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A Atherton P, Ames MM, Erlichman C. Comparative

Pharmacokinetic Study of Continuous Venous In-
fusion Fluorouracil and Oral Fluorouracil With
Aamdal S, see Sundstrøm S Eniluracil in Patients With Advanced Solid Tu-
Aapro MS, see Bernhard J mors, 1683
see Repetto L Adler H, see Datta RV
Aaronson NK, see Detmar SB Áfra D, see Pignatti F
Aasebø U, see Sundstrøm S Agarwala SS, see Kirkwood JM
Abbruzzese JL, see Herbst RS Agarwala SS, Glaspy J, O’Day SJ, Mitchell M, Gutheil J,
see Pentz RD Whitman E, Gonzalez R, Hersh E, Feun L, Belt R,
see Pisters PWT Meyskens F, Hellstrand K, Wood D, Kirkwood JM,
Abdel-Rahman S, see Wendtner C-M Gehlsen KR, Naredi P. Results From a Random
Abdel-Wanis ME, see Tsuchiya H Phase III Study Comparing Combined Treatment
Abdi EA, see Denman JP With Histamine Dihydrochloride Plus Interleukin-2
Abdolell M, see Kiss TL Versus Interleukin-2 Alone in Patients With Meta-
Abdulkadyrov K, see Österborg A
static Melanoma, 125
Abe S, see Tsuchiya H
Agarwala SS, Hellstrand K, Naredi P. Interleukin-2 and
Abel U, see Kaiser U
Histamine Dihydrochloride in Metastatic Mela-
Abrams J, see Harlan LC
noma (correspondence), 3558
see Sateren WB
Agelaki S, see Souglakos J
Abrams R, see Shaw E
Aghajanian C, see Barakat RR
Abramson N, Aster RH. Retrospective Assessment of Hyper-
see Dizon DS
coagulability in Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
see Hensley ML
(correspondence), 4133
Aglietta M, see Fagioli F
Abramson N, Stokes PK, Luke M, Marks AR, Harris JM.
Agrawal M, Emanuel EJ. Attending to Psychologic Symp-
Ovarian and Papillary-Serous Peritoneal Carcino-
toms and Palliative Care (editorial), 624
ma: Pilot Study With Thalidomide (correspon-
Agteresch HJ, Rietveld T, Kerkhofs LGM, van den Berg
dence), 1147
JWO, Wilson JHP, Dagnelie PC. Beneficial Effects
Abuja PM, see Wölfler A
Achten R, Verhoef G, Vanuytsel L, De Wolf-Peeters C. of Adenosine Triphosphate on Nutritional Status in
T-Cell/Histiocyte-Rich Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Advanced Lung Cancer Patients: A Randomized
A Distinct Clinicopathologic Entity, 1269 Clinical Trial, 371
Acute Leukemia Working Party of the European Blood and Ah-See AK, see Smith IC
Marrow Transplant Registry, see Rocha V A’Hern R, see Harper-Wynne CL
Acute Myeloid Leukemia Study Group Ulm, see Fröhling S A’Hern RP, see Kolomainen DF
Adachi I, see Morita T Ahles TA, Saykin AJ, Furstenberg CT, Cole B, Mott LA,
Adak S, see Kemeny MM Skalla K, Whedon MB, Bivens S, Mitchell T,
Adamo V, see Scagliotti GV Greenberg ER, Silberfarb PM. Neuropsychologic
Adams DJ, see Bass AJ Impact of Standard-Dose Systemic Chemotherapy
see Rizzieri DA in Long-Term Survivors of Breast Cancer and
Adams J, see Orlowski RZ Lymphoma, 485
see Pearson ML Ahmad SA, Patel SR, Ballo MT, Baker TP, Yasko AW,
