Crab Clusters
Previously frozen.
SAVE up to $3.00
didn’t,” said Coach Wilson,
who is serving his second
year as the Bulldogs’ head
coach. “We had six red zone
opportunities but converted
Crystal Geyser
Water only one and our special
teams play was also an issue.”
116.9-oz. bottles.
Club Price

Seton Hill got on the board

Lee Bailey, EURWEB.COM

Club Price
thanks in large part to a botch
snap that gave them the ball
on the BSU 7-yard line. With
a 4-yard run from R.J. Butler,
the Bulldogs would find
themselves down, 7-0, early
in the first quarter. BSU junior
Michael Gagne missed a 20-
yard field goal not long after
a 7-play, 46-yard Seton Hill
drive that put the Bulldogs
down, 14-0, before the second
quarter arrived.
The Bulldogs tried to fight
back as sophomore Ramono

349Club Price
Flowers of Largo, Md., scored
a 2-yard touchdown run to cut
the score to 14-7 in the third
quarter. Bowie State scored
eerr Park, Aquafina or
esst Pure Life Water
again with just seven minutes
44-- 16.9-oz. bottles.

left in the game. But it was

simply too late to complete
BUY 2 GET the comeback.
12-Pack Pepsi or 7-UP
12-oz. cans. Selected varieties.
Limit Six Free 12-Packs 2 99 refreshe™ Water
224-pack, 16.9-oz. bottles.
SSAVE up to 50¢
Bulldogs sophomore
quarterback Tyrae Reid,
per transaction. Club Price
Jr., Baltimore native out of
Club Price

for a game-high 170 yards.

Always great 13
d y
it ev

EVERYDAY Club Card That’s our promise... u t

49 2
Meanwhile, junior Delano


LOW PRICES Specials that’s Ingredients for life. Pric

1 59 e


PRODUCED Johnson led the Bulldogs
with14 tackles.

Bowie State will try to
Prices on this page are effective
4 5 6 7 Wednesday, September 1 thru Tuesday, September 7, 2010.
earn its first win on Sept. 4
when the Bulldogs travel to
State University at Hughes

September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American B7

Faith Pulse
Church Briefs Chapel services are
broadcast the following week
each Sunday at 11 a.m. on
children’s activities and
much more. Music will be
provided by artists from the
office at 703-430-3322 for
additional information.
of Community Churches
(ICCC). Park Road is located
at 1019 Park Road N.W.
Compiled by Herb Quarles office at 202-829-5511 for Howard University radio metropolitan area. Attendees Church Seeks Minister Anyone interested in
additional information. station, WHUR-FM 96.3. are encouraged to bring cans The Park Road this position can obtain
Bible Study The Easter chapel service is of food, and school supplies Community Church is additional information
Bible study will continue HU Chapel Services a live broadcast. Recordings to help to support the church’s searching for a senior at the church’s website,
at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 2 The Rev. Dr. Debyii L. of chapel services may be community outreach program. pastor. The church is non- parkroadcommunitychurch.
when the Rev. Leslie Sababu-Thomas will preach ordered by mail with the Vendors and sponsors are denominational and affiliated org or by calling Deacon
Dowdell Cannon leads a during the 11 a.m. service Media Ministry Order Form. needed. Call the church with the International Council Harry Wills at 202-549-2832.
discussion on “The Prayer on Sept. 5 in Cramton Recordings are also available
of Thanksgiving” Auditorium located immediately after the worship
in the Corbin
Lounge at Peoples
on the campus
of Howard
service or may be purchased
in person Monday through
Friday between 10 a.m. and
Church located
at 4704 13th
2455 Sixth St.
N.W. She is
5 p.m. Call 202-806-7280
or visit Windsor D. Dempsey, 83
St. N.W. The assistant pastor Information for additional Army Sergeant, Nuclear Power Operator
discussion will at Hemingway information. The e-mail
be based on 1 Temple address is chapel@howard. Windsor Dolph Dempsey, born March 10, Medical Center holding several supervisory
Thessalonians AME edu. 1927, was the only son born positions. Windsor received
5:16-18. The Church in of Mattie Powell (Dempsey/ an associate’s degree in
Rev. Regina
Courtesy Photo
Family Community Kelly) and Richard electronics engineering and
Boyd will lead
The Rev. Dr. Debyii L. Sababu-
Md., and is Day Dempsey in Wilson, N.C. technology from Prince
the discussion
Thomas will preach at Howard
an associate “Connecting the He had two young sisters, George’s County Community
on “The Lord’s
University on Sept. 5.
professor in Community to the Church Verelle (Webster) and the College in 1985. He returned
Prayer” on the School Through Christ” is the late Delores (Martin). His to work for Washington
Sept. 9. of Communication at Howard. theme of the annual Family mother brought the family Metropolitan Area Transit
During the sessions, Sidney A. Ribeau will be the Community Day that will be to Washington, D.C., during Authority and retired again in
questions and concerns about speaker on Sept. 12. held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. World War II. 1993.
prayer in the life of believers These weekly non- on Sept. 11 at First Baptist Windsor joined the Army Windsor was a true
and the life of the church denominational worship Church of Sterling located at at age 18. While stationed sports aficionado and a loyal
are addressed. This ministry services, that are open to 2130 Potomac View Road in in Japan, he met the love of Redskins fan. While living in
is open free of charge to the community, feature Sterling, Va. his life, Shizue Mano. He the District, he participated
the community and all are renowned and internationally The free event will always called her “Suzie” and Windsor D. Dempsey in the Jefferson-Kennedy
welcome. Call the church distinguished orators. include games, food, they were together over 55 block club, Boy Scouts and
years until her passing in 2003. He served his several bowling leagues. After moving to

Plays Explore Religious Themes

By Herb Quarles
country for 20 years, retiring in 1967 after
achieving the rank of sergeant first class.
In addition to his honor and duty to the
Upper Marlboro, Md., he became a member
of Northeastern Presbyterian Church of
Washington, D.C., and participated in various
Special to the AFRO nation, he was rooted in tradition and was committees. He also enjoyed playing the
a dedicated family man. As son, brother, clarinet with his buddy, Joe Witherspoon.
The Essential Theatre’s new play reading series will present two free public readings as part husband, father, nephew or cousin, he could Windsor was diagnosed with two types
of the John F. Kennedy Center’s ninth annual Page-to-Stage Festival. This year the plays explore always be counted on and came through for of cancer within months of each other. He
religious themes in opposite manners that for some may generate greater understanding or all his family. He and Suzie raised three sons fought a difficult, but valiant battle and
concentrated conversation. and one daughter. passed away quietly on a Saturday morning.
S. Robert Morgan will direct The Essential Theatre’s reading of Betty’s Wish by La’chris Jordan After Army retirement, he held positions He is mourned by his sons Kenneth (Frieda),
at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 4 in the South Atrium of the Kennedy Center located at 2700 F St. N.W. with Walter Reed Army Research Institute Peter, Thomas (Deloris) and his daughter
Betty is a devoutly religious Jehovah Witness who has developed a deep, life-threatening and Catholic University as a nuclear power Harumi; sister, Verelle Webster; five
illness. Only a divisive medical procedure will save her. Betty’s husband is guided by his operator. From 1967 to his federal retirement grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and
devotion and undying love for her to make a difficult, life-changing decision. in 1982, he was with Walter Reed Army many loving relatives.
Morgan will also direct Sampson and Miss Delilah by Natalie Blank at 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 5
in the Atrium. Prostitution is now a legalized profession in the country and Miss Delilah is the
star union member organized under the moniker “Eves.” The most desired EVE in a garden of
deviance, a young writer holds information that has potential to lead her out of temptation. VOTE
Both plays contain some adult themes and language and seating is on a first-come, first- September 14
served basis. Post-performance discussions with the playwright and director will follow each
presentation. Call 202-328-0569 or visit for additional information.

