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“Market Mapping Of Airtel Enterprise Services and

Penetration Level In Corporates Of Jaipur”



This is to certify that the summer training report titled “ Market
mapping of Airtel Enterprise Services and penetration level in
corporates of Jaipur” is an original project work carried out by
‘Faculty of Management-KMD Memorial college, Jaipur, during
his internship programme at Bharti Airtel Ltd., under my guidance
from 15th may 2010-30th June 2010.

Date: Prof.- Ronak

Place: Faculty Guide
KMD Memorial

This is to certify that the summer training report titled “ Market
mapping of Airtel Enterprise Services and penetration level in
corporates of Jaipur” is an original project work carried out by
MADHAV KRISHAN AGARWAL, BBA, student of Institute of
KMD Memorial college, Jaipur, during his internship programme
at Bharti Airtel Ltd., under my guidance from 15th may 2010 to 30th
june 2010.

Date: Prof. Ronak

Place: Faculty Guide
KMD Memorial


Certified that this project report entitled “Market mapping of
Airtel Enterprise Services and penetration level in corporates
of Jaipur ” is a record of project work done independently by
Mr.MADHAV KRISHAN AGARWAL under my guidance and
supervision and that it has not been previously formed the basis for
the award of any degree, fellowship or associateship to him.

Name and
Faculty guide


I, MADHAV KRISHAN AGARWAL, do hereby declare that the

report entitled “Market mapping of Airtel Enterprises Services
and penetration level in corporates of Jaipur” is an original
piece of work carried out by me at Airtel Enterprise Services,
The abstract or any form of report has not been published earlier
and it presents the original work done by me during the Summer
Internship programme under BBA In Business Management,
Faculty Of Management Studies –KMD Memorial college , Jaipur
from 15th May, 2010 to 30th June 2010,with Bharti Airtel Limited.

Place: Jaipur (Madhav Krishan



“The completion of any project depends upon the co-operation,

coordination and combined efforts of several resources of
knowledge, inspiration & energy.” I always knew that in an
organization, the work atmosphere yields enormously on an
individual’s productivity and quality of work. The competence and
expertise of people around me at AES, was a factor that motivated
me to strive and achieve nothing short of perfection.

Thus,I would most humbly like to thank these people without

whom my project wouldn’t have materialized. I take the
opportunity to acknowledge and express my deep gratitude and
respect to all those who help me and provided the best out of the
guidance assistance and co-operation, enhancing me successfully
in bringing out this report.
I am thankful to my company mentor Mr. Chand Chawat,
Manager,Sales, AES- Rajasthan for giving me the opportunity to
do my summer internship with AirTel.

Words fall short acknowledging the support lent to me by my

faculty guide Ronak Maheshwari, Dr. Mahesh Hapawat, Director,
KMD Memorial College who generously shared their wisdom &
expertise with me and provided an excellent guidance and general
I also wish to express my gratitude to my parents, teachers and
friends for their continuous feedback and encouragement.
Concluding, I also express my sincere thanks to the respondents
who were very co-operative and were kind enough to share some
of the valuable time to fill
in the questionnaire and thus providing me with all the information
without which the completion of the project report was impossible.


S.No. Title
Page No.
1. Acknowledgement
2. Table of contents
3. Company Profile
4. Executive Summary
5. Objective
6. Methodology
7. Practical Utility of the Project
8. Limitations of the Study
9. Analysis and Interpretation
10. SWOT Analysis
11. Findings
12. Conclusion
13. Learning and Experiences
14. Bibliography
15. Appendix

Bharti Enterprise is one of India’s leading business groups with

interests in telecom, agri business, insurance and retail. Bharti has
been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and
innovations to its credit. Bharti Airtel Limited, a group company,
is one of India’s leading private sector providers of
telecommunications services with an aggregate of 40 million
customers as of end of May ‘07, spanning mobile, fixed line,
broadband and enterprise services across the length and breadth of
India. Bharti Airtel was recently ranked amongst the top 10 best
performing companies in the world in the Business Week IT 100
list. Bharti Enterprises has continued diversifying its businesses
with the company venturing into telecom software development,
Bharti Telesoft. Bharti Teletech is the country’s largest
manufacturer and exporter of telephone terminals. Bharti also has a
joint venture with ELRO Holdings India Ltd. – ‘Field Fresh Foods
Pvt. Ltd’ - for global distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables to
markets in Europe and USA. Bharti also has a joint venture -
‘Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd.’ - with AXA, world
leader in financial protection and wealth management. Bharti has
recently forayed into the retail business under a company called
Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. It also has a MoU with Wal-Mart for the
cash & carry business.