Adams N, see DiPaola RS Wang X, Feig BW, Hunt KK, Lin PP, Weber KL,
Adelstein DJ, Saxton JP, Lavertu P, Rybicki LA, Esclamado Chen LL, Zagars GK, Pollock RE, Benjamin RS,
RM, Wood BG, Strome M, Carroll MA. Maximiz- Pisters PWT. Extraosseous Osteosarcoma: Re-
ing Local Control and Organ Preservation in Stage sponse to Treatment and Long-Term Outcome, 521
IV Squamous Cell Head and Neck Cancer With Ahmed T, see Seiter K
Hyperfractionated Radiation and Concurrent Che- Ahn J-H, see Lee Jung-Hee
motherapy, 1405 Ahn S-D, see Lee Jung-Hee
Adenis A, see Curé H Aiello E, see Chlebowski RT
Ades L, see Bergeron A Aish LS, see Oo TH
Adjei AA, see Dy GK Aisner J, see Berry DA
Adjei AA, Reid JM, Diasio RB, Sloan JA, Smith DA, Rubin Akabani G, see Reardon DA
J, Pitot HC, Alberts SR, Goldberg RM, Hanson LJ, Akçali Z, see Saglam S

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Akechi T, see Morita T Involvement in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; Case

Albain KS, Crowley JJ, Turrisi AT III, Gandara DR, Farrar 2. Isolated Meningeal Anaplastic Large-Cell Lym-
WB, Clark JI, Beasley KR, Livingston RB. Con- phoma, 4395
current Cisplatin, Etoposide, and Chest Radiother- Alquati P, see Berruti A
apy in Pathologic Stage IIIB Non-Small-Cell Lung Altavilla G, see Scagliotti GV
Cancer: A Southwest Oncology Group Phase II Alvord WG, see Urba WJ
Study, SWOG 9019, 3454 Amadori D, see Ravaioli A
Albanell J, see Baselga J Amato R, see Bukowski R
Albanell J, Rojo F, Averbuch S, Feyereislova A, Mascaro Amdur RJ, see Mendenhall WM
JM, Herbst R, LoRusso P, Rischin D, Sauleda S, American Society of Clinical Oncology Bisphosphonates
Gee J, Nicholson RI, Baselga J. Pharmacodynamic Expert Panel, see Berenson JR
Studies of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor American Society of Clinical Oncology Breast Cancer Tech-
Inhibitor ZD1839 in Skin From Cancer Patients: nology Assessment Working Group, see Chle-
Histopathologic and Molecular Consequences of bowski RT
Receptor Inhibition, 110 American Society of Clinical Oncology Chemotherapy and
Albano JQ, see Howell A Radiotherapy Expert Panel, see Schuchter LM
Alberts DS, Markman M, Armstrong D, Rothenberg ML, Ames MM, see Adjei AA
Muggia F, Howell SB. Intraperitoneal Therapy for Amodio A, see Vici P
Stage III Ovarian Cancer: A Therapy Whose Time Amoroso M, see Benedetti-Panici P
Has Come! (editorial), 3944 Amsterdam A, see Vuky J
Alberts SR, see Adjei AA Amunni G, see Benedetti-Panici P
Alektiar KM. In Reply (correspondence), 3930 Anagnostopoulos N, see Dimopoulos MA
Alektiar KM, Leung D, Zelefsky MJ, Brennan MF. Adjuvant Anaissie E, see Badros A
Radiation for Stage II-B Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the
Andermann A, Thiffault I, Wong N, Gordon P, MacNamara
Extremity, 1643
E, Chong G, Foulkes W. Multimodal Molecular