The Essential Theatre’s New Play Reading Series is created to give voice to the work of new
and established playwrights. It is in substance an incubator that serves to nurture the work for a
three-year period in a supportive and collaborative environment with other artisans, actors and
directors. Further, it is a forum where audience members are welcomed to engage in an open
dialogue with the playwright and director about the issues presented in the material as well as Phil
techniques used to present them.


DC City Council

Don’t be misled, one of Councilmember Mendelson’s opponents is Michael D.
Brown – who is not Councilmember Michael A. Brown.

- DC Chamber of Commerce

“Far Superior”
- Current Newspaper

Chairman of the DC Council Committee on Public Safety and the

Judiciary and champion of the civil and legal rights of District residents.

Paid for by DC Legal, Charles Parsons, Treasurer

filed in this Court by
Wesley L Clarke and
Norman Leslie Wilber
for standard probate,
including the

appointment of one or

The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010 more personal repre-
sentative. Unless a com- August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American B7
plaint or an objection in
accordance with Super-
ior Court Probate Di- l aadds 410-554-8200
vision Rule 407 is filed l 202-332-0080

l l
in this Court within 30
days from the date of Buy it • Sell it
first publication of this
notice, the Court may
Swap it •itLease
• Sellitit
take the action here-
inafter set forth.
Rentitit• •Lease
Hire itit
in the absence of a will
or proof satisfactory to Rent it • Hire it
the Court of due execu-
tion, enter an order
determining that the de-
cedent died intestate.
appoint an unsu- Superior Court of
pervised personal repre- the District of
Payment Policy for legal notice LEGAL NOTICES sentative.
Payment Policy for legal Register of Wills DIVISION