Business Division Of Bharti Enterprises


1. Bharti Airtel Ltd

Bharti Airtel Ltd is India's leading provider of telecommunications
services. The company has 4 distinct Business divisions - Mobile
& telephone services, broadband services, long distance services
and enterprise services.

2. Bharti TeleTech Ltd

Bharti TeleTech Ltd manufactures and exports world-class telecom
equipment under the brand 'Beetel'. It is the country’s largest
manufacturer and exporter of telephone terminals.

3. Telecom Seychelles Ltd

Telecom Seychelles Ltd provides telecom services in Seychelles,
under the brand 'Airtel'.

4. Bharti Telesoft Ltd

Bharti Telesoft Ltd is a Bharti venture into telecom software
development that delivers best in class, revenue-critical VAS
products and services to telecom carriers.

5. TeleTech Services (India) Ltd

TeleTech Services (India) Ltd is joint venture with TeleTech Inc.,
USA. It offers a range of Customer Management Services.
6. FieldFresh Foods Pvt Ltd
FieldFresh Foods Pvt Ltd is Bharti's venture with EL Rothschild
Group owned ELRO Holdings India Ltd., to export fresh Agri
products exclusively to markets in Europe and USA.

7. Bharti Retail Pvt Ltd

Bharti Retail Pvt Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises.
Bharti Retail will serve all regular shopping requirements of an
average Indian household offering affordable prices, great quality
& wider choice. Bharti Retail is looking at launching its retail
outlets in multiple consumer friendly formats in several cities
across India.

8. Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture with
AXA, world leader in financial protection and wealth management.


Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, India’s largest
integrated private telecom service provider. The company was
incorporated in July 1995 .It is the first private telecom provider to
connect India in its entirety with the world's best technology.
Bharti AirTel since its inception has been at the forefront of
technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the
country with its world class products and services.

The businesses at Bharti Airtel Limited have been structured into

three individual strategic business units (SBU’s) –

1. Mobile services
2. Broadband & Telephone services
3. Enterprise services


Airtel partners with world’s finest companies like Singtel

(Singapore Telecom), Ericsson, Nokia, Gateway Gulf, Google,
HCL IBM and many more , to bring the best of products & service
to its customers.


AES caters only to the top 2000 corporate customers having a
turnover of > 500 crores and manpower of >500 employees. The
carriers look after the national whereas the Mobility and ABTS
caters to the corporates and SME/SMB having a turnover of <400
crores & < 300 crores and manpower of <400 & <300 employees
respectively. The ABTS and Mobility also caters to the masses i.e.
the individual customers.
Bharti Airtel is segmented into Airtel Enterprise Services (AES),
Corporate, SMBs/ SMEs and Transition according to the revenue
and manpower of the organization. Starting 1st April 2007, an
internal merger took place between AES, the Transition Accounts
and some selected accounts from SMEs to form the AES New
consisting of AES New Company-paid and AES New Employee-
paid. The AES new is also segmented based on high profile into
AES Premium and AES VIP. Airtel also cater to the Masses or the
individual customers in both mobile and fixed line services. This
segment is classified on the basis of ARPU and AON into New,
Silver, Gold and Premium customers.

Airtel Enterprise Services is a Strategic Business Unit of Bharti

Airtel, especially created to deliver the highest levels of end to end
telecom solutions, backed by world class telecom infrastructure,
global tie ups and six sigma quality process. It is single point of
contract for all telecommunication needs for corporate customers
in India and harnesses the power of alliances and leading edge
technology combined with the ownership of a world class network

AirTel Enterprise Services brings the benefit of eight industry

verticals to its customers. Focus on vertical segments brings the
full benefit of our vertical domain knowledge and consequent
design of customized vertical telecom solutions to its customers.