Alexander C, see Samnick S
Screening Is Required to Improve the Sensitivity of
Alexopoulou A, see Dourakis SP
MLH1 and MSH2 Mutation Analysis (correspon-
Ali SM, see Lipton A
dence), 1705
Allal AS, Dulguerov P, Allaoua M, Haenggeli C-A, El Ghazi
Anderson D, see Seymour LW
EA, Lehmann W, Slosman DO. Standardized Up-
Anderson H, see Ross P
take Value of 2-关18F兴 Fluoro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose
Anderson JK, see Orlowski RZ
in Predicting Outcome in Head and Neck Carcino-
Anderson JR, see Baker KS
mas Treated by Radiotherapy With or Without
Anderson K, see Berenson JR
Chemotherapy, 1398
Anderson PM, Wiseman GA, Dispenzieri A, Arndt CAS,
Allaoua M, see Allal AS
Hartmann LC, Smithson WA, Mullan BP, Bruland
Allard J, see Lipton A
Allegra C. Thymidylate Synthase Levels: Prognostic, Predic- OS. High-Dose Samarium-153 Ethylene Diamine
tive, or Both? (editorial), 1711 Tetramethylene Phosphonate: Low Toxicity of
Allegra CJ, Parr AL, Wold LE, Mahoney MR, Sargent DJ, Skeletal Irradiation in Patients With Osteosarcoma
Johnston P, Klein P, Behan K, O’Connell MJ, and Bone Metastases, 189
Levitt R, Kugler JW, Tirona MT, Goldberg RM. Anderson PR, see Freedman GM
Investigation of the Prognostic and Predictive Anderson TJ, see Lakhani SR
Value of Thymidylate Synthase, p53, and Ki-67 in Andersson M, see Dores GM
Patients With Locally Advanced Colon Cancer, Andre A, see Carducci MA
1735 André T, see Louvet C
Allegrini G, see Falcone A Andreeff M, see Giles FJ
Allen P, see Stojadinovic A Andreola G, see Belli F
Allgayer H, see Heiss MM Androutakis N, see Souglakos J
Allgood V, see Herbst RS Angelopoulou MK, see Rassidakis GZ
Alloisio M, see Bertuzzi A Anker G, see Geisler J
Allouache N, see Joly F Annino L, see Federico M
Allred C, see Singletary SE Ansari RH, see Schilsky RL
Allred DC, see Love RR Ansell SM, Jelinek DF, Wettstein PJ, Witzig TE. In Reply
Almadori G, see Piantelli M (correspondence), 2905
Almahmeed T, see Rabbani F Ansell SM, Ristow KM, Habermann TM, Wiseman GA,
Alonzo TA, see Woods from
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Are Well All rights reserved.
Tolerated After Radioimmunotherapy

With Yttrium-90 Ibritumomab Tiuxetan for Non- Ashby M, see Seidman A

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 3885 Ashley D, see Gururangan S
Anselmo AP, see Sieber M Ashley P, see Singletary SE
Antin JH, see Cutler C Ashley S, see Powles T
see Loberiza FR Jr see Waters JS
Antman K, see Berry DA Asmar L, see Loesch D
Antolini A, see Scartozzi M Asselain B, see Rouzier R
Antonadou D, Paraskevaidis M, Sarris G, Coliarakis N, Asselin B, see LeClerc JM
Economou I, Karageorgis P, Throuvalas N. Phase Asselin BL, see Lipshultz SE
II Randomized Trial of Temozolomide and Con- Assouline D, see Page E
current Radiotherapy in Patients With Brain Me- Aster JC, see Kutok JL
