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1/9/2018 Economy and Trade CrosswordEconomy and Trade Crossword - WordMint

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Economy and Trade


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Across Down
2. Knowledge and skills needed to earn a living 1. An economy that has characteristics of both market and
5. Economy in which society's economic decisions are made by command economic systems.
individuals deciding what to produce and buy. 3. Economy where government planning group makes the basic
6. Transaction where both people will be able to gain economic decisions for the workers.
something 4. Limit on amount of foreign goods that can be imported
12. Value of final goods and services produced 7. Slows down or prevents exchange of goods
13. Creative, original thinkers who take risks creating 8. Trade barrier where countries won't trade with each other
businesses or products 9. Legal separation of races.
16. Products a country makes best and are in demand on the 10. Amount of goods & services produced compared to people
world market. 11. Factories, machines, and technology used by people
14. Abbrevation for Organization of Petroleum Exporting
15. Tax placed on imported goods. 1/1