Eight verticals that AirTel Enterprise Services focuses on


12 IT / ITES
13 Telecom
14 Manufacturing and Distribution
15 Services
16 Media and Distance Education
17 ISP and Carriers
18 Banking and Finance
19 Government / PSU Banks




20 “To provide global telecom services and delight customers”


21 By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India:

22 Loved by more customers

23 Targeted by top talent

24 Benchmarked by more business

About AES Rajasthan

Airtel Enterprise Services (AES) had recently entered Rajasthan in

early January 2005 and since then it has captured about 35% of the
market share in the private sector alone. Although new in the
market, it has showed its potential within few months of its
entrance. Penetration into the government sector still remains a
hurdle for Bharti Airtel since it faced tough competition from its
counterpart BSNL and local player Shyam Tele-link Ltd. At
present AES Rajasthan have 30 dedicated employees out of which
25 employees are in AES Jaipur office.
The current market share of Airtel in mobility in Jaipur is 43% and
in fixed line it is 15%.Airtel Enterprise Services deals with the post
paid connections only.

Head Operations- AES Rajasthan is headed by the Head

operations, Mr. Harsh Malhotra. All the respective Head of
Departments have to report directly to the head of operations.

Head Sales- The next level consists of the respective managers of

different departments.The Sales department is headed by Mr. Vipul
Gaumat, which includes the Voice as well as the fixed line and
data sales. The manager for voice, Mr Chand Chawat, is heading
the mobility sales.
HRD/ Administration: Currently the HR at AES,is performing the
HR as well as the administrative functions as the office has just
been shifted to a new location.

CCD Head: The Customer Care & Delivery department is headed

by Ms. Soumya Vyas. This department is into the customer care,
support & delivery and takes care of the after-sales services. Under
this department, there are:

1. Backend: Mr. Bharat Khatri heads This team. It mainly take care
of the back office functions that includes activation & Deactivation
of numbers, change of addresses, Change of sim card, Transfer of
Responsibility (TOR), Provisioning & re-provisioning of certain
package, Plan change, etc.

2. CREs: The Corporate Relationship Executives (CREs) form a

link and maintain the relationship, between the company and the
customers. Each CRE is assigned different accounts and they have
to make weekly visits in those accounts as a follow-up whether
needed or not, so that if the customers are facing any
problems/complaints/query, they can resolve the problem at the
3. Retention: This team is mainly into retaining the customer and
reducing churn to a percentage of <2.5%.

4. QRC & CLCM: The Query Resolution Cell (QRC) provides for
any Query / Request or Complaints by the customer. The Customer
Life Cycle Management (CLCM) maintains the details of the
customer from the date of activation of the customer’s number, the
welcome call, 1st bill call, 2nd bill call till the day the customer
leaves the connection.

CSD Head: The CSD department is taking care of the Leased lines,
PRIs, BRIs, VSAT and VPN connections of the various corporate
customers of AES. This department is further divided into the

1. Support/Service: This team provides service and support when

the Broadband, VPN, Leased line, VSAT line is down.It ensures
that the requirements of the customer are being met within the

2. Projects: This team is looking after the feasibility, installation

and project implementation.
Risk Credit Collection (RCC): The collection team takes care of
the billing and related issues like bill delivery, bill discrepancies,
etc. This team ensures that the bills are paid on time and also make
adjustments as and when required. Their main function is to
maintain the bad–debts below zero. This team reports directly to
the Head Operations. This team is comprised of two members Mr
Vikas Bhatt taking care of the Company owned company paid
(COCP) accounts and Mr Sunil Gupta taking care of the Employee
owned Employee paid (EOEP) accounts.

Executive Summary

The report discuss about the training experience at AirTel

Enterprise Services (AES).
The initial phase of the report gives a brief idea about Bharti
group, Bharti AirTel and its business division .It then discusses
about AirTel Enterprise Services where we have completed our
summer internship.
The interim part of the report discusses about the project done at
AES .We were fortunate that we had assigned a live project which
was “Market mapping of Airtel Enterprise Services and study
its penetration in corporates of Jaipur” To know about the
corporates of Jaipur, a market study was conducted. The
Methodology, analysis, conclusion & recommendations are
discussed in this report.
The last part of the report comprises of the glossaries so as to make the reader
comfortable with the terms used followed by Appendix wherein I have shown
questionnaire that I have used to materialize my study.