advertisements AFRO Classified minimum ad rate is $26.74 per col. inch
Clerk of the Probate
Washington, D.C.
1 Col. (an inch consists of up to 20 words). Mail in your ad on
notice advertisements
Effective immediately, The Afro Ameri-
Superior Court of
the District of Date of First Publication Administration No. Inch form below along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER to:
Columbia August 27, 2010 2010ADM798
can Newspapers will require prepay- Civil Division Names of Newspapers: Willie Chiles Up to WASHINGTON AFRO-AMERICAN CO., 1917 Benning
ment for publication
Effective of all legal notices.
immediately, The Case No. 06160-10 Washington Law Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002-4723, Attn: Clsf. Adv.
Payment will be accepted in the form
IN RE: Reporter
Brenda L Hopkins Esq
3724 Twelfth Street NE
20 Words Dept.
Afro American Newspapers Juwan Deion Morris
Washington DC 20017
of checks, credit card or money order. Applicant AFRO-AMERICAN
Wesley L Clarke Attorney
Any requirechecks prepayment
will be subject tofor
$25.00 processingoffeeall
publication andlegal
may result in
notices. CHANGE OF NAME Norman Leslie Wilber
Signature of NOTICE TO 1 2 3 4 5
Juwan Deion Morris
the suspensionwill
Payment of anybe future advertisingin
accepted having filed a complaint Petitioners/Attorney CREDITORS
at our discretion. for judgment changing 8/27, 9/3 AND NOTICE TO
UNKNOWN HEIRS 6 7 8 9 10
the form of check, credit card Juwan Deion Morris
Dorothy J Morris, whose
Superior Court of name to Maurice Ed- Superior Court of
or money order. Any returned
the District of ward Smith Sr and hav- the District of
address is 4408 Havlock
Road, Lanham
LEGAL NOTICES LEGALofNOTICES ing applied to the court District of Columbia
11 12 13 14 15
checks will be District Columbia
subject to for an Order of Publica- PROBATE DIVISION
Maryland 20706 was ap-
pointed personal repre-
Superior Court of Washington, D.C. tion of the notice re- Washington, D.C.
$25.00 processing
the District of fee and may
20001-2131 quired by law in such 20001-2131
sentative of the estate of
Willie Chiles, who died
16 17 18 19 20
District of Columbia Administration No. cases; it is by the Court Administration No.
result in
PROBATE the suspension
2010ADM788 this 17 day of August 790-10
on May 19, 2010 with a
will, and will serve with-
Washington, D.C. Lidie Odessa Jackson 2010. Jeannette M
future advertising
20001-2131 at
Decedent our dis- ORDERED, that all per- Washington
out Court supervision.
All unknown heirs and NAME
Administration No. Julius P Terrell sons concerned show Decedent
2010ADM762 1455 Pennsylvania cause, if any there be, NOTICE OF
h e i r s w h o s e
whereabouts are un- ADDRESS
Floreatta Dorothy Ave NW Suite 400 on or before the 21 day APPOINTMENT, known shall enter their
Proctor Washington Dc 20004 of September 2010, why
the prayers of said com-
NOTICE TO appearance in this PHONE NO.
Attorney CREDITORS proceeding. Objections
Attorney NOTICE OF plaint should not be AND NOTICE TO to such appointment (or CLASSIFICATION
copy of this order be to the probate of de- (Room, Apt, House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:
APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO Brenda M Brown, whose cedent¬s will) shall be
NOTICE TO CREDITORS published once a week address is 37756 Holl-
for three consecutive filed with the Register of
CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO yhead Drive, Farming- Wills, D.C., 515 5th
AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS weeks before said day ton Hills MI 48331 was
in the Afro-American. Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
UNKNOWN HEIRS Diane Zwecher, whose appointed personal re-
Bonita A Davis, whose
address is 8904 Lough-
address is 10 Weather-
vane Way Dix Hills, NY
presentative(s) of the
estate of Jeannette M
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Superior Court of
8/27, 9/3, 9/10 February 27, 2011. the District of
r a n Te r r a c e , F o r t 11746 was appointed Washington, who died Claims against the de-
Washington MD 20744 on May 31, 2010 with a District of Columbia
personal representative
was appointed personal
representative of the
of the estate of Lidie
Odessa Jackson, who
Superior Court of
the District of
will, and will serve with-
out Court supervision.
cedent shall be pre-
sented to the under- Legal Advertising Rates PROBATE DIVISION
Washington, D.C.
signed with a copy to the 20001-2131
estate of Floreatta Doro-
thy Proctor, who died on
died on October 10,
2006 without a will, and
Civil Division
All unknown heirs and
h e i r s w h o s e
Register of Wills or filed
with the Register of Wills
Effective October 1, 2006 Administration No.
December 25, 2009 Case No. 0005998-10 whereabouts are un- 2010ADM802
will serve without Court with a copy to the under- Raymond Morgan
without a will, and will supervision. All un- IN RE: known shall enter their
serve without Court su- known heirs and heirs Zaneta P Artis/ appearance in this
signed, on or before
February 27, 2010, or
Sherri L Wyatt
pervision. All unknown whose whereabouts are Treyvon J Price proceeding. Objections
heirs and heirs whose unknown shall enter Applicant to such appointment (or
be forever barred. Per-
sons believed to be
(Estates) The Law Office of
Sherri L Wyatt PLLC
whereabouts are un- their appearance in this ORDER OF to the probate of de- heirs or legatees of the 114 Webster Street NE
known shall enter their
appearance in this
proceeding. Objections PUBLICATION
cedent¬s will) shall be decedent who do not re- 202-879-9460/61 Suite 100
to such appointment filed with the Register of ceive a copy of this no-
proceeding. Objections Zaneta P Artis having Wills, D.C., 515 5th Washington DC 20011
shall be filed with the tice by mail within 25
to such appointment filed a complaint for Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Attorney
Register of Wills, D.C., days of its first publica- NOTICE OF
shall be filed with the
Register of Wills, D.C.,
515 5th Street, N.W.,
3rd Floor Washington,
judgment changing
Treyvon James Price
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
20001, on or before
tion shall so inform the PROBATE NOTICES APPOINTMENT,
Register of Wills, includ- NOTICE TO
515 5th Street, N.W., D.C. 20001, on or be- name to Treyvon James February 27, 2011. ing name, address and CREDITORS
3rd Floor Washington, fore February 20, 2011. Artis and having applied Claims against the de- a. Order Nisi
relationship. $ 60 per insertion $180.00 ANDperNOTICE
3 weeks TO
D.C. 20001, on or be- Claims against the de- to the court for an Order cedent shall be pre- Date of Publication: b. Small Estates (single publication) $ 50 per insertion UNKNOWN HEIRS
fore February 20, 2011. cedent shall be pre- of Publication of the no- sented to the under- August 27, 2010 Elelyn C Morgan, whose
Claims against the de- sented to the under- tice required by law in signed with a copy to the c. Notice to Creditors
Name of newspaper: address is 1008 23rd
cedent shall be pre- signed with a copy to the such cases; it is by the Register of Wills or filed Afro-American 1. Domestic Street NW Washington
sented to the under- Register of Wills or filed Court this 9th day of Au- with the Register of Wills $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
Washington Law DC 20037, was ap-
signed with a copy to the with the Register of Wills gust 2010. with a copy to the under- 2. Foreign
Reporter $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 pointedper 3 weeks
personal repre-
Register of Wills or filed with a copy to the under- ORDERED, that all per- signed, on or before Dorothy J Morris d. Escheated Estates sentative of the estate of
with the Register of Wills signed, on or before sons concerned show February 27, 2011, or be $ 60 per insertion $ 360.00 per 6 weeks
Personal Raymond Morgan, who
with a copy to the under- February 20, 2011, or be cause, if any there be, forever barred. Persons e. Standard Probates
Representative $ 125.00
died on February 6,
signed, on or before forever barred. Persons on or before the 15th believed to be heirs or TRUE TEST COPY 2009 with a will, and will
February 20, 2011, or be believed to be heirs or day of September 2010, legatees of the decedent REGISTER OF WILLS serve without Court su-
forever barred. Persons why the prayers of said who do not receive a
believed to be heirs or
legatees of the decedent
who do not receive a complaint should not be copy of this notice by
8/27, 9/3, 9/10 CIVIL NOTICES pervision. All unknown
legatees of the decedent granted; provided that a mail within 25 days of its heirs and heirs whose
copy of this notice by
who do not receive a copy of this order be first publication shall so Superior Court of whereabouts are un-
mail within 25 days of its
the District of a. Name Changes 202-879-1133 $ 80.00