tastases, 3644 Aster RH, see Abramson N
Aoyama H, Shirato H, Ikeda J, Fujieda K, Miyasaka K, Atala J, see Prieto JM
Sawamura Y. Induction Chemotherapy Followed Athale UH, Stewart C, Kuttesch JF, Moghrabi A, Meyer W,
by Low-Dose Involved-Field Radiotherapy for In- Pratt C, Gajjar A, Heideman RL. Phase I Study of
tracranial Germ Cell Tumors, 857 Combination Topotecan and Carboplatin in Pediat-
Aoyama H, Shirato H, Kashiwamura M, Ikeda J, Sawamura ric Solid Tumors, 88
Y. In Reply (correspondence), 2911 Athanasiadis I, see Stathopoulos GP
Aozasa K, see Nakatsuka S Athanasiadis N, see Souglakos J
Apostolaki S, see Stathopoulou A Atherton P, see Adjei AA
Appelbaum FR, see also Morrison VA Atkins D, see Kuball J
Appelbaum FR, Sandmaier B. Sensitivity of Renal Cell Atkins MA, see Kilbridge KL
Cancer to Nonmyeloablative Allogeneic Hemato- Atula S, see Powles T
poietic Cell Transplantations: Unusual or Unusu- Au WY, see Hon C
ally Important? (editorial), 1965 Au WY, Ooi CGC, Li KH, Shek TW, Liang R. Challenges in
Arbuck SG, see Tan AR Oncology; Case 1. Oncology Emergencies: A My-
Arcese W, see Ringdén O eloma Patient With Stridor, 866
see Rocha V Audisio RA, see Repetto L
Ardizzoni A, Tjan-Heijnen VCG, Postmus PE, Buchholz E, Austenfeld JL, see Stanton AL
Biesma B, Karnicka-Mlodkowska H, Dziadziuszko Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group, see
R, Burghouts J, van Meerbeeck JP, Gans S, Leg- Jakesz R
rand C, Debruyne C, Giaccone G, Manegold C. Auvinen A, see Mäkinen T
Standard Versus Intensified Chemotherapy With Auvinen MI, Sihvo EIT, Ruohtula T, Salminen JT, Koivis-
Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Support in toinen A, Siivola P, Rönnholm R, Rämö JO,
Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Prospective European Bergman M, Salo JA. Incipient Angiogenesis in
Organization for Research and Treatment of Can- Barrett’s Epithelium and Lymphangiogenesis in
cer-Lung Cancer Group Phase III Trial-08923, Barrett’s Adenocarcinoma, 2971
3947 Auvrignon A, see Perel Y
Averbuch S, see Albanell J
Arienti F, see Belli F
see Ranson M
Armand JP, see Raymond E
Averbuch SD, see Baselga J
see van Kesteren Ch
see Herbst RS
Armitage JO, see Vose JM
Aviles VM, see Machtay M
see Weekes CD
Ayers GD, see Pentz RD
Armstrong D, see Alberts DS
Ayoub J-P, see O’Shaughnessy J
Armstrong DK, see Bristow RE
Ayres M, see Gandhi V
Armstrong KA, see Shih HA
Azzabi A, see Hughes A
Arndt CAS, see Anderson PM
Aro J, see Mäkinen T
Aronson D, see Czauderna P
Arroyo CD, see Van Poznak C B
Arthur DC, see Woods WG
Arun B, see Esteva FJ Baars JW, see de Gast GC
Arusell R, see Shaw E Baas P, see Kruijtzer CMF
Asada N, see Tsuchiya H Babic R, see Heiss MM
Asami T, see Yamamoto K Bacci G, see Fagioli F
Ascani L, seeDownloaded
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Bach A, Oncology.
