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Getting the Most out of Free French Media

Please find below a list of audio, video and text resources on the web to help you follow your
interests in French news, politics, culture and society. The text in green gives you an idea of the
language level for which each resource is appropriate.

Le Monde (proficient to advanced)
Leading French daily newspaper

Le Monde iphone app:
Le Monde android app:

Videos: all the videos from the site

‘Telezapping’: a review of the day’s newspapers in France.

Internet actuel (intermediate to advanced)

Accessible articles for French learners


Revue de presse (all levels)

A daily update of all the front covers of magazines and
newspapers in France, organised in different categories and with
links to each publication’s website.

News video
Le Petit Journal (advanced)
Daily 15 minute humorous take on the day’s news

TF1, le journal de 20h (intermediate to advanced)

35 minute daily prime-time news bulletin from one of France’s leading

TV5 monde (all levels)

The “langue française” section of TV5 monde, especially
designed for French learners.

Learn French while watching short TV shows on current affairs and complete
interactive exercises

Learn French while watching TV shows on different themes (gastronomy, travel,

comics, traditional professions...) and complete interactive exercises

Discover French regions

Discover the French language’s presence around the world

Le JT de Canal+ (all levels)

This news bulletin is quite short and very clear - it’s a good one for the
lower levels of proficiency.

Talk and discussion

Radio France Inter (proficient/advanced)
Radio France Inter has a great selection of recorded interviews and discussions of
both news-related and cultural topics. You can listen to them online here:
Le Journal de la philosophie (advanced)
Get your daily 5-minute fix of what’s going on in the world of French philosophy.

Philosophie magazine (proficient to advanced)

Print and online magazine covering all aspects of philosophical
inquiry. Premium subscription service offered, but lots of free content on the site.

Good videos section:

Fancy playing an online philosophical game?

Culture and film

Télérama (proficient to advanced)
Telerama has reviews of films and shows on in France. It is an interesting
read to get up to date on what is on in France, as is a good guide of what
to look for if you are interested in French film.

Although Grazia magazine in Australia is a celebrity/fashion tabloid, in
France it has some interesting articles relevant to young people.
Especially in its ‘Societe’ section.


La FNAC (all levels)

Books are really cheap in France! Order them from FNAC and they send them to

Learning French

Radio France Internationale (Intermediate and advanced)

The “langue française” section of Radio France Internationale, especially designed for
French learners. Learn French while listening to short radio shows on current affairs.

Audio bilingual series to learn French

Canal académie (Intermediate and advanced)

“L’espace apprendre” section of Radio France Internationale, especially

designed for French learners. Learn French while listening to thematic radio shows (Art,
Economy, Medecine,Sociology...)