25 To find out the current market share of the different players

in mobility and fixed line.

26 To identify the position of Airtel and its competitors in

tapped and untapped market. To identify the market leader in
these markets.

1.Research Design: Descriptive

2.Research Instruments:

Various instruments have been used in interpreting and

communicating our findings like pie charts, percentage and
average etc.
3.Nature of Data:

Primary Data: - Primary Data was collected with the help of a

The Research is being conducted in the form of direct account
interaction to get the complete picture about the plans and process
being carried out in the corporate group. A detailed and descriptive
questionnaire was prepared to gather the whole information.

Secondary Data: - Secondary data was gathered through

observation, literature ,journals and internet.

4.Sample Size:
160 organizations (As assigned by Project Mentor at Airtel).

5.Sample Unit:

Various Governments/Semi-Government/Autonomous

6.Sampling Procedure: Judgmental Sampling

7.Area Covered:

The area of our project was restricted to Jaipur only.As the

companies were scattered all over jaipur city,we covered all those
areas where these companies exist.
8.Data Analysis:

Based on the principle of organizational mapping, where general

perceptions of respondents were measured with general data
analysis (in form of percentage share, pie charts etc.).

9.Time frame: 45 days.

Practical Utility Of The Project

27 The Analysis of the study helped the

company to first identify its market

28 Further , it helped to know which areas

were to be strengthened.

29 It also helped to know the competetitors

market share , their strategies, their
price plans.

30 It helped us to have an exposure of the

corporate world ,their working
style,their innovations ,employee
strength, what services they are
providing and also their goodwill.

31 It further gave us the chance to interact ,

discuss and inform people about the
mobile operations and services of Airtel.

32 This market mapping also helped us to

develop management skills that would
assist us in making “real life” decisions
about how much effort and resources to

33 This project also helped network and

service operators to develop new
business actions and provide profitable
services in an integrated mobile world.

34 We performed the critical review of the

already existed market share.

35 We established a performance baseline

for future usage by the company.

36 We built stimulation to access the

performance of the selected schemes
and finally compare their performance
and complexity.
37 Extensive complexity assessment later
confirmed by implementation and
testing have confirmed the performance
improvement and feasibility of the

38 This brought the conclusion that these

techniques brought very worthwhile

39 Overall we considered this project very

successful and fully inline with

40 We also generated leads to the account

managers in case new requirement from
the existing accounts.

41 On particular the intraction with new

officers technical team and
administration team has provided
important inputs that have helped us to
maximize the value of results for the
companies participating in Airtel
Limitations Of The Study

Although enough care and precaution have been taken during the
project there are some limitations, which might affect the result of
the study. It is common practice that difficulties are always
encountered when one starts to do some new work.

42 It is possible that the respondents would not have provided us

with true information. This can affect the final result of the

43 In some cases where the concerned person was not available

we had to rely on information provided by some secondary

44 The time period for the study was less to furnish the assigned

45 It was also felt that we had to explain about our status from
time to time to each of the persons.
46 As it was a summer project so at the time of the data
collection we felt this comfort due to hot weather.

47 Some persons angrily refused to give any information due to

the reason that this will not serve any purpose for them.

Market Share Of AES in Mobility (Govt.Sector)


25% Others

Interpretation :

From the above graph, it is clear that BSNL is leading with 65%
market share in mobility in government sector. Airtel is following
BSNL with 25% market share. The remaining 10% consists Hutch,
Tata Indicom, Idea, and Reliance etc. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
(BSNL) dominates the telephone services in Rajasthan accounting
for a total of 34 lakhs connections, out of which 15 lakhs are
cellular mobile connections

Market Share Of AES in Mobility (Private Sector)

40% BSNL
21% Others

Intepretation :

AirTel is the market leader in Mobile Services in private sector

followed by BSNL, Hutch & Reliance. Launched in February 2002
in Rajasthan, AirTel has penetrated 40% of the market. BSNL,
Hutch, Reliance and others is following AES with the market share
of 21%,25%,10% & 4% respectively in private sector.