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Bach PB, see Schrag D Ballard-Barbash R, see Harlan LC

Bacik J, see Motzer RJ Ballo MT, see Ahmad SA
see Vuky J Ballo MT, Gershenwald JE, Zagars GK, Lee JE, Mansfield
Backstrand KH, see Ng AK PF, Strom EA, Bedikian AY, Kim KBS, Papado-
Bacoyiannis C, see Kosmidis P poulos NE, Prieto VG, Ross MI. Sphincter-Sparing
Bader JB, see Samnick S Local Excision and Adjuvant Radiation for Anal-
Bader-Meunier B, see Perel Y Rectal Melanoma, 4549
Badran M, see Kolomainen DF Balm AJM, see Dorresteijn LDA
Badros A, Barlogie B, Siegel E, Cottler-Fox M, Zangari M, Balogh J, see El-Sayed S
Fassas A, Morris C, Anaissie E, Van Rhee F, Tricot Balzarotti M, see Bertuzzi A
G. Improved Outcome of Allogeneic Transplanta- Bamat MK, see Pecora AL
tion in High-Risk Multiple Myeloma Patients After Bamberg M, see Timmermann B
Nonmyeloablative Conditioning, 1295 Bani JC, see Brooks BJ
Badros A. In Reply (correspondence), 4268 Bannwarth C, see Weihrauch MR
Bafaloukos D, Gogas H, Georgoulias V, Briassoulis E, Bapat B, see Lindor NM
Fountzilas G, Samantas E, Kalofonos C, Skarlos D, Barakat R, see Hensley ML
Karabelis A, Kosmidis P. Temozolomide in Com- see Scheuer L
bination With Docetaxel in Patients With Ad- Barakat RR, Sabbatini P, Bhaskaran D, Revzin M, Smith A,
vanced Melanoma: A Phase II Study of the Hel- Venkatraman E, Aghajanian C, Hensley M, Soignet
lenic Cooperative Oncology Group, 420 S, Brown C, Soslow R, Markman M, Hoskins WJ,
Bagg A, see Tao J Spriggs D. Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Ovar-
Bahng H, see Lee Jung-Hee ian Carcinoma: Results of Long-Term Follow-Up,
Baier P, see Rosenberg R 694
Baile WF, Lenzi R, Parker PA, Buckman R, Cohen L. Barazzoul J, see Schwartz GK
Oncologists’ Attitudes Toward and Practices in Barbarano L, see Cesana C
Giving Bad News: An Exploratory Study, 2189 Barbui T, see Radford JA
Bains MS, see Martin J Bardo DME, see Kletzel M
Bajetta E, see Littlewood TJ Barker MA, see Lindor NM
Bajetta E, Zilembo N, Bichisao E. Endocrine Effects of Barlogie B, see Badros A
Nonsteroidal Aromatase Inhibitors and Their Clin- Barnard DR, see Woods WG
ical Impact (correspondence), 3039 Barnsteiner JH, see Womer RB
Bajorin D, see Dalbagni G Baron A, see Bremnes RM
Bajorin DF, see Vuky J Barón A, see Nieto Y
Baker C, see Herbst RS Barr FG, see Sorensen PHB
Baker KS, Anderson JR, Lobe TE, Wharam MD, Qualman Barr R, see LeClerc JM
SJ, Raney RB, Ruymann FB, Womer RB, Meyer Barr RD, see Lipshultz SE
WH, Link MP, Crist WM. Children From Ethnic Barranger E, Grahek D, Cortez A, Uzan S, Darai E. Laparo-
Minorities Have Benefited Equally as Other Chil- scopic Sentinel Node Procedure in Patients With
dren From Contemporary Therapy for Rhabdomyo- Cervical Cancer (correspondence), 2602
sarcoma: A Report From the Intergroup Rhabdo- Barresi J, see Shadbolt B
myosarcoma Study Group, 4428 Barrett AJ, see Levine JE
Baker M, see Markman M Bartelink H, see Dorresteijn LDA
Baker SD, see Bélanger K Barth TFE, see Viardot A
see de Bone JS Barthe C, see Mahon FX
see Giles FJ Bartlett NL, see Horning SJ
Baker SD, Garrett E, Giles F. In Reply (correspondence), see Witzig TE
3356 Barton DPJ, see Kolomainen DF
Baker TP, see Ahmad SA Barton JH, see Greco FA
Bakker PJM, see Koedoot CG Baruchel A, see Patte C
Bakri K, see Socinski MA see Perel Y
Baldelli AM, see Cascinu S Baruchel S, see Furman WL
Baldi A, see Santini D Baselga J, see Albanell J
Baldwin AS, see Orlowski RZ see Herbst RS
Baldwin RL, see Liede A Baselga J, Rischin D, Ranson M, Calvert H, Raymond E,
Baldwin Y, see Ferrari AC Kieback DG, Kaye SB, Gianni L, Harris A, Bjork
Balestrini MR, see Massimino M T, only.
