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Ginkgo biloba:

'Anny's Dwarf': compact dwarf form, male, up to 2,5 m

'Autumn Gold': better fall colour and/or modified broad spreading growth habit, erect compact oval
form, male.view photo

'Barabits Nana/Dwarf': small bushy form, up to 2 metres.view photo

'Beijing Gold': shrub form, 4 m, yellow leaves also in spring and summer ( in summer somewhat
striped)dotview photo

'Bergen op Zoom': small straight up to 4 metres.

'Californian Sunset': mostly yellow at first, becoming striped yellow

'Chase Manhattan': small, tiny darkgreen leaves, compact, ideal for bonsai and rockgarden, c. 1.5

'Chichi (Icho)': smaller leaves and a textured trunk, bark has breast-shaped protuberancesdot

'Chris's Dwarf' (or 'Munchkin'?): see 'Munchkin'

'Chotek': weeping form of 'Witches Broom'; cultivar from Czech Republic; found by Mr Horak,
Bystrice pod Hostinemin. Named to tribute the house of Choteks, the family of archbishop F. M.

'Compacta': semi-dwarf
'Doctor Causton': male and female cultivar

'Eastern Star': female, bears abundant crops of large nuts.

'Elmwood': vertical columnar formview photo

'Epiphylla': female. Max. 4 m h., more wide. Seeds form on rather young plant.

'Elsie': upright growing, female.

'Fairmount': slender form, big leaves, dense pyramidal crown, male, 15 m.view photo

'Fastigiata': architectural vertical accent, nearly columnar form, slightly wider at the base, big leaves,
male (also available as female).dotview photo

'Geisha': female, long pendulous branches and dark green foliage which turns lemon-yellow in fall,
heavy crops of large nuts.

'Globosa': Graft on stock, bulb-shaped, compact view photo

'Globus': Bullet-form, big leaves.

'Golden globe': Full head and spectacular yellow fall color. Trees are unusually densely branched for
Ginkgos. Young trees have full crowns that mature in a broad, rounded head. Male. (from a seedling
of Cleveland Tree Co. )view photo

'Gresham': Wide spreading horizontal branch habit. (from Gresham High School Ginkgos at Gresham,
Oregon)view photo
'Hayanari': female.

'Heksenbezem Leiden' (Witches broom): quite compact, rounded, dwarf form, branching closely

up to 3 metres.view photo

'Horizontalis': tall and wide form, many side-branches.

Wide crown.view photo

'Jade Butterfly': dense darkgreen foliage clumps, shrubby outline, vase shaped, semi dwarf, about 3
m.view photo

'King of Dongting': slow growing, very big leaves.

'Laciniata': large deeply divided leavesdotview photo

'Lakeview': compact, conical to broadly pyramidal, male.view photo

'Liberty Splendor': broad pyramidal form with strong trunk, female.

'Long March': Upright growing, female is cultivated for heavy crops of tasty nuts.

'Magyar': uniform symmetrical branching, upright narrow pyramid form, up to 19 metres, male.

'Mariken': more compact than 'W.B.', tall about 3 ft, w.6-10 ft, branches more or less pendulous,
graft on about 5 ft stock (P. Vergeldt; from a tree in Nijmegen).dotview photo

'Mayfield': Narrower form than Fastigiata, tight upright, short branches, 9-12 m.view photo

'Menhir': slender, upright columnar, straight (Van Vliet)

'Munchkin' (or 'Chris's Dwarf' ?): Upright habit and numerous slender branches, it has a tendency to
be more regular in shape.

Most leaves do not exceed the size of a quarter and are very dense on the plant. May eventually
reach 6 ft but growth rate is around 4'' a year. dot

'Ohasuki': up to 4 metres, halfround big leaves, female.

'Pendula': branches more or less pendulous ("weeping"), slow growing, decorative.dotview

photoview photo+ video

'Prague or Pragense': low spreading and parasol-shaped.

'Princeton Sentry': well known cultivar, slow growing, big decorative leaves, upright conical form
gives very formal focal point, male, 30 m.

Improved "Fastigiata". Name derived from tree in Princeton Cemetary.view photo

'Rainbow': striped with green/yellow leaves, about 3 m. Improved 'Variegata'. Remove green leaved
branch immediately.

'Salem Lady': female from Oregon.

'Santa Cruz': female, low, spreading, umbrella-shaped.

'Saratoga': dense branches, small yellow-green leaves, slow growth, rounded outline, male, 10
m.view photo

'Shangri-La': fast growing with compact pyramidal form, 14 metres, grows somewhat faster, male.

'Spring Grove': dwarf, very small and compact, about 3 m.

'Tit': = Chichi (Icho).

'Tremonia': small, pyramidal form, very big leaves, female, 10 m.view photo

'Troll': compact 'W.B.', leaves vary from normal to rounded (Johann Wieting; from a tree in Krefeld,
Germany.dotview photo

'Tubifolia': slender leaves form sort of tub shape, slow growing, decorative, small tree, fairly compact
branching, about 3 m.view photo

'Umbrella': compact, densely branched, different leaf-forms and sizes.view photo

'Variegata':Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata' (photo Cor Kwant)shrub form with variegated foliage, some
leaves 'halved' green and gold, others striped and others half gold/half striped, up to 3 metres,

It often reverts to green (see 'Rainbow'). Half-shaded position.dotview photo

'Windover': broad oval outline, shade tree, 17 m.

'W.B.' ('Witches Broom'): dwarf form, compact, rounded, lightgreen leaf, closely grouped branches,

about 2.75 m