Overall Market Share Of AES in Mobility (Jaipur City)

14% 1% Airtel
43% Hutch
16% BSNL
Tata Indicom
24% Idea

From the above graph it is clear that Airtel is the leader in Mobility
in Jaipur with 43% market share. Hutch is following Airtel with
24% market share and is the biggest competitor of Airtel.Reliance
and BSNL as the market share of 16% and 14 % respectively. Tata
Indicom and Idea have the least market share of 1 % and 2%

Market Share of AES in Fixed Telephony





In the Government sector BSNL continue to dominate as the leader

with 90% stake and Rainbow far from it at 10%. The government
sector still remains untapped and impenetrable because of the
psychological attachment of the customers with BSNL.

Market Share Of AES in Fixed Telephony (Private

35% 35% AES
10% 20%


The private sector remains the only sector where the private
players felt their strong presence. Bharti Airtel and Rainbow top
the list in fixed line, each with 35% market share in Rajasthan
itself. This is closely followed by BSNL with 20% and Reliance
Overall Market Share Of AES in Fixed Telephony
(Jaipur City)
2% 15%
23% Airtel
7% Rainbow
Tata Indicom

In fixed line BSNL has the highest market share of 53 % and it is
leading the market.Rainbow has a market share of 23 % . Airtel is
following Rainbow with 15 % market share.Reliance and Tata
Indicom are in the market with the market share of 7 % and 2 %
and trying their best the compete others.
Corporate Customers’ Profile (Company Owned
Company Paid & Company Owned Self Paid)




The above figure shows that about 70% customers are using
company paid connections that is the bill comes under the name of
the company. The graph also depicts that 30% customers are using
self paid connections in mobile that is either the customer pays the
bill by his own or it is reimbursed by the company.
Corporate Customers Using Different Data-Cards

20% 45% Reliance

Tata Indicom



Reliance is leading in the data card connections with 45%

customers using Reliance data card. Airtel is holding the second
place with 23 % data card users. Tata Indicom has 20% data card
users.Remaining 12 % users are using Rainbow data card.
Average Expenditure Of The Corporate Customers On


below Rs.800 per month

Rs.800-Rs.1200 per month
more than Rs.1200 per month

As per our survey the above graph depicts that 61 % customers
have the average expenditure below Rs.800 per month.28 %
customers have the average expenditure between Rs.800 –Rs.1200
per month.11% customers have the average expenditure more than
Rs.1200 per month.


48 Established image

49 Telecom core business

50 National Footprint

51 Largest Cellular Service Provider

52 Various Services with up to date technology

53 40000 km of lead fibre

54 Proactive approach in widening network technology

55 Cost effective plans

56 Excellent and aggressive after sales services


57 Fewer schemes and slightly inflexible package.

58 Up till now major focus on cellular service expansion.

59 Advertisement campaign skewed towards cellular.

60 Weak linkage with Govt. & semi Govt. organizations.

61 Yet to emerge as a significant ISP.


62 Large untapped market associated with Govt. & semi Govt.


63 One Stop shop concept & its cost effectiveness yet to be

promulgated to enterprise customers

64 Other major players not really integrated service providers as


65 Lack of level playing field for Pvt. Players (monopoly of NIC

& MTNL persisting).

66 Other players like Reliance, Tata approaching fast towards

national footprint.

67 Rat race amongst players on Bill Plan & schemes. Airtel is

slow to react.
68 Lack of enabling contact development with Govt.


69 The market study was done for both private and govt.
departments. After doing the entire market study, it is clearly
evident that Government segment has a great potential.

70 After doing the entire market study we Came on the

conclusion that Airtel is the market leader in mobility with 43
% market share .In fixed line BSNL was leading with a
market share of 53 %.

71 Relance is leadng in the data card connections.

72 We also found that the average revenue was generally below
or equal to Rs. 800 per month in most of the cases.

73 From the analysis it may be concluded that there is a large

variation between private sector and govt. sector.

Most of the employees in govern
74 ment departments prefer to use BSNL services. If we at
Bharti AirTel can remove the psychological barrier, we can
easily penetrate into this segment.

75 At AES we only provide Post paid mobile connection (for

corporate clients) and not the pre paid connections. Pre paid
customers and the Post paid customers (Mass) are catered by
different departments of AirTel which is the Mobility
Department. To overcome this AES has come out with post
paid plans specially designed for government employees of
Rajasthan. The benefit of these plans is its low tariff and
more importantly the free CUG (close user group) facility.
The tariff could not be mentioned because of company’s
legal policy.