known shall enter their
copy of this notice by first publication shall so published once a week inform the Register of
mail within 25 days of its for three consecutive Wills, including name, District of Columbia b. Real Property $ 200.00
appearance in this
inform the Register of
first publication shall so weeks before said day address and relation- PROBATE DIVISION proceeding. Objections
Wills, including name,
inform the Register of in the Afro-American. ship. Washington, D.C. to such appointment (or
address and relation-
Wills, including name, JUDGE Date of Publication: 20001-2131 to the probate of de-
address and relation- Date of Publication: A TRUE COPY TEST: August 27, 2010 Administration No. FAMILY COURT cedent¬s will) shall be
ship. 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 Name of newspaper: 795ADM10 filed with the Register of
August 20, 2010 202-879-1212
Date of Publication: Afro-American Susan Eileen Ware Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Name of newspaper:
August 20, 2010 Superior Court of Washington Law Decedent Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
John J Beins Esq. Superior Court of Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Name of newspaper:
Washington Law
the District of
Brenda M Brown 2 Wisconsin Circle the District of DOMESTIC RELATIONS 20001, on or before
Suite 700 District of Columbia February 27, 2011.
Washington Law Diane Zwecher Civil Division Personal
202-879-0157 Claims against the de-
Reporter Personal Case No. 0006121-10 Representative
Bonita A Davis IN RE: TRUE TEST COPY 20815 Washington, D.C. cedent shall be pre-
Representative a. 20001-2131
Absent Defendant $ 150.00
Personal Brandy Ranjeet Anand REGISTER OF WILLS Attorney sented to the under-
Representative Applicant 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 NOTICE OF Administration No.
b. Absolute Divorce signed with a copy to the
$ 150.00
TRUE TEST COPY ORDER OF APPOINTMENT, 2010ADM0030 Register of Wills or filed
8/20, 8/27, 9/3 c. Custody Divorce $ 150.00
REGISTER OF WILLS PUBLICATION NOTICE TO Dorothy M. with the Register of Wills
Superior Court of CREDITORS Washington with a copy to the under-
8/20, 8/27, 9/3 Superior Court of CHANGE OF NAME the District of
the District of Brandy Anand having AND NOTICE TO Decedent Superior Court of signed, on or before
District of Columbia UNKNOWN HEIRS Kenneth Rosenau, Esq the District of February 27, 2011, or be
Superior Court of District of Columbia filed a complaint for PROBATE DIVISION To place your ad, call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 262
the District of PROBATE DIVISION judgment changing Cynthia Ware, whose 1304 Rhode Island Ave District of Columbia forever barred. Persons
Washington, D.C. address is 11 Boyden NW Public Notices
PROBATE $50.00 & up depending on sizebelieved to be heirs or
District of Columbia Washington, D.C. Brandy Ranjeet Anand 20001-2131
PROBATE DIVISION 20001-2131 name to Brandy T An- Road, Pelham MA Washington, D.C.
Washington DC 20005 Baltimore Legal Notices are $24.15 per inch. legatees of the decedent
Administration No. 10002 was appointed Attorney 20001-2131 who do not receive a
Washington, D.C. Administration No. derson and having ap- 2010ADM804 There is no flat rate — 1-800 (AFRO) 892 copy of this notice by
20001-2131 00766ADM10 plied to the court for an personal representative NOTICE OF Administration No.
Mattie H Davis of the estate of Susan APPOINTMENT, 00ADM793-10 please call 1-800-237-6892, mail
Administration No. Kenneth S Sollars Order of Publication of Decedent For Proof of Publication, ext. within
244 25 days of its
2010ADM768 Decedent the notice required by Ware, who died on NOTICE TO Lovelace O Sawyer first publication shall so
David C Harty September 18, 2004 CREDITORS Decedent inform the Register of
Charlie Luther Michael R McCarthy law in such cases; it is 990 E Greenbelt Road LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES Wills, LEGAL NOTICES
Decedent Esq by the Court this 16th without a will, and will AND NOTICE TO Samuel C Hamilton including name,
Suite 125 serve without Court su- LEGAL
Phyllis Ruth Jackson 2801 M Street NW day of August 2010. Lanham, MD 20706
530 Tuckerman St NW Washington DC 20007 ORDERED, that all per- pervision. All unknown K e n n e t h R o s e n a u , 8401 Colesville Road ship.
Attorney heirs and heirs whose whose address is 1304 Suite 620 Date of Publication:
Washington DC 20011 Attorney sons concerned show NOTICE OF Superior Court of
Attorney NOTICE OF cause, if any there be, whereabouts are un- Rhode Island Ave NW Silver Spring MD the District of August 27, 2010
APPOINTMENT, known shall enter their WDC 20005 was ap- 20910 Name of newspaper:
NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, on or before the 25th NOTICE TO District of Columbia
APPOINTMENT, NOTICE day of September 2010, appearance in this pointed personal repre- Attorney PROBATE DIVISION Afro-American
CREDITORS proceeding. Objections sentative of the estate of NOTICE OF Washington Law
NOTICE TO TO CREDITORS why the prayers of said AND NOTICE TO Washington, D.C.
CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO complaint should not be to such appointment Dorothy M Washington, APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131 Reporter
UNKNOWN HEIRS shall be filed with the who died on July 27, NOTICE TO Evelyn C Morgan
AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS granted; provided that a Va l e r i e A G r a h a m , Administration No.
UNKNOWN HEIRS Dorothy Settles, whose copy of this order be Register of Wills, D.C., 2002 without a will, and CREDITORS 2010ADM802 Personal
whose address is 5955 515 5th Street, N.W., will serve without Court AND NOTICE TO Representative
Phyllis Ruth Jackson, address is 1212 12th published once a week Fisher Road Apt 12 Raymond Morgan
whose address is 530 Street, NW Washington for three consecutive 3rd Floor Washington, supervision. All un- UNKNOWN HEIRS Decedent TRUE TEST COPY
Temple Hills MD 20748, D.C. 20001, on or be- known heirs and heirs Jean L Washington, Sherri L Wyatt REGISTER OF WILLS
Tu c k e r m a n S t N W DC 20005 is appointed weeks before said day was appointed personal
Washington DC 20011, personal representative in the Afro-American. fore February 27, 2011. whose whereabouts are whose address is 49 The Law Office of 8/27, 9/3, 9/10
representative of the Claims against the de- unknown shall enter Kennedy Street NE Sherri L Wyatt PLLC
was appointed personal of the estate of Kenneth 0
that Immigration and estate of Mattie H Davis,
representative of the S Sollars, who died on Customs Enforcement cedent shall be pre- their appearance in this Washington DC, was 114 Webster Street NE Superior Court of
who died on May 22, sented to the under- proceeding. Objections appointed personal re- Suite 100
estate of Charlie Luther, November 26, 2009 with Agency, Washington 2010 without a will, and the District of
who died on July 15, a will, and will serve Filed Office, 2675 signed with a copy to the to such appointment presentative of the Washington DC 20011 District of Columbia
will serve without Court Register of Wills or filed shall be filed with the estate of Lovelace O Attorney
2009 without a will, and without Court supervi- Prosperity Avenue, Fair- supervision. All un- PROBATE DIVISION
will serve without Court sion. All unknown heirs fax, Virginia 22031. with the Register of Wills Register of Wills, D.C., Sawyer, who died on NOTICE OF Washington, D.C.
known heirs and heirs with a copy to the under- 515 5th Street, N.W., September 3, 1999 with-
supervision. All un- and heirs whose JUDGE whose whereabouts are APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131
known heirs and heirs whereabouts are un- A TRUE COPY TEST: signed, on or before 3rd Floor Washington, out a will, and will serve NOTICE TO Administration No.
unknown shall enter February 27, 2011, or be D.C. 20001, on or be- without Court supervi-
whose whereabouts are known shall enter their 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 their appearance in this CREDITORS 2010ADM764
unknown shall enter appearance in this forever barred. Persons fore February 27, 2011. sion. All unknown heirs AND NOTICE TO Edward R Strother
proceeding. Objections believed to be heirs or Claims against the de- a n d h e i r s w h o s e
their appearance in this proceeding. Objections SUPERIOR COURT OF to such appointment UNKNOWN HEIRS aka
proceeding. Objections to such appointment (or THE DISTRICT OF legatees of the decedent cedent shall be pre- whereabouts are un- Elelyn C Morgan, whose Edward Rufus Strother
shall be filed with the who do not receive a sented to the under- known shall enter their address is 1008 23rd Decedent
to such appointment to the probate of de- COLUMBIA Register of Wills, D.C.,
