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9/3/2010 DealCurry : Cipla To Acquire 25% In Ci…

Fri, Septem ber 03, 2010


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Cipla To Acquire 25% In Cipla Medpro's Manufacturing

by Irfan Khan | September 03,201 0 - 1 0:1 4 A M

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Sh a re | Murli Industries To Raise Rs
1000 Cr To Fund Its Projects
Cipla may acquire 25% stake in the manufacturing div ision of South A frica based
September 03, 201 0, 02:31 PM | Deeshesh
Cipla-Medpro Pty Lim ited. Cipla doesnt hav e any stake in the company . The
two hav e been partners for 1 8 y ears.
Murli Industries is set to raise Rs.1000
crore through v arious routes for financing
If the deal goes through, it would be Cipla's first ev er ov erseas pure play pharma acquisition. the upcoming projects and to repay its
ex isting debts which stood at around Rs.900 March 2009.
Cipla will inv est in Cipla Medpro Manufacturing (Pty ) Ltd (CMM), a subsidiary of Cipla Medpro
South Africa Lim ited, which is setting up one of the largest contract manufacturing facilities in It has set up power plants to cater to the
A frica at an inv estment of ov er Rs 1 45 Cr. Currently CMM is a loss making div ision of Cipla Medpro. power needs for its paper and cement
Transaction Reference: BS
» Cipla T o A cqu ir e 2 5 % In Cipla Medpr o's
TRANSACTION NOTE Ma n u fa ct u r in g Un it
» W eir Gr ou p A cqu ir es BDK En g in eer in g 's V a lv e
Cipla-Medpro produces chronic medicines and ov er the counter products to the public and priv ate
Bu sin ess
sectors. » NSL Pow er T o Sell 4 9 % In Pow er Un it
» IFCI T o Ex it NSE
In April'09, South Africa's second largest pharma company - A dcock Ingram made a hostile bid for
Cipla Medpro by offering about $233 Mn. The bid was later withdrawn follwing Cipla's threats to sev er PRIVATE EQUITY
» Ba er Ca pit a l Pla n s New PE Fu n d, T o Ra ise
its contacts and opposition from Sweet Sensation - Cipla Medpro's largest minority shareholder
$3 0 0 Mn
with a 18.5% stake. » Cet h a r V essels Pla n s T o Ra ise Rs 4 0 0 Cr PE
» Zen ox Lifescien ces T o Ra ise PE Fu n din g
This acquisition could help Cipla to take a proper control ov er its African operations as well as prev ent » iDiscov er i Ra ises $1 0 Mn PE Fr om In dia 2 0 2 0
any future takeov er bids. Fu n d


A frica is a key market for Cipla as 35% of its total is ex ported to A frica and arond 15% of its total
» Lok Ca pit a l, A a v ish k a a r In v est Rs 1 7 . 5 Cr In
ex port rev enues are through Cipla Medpro. Pu n e MFI Su r y oda y
» A a v ish ka a r Pa r t ia lly Ex it s Ser v a ls
Earlier in A ug, Cipla acquired Mumbai based Meditab Specialities Priv ate Lim ited for Rs 133 Cr. A u t om a t ion , Sh r ee Ka m dh en u
» V r it i In focom Ra ises Ser ies-B Fu n din g Fr om
JA FCO A sia , In t el Ca pit a l
It has also acquired a 25% stake in a Hong Kong based biotech company with manufacturing units in
» IFC T o In v est In Receiv a ble Ma n a g em en t Fir m
In dia Collect ion s

KVEZAR® VIEW » Relia n ce Media W or k s T o Ra ise Rs 5 0 0 Cr V ia
» Elder Ph a r m a Pla n s T o Ra ise $5 0 Mn QIP
» Pu n ja b & Sin d Ba n k Files DRH P For IPO
Date Type Sub Type Buyer Size » REI Six T en Ret a il T o Ra ise $2 0 0 Mn
Cipla Medpro Manufacturing - Cipla
03/09/10 M&A Acquisition C ipla Limited 0.00… 1/2
9/3/2010 DealCurry : Cipla To Acquire 25% In Ci…

Date Type Buyer Target Size State

03/09/10 M&A C ipla Limited C ipla Medpro Manufacturing (Pty) 0.00 Announced
02/09/10 Private Equity Looking For Zenox Lifesciences Limited 1.28 Planned

01/09/10 IPO / Elder Pharmaceuticals Limited 50.00 Planned

25/08/10 M&A C ipla Limited Meditab Specialities Private Limited 28.20 Announced


Name Promoters Office Competitor Website
C ipla Y K Hamied & C ipla L td, M umbai C entral, Aurobindo Pharma
Limited Group M umbai- 4 0 0 0 0 8 . Limited
Parenteral Drugs (India)
Strides Arcolab Limited
Elder Pharmaceuticals
Novartis India Limited
Pfizer Limited
Speciality Molecules
Private Limited
Globela Pharma Private

Cipla | Cipla -Medpr o Pt y Lim it ed | Cipla Medpr o Sou t h A fr ica Lim it ed | Sw eet Sen sa t ion | Medit a b Specia lit ies
Pr iv a t e Lim it ed

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