76 Because most of the employees could not avail the Telecom

benefit from the government so they prefer to stick to Pre
paid services rather than going for Post Paid services.

77 Major reason why employees in government department

prefer a particular mobile service is due to the influence of
services being used at their homes or either by their family
members. If we can come out with plans in which tariff on
few AirTel number can be made free than employees will be
more inclined in using AirTel Services as they can have
AirTel connections for family and can thus reduce their
telecom expenses. For selling of Mobile connections AES
has three channels across Jaipur. These channels are
outsourced but are controlled by Account Managers, which
are employees of AES.

78 To promote our product we are in regular follow up with the

government departments to have our canopies at their
79 As after the entire study it is clearly evident that BSNL being
government governed has positioned itself as “most reliable ”
into the minds of government employees.


Our summer training at Airtel Enterprise Services proved a great
platform where we learned many things.
First of all being with a big corporate house gave us great
corporate exposure. We were fortunate that we were assigned a
Live Project where we were suppose to conduct a Market mapping
of Airtel Enterprise Services and penetration level in corporates of
Jaipur. During our study we met across several senior officials of
private and government departments across Jaipur, this helped us
to improve our communication skills and more importantly how to
deal with such senior officials.
There were some moments wherein some officials did not entertain
us ni and there were some officials who entertained very nicely.
This, we believe is also a part of learning we had during my study
as we learned how to handle such situations.
Simultaneously we visited few accounts along with the sales
people, this helped us to learn how to pitch customers for sales &
also how to approach them in a right manner. With kind support of
our mentor we were allowed to visit other departments of the
organization, which helped us, understand the process better.


85 Outlook (February 2010)


86 Bharti Today
87 Airtel Press Releases


88 Research Methodology by C.R.Kothari.

89 Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.
90 Marketing Management by Namakumari.

Appendix-I: Glossary

S No. Abbreviation Expanded Form

1 AES AirTel Enterprise Services
2 GSM Global Service for Mobile
3 DSL Digital Subscriber Line
4 BCL Bharti Cellular Limited
5 ABTS AirTel Broadband & Telephone
6 GPRS General Packet Radio Service
7 PRI Primary Rate Interface
8 BRI Basic Rate interface
9 C.P Company Paid
10 S.P Self Paid
11 CSD Customer Service & Delivery
12 ARC AirTel Relationship Centre
13 TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
14 GAD General Administrative Department
15 BIP Bureau of Investment Promotion
16 SR Service Request
17 TAT Turn Around Time
18 QRC Query Resolution Cell
19 DEL Direct Exchange Line
20 DSL Direct Subscriber Line
21 GPRS General Packet Radio Service
22 VAS Value Added Services
23 SIM Subscriber Identity Module
Appendix-II : Questionnaire

Research of Telecom Usage in Corporates

(Individual & Organizational Level)

Name - Name of the Organization

________________ -______________________
Contact No. - Designation & Department
____________ -_____________________

91 Which telecom Service provider is providing services in your

a. Fixed Line (Organization)
a. BSNL b. AirTel c. Rainbow d. Other

92 Mobile (Individual)
a. BSNL b. AirTel c. Hutch d. Other
93 What is the monthly expenditure of Fixed line phone
a. 5000 – 10000 b. 10000-15000
c. 15000- 25000 d. Greater than 25000

94 What is the monthly expenditure of Mobile Phone (Individual)

a. 0- 500 b. 500- 1000
c. 1000- 2500 d. Greater than 2500

4. Are you satisfied with the services being offered in terms of

Connectivity? (Please Tick if Yes)
a. Mobile to Mobile b. Mobile to Fixed Line
c. Fixed line to Fixed Line d. Fixed Line to Mobile

5. Are you satisfied in terms of Tariff (Mobile)? (Please tick if

a. Local b. STD c. Roaming

6. Are you satisfied with after sales Services?


7. Is any Specific plan being offered to your organization in Fixed

Line / Mobile?