shall be filed with the cedent¬s will) shall be PROBATE DIVISION copy of this notice by signed with a copy to the appearance in this Street NW Washington John C Floyd III
515 5th Street, N.W., mail within 25 days of its Register of Wills or filed proceeding. Objections DC 20037, was ap- 1629 K-Street NW
Register of Wills, D.C., filed with the Register of Washington, D.C. 3rd Floor Washington,
515 5th Street, N.W., Wills, D.C., 515 5th 20001-2131 first publication shall so with the Register of Wills to such appointment pointed personal repre- Suite 300
D.C. 20001, on or be- inform the Register of with a copy to the under- shall be filed with the sentative of the estate of Washington DC 20006
3rd Floor Washington, Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Administration No. fore February 27, 2011.
D.C. 20001, on or be- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 2010ADM803 Wills, including name, signed, on or before Register of Wills, D.C., Raymond Morgan, who Attorney
Claims against the de- address and relation- February 27, 2011, or be 515 5th Street, N.W., died on February 6,
fore February 20, 2011. 20001, on or before Estate of cedent shall be pre- NOTICE OF
Claims against the de- February 20, 2011. Margie Robinson ship. forever barred. Persons 3rd Floor Washington, 2009 with a will, and will APPOINTMENT,
sented to the under- Date of Publication: believed to be heirs or D.C. 20001, on or be- serve without Court su-
cedent shall be pre- Claims against the de- Wilber signed with a copy to the NOTICE TO
sented to the under- cedent shall be pre- Deceased August 27, 2010 legatees of the decedent fore February 27, 2011. pervision. All unknown CREDITORS
Register of Wills or filed Name of newspaper: who do not receive a Claims against the de- heirs and heirs whose
signed with a copy to the sented to the under- NOTICE OF with the Register of Wills AND NOTICE TO
Register of Wills or filed signed with a copy to the STANDARD Afro-American copy of this notice by cedent shall be pre- whereabouts are un- UNKNOWN HEIRS
with a copy to the under- Washington Law mail within 25 days of its sented to the under- known shall enter their B e t t i e A n n Tu r n e r,
with the Register of Wills Register of Wills or filed PROBATE signed, on or before
with a copy to the under- with the Register of Wills Notice is hereby given Reporter first publication shall so signed with a copy to the appearance in this whose address is 10629
February 27, 2011, or be Susan Eileen Ware inform the Register of Register of Wills or filed proceeding. Objections Provincial Drive Manas-
signed, on or before with a copy to the under- that a petition has been forever barred. Persons
February 20, 2011, or be signed, on or before filed in this Court by Personal Wills, including name, with the Register of Wills to such appointment (or sas, VA 20109, was ap-
believed to be heirs or Representative address and relation- with a copy to the under- to the probate of de- pointed personal repre-
forever barred. Persons February 20, 2011, or be Wesley L Clarke and legatees of the decedent
believed to be heirs or forever barred. Persons Norman Leslie Wilber TRUE TEST COPY ship. signed, on or before cedent¬s will) shall be sentative of the estate of
who do not receive a REGISTER OF WILLS Date of Publication: February 27, 2011, or be filed with the Register of Edward R Strother aka
legatees of the decedent believed to be heirs or for standard probate, copy of this notice by
who do not receive a legatees of the decedent including the 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 August 27, 2010 forever barred. Persons Wills, D.C., 515 5th Edward Rufus Strother,
mail within 25 days of its Name of newspaper: believed to be heirs or Street, N.W., 3rd Floor who died on July 18,
copy of this notice by who do not receive a appointment of one or first publication shall so
mail within 25 days of its copy of this notice by more personal repre- Superior Court of Afro-American legatees of the decedent Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 2010 with a will, and will
inform the Register of Washington Law who do not receive a 20001, on or before serve without Court su-
first publication shall so mail within 25 days of its sentative. Unless a com- Wills, including name, the District of
inform the Register of first publication shall so plaint or an objection in District of Columbia Reporter copy of this notice by February 27, 2011. pervision. All unknown
address and relation- Kenneth Rosenau mail within 25 days of its Claims against the de- heirs and heirs whose
Wills, including name, inform the Register of accordance with Super- ship. PROBATE DIVISION
address and relation- Wills, including name, ior Court Probate Di- Washington, D.C. Personal first publication shall so cedent shall be pre- whereabouts are un-
Date of Publication: Representative inform the Register of sented to the under- known shall enter their
ship. address and relation- vision Rule 407 is filed August 27, 2010 20001-2131
Date of Publication: ship. in this Court within 30 Administration No. TRUE TEST COPY Wills, including name, signed with a copy to the appearance in this
Name of newspaper: REGISTER OF WILLS address and relation- Register of Wills or filed proceeding. Objections
August 20, 2010 Date of Publication: days from the date of Afro-American 2010ADM0030
Name of newspaper: August 20, 2010 first publication of this Dorothy M. 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 ship. with the Register of Wills to such appointment (or
Washington Law Date of Publication:
Afro-American Name of newspaper: notice, the Court may Reporter Washington with a copy to the under- to the probate of de-
Washington Law Afro-American take the action here- Decedent Superior Court of August 27, 2010 signed, on or before cedent¬s will) shall be
David C Harty Name of newspaper:
Reporter Washington Law inafter set forth. Personal Kenneth Rosenau, Esq the District of February 27, 2011, or be filed with the Register of
Phyllis Ruth Jackson Reporter
in the absence of a will 1304 Rhode Island Ave District of Columbia Afro-American forever barred. Persons Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Representative Washington Law
Personal Dorothy Settles or proof satisfactory to TRUE TEST COPY NW PROBATE DIVISION believed to be heirs or Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Representative Personal the Court of due execu- Washington DC 20005 Washington, D.C. Reporter legatees of the decedent Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
REGISTER OF WILLS Jean L. Washington who do not receive a 20001, on or before
TRUE TEST COPY Representative tion, enter an order 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 Attorney 20001-2131
REGISTER OF WILLS TRUE TEST COPY determining that the de- NOTICE OF Administration No. Personal copy of this notice by February 27, 2011.
8/20, 8/27, 9/3 REGISTER OF WILLS cedent died intestate. APPOINTMENT, 00ADM793-10 Representative mail within 25 days of its Claims against the de-
8/20, 8/27, 9/3
appoint an unsu- Superior Court of NOTICE TO Lovelace O Sawyer TRUE TEST COPY first publication shall so cedent shall be pre-
Superior Court of pervised personal repre- the District of CREDITORS Decedent REGISTER OF WILLS inform the Register of sented to the under-
the District of sentative. District of Columbia AND NOTICE TO Samuel C Hamilton 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 Wills, including name, signed with a copy to the
District of Columbia Register of Wills PROBATE DIVISION UNKNOWN HEIRS Esq address and relation- Register of Wills or filed
PROBATE DIVISION Clerk of the Probate Washington, D.C. Kenneth Rosenau, 8401 Colesville Road ship. with the Register of Wills
Washington, D.C. Division 20001-2131 whose address is 1304 Suite 620 Date of Publication: with a copy to the under-
20001-2131 Date of First Publication Administration No. Rhode Island Ave NW Silver Spring MD August 27, 2010 signed, on or before
Administration No. August 27, 2010 2010ADM798 WDC 20005 was ap- 20910 Name of newspaper: February 27, 2011, or be
2010ADM788 Names of Newspapers: Willie Chiles pointed personal repre- Attorney Afro-American forever barred. Persons
Lidie Odessa Jackson Washington Law Decedent sentative of the estate of NOTICE OF Washington Law believed to be heirs or
filed with the Register of Wills, including name, believed to be heirs or 20740 D.C. 20001, on or be-
Wills, D.C., 515 5th address and relation- legatees of the decedent Attorney fore March 3, 2011.
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor ship. who do not receive a NOTICE OF Claims against the de-
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Date of Publication: copy of this notice by APPOINTMENT, cedent shall be pre-
20001, on or before August 27, 2010 mail within 25 days of its NOTICE TO sented to the under-