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Albanell J. Phase I Safety, Pharmacoki-

netic, and Pharmacodynamic Trial of ZD1839, a Belani CP, see Ramanathan RK

Selective Oral Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Belghiti J, see Vauthey J-N
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor, in Patients With Five Belkora JK, see Sepucha KR
Selected Solid Tumor Types, 4292 Bell RS, see Davis AM
Baselga J. Targeting the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Bell WN, see Schilsky RL
With Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: Small Molecules, Belldegrun AS, see Zisman A
Big Hopes (editorial), 2217 Beller U, see Chetrit A
Baskind P, see Seiter K Belli F, see Vici P
Bass AJ, see Rizzieri DA Belli F, Testori A, Rivoltini L, Maio M, Andreola G, Sertoli
Bass AJ, Gockerman JP, Hammett E, DeCastro CM, Adams MR, Gallino G, Piris A, Cattelan A, Lazzari I,
DJ, Rosner GL, Payne N, Davis P, Foster T, Moore Carrabba M, Scita G, Santantonio C, Pilla L, Tragni
JO, Rizzieri DA. Phase I Evaluation of Prolonged- G, Lombardo C, Arienti F, Marchianó A, Queirolo
Infusion Gemcitabine With Irinotecan for Relapsed P, Bertolini F, Cova A, Lamaj E, Ascani L, Cam-
or Refractory Leukemia or Lymphoma, 2995 erini R, Corsi M, Cascinelli N, Lewis JJ, Srivastava
Bassett LW, see Singletary SE P, Parmiani G. Vaccination of Metastatic Mela-
Bast M, see Weekes CD noma Patients With Autologous Tumor-Derived
Baudis M, see Kaiser U Heat Shock Protein gp96-Peptide Complexes: Clin-
Bauer S, see Kaiser R ical and Immunologic Findings, 4169
Bauernhofer T, see Jakesz R Belt R, see Agarwala SS
Baumann MA, see Koduri J Beltrán M, Colomer R. Does HER-2 Status Predict Only a
Baumert J, see Wendtner C-M Decreased Response to Hormone Therapy in Ad-
Baur A, see Wendtner C-M vanced Breast Cancer, or Does It Also Predict the
Bearman SI, see Nieto Y Extent of Metastatic Disease? (correspondence),
Bearzi I, see Scartozzi M 4605
Beasley KR, see Albain KS Bemis L, see Bremnes RM
Beattie-Palmer L, see Sweeney C Ben-Baruch G, see Chetrit A
Beatty P, see Levine JE Ben-Bassat I, see Raanani P
Beauchesne P. Promising Survival and Concomitant Radia- Benda J, see Bloss JD
tion Plus Temozolomide Followed by Adjuvant Bendandi M, see Federico M
Temozolomide (correspondence), 3180 Bender C, see Kirkwood JM
Beck AF, see Bepler G Benedetti-Panici P, Greggi S, Colombo A, Amoroso M,
Beck BD, see Chetrit A Smaniotto D, Giannarelli D, Amunni G, Raspa-
Beck J, see Shariat SF gliesi F, Zola P, Mangioni C, Landoni F. Neoadju-
Becton DL, see Furman WL vant Chemotherapy and Radical Surgery Versus
Bedikian AY, see Ballo MT Exclusive Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced
see Eton O Squamous Cell Cervical Cancer: Results From the
Bednar M, see Ferrari AC Italian Multicenter Randomized Study, 179
Begg CB, see Schrag D Benedetti-Panici P, Greggi S. In Reply (correspondence),
see Shike M 2909
Beham-Schmid C, see Jäger G Benito M, see González-Quevedo R
Behan K, see Allegra CJ Benjamin RS, see Ahmad SA
Behm FG, see Crews KR see Eton O
see Rubnitz JE Benk V, see Davis AM
Behrens BC, see Bloss JD Benner A, see Döhner K
Behrens S, see Hoecht S Benner SE, see Douillard J-Y
Behringer D, see Gelderblom H see Shin DM