95 Is your Mobile Connection Company Paid or Self Paid?


96 How many connections are been used in the your

organization/Department: (nos.)
97 Fixed Line - __________ b. Mobile -

98 What are the other benefits being provided by the service


11. What other benefits you expect from the Service provider?
Appendix-III : Awards & Key Developments


SUNIL MITTAL was adjudged ‘CEO of the Year’ in the service
provider category at the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific
ICT Awards 2006. In addition, Bharti Airtel also bagged the
coveted ‘Wireless Service Provider of the Year’ Award and the
‘Competitive Service Provider of the Year’ Award for the year.

Business Week IT Top 10

BHARTI AIRTEL created history by being ranked among the top
10 best performing companies in the world in the Business Week
IT 100 list. The report by the globally renowned magazine
describes Bharti as a “highly innovative company”.

Asia Business Week 50

BHARTI AIRTEL has been ranked 13th in Asia Business Week’s
annual ranking of Asia’s 50 best performing companies.
IETE Honorary Fellowship
The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers
(IETE) has conferred its highest honour ‘The Honorary
Fellowship’ on Sunil Mittal for his scientific vision and invaluable
contribution to the progress of electronics & telecommunications.
The past recipients list includes some very distinguished names –
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (1955), Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru (1963), Mr.
Lal Bahadur Shastri (1965), Dr. Homi J. Bhabha (1966), Mr. Ratan
N. Tata (1992), Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (1994).

Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise

BHARTI AIRTEL was nominated among India's Most Admired
Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) in 2006 at the INFOVISION
Summit held in Bangalore. It is the only telecom services company
to be a part of the prestigious list of MAKE 2006.

MIS Asia IT Excellence Award 2006

BHARTI AIRTEL won the MIS Asia IT Excellence Awards for
the year 2006. The company won the awards in two categories –
the ‘Best Bottom Line IT’ and ‘Best Knowledge Management’.
The Awards recognize companies for outstanding performance in
IT implementation. Bharti is the first Indian telecom company to
win the awards in these categories.

CNBC-TV18 CFO Awards

AKHIL GUPTA was nominated as the ‘Best CFO of the Year’ and
‘Best Performing CFO in the Telecommunications Sector’ at the
first ‘CNBC-TV18 CFO Awards for India’. He also won the ‘Best
CFO of the Year - People’s Choice’ award.
Awaaz Consumer Awards 2006
BHARTI AIRTEL won the ‘Most Preferred Cellular Service
Provider’ Award at the Awaaz Consumer Awards 2006. The award
was based on a comprehensive study by Awaaz, a part of the
CNBC-TV18 network, in association with AC Nielsen-ORG Marg
across 21 major cities with more than 10,000 registered

Top Fixed Line Phone Award

BHARTI TELETECH LIMITED has been awarded the ‘Top Fixed
Line Phone Company Award’ for 2006 by ‘Voice & Data’. The
award is a reaffirmation of Beetel’s market leadership in the Fixed
Line Phone Segment in the country.

Telecom Man of the Year 2006

SUNIL MITTAL was chosen as the Telecom Man of the Year
2006 by ‘Voice & Data’.The award is in recognition of his
pioneering contribution in the field of Indian Telecom.
Key Developments : 2006-07

99 • On January 18, 2007, Bharti Airtel received a Letter of Offer

from Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
to provide 2G and 3G mobile services in Sri Lanka.

100• Airtel Launched Airtel ‘CallHome’ service across 50 states in

the United States of America on December 7, 2006. With this
service, Airtel can now connect 2.5 million NRIs to their loved
ones back in India.

101• Airtel partnered with Google on November 30, 2006 to offer

search services on Airtel Live Mobile portal. The Google search
engine will enable Airtel users to use the Google search to
easily access content.
104• Airtel launched 'SongCatcher' - India's First Ever Instant
Music on Mobile on November 17, 2006. This innovative
service completely transforms the way mobile users can
download songs of their choice.

105• Bharti Airtel and Microsoft entered into a strategic

partnership to offer Software and Services for Small and
Medium Business (SMB) Market in India on November 12,
107• Bharti Airtel (Mobility) was adjudged 2006 “Most Customer
Responsive Telecom Company” in India by the Avaya-
Economic Times Global Connect Awards for the second year in
a row.

108• On January 05, 2007 Bharti’s Unified Access Service

Licenses for Tamilnadu and Chennai service areas were merged
into a single license in accordance with the DoT notification
dated September 15, 2005.