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An Introduction To Swine Flu

Swine Flu-Is a respiratory track infection from the hogs. This kind of virus can kill the human race. This infection is a
worldwide virus outbreak. A flu deadly disease occurs when a new influenza virus emerges for which people have
little or no immunity and for which there is no vaccine. Those whom their hospitals are more than 10 miles from their
community can easily infected with the Swine Flu.
The disease spreads easily person-to-person, and can be cause with serious illness, and can spread out across the
country and even worldwide in a very short span of time. An influenza pandemic may be caused by either swine (pig)
or avian (bird) flu viruses.
Swine flu viruses do not normally infect humans. But, randomly, the human race got infected with Swine flu. Most
frequently, these cases occur in persons with direct exposure to pigs (example: owner and or workers in the swine
backyard or industry or even the children near pigs at a fair).
Human-to-human transmission of Swine flu can also occur. This is thought to happen in the same way as seasonal
flu occurs in people, which is mainly through coughing or sneezing of people infected with the influenza virus to an
uninfected individual will be infected also. People may also become infected by touching something with flu viruses
on it and then they touch their mouth or nose.
Some think that swine flu can also get from foods we eat. Take note that influenza viruses are not transmitted by
food. You cannot get the influenza virus by means of eating pork or pork products. Eating properly handled and
cooked pork is safe. Proper cooking of pork or pork products with an internal temperature of 160°F will kill the swine
flu virus as it does with other bacteria and viruses.
Fever, lethargy, lack of appetite, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and coughing are some of the
following symptoms of swine flu in people.
In diagnosing influenza infection, a respiratory specimen would generally need to be collected within the first 3 to 4
days of illness (when an infected person is most likely to be contagious). However, some persons, especially
children, may be infectious for 10 days or longer.
If you get sick, there are two antiviral drugs (Tamiflu and Relenza) available with prescription can make your illness
milder and make you feel better faster. They may also prevent serious influenza complications. In treatment,
antiviral drugs work best if started as soon after getting sick as possible, and might not work if started more than 2
days after illness starts.
There are a number of things that you can do to prepare yourself and those around you for a flu pandemic. It is
important to think about the challenges that you might face, particularly if an epidemic is rigorous.
The effects of a pandemic can be lessened if preparation is made ahead of time. Planning and preparation
information and checklists are being prepared for various sectors of society, including information for individuals and
Different agencies are providing funding, advice, and other support from different rich nations to every country to
assist with Swine Flu epidemic planning and preparation. Reading articles like this can help you plan against the
spreading of the Swine Flu.
Baba Ramdev is not only who suggests the yoga and ayurvedic medicine for
preventing the effect of Swine flu. Swine flu patients and survivors are also
taking on the virus by networking on the web, updating each other on their
fight against Influenza A (H1N1) and advising others on how to avoid it.

TOI reported: Shanku Das, one of the netizens on the social networking site
Orkut, wrote: "Washing your hands frequently helps in avoiding H1N1. Don't
keep touching your nose or mouth, use a handkerchief when you cough or
sneeze and observe basic hygiene practices."

Besides the Internet, SMSes are also doing rounds among students and
others on precautionary measures to be adopted to avoid swine flu.

"Use a face mask, use alcohol based sanitizers to wash hands, drink boiled
water, have citrus fruits and vitamin C rich food and try avoiding public
toilets," read one of the SMSes being circulated.

The 2009 Flu outbreak is a new strain of H1N1-type influenza, commonly

referred to as "swine flu". This strain mutated out of other strains of swine
flu and other influenza viruses.

Swine influenza (H1N1 flu, swine flu, hog flu) is an infection by any one of
several types of swine influenza virus. These strains of swine flu rarely pass
from human to human.

Symptoms of zoonotic swine flu in humans are similar to those of influenza

and of influenza-like illness in general, namely chills, fever, sore throat,
muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort.

Declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), over 1,000

people have tested positive for Influenza A(H1N1) in India. It has claimed 15
lives in the country, 11 of which have been in Maharashtra alone.

Baba Ramdev on Aug 11, 09 tried to remove the fear among the people
towards the rising death toll from swine flu.

Baba Ram Dev said, “There is no need to panic.” towards the rising death
toll from swine flu. If necessary precautions are taken chances of contracting
H1N1 virus are extremely remote.

Cotton cloth should be wrapped around face while in crowded places,

Ramdev said.
Swine Flu is spreading in India, and so far it has claimed 10 lives. Famous
Yoga Guru and Herbal Specialist Swami Baba Ramdeo said that Swine is
cause of lack of resistant power of our bodies. He told that everybody should
increase his resistant power.

Further Baba Ramdev said that Yoga had the power to cure Influenza

Pranayam can block the effect of Swine flu.

Baba Ramdev given some Ayurvedic tips besides Yoga to save from swine
flu. Take GILOY (AMTA)’s one foot long branch and seven leaf of TULSI and
mix it and collect juice of this mixture in a pot. Now boil this juice up to it
remains 1/4th. After that drink it. This herbal juice increases our body
resistant up to three times. By which we can save from H1N1 Flu.




The entire plant is valuable, used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic, revitalize

and remedy for diabetes and metabolic disorders, stomach ulcer and urinary
affections. It is also helpful in chronic problems and cases of fatigue.

Parts of Giloy used for curing diseases

Branch: Swine flu as suggested by Baba Ramdev

Stem—Fever, Acidity, Blood purification and Eye disease

Fruit—Rheumatism, Jaundice
I read that Pune is most Swine flu affected city. In Pune itself packed jar of
Giloy juice is available, There is powder and other products are also in the
market. But it is better if the person follow the guide lines of Baba Ramdev.