February 27, 2011. Name of newspaper: first publication shall so CREDITORS signed with a copy to the
Claims against the de-
cedent shall be pre-
Washington Law
inform the Register of
Wills, including name,
Register of Wills or filed
with the Register of Wills
September 4, 2010 - September 10, 2010, The Afro-American
sented to the under- Reporter address and relation- Gregory Roberson, with a copy to the under-
signed with a copy to the Tawana Allison Neale ship. whose address is 10004 signed, on or before
Register Wills or filed LEGAL NOTICES Gormley LEGAL
of Publication: LEGAL NOTICES
Graystone Drive, Upper LEGAL
March 3, NOTICES
with the Register of Wills Personal September 3, 2010 Marlboro, Maryland forever barred. Persons
with a copy to the under- Representative Name of newspaper: 20772 was appointed believed to be heirs or
signed, on or before Afro-American legatees of the decedent MBE/WBE/SBE/LBE/LSBE The Maryland National Capital Park and Planning
TRUE TEST COPY personal representative Commission (M-NCPPC) hereby invites sealed
February 27, 2011, or be REGISTER OF WILLS Washington Law of the estate of Helen who do not receive a Subcontractors and Suppliers
bids from interested parties for Bid No. B31-108
forever barred. Persons 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 Reporter Roberson, who died on copy of this notice by Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC, Rock- Supply of Athletic Field Turf Renovation Services
believed to be heirs or April B Scott December 8, 2004 with- mail within 25 days of its ville, MD is interested in receiving quotes Rev. 8/17/10
in accordance with specifications to be furnished
legatees of the decedent Superior Court of Personal out a will, and will serve first publication shall so from qualified MBE/WBE/SBE/LBE/LSBE by the Purchasing Division, 6611 Kenilworth Ave.,
who do not receive a the District of Representative without Court supervi- inform the Register of subcontractors and suppliers for the DC Suite 300 Riverdale, MD 20737. There will be no
copy of this notice by District of Columbia 202-722-1216 sion. All unknown heirs Wills, including name,
mail within 25 days of its
Water Biosolids Management Plan - Site charge for the bid. Each bid must be submitted to
PROBATE DIVISION TRUE TEST COPY and heirs whose address and relation- the Purchasing Office at the above address. Bids
first publication shall so REGISTER OF WILLS ship. Preparation, bidding on September 8, 2010.
Washington, D.C. whereabouts are un- Opportunities are available for Specifications must be received before 11:00 am, Friday,
inform the Register of 20001-2131 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 known shall enter their Date of Publication: September 17, 2010. Questions regarding this bid
Wills, including name, Administration No. appearance in this September 3, 2010 Divisions 1, 2, 3, 7 & 16. may be directed to Mechelle T. Myers, CPPB at
address and relation- 2009ADM721 proceeding. Objections Name of newspaper: Please Fax quotes to 301-545-0810. Contact (301)454 1604, TTY (301)454-1493. All bids and
ship. Superior Court of Afro-American telephone 301-545-0750. associated documents will become the property of
Donald W the District of to such appointment
Date of Publication: Washabaugh shall be filed with the Washington Law Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC the M-NCPPC and will be considered public in-
August 27, 2010 District of Columbia
Decedent PROBATE DIVISION Register of Wills, D.C., Reporter 7615 Standish place, formation.
Name of newspaper: John Noble 515 5th Street, N.W., Gregory Roberson Rockville, MD 20855
Afro-American Washington, D.C. Personal The Commission is an E.O.E. with special pro-
451 Hungerford Drive 20001-2131 3rd Floor Washington,
Washington Law D.C. 20001, on or be- Representative curement rules for Minorities, Females, and the
Suite 750 Administration No. Equal Opportunity Employer Disabled
Rockville MD 20850 fore March 3, 2011. TRUE TEST COPY
Bettie Ann Turner 2010ADM828 REGISTER OF WILLS
Attorney Mozelle F Little Claims against the de-
Personal NOTICE OF cedent shall be pre- 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 Nancy J. Keogh
Representative AFTER
sented to the under- Subscribe Today Purchasing Manager
DISCOVERED WILL NOTICE OF signed with a copy to the
REGISTER OF WILLS AND Register of Wills or filed
NOTICE TO with the Register of Wills
Elsie W Yanchulis, AND NOTICE TO signed, on or before
the District of whose address is 302 March 3, 2011, or be AND OPPORTUNITIES
District of Columbia UNKNOWN HEIRS
West Edmonston Drive, Glenn Foster Little, forever barred. Persons
PROBATE DIVISION Rockville, Maryland believed to be heirs or
Washington, D.C. whose address is 5909
20852 were appointed Clarks Fork Drive, Ra- legatees of the decedent
20001-2131 personal representative who do not receive a
Administration No. leigh, NC 27616 was ap- Clark/Smoot, acting as General Contractor, in conjunction with Hines|Archstone, Master
of the estate of Donald pointed personal repre- copy of this notice by
2010ADM808 W Washabaugh, who mail within 25 days of its Developer is hosting a Pre-Solicitation Workshop for construction subcontractors for
Julia J Williamson sentative of the estate of
died on May 12, 2009 Mozelle F Little, who first publication shall so CityCenterDC.
Decedent with a will. Objections to inform the Register of
Cherly Chapman died on August 6, 2010
such appointment or to without a will, and will Wills, including name, Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Henderson Esq the probated of de- address and relation-
4920 Niagara Road serve without Court su- Place: Embassy Suites Hotel
cedent's Will shall be pervision. All unknown ship.
Suite 200 filed with the Register of Date of Publication:
900 10 Street NW
College Park MD heirs and heirs whose
Wills, District of Colum- whereabouts are un- September 3, 2010 Washington DC 20001
20740 bia., 515 5th Street, Name of newspaper:
Attorney known shall enter their Time: Session I - 8:30 am to 10:30 am – Exterior & M/E/P Contractors
N . W. , 3 r d F l o o r appearance in this Afro-American
NOTICE OF Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Washington Law Lunch Session – 11:30 am to 1:00 pm – CBE Joint Ventures
APPOINTMENT, proceeding. Objections
20001, on or before to such appointment (or Reporter Session II - 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm – Finish & Specialty Trades
NOTICE TO March 3, 2011. Gregory Roberson
CREDITORS to the probate of de-
Date of Publication: cedent's Will) shall be Personal
AND NOTICE TO September 3, 2010 Representative The CityCenterDC project will include the construction of two office buildings, two
UNKNOWN HEIRS filed with the Register of
Name of newspaper: Wills, D.C., 515 5th TRUE TEST COPY apartment buildings, and two condominium buildings, plus underground parking and
Ave Maria Renard and Afro-American REGISTER OF WILLS
Mona Lisa Williamson, Street, N.W., 3rd Floor extensive site work. This work will be bid in fall 2010. Topics to be covered at the
