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Apprentice Training Program

Duration Week , Topics Review

I" Pre employment training programme which covers following
Welcome address ,A daily test paper is
.Introduction of Sun Pharma Manufacturing Units and Location icondueted and final
briefing ;evaluation is donc on
[CI! Q7A guidelines the seventh day
Safety Awareness
Reactor and PPA equipments
Functions of Engg, Dept and briefing about utilities,
iBasics of Chemistry.
:Introduction to departments QC&QA,
.J Induction training programme
Wirst three days are General Induction Training Programme in iQuestion paper
'which introduction to various departments are done, :Certification is done
From fourth day the candidate is forwarded for the departmental :after successful
training. !completion of the
'induction training
, . .. prggral11me
4" ) Reading of Departmental SOP's and MSDS iOral review by the
The plant incharge or a shift incharge will explain the various [plant/shift

!§QY'~..'l!1<:1.M§I~§_~d. !~.e!1-m_a~e th~.tTain~t??- re,<l<:lt_h~.cJg~':I!!1e.!1ls .ji.flc!!<lIge/Qfficer.

,- 9'h
iDetails of Reactor [Oral review by the
Iparts of the reactor [plant/shift
!Utilities required for'the reactor iincharge/OfficeL
iSafet)'P.!:.e~<lution~ (lI1d~tt'!.chU1~!:1.!~. -. --- J-- - '.
10th 12th IProduct Filteration and isolation equipments iDemonstraion and
iSparkler Filter [review by the
Micron Filter [plant/shift
;Pressure filter iincharge/OfficeL
jCentrifuge ;
iNeutsch Filter
, , i
13'" 15'" :Product Processing Area Systems iDemonstraion and
Prcssure and Ilumidity ireview by the
Air [Iandling Systems !plant/shitl
Why Entry exit procedure is required') incharge/O fficer.,
:Clothing in the Product Processing Area,
16'h 18'h [Dryers -- , , !Demonstraion and
'Vacuum tray dryers ireview by the
:Rotary Cone Vacuum dryers Iplant/shift
iFiuidised Bed Dryers iincharge/OfficcL.
Tray Dryers
:Nauta Dryer
19'" 20'0 Product Processing Area Equipments iDemonstraion and
Multimill :rcvicw by the
iBlender plant/shift
Sifter iincharge/Officcr. .
Uet Mill !

-~ : Of2

Duration Week Topic.s Review

21'" 23'" iDocumentation iExplanation and
-Various Documents in the production ifcview by thc
iBMR and ECR iplant/shift
Usage I>og iinchargc/O ffi cer.-
Balancc Calibration Rccords
Mcasuring equipmcnts Calibration Rccords
Iiousc keeping rccords
jEquipments usc rccords : Ccntrifugc bag usc record, Neutseh
'Filter Bag use record. Scoop use record etc.
,Pressure Readings
'24'h - 28'h 'Operation of Reactor !Explanation.
Various valves operations Idemonstraion and
:Charging of: Solids ireview by thc
Liquids plant/shi f1
Gascs lincharge/Officer. -
Layer seperations
iPressure Reactions
jOperations of utilities
,29:h 40:0 Understanding orthc basic products of the plant ,Explanation and
Process Irevicw by thc
Equipments 'plantlshi f1
Critical Process Parameters Iincharge/O nlccr.-
!Observations ofthc process
. -.- .---- j<=:hel!!lstrx. -- ----- i
!141st- 43'0 iQA and QC functions h~xplanation and
IVariousanalysis conducted !rcvicw by the relatcd

'44:h -. 45'h
I~ .do<:,u..f1:1.e}lls. . .-. --.--
---td9~rtJ!le.1]t p~rson. ,
jEngineering Functions IExplanatlon and
!Boiler Ireview by the related:
idepartment person. .
!Purified water plant I
,Brine Plant !
iChilled water plant
:Cooling tower
Nitrogen plant
.46'h Stores Functions !Explanation and
Solvent storage [rcvicw by thc rclated
IHazardous material storage :department person-
Dispensing area
!Cold storage
! -'. Jt0at~!jal- mov_ement
:47'h -- 5 I st !Revi~ion
;52od - 'Evaluation
Sr. No Davs Section I Dept Activities
1 50 Quality Control

Understanding QC Lab Practices & Instruments used

in conducting different Tests.

2 50 Quality Assurance

Understanding all Quality Asurance Practices like

APR/Change Control, Validation Etc...

3 50 Production' Understanding tOllowmgactivities which are conducted

in Production Area: .
. Zone 1: Dispensing * Granulation * Blending
. Zone2: Compression* Inspections(Production&
IPQC)In processQualityCheck
. Primary Packing * Blistering & Filling Labeling .
.Secondary Packing *Putting Tablets in the boxes and
sending it to the Finished Ware house
4 14 Engg
Understand Following Practices in Engineering:
* Utility Area
* Maintenance
* ETP Operation
* Boiler Operations

5 25 Planning & Warehouse

Understand Following operations in Planning &

Warehouse Department
Raw material Area Management
Finish Goods Material Area Management
Cold Chain Area Management

6 25 Formulation & Development

Understand Product Formulation which takes place in

our F&D Lab
~ 7 251Accounts

Understand Various Accouting Procedure which takes

place in Pharma Industry.

8 251Training & CI

To Understanding VWiou$ Trainings Conducted in

Pharma Industry alsoUriderstand the the software
used in tracking employee training.

9 251EHS

To Understand Environment Health & Safety practices

& also varous initatives taken at the Site

25 10lPurchase

To Understand Purchase procedures at Goa Site.

11 11Human Resources

Understand various HR Practices at Goa Site

12 1 IInformation Services

Understand various IT Practices at Goa Site

Total Training Days