Beijnen JH, See Crul M Bennett CL, see Rizzo JD
see Kruijtzer CMF Bennett CL, Price DK, Kim S, Liu D, Jovanovic BD, Nathan
see Malingré MM D, Johnson ME, Montgomery JS, Cude K, Brock-
see Raymond E bank JC, Sartor O, Figg WD. Racial Variation in
see van Kesteren Ch CAG Repeat Lengths Within the Androgen Recep-
Bekradda M, see Keating MJ tor Gene Among Prostate Cancer Patients of Lower
Bélanger K, Moore M, Baker SD, Dionne J, Maclean M, Socioeconomic Status, 3599
Jolivet J, Siu L, Soulières D, Wainman N, Seymour Benson AB III, see Berlin JD
L. Phase I and Pharmacokinetic Study of Novel see Kemeny MM
L-Nucleoside Analog Troxacitabine Given as a see Tepper
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Bepler G, Gautam A, McIntyre LM, Beck AF, Chervinsky Berry DA, see Guidi AJ
DS, Kim Y-C, Pitterle DM, Hyland A. Prognostic Berry DA, Broadwater G, Klein JP, Antman K, Aisner J,
Significance of Molecular Genetic Aberrations on Bitran J, Costanza M, Freytes CO, Stadtmauer E,
Chromosome Segment 11p15.5 in Non-Small-Cell Gale RP, Henderson IC, Lazarus HM, McCarthy
Lung Cancer, 1353 PL Jr, Norton L, Parnes H, Pecora A, Perry MC,
Berdzik J, see Khushalani NI Rowlings P, Spitzer G, Horowitz MM. High-Dose
Berenson JR, Hillner BE, Kyle RA, Anderson K, Lipton A, Versus Standard Chemotherapy in Metastatic
Yee GC, Biermann JS. American Society of Clin- Breast Cancer: Comparison of Cancer and Leuke-
ical Oncology Clinical Practice Guidelines: The mia Group B Trials With Data From the Autolo-
Role of Bisphosphonates in Multiple Myeloma, gous Blood and Marrow Transplant Registry, 743
3719 Berry DA, Iversen ES Jr, Gudbjartsson DF, Hiller EH, Garber
Beretta GD, see Cascinu S JE, Peshkin BN, Lerman C, Watson P, Lynch HT,
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Berger F, see Fermé C migiani G. BRCAPRO Validation, Sensitivity of
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Espérou H, Socié G, Calvo F, Gluckman E, Ribaud Berthelet E, see El-Sayed S
P, Rousselot Ph, Tazi A. Hypersensitivity Pneumo- Bertolini F, see Belli F
nitis Related to Imatinib Mesylate (correspon- Bertozzi AI, see Patte C
dence), 4271 Bertucci D, see Schilsky RL
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oping Viruses to Treat Cancer (editorial), 2220 Prognosis Adult Small Round-Cell Tumors: Clini-
Berinstein NL. Carcinoembryonic Antigen as a Target for cal and Molecular Results From a Prospective
Therapeutic Anticancer Vaccines: A Review, 2197 Study, 2181
Berlin JD, Catalano P, Thomas JP, Kugler JW, Haller DG, Bessell EM, López-Guillermo A, Villá S, Verger E, Nomd-
Benson AB III. Phase III Study of Gemcitabine in edeu B, Petit J, Byrne P, Montserrat E, Graus F.
Combination With Fluorouracil Versus Gemcitab- Importance of Radiotherapy in the Outcome of
ine Alone in Patients With Advanced Pancreatic Patients With Primary CNS Lymphoma: An Anal-
Carcinoma: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group ysis of the CHOD/BVAM Regimen Followed by
Trial E2297, 3270 Two Different Radiotherapy Treatments, 231
Bernard-Marty C, see Khayat D Betensky RA, Louis DN, Caimcross JG. Influence of Unrec-
Bernardo MP, see Ng AK ognized Molecular Heterogeneity on Randomized
Bernath A, see Fata F Clinical Trials, 2495
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