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BATCH: 2016- 2018

COURSE: Business Communication For Managerial Competence

FACULTY GUIDE: Mr. Michael Anthony Lohan



Power point presentations always have a way with people. They help in cutting a point
across and explaining topics that may otherwise seem difficult to comprehend. They are
mostly seen as mediums that help people retain certain images or facts related to the topic
explained. Although Power point presentations are an excellent medium, we cannot help
the over looming dread washing in along with fear the moment we hear them as it involves
presenting them in front of an audience whose rapt attention is on us.
I have done many presentations but every time I hear these words, I cannot help my fear
sinking in although now my levels of fear are decreasing. I never used to pay attention to
the slides and the attention span that people may have with it. Earlier, I used to fill the
slides with information that may be too much to process for people with less information. I
used to also sly away from the opportunity of speaking much in order to explain the
information. On certain occasions, when a faculty member would question us on areas that
seemed vague during the explanation or what was portrayed on the slides, the fear would
overtake me and I would end up stammering and stuttering making the faculty under the
impression that I was not prepared well enough. I would also not give much importance to
pictures, cartoons, slogans or anything that would remotely make the topic seem interesting
for the audience; probably just splattering just a few in a last ditch attempt to make it lively.
I would also have the habit of putting in too much of information while speaking that would
make the audience bored. Among the other list of errors I would commit would also be to
stand in a particular position trying my best to not make eye contact as that would make me
lose my line of thought and concentration. The worst of all errors that most faculty
members would complain about would be my voice modulation.
But now, I have learnt from the mistakes or errors that I have made. The attention span of
people would not last for more than fifteen minutes to a half an hour. Therefore, as the
presenter, I decided to put in less information on the slides, putting them into bullet points
rather to make it better comprehendible for the audience. I also began to put in more
imagery in the form of cartoons and caricatures that would help in grabbing attention and
retaining the topics better. I also began to understand the topics rather than ‘study’ them in
order to explain them to people thereby showing that if I explain the topic in layman terms
and explain the topics to the audience in a certain perspective, perhaps the audience would
seem to understand. I also began to move closer to the audience while speaking and
interacting, making eye contact, pausing for a breath, smiling and most importantly – using
examples to explain my topics to ensure that the audience are able to grasp the concepts
better. I also worked on my voice modulation to ensure that I am audible; even for the
people who seat themselves farther away. Most importantly, I ensure to give my best
towards doing a satisfactory job from the start to the finish, putting in faith along with
hardwork thereby exuberating and building a little bit of confidence to speak loudly and also
to answer the questions that are thrown my way.