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PCI Express Dual Port Fiber Optical Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

Type Number: S6200-2G572

Brand: 100G.SHOP


100G.SHOP S6200-2G572 is the first generation of 100G.SHOP server adpater .base on Copyright © 2013-2014 100G.SHOP All Rights Reserved. ICP No.14060051

intel82571EB original controller chip,PCI Express bus ,SFP slots and LC cable fiber connectivity, to
achieve professional gigabit Ethernet network connectivity. they can added multi-port fiber
connectivity ,multi-port SFP transceivers connectivity in a single PCI-E bus within one server
adapter ,to enhance network performance and also saving valuable PCI Express (PCIe *) server
In Gigabit Ethernet connection of optical network, PCIe equip the dedicated input / output (I / 0)
Bandwidth can guarantee superior performance, and do not take up bus bandwidth. In addition, can
demonstrate excellent performance among multi-processor system. When used in conjunction with
the receiver extension of Microsoft or Linux * scalable I / O devices, be balance effectively among the
network load of multiple CPU cores, so to improve the performance of multiprocessor systems.
S6200-2G572 apply two gigabit Ethernet, with excellent noise immunity, and also support long-
distance fiber connectivity. Based on Intel original gigabit controller ,for easy installation and

Advanced Technologies of Intel82571EB Chipset

Intelligent offloads, storage over Ethernet

Key Features
 Build on PCI Express Technology and Intel original gigabit controller technology.
 Based on gigabit SFP transceivers which be optional and replaceable.
 Two high-performance gigabit SFP transceivers (1000BASE-SX,1000BASE-LX or 1000BASE-
ZX) connections for slot-constrained servers.
 Multi-Gigabit scalability and increased uptime through advanced server features.
 Two Gigabit Ethernet SFP Port
 Apply with SFP Slots, install the fiber optic module according to demand
 Apply Intel 82571EB Gigabit controller
 Load balancing on multiple CUPs
 Interrupt moderation
 Compatible with x4, x8, and x16 full-height 2 PCIe Slot
 Support for most network operating systems (NOS) Copyright © 2013-2014 100G.SHOP All Rights Reserved. ICP No.14060052

 Remote management support
 PROSet Utility for Microsoft* Device Manager
 LC connectors
 RoHS compliant3, Lead-free1 technology

Technical Specification :

Product Code S6200-2G571

Product Name Server Network Card

Chipset Intel82571EB Gigabit Controller
Bus Interface PCI Express*1.0a
Bus Width X4 lane PCI Express operable in x4,X8, x16 slots

Data rate supported per port 1000Mbps/Port

SFP Transceiver *2, (1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX, 1000BASE-ZX).

Optional Connection Parts
LC fiber optical cables.

Connectors SFP Slot

Network interface type Dual-Port ,SFP*2,Fiber Optical Card,LC

Network standard IEEE802.3auto-negotiation

Brackets Half and full (two brackets)
Operating Temperature 0℃~55℃

Operating Humidity 85%

StorageTemperature -40℃~70℃

Storage Humidity 90%

Length 13.3cm

Width 6.8cm

Full-height end bracket 12cm Copyright © 2013-2014 100G.SHOP All Rights Reserved. ICP No.14060053

Low-profile end bracket 8cm


Packing Standard Size (Unit)

Microsoft Windows* Server 2003, Enterprise, Datacenter (32- and 64-bit)

Microsoft Windows 2000
Red Hat Linux* 2.4x or later (32- and 64-bit)
OS Operation FreeBSD 4.x or later
Novell Netware* 5.x, 6.x
Sun Solaris* x86, OS 8 and later
SCO Open Server 5, Open Unix 8*

Using Environment
DELL Server,HP Server,IBM Server,INSPUR Server,Leno Server and other big server brand,
IT System Integrator,Cloud,Big Date Center,Workstation,PC,FTTD Solution(Fiber to the desk) for
Government,institution, School, personal using ,IDC etc. Copyright © 2013-2014 100G.SHOP All Rights Reserved. ICP No.14060054

Partners and End-Users

China Telecom, China Netcom, China Railcom, China Unicom, Space Unisign servers, Bank of China
, Founder Technology, Dawning servers, Lenovo servers, IBM servers, HP servers, Dell servers, the
Great Wall Broadband, Beijing Radio and Television General Institute, , World Chinese Youth Federati
on, Tsinghua Huambo, China Urban Planning and Design, Gehua, The People's Republic of China Mi
nistry of Railways, China City Planning Information Network, etc.


100G.SHOP Ethernet network cards and optical modules, a 3 months replacement and a 3 years glo
bal warranty.

Supply OEM,ODM Service,if need any help plz call this Tel: +86-0755-22676587
Emai to Copyright © 2013-2014 100G.SHOP All Rights Reserved. ICP No.14060055