Washington Law Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 workshop include contracting requirements and bid schedule, with a working lunch
whose address are 322 Reporter
G Street, SW Washing- 20001, on or before session from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on CBE joint venture requirements (all trades are
Elsie W Yanchulis March 3, 2011. Claims Superior Court of
ton DC 20024 and 2642 Personal welcomed – pre-registration is required).
Summer Breeze Ct against the decedent the District of
Representative shall be presented to the District of Columbia
Odenton MD 21113 301-340-6281
were appointed per- undersigned with a copy PROBATE DIVISION Please register online at by September 3, 2010.
TRUE TEST COPY to the Register of Wills Washington, D.C.
sonal representative of REGISTER OF WILLS
the estate of Julia J Wil- or filed with the Register 20001-2131
9/3, 9/10, 9/17 of Wills with a copy to Administration No. For more information about the Pre-solicitation Workshop, contact Chrystal Stowe at
liamson, who died on
July 11, 2010 with a will, the undersigned, on or 2010ADM742 Clark/Smoot, 202/243-6688 or via email at
and will serve without SUPERIOR COURT OF before March 3, 2011, or W. Alton Lewis
Court supervision. All THE DISTRICT OF be forever barred. Per- Decedent
COLUMBIA sons believed to be 1450 Mercantile Lane
unknown heirs and heirs
whose whereabouts are PROBATE DIVISION heirs or legatees of the Suite 155 AD NETWORK AD NETWORK
unknown shall enter Washington, D.C. decedent who do not re- Largo Maryland 20774
their appearance in this 20001-2131 ceive a copy of this no- 301-341-5577
proceeding. Objections Administration No. tice by mail within 25 Attorney
to such appointment (or 00841ADM10 days of its first publica- NOTICE OF
to the probate of de- Estate of tion shall so inform the APPOINTMENT,
cedent¬s will) shall be Paula A Harris Register of Wills, includ- NOTICE TO
filed with the Register of Deceased ing name, address and CREDITORS
Wills, D.C., 515 5th NOTICE OF relationship. AND NOTICE TO
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor STANDARD Date of Publication: UNKNOWN HEIRS
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . PROBATE September 3, 2010 Cheryl Belinda Greene,
20001, on or before (For estates of de- Name of newspaper: whose address is 7195
February 27, 2011. cedents dying on or Afro-American Carrico Mill Road Hug-
Claims against the de- after July 1, 1995) Washington Law hesville, MD 20637 was
cedent shall be pre- Notice is hereby given Reporter appointed personal re-
sented to the under- that a petition has been Glenn Foster Little presentative of the
signed with a copy to the filed in this Court by Personal estate of Edith Regenia
Register of Wills or filed Laurie Speed for stan- Representative Teague, who died on
with the Register of Wills dard probate, including 919-878-4498 March 25, 2010 with a
with a copy to the under- the appointment of one TRUE TEST COPY will, and will serve with-
signed, on or before or more personal repre- REGISTER OF WILLS out Court supervision.
February 27, 2011, or be sentative. Unless a com- 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 All unknown heirs and
forever barred. Persons plaint or an objection in h e i r s w h o s e
believed to be heirs or accordance with Super- Superior Court of whereabouts are un-
legatees of the decedent ior Court Probate Di- the District of known shall enter their
who do not receive a vision Rule 407 is filed District of Columbia appearance in this
copy of this notice by in this Court within 30 PROBATE DIVISION proceeding. Objections
mail within 25 days of its days from the date of Washington, D.C. to such appointment (or
first publication shall so first publication of this 20001-2131 to the probate of de-
inform the Register of notice, the Court may Administration No. cedent's Will) shall be
take the action here- 2010ADM833 filed with the Register of INVITE YOU AND A GUEST TO AN
Wills, including name, ADVANCE SCREENING OF
address and relation- inafter set forth. Samuel B. Harris Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Admit to probate the Decedent Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Date of Publication: will dated December 20, Thomas H Queen Esq Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
August 27, 2010 2005 exhibited with the 530 Eighth Street SE 20001, on or before
Name of newspaper: petition upon proof sat- Washington DC 20003 March 3, 2011. Claims
Afro-American isfactory to the Court of Attorney against the decedent
Washington Law due execution by affida- NOTICE OF shall be presented to the
Reporter vit of witnesses APPOINTMENT, undersigned with a copy
Ave Maria Renard
Ordered any interested NOTICE TO to the Register of Wills
Mona Lisa Williamson person to show cause CREDITORS or filed with the Register
Personal why the provisions of AND NOTICE TO of Wills with a copy to
Representative the lost or destroyed will UNKNOWN HEIRS the undersigned, on or
TRUE TEST COPY dated December 20, Dr. Paul Logan, whose before March 3, 2011, or
REGISTER OF WILLS 2005 should not be ad- address is 4 Grant Circle be forever barred. Per-
8/27, 9/3, 9/10 mitted to probate as ex- NW Washington DC sons believed to be
pressed in the petition 20011 was appointed heirs or legatees of the
Superior Court of Register of Wills personal representative decedent who do not re-
the District of Clerk of the Probate of the estate of Samuel ceive a copy of this no-
District of Columbia Division B Harris, who died on tice by mail within 25
PROBATE DIVISION Date of First Publication June 24, 2010 with a days of its first publica-
Washington, D.C. September 3, 2010 will, and will serve with- tion shall so inform the
20001-2131 Names of Newspapers: out Court supervision. Register of Wills, includ-
Administration No. Washington Law All unknown heirs and ing name, address and
2010ADM792 Reporter h e i r s w h o s e relationship.
Tawana M Neale Washington whereabouts are un- Date of Publication:
aka AFRO-AMERICAN known shall enter their September 3, 2010
Tawana Marie Twyman Laurie Speed appearance in this Name of newspaper:
Neale 3464 Summit Court NE proceeding. Objections Afro-American
Decedent Washington DC 20018 to such appointment Washington Law
James C Beadles Esq 202-640-3800 shall be filed with the Reporter
PO Box 6368 Signature of Register of Wills, D.C., Cheryl Belinda Greene
Silver Spring MD Petitioners/Attorney 515 5th Street, N.W., Personal
9/3, 9/10 3rd Floor Washington,
D.C. 20001, on or be-
Superior Court of
the District of
fore March 3, 2011.
Claims against the de-
District of Columbia
cedent shall be pre-
sented to the under-
9/3, 9/10, 9/17 AND REGISTER TO WIN!
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Supplies are limited. One pass per winner. Each
AND NOTICE TO Washington, D.C. signed with a copy to the Superior Court of pass admits two. Seating is NOT guaranteed and on a first-come, first-served basis.

UNKNOWN HEIRS 20001-2131 Register of Wills or filed the District of

Employees of all promotional partners, Universal Pictures and The Afro-American
are not eligible. All decisions are final. This film is rated
Tawana Allison Neale Administration No. with the Register of Wills District of Columbia PG-13. No one under 13 will be admitted without a parent or a legal guardian.

Gormley, whose ad- 2010ADM824 with a copy to the under- PROBATE DIVISION IN THEATERS SEPTEMBER 17
dress is 10601 Manor Clara Belle Jeter Scott signed, on or before Washington, D.C.

Lake Terrace, Bowie MD Decedent March 3, 2011, or be 20001-2131
To Advertise call 202-332-0080

20721, was appointed Attorney forever barred. Persons Administration No.

personal representative NOTICE OF believed to be heirs or 2010ADM668
of the estate of Tawana APPOINTMENT, legatees of the decedent John Henry
M Neale aka Tawana NOTICE TO who do not receive a Roberson Sr
Marie Twyman Neale, CREDITORS copy of this notice by Decedent
who died on June 24, AND NOTICE TO mail within 25 days of its Cheryl Chapman
2010 with a will, and will UNKNOWN HEIRS first publication shall so Henderson Esq
serve without Court su- April B Scott, whose ad- inform the Register of 4920 Niagara Road
pervision. All unknown dress is 737 Whittier Wills, including name, Suite 200 PLUMBER APPRENTICES
heirs and heirs whose Street, NW Washington address and relation- College Park MD
whereabouts are un- DC 20012 was ap- ship. 20740
known shall enter their pointed personal repre- Date of Publication: Attorney The Washington, D.C. Joint Plumbing Apprentice Committee will accept applications for
appearance in this sentative of the estate of September 3, 2010 NOTICE OF the Apprentice Program on October 5, 2010, January 4, 2011, April 5, 2011 and July 12,
Clara Belle Jeter Scott,
proceeding. Objections
who died on December
Name of newspaper: APPOINTMENT, 2011 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. Applications must be made in
to such appointment (or Afro-American NOTICE TO
to the probate of de- 12, 2009 without a will, Washington Law CREDITORS person at 8509 Ardmore-Ardwick Road, Landover, Maryland 20785. There will be a $20.00
cedent¬s will) shall be and will serve without Reporter AND NOTICE TO application fee.
filed with the Register of Court supervision. All Dr. Paul Logan UNKNOWN HEIRS
Wills, D.C., 515 5th unknown heirs and heirs Personal Gregory Roberson,
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor whose whereabouts are Representative whose address is 10004 Requirements: Minimum age 18 at time of application
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . unknown shall enter 202-723-6132 Graystone Drive, Upper High School Diploma or GED
20001, on or before their appearance in this TRUE TEST COPY Marlboro, Maryland
February 27, 2011. proceeding. Objections REGISTER OF WILLS 20772 was appointed
Claims against the de- to such appointment 9/3, 9/10, 9/17 personal representative
Presentation of the following 4 documents is required at time of application:
cedent shall be pre- shall be filed with the of the estate of John
sented to the under- Register of Wills, D.C., Superior Court of Henry Roberson Sr., 1) Birth Certificate or Passport
515 5th Street, N.W., the District of
signed with a copy to the
3rd Floor Washington, District of Columbia
who died on June 1, 2) Valid Driver¬s License or Valid State Issued
Register of Wills or filed 2010 without a will, and
with the Register of Wills D.C. 20001, on or be- PROBATE DIVISION will serve without Court Identification Card
with a copy to the under- fore March 3, 2011. Washington, D.C. supervision. All un- 3) High School Diploma or GED Certificate
signed, on or before Claims against the de- 20001-2131 known heirs and heirs 4) Transcript of Grades (certified by High School) or GED Test Scores
February 27, 2011, or be cedent shall be pre- Administration No. whose whereabouts are
forever barred. Persons sented to the under- 2010ADM669 unknown shall enter
believed to be heirs or signed with a copy to the Helen Roberson their appearance in this Applications will be followed by a mandatory aptitude test beginning at 1:00 p.m. Study
legatees of the decedent Register of Wills or filed Decedent proceeding. Objections booklets are available for the aptitude test and may be acquired by sending a $15 money
who do not receive a with the Register of Wills Cheryl Chapman to such appointment
copy of this notice by with a copy to the under- Henderson Esq shall be filed with the
order to GAN Human Resources Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 6111, Bloomingdale, IL
mail within 25 days of its signed, on or before 4920 Niagara Road Register of Wills, D.C., 60108-6111.
first publication shall so March 3, 2011, or be Suite 200 515 5th Street, N.W.,
forever barred. Persons College Park MD
inform the Register of
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3rd Floor Washington, If selected for apprenticeship, final acceptance will be contingent on ability to pass a drug
Wills, including name, D.C. 20001, on or be-
address and relation- legatees of the decedent Attorney fore March 3, 2011. and background screening.
ship. who do not receive a NOTICE OF Claims against the de-
Date of Publication: copy of this notice by APPOINTMENT, cedent shall be pre- Additional information may be obtained at our web site:
August 27, 2010 mail within 25 days of its NOTICE TO sented to the under-
Name of newspaper: first publication shall so CREDITORS signed with a copy to the
Afro-American inform the Register of AND NOTICE TO Register of Wills or filed The Committee selects students of any race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin to all
Washington Law Wills, including name,
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UNKNOWN HEIRS with the Register of Wills the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to
Reporter Gregory Roberson, with a copy to the under-
Tawana Allison Neale ship. whose address is 10004 signed, on or before
students at the school. The Apprentice Committee is actively recruiting applicants including
Gormley Date of Publication: Graystone Drive, Upper March 3, 2011, or be minorities and females.
Personal September 3, 2010 Marlboro, Maryland forever barred. Persons
Representative Name of newspaper: 20772 was appointed believed to be heirs or
TRUE TEST COPY Afro-American personal representative legatees of the decedent
REGISTER OF WILLS Washington Law of the estate of Helen who do not receive a
8/27, 9/3, 9/10 Reporter Roberson, who died on copy of this notice by
April B Scott December 8, 2004 with-
B8 The Afro-American, September 4, 2010 - September 4, 2010