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Instruction: Fill all required information. Print or type in block letters.

Personal Details
Name: Last ____________________ First ________________________ Middle _________________
Student No. ______________ Course ______________________________
Present Address: _________________________________________________________
Telephone No. _______________ Mobile No. ________________________
Permanent Address: _______________________________________________________
Personal Email: ______________________________

Internship Details
Name of Company: _______________________________________________________
Address of Company: ____________________________________________________
Industry of Company: ________________
(___) Audit Firms (___) Consulting (___) Consumer Goods (___) Manufacturing
(___) Banking (___) Pharmaceutical (___) Hotels and Restaurants (___) Retail
(___) Real Estate (___) Others Please specify: _____________________________
Unit/ Department: ____________________________________________
Supervising Officer: _______________________________________
Contact Number/s: ________________________________________
Email Address of Supervising Officer: ________________________________________
Nature of Internship Work: _______________________________________________
(___) Marketing (___) Operations (___) External Audit
(___) Sales (___) Accounting (___) Management Consultancy
(___) Administration (___) Finance/ Treasury (___) Taxation
(___) HR (___) Others Please specify ________________________

Period of Internship: _________________________________________

Intern’s Obligation
I shall, pursuant to the Business Apprenticeship Program (BAP) Guidelines, undertake, perform and comply
with the following:

1. show initiative, systematic application and responsibility during the internship;

2. become familiar and comply with all policies, rules and regulations of accredited
3. timely discuss with the faculty coordinator and take initiative in raising internship
problems or difficulties and share responsibility for seeking solutions;
4. maintain progress of the internship work;
5. submit and present a log which shall be submitted once every two weeks and a report
on my internship or on the field work, which shall critically analyze observed issues of
my work situation;
6. ensure and comply with policies on handling confidential information and other
pertinent policies of the accredited company;
7. obtain appropriate insurance for the entire duration of my internship;
8. waive all claims against the School and the accredited company for damages I may
sustain due to my fault or arising from my act of negligence, omission or fraud;
9. be responsible and shoulder all internship expenses including travel expenses to the
place of internship;
10. participate in surveys or other activities to assess effectiveness of the BAP;
11. exercise due diligence and adopt at all times safe working practices;
12. submit all documentary requirements including Certification of Acceptance, Job
Internship Report (1st, 2nd, and Final JIR), Certification of Completion of OJT Hours
and Student Trainee’s evaluation sheet, Partner’s institution evaluation form.
13. be respectful and act with professionalism in my dealings with my supervisor, faculty
coordinator and with the accredited company and its employees and officers, and
14. be ambassadors of the Kingfisher School of Business and Finance’- Business
Management Program (BMP), Accountancy Program and Financial Management
Accounting (FMA) Program.

I have read and understand the foregoing obligations.

Signed: ________________________________ Signed: __________________________

Apprentice Witness

Date: __________________________________ Date: ___________________________

Attached: Student’s